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Join Chris Sadler as he interviews Jon Tyson, Father Mallon, Skehar Kalianpur and Todd Proctor on how Alpha has helped transform the church and communities they lead.
Join Shaila Visser and Toby Flint as they discuss the vision and core DNA of Alpha as well as top tips for running the best Alpha in your context.
The founder of Christian charity Mind and Soul leads a seminar on managing stress and pressure for your long-term leadership. This seminar will provide psychological and theological insights to keep you effective and positive when you are working at capacity.
Matthew 25:31 reminds us that the character of a nation is determined by how we support the most vulnerable, regardless of the strength of the economy. This seminar will tackle topics such as crime, re-offending, homelessness, addiction and slavery, and it will explore how to engage with our local communities.…
The gathered church should be the most exciting, transformational and dynamic place on the face of the earth. So how do we cultivate prayer, worship and prophetic encounter at the heart of our communities and in our secret lives as leaders too?
Jody Jonsson, Equity Portfolio Manager, leads a seminar discussing the question, 'Is there a godly dimension to career ambition?'
The shape of leadership is changing rapidly in our digital, multi-choice world. How can we discover and unlock the potential in emerging leaders? This session will look at practical ways in which organisations, churches and individuals can raise up 'breakthrough leaders' who are equipped to transform society.…
How can we respond today to the key questions the world will be asking tomorrow? How can today's church prepare to reach the emerging generation? In conversation with Jon Tyson and David Kinnaman, Al and Bonnie share how Alpha has been rethinking its approach.
In Christian accounts of the moral life, humility always scores highly as one of the key features needed for healthy leadership and well- functioning communities. In this seminar, a leadership consultant, an academic psychologist and a theologian combine to explore why humility is so significant and how it can be nurtured.…
Rebecca Stewart will lead this seminar focussing on lessons churches and other not-for-profit organisations can learn from the commercial world. A panel of experts including Camilla Foottit, Entrepreneur and Founder of Higgidy, David Gardner and Amy Owen will join her.
Appointing new staff or volunteers to key positions is an essential part of the leaders’ task. These decisions can open up exciting new possibilities but there are risks attached to getting it wrong. Paul will explore three vital principles for making consistently effective appointments that can grow churches and organisations.…
This session will look at bringing missionary transformation to the culture and values of the Catholic parish. The seminar will address the essential role of leadership and explain how Alpha can shape parish culture for evangelisation, discipleship and leadership development.
A cross-section of leaders take a practical look at handling the pressures on marriages in the workplace, in ministry and in the home. Contributors include Monsignor Renzo Bonnetti, Jo Glen, David & Emma Gyasi and Nicky & Sila Lee.
Father Cantalamessa teaches us what it means to give Christ the reins in our lives as individuals and as a united church.
Father Cantalamessa shares his testimony of encountering the love of God through Christ and what inspired his longing for unity in the church.
Global business entrepreneur Jo Malone shares her five keys to a successful brand and the impact of faith on her life.
We are often scared to start a new chapter in our lives. Joyce Meyer shows us how to seize the opportunities God lays before us.
The greatest gift you can give someone is a healthy you. Sharing her own life experience, Joyce Meyer describes how we can live in unity if we have love.
A visibly united church speaks more powerfully to the world than we can ever imagine. Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols come together to discuss the future of the Church.
Business Leader and Alpha Chairman, Ken Costa, outlines the distinctive qualities of Christian Leadership, encouraging us to learn, not linger and move forward to live out our calling.
Father Raniero Cantalamessa describes his experience of preaching to the Pope and teaches how we can deepen our relationship with Christ. In addition, Paul, a former prisoner from Zambia, shares his powerful and personal Alpha testimony.
Joyce shares her story with Nicky and what she has learned through 40 years of teaching the word of God.
Unity around Jesus is the key to the evangelisation of the nations. Nicky Gumbel opens Leadership Conference 2015 with a vision for unity in the church.
Some people cannot run the race set before them because they have their eyes on the lanes beside them. Robert Madu shares how to avoid comparison and keep your eyes on Jesus.
FanFic Month- Lonelyjew15 Anne Frank herself joins us Snl Calls out Daroff OMG i spot a PeterBeast Greggerz!!! 24in6 announced first... but it already happenedBy (LonelyCast15).
LC15 #15 -"Welcome Sesame Street!" -The series summed up by Chris -Finale: hit or miss? -Nadia -The new series is coming! -What should we name the new podcast?By (LonelyCast15).
LC15 #14 -HoO=Scientology? -What is the Father's name? Impromptu Contest! -New Segment: Rate the week -LG15>Grandma's birthday... -PERFECTION!?!-Sarah's Little Secret ;) -Who will be the new main character? -Poknish Changed the story... -Who's the biggest Lonelycracker? -Fanfic Month is coming! -Katie's Challenge to you... -Kids watch LG15 too! ...…
LC15 #13 -Many things have been going on this month. -Cha-cha: what is LonelyCast15? -An impromtu weekly summary. -Is Lucy more than a helper? -We analyze the microchip poem line by line. -August: Fanfic month! Send in your suggestions.By (LonelyCast15).
LC15 #12.5 -An all KM podcast -Angus and Chris (two non-KM fans) join us -Precious Blood or the Last Work? -Is Terrence dead? No. -"Aww, poknish said Sophie marry me!" -Fav Characters-LEE! -Many favourite moments. With Lee! -KM Characters coming back for a different series? -Who's the bigger...KM fan!…
LC15 #12 -Evergreen, Chris and Liv join us this episode. -P. Monkey knows all. -We study Gina's pictures -Plotholes around the Breeniverse are being filled! -"See ya later" from Emma and Jennie(?) -Will TAAG meet up with Lexi in LaCrete? -Many segments: Who's the Bigger LonelyCracker?, Weekly Poll and one we haven't seen in a while. -Tune in ne ...…
LC15 #11 -Katie and Lexi are away, but Pok co-hosts with Chris, Liv and MicFranXon! -Taylor: captured by the Order? -Evergreen rocked her video -RIP Gina =(...a baby cries for her. -KM takes over LG15? -And Zarbod will too! -LonelyCast15 takes a very R rated turn.By (LonelyCast15).
LC15 #10 -Cursed show! Ack! -HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, KATIE! -Emma's off to...Romania? -No vids this week, but we're talking season 3 (so far) -Where the bleep is Taylor? -Suspicious Carl -Somehow we get onto the topic of llamas... -Plotholes and puzzleholes make us sad -Oh noes, someone is going to die this week! -Weekly Poll…
LC15 #9 -We're (finally) back! -less than three=<3 -Crossover! SQUEE! -Where the **** is TAAG? -Trademarks and Harry Potter. -Sarah has been taken by a Sweeney Todd imposter. Ahh! -Don't eat Carl's pies. -FANtastic Fan Series of the Month! week. -A silly Weekly Poll. -Care to join us for episode 10?…
LC15 #8 -Mitch (aka Lonefox101) and Poknish join us! -Jessica Lee Rose in Blood Cell...we like watching her sleep -April Fool's-the joke's on Pok! -Tha mo bhàta-foluaimein loma-làn easgannan -Someone has a hangover. -Katie has to wear a "Listen to LonelyCast15" shirt. -(the last ever) Angus Update -Christian joins us! A bit late, but that's ok. ...…
LC15 #7 -Two guest hosts this week: poknish and Broken Kid! -Sorry about last week! -A double dosage of discussion to make up for it. =) -The easiest puzzle? -Will we ever be able to trust Carl? -The chat: muting and such. -Angus Update..and again...and again. -Weekly Poll -No love for Carl =( -Contact us: -Send us a voic ...…
LC15 #6 -Only two hosts... -...actually, there was supposed to be three, but SOMEBODY didn't get the message. (-cough- Angus) -Sarah + Creepy Carl? Ewww. -How did Daniel and Jonas eat all those donuts? -Suspicions on Carl -Angus Update...or not... -Weekly PollBy (LonelyCast15).
LC15 #5 -We're five weeks old! -We have a bunch of hosts today! -Angus has the sniffles... -Masonishappy: canon? -The live broadcast: TURN OFF YOUR COLOURS! -Someone comes out of the closet. -What's lonelygirl15? -We talk about how we became lonelycrackers. -Weekly Poll -Contact us at -a bunch of bloopers…
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