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On the Media
The Peabody Award-winning On the Media podcast is your guide to examining how the media sausage is made. Hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield examine threats to free speech and government transparency, cast a skeptical eye on media coverage of the week’s big stories and unravel hidden political narratives in everything we read, watch and hear. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the ...
Media criticism, news analysis and investigations with host Jesse Brown. The #1 Canadian podcast.
Recode Decode
Kara Swisher, Silicon Valley’s most revered journalist, hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
ColdFusion aims to reveal the bigger picture of our world by making complicated topics easy to understand, often through a narrative lens. Interested in the stretching of minds, ColdFusion is here to educate and inspire the thinkers in us.
Dan Taberski and the team behind Missing Richard Simmons investigate COPS — the longest running reality show in TV history — and its cultural impact on policing in America. Our story begins with the footage of a routine arrest behind a church in Georgia...
The kickass science and technology radio show that delivers an irreverent look at the week in science and technology.
Recode Media
What happens when media, entertainment, and technology collide? Peter Kafka, one of the media industry's most acclaimed reporters, talks to business titans, journalists, comedians and podcasters to get their take. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Corporate crookedness. Family feuding. Hilariously half-baked decisions. Host Lauren Ober tackles some of the most spectacular business failures of all time, and what could have been done to avoid them. Some of these stories are shocking. Some are funny. Some are just downright sad. But each one will give you a totally new perspective on big business… and big failure. From American Public Media and the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.
Citations Needed
Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.
Team Human
Team Human is a weekly podcast and set of resources enabling human intervention in the economic, technological, and social programs that determine how we live, work, and interact. This is media as cultural resistance and a path to social change.
Ground Zero is a nationally syndicated five-hour live broadcast originating from the KXL studios in Portland, OR and syndicated by the Sun Broadcast Group. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero is truly independent media and covers the spectrum of Fortean/paranormal and the para-political.
Novara Media
Novara Media is an independent media organisation addressing the issues – from a crisis of capitalism to racism and climate change – that are set to define the 21st century.
Your weekly sandbox for social media insights, stories, experimentation, and inspiration. Every Monday (and sometimes more) we share the most cutting-edge social media marketing strategies from brands and businesses in every industry. Whether you're a social media team of one, business owner, ecommerce marketer, growth strategist, community manager, or part of an emerging global brand, you're sure to find something actionable in every single episode. Join our 30,000+ weekly listeners who are ...
Delivering the Mueller Report, in audiobook-style format, without political commentary. Due to the wide public interest in the "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election," this project started with the belief that quality audio of the report should be available for anyone to hear -- and not hidden behind a paywall or require a subscription. For many of us, reading through the report page-by-page is too time consuming. This is the report, availabl ...
Explore the world's biggest ideas and the people making them happen. Are you ready for self-driving cars, jetpacks, 3D printed food, or a trip to Mars? Moonshot talks to the people who are at the forefront of all this rapid change to find out what the future of humanity might actually look like. Hosted by Kristofor Lawson and Andrew Moon.
The Solid Verbal
America's College Football Podcast. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.
Science Vs
There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to. This season we tackle football concussions, heartbreak, 5G networks, sleep, magic mushrooms, free healthcare, police use of force, asteroids and more.
Investigative journalist Naama Kates dives deep inside the incel community. Incel is shorthand for involuntary celibate. Follow Naama's journey.Contact Naama: theincelproject@gmail.com out these great shows from Crawlspace Media:Missing Maura Murray: Crime Twins: ...
Somebody Somewhere
"Somebody Somewhere" is a true crime investigative podcast series from RainStream Media, Inc. In Season 1, hosts David Payne and Jody Gottlieb tackle the open federal investigation into the 2001 murder of federal prosecutor Tom Wales. This 18-year-old case remains one of the highest priorities of the U.S. Department of Justice and has a $1.5 million reward. In Season 2, Payne and Gottlieb take you into a world few people ever experience as they investigate a 2016 mass shooting in a Seattle h ...
The Media Show
Social media, anti-social media, breaking news, faking news: this is the programme about a revolution in media, with Amol Rajan, the BBC's media editor. New episode every Wednesday
Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or desperate to quit your day job, this show has you covered. Hosts Chalene and Brock Johnson bring both perspectives - whether your goal is to earn extra income on the side, or take the growth of your online business to the next level. Get top tips to build social media, grow your email list, develop digital marketing strategies, boost automated sales and create additional streams of income on a limited budget. Learn to share your story and convert fol ...
Ezra Klein brings you far-reaching conversations about hard problems, big ideas, illuminating theories, and cutting-edge research. Want to know how Stacey Abrams feels about identity politics? How Hasan Minhaj is reinventing political comedy? The plans behind Elizabeth Warren’s plans? How Michael Lewis reads minds? This is the podcast for you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
True Crimecast
True Crimecast is a podcast that adds a unique perspective to the true crime genre. John and Jamie dig into new cases and revisit old ones to try to get to the truth. Each episode takes on a different case and the hosts share both details and theories about what really happened.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the people behind Missing Maura Murray. Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna continue their deep dives into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and other mysteries. Current cases: Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearance, Suitcase Jane Doe from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Brandon Lawson's 2013 disappearance, the 1918 unsolved murder of William Dean, the wrongful conviction of John Giuca, the Vanishing Men of Boston. Crawlspace's full archive is availab ...
Every Friday, Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no other. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Bryce and Alec bring you Australia's best investing podcast for millennials. Join them, as they breakdown the barriers to investing, to make the markets accessible to everyone. Start your journey now!
The Impact
In Washington, the story often ends when Congress passes a law. For The Impact, that’s where the story begins. Each season, Sarah Kliff investigates the way policy shapes people’s lives. This season, she’s crisscrossing the country to explore how cities and states are trying to solve our country’s biggest problems. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
The Splendid Table
American Public Media's The Splendid Table is public radio's culinary, culture, and lifestyle program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Each week, award-winning host Francis Lam leads listeners on a journey of the senses and hosts discussions with a variety of writers and personalities who share their passion for the culinary delights. Updated every Friday.
The Long Hallway
The Long Hallway is a thriller anthology series, releasing every Tuesday and Thursday. Behind each door lurks a tale designed to send a chill down your spine. These bite-sized, flash-fiction stories are written by members of the Skylark Media team.
Citation Needed
The podcast where we choose a subject, read a single Wikipedia article about it, and pretend we’re experts. Because this is the internet, and that’s how it works now.
Discover the latest breaking news in social media marketing, brought to you by Social Media Examiner. Each week we bring you expert commentary on breaking social media marketing news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest. You'll gain quick insight that could provide a competitive advantage. Watch the live show at
We live in a confusing time, bombarded every day with news from around the world that can be hard to follow, or fully understand. Let Worldly be your guide. Every Thursday, senior writer Zack Beauchamp, senior foreign editor Jennifer Williams, and staff defense writer Alex Ward give you the history and context you need to make sense of the moment and navigate the world around you. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Big data and data science interviews, insight, and analysis.
Join Stan Collymore every week as he has The Last Word on the weekend's football action. Not one to shy away from sharing his opinion, Stan will not be afraid of making you aware of how he feels about your team's performance! Each episode he'll be joined by different guests from the world of football. From current managers and players, to legends of the game.
Welcome to Wisecrack's CULTURE BINGE, where we feast on everything going on in the zeitgeist and digest it for all of you. From pop culture fails to blunders in advertising, technology, and beyond — join Jared, Alec, and Surbhi weekly as they philosophize about what it means to live in this absurd and fascinating world.
Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, we ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats, and go wherever the answers take us. @Brains_On
En podkast om spansk fotball.For annonsering: jim@modernemedia.noFor booking:
Welcome to the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina. This podcast, which will be published weekly, will focus on all things sports media via interviews and roundtable discussions. Occasionally, an athlete or celebrity will drop by for a chat as well.
Social Pros shines the spotlight on social media practitioners, people doing the real work for real companies. Each episode includes insights from a leading social media strategist plus current trends and ideas in the social media industry, discussed and ratified or debunked by Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce. Finally, each episode ends with The Big Two where our guest gives us their rapid-fire answers to two important questions.
You know how every day someone asks "how are you?" And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say "fine," so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word. From American Public Media.
A podcast autopsy of media: how we consume it and how it informs our everyday culture.
What We Said
Intended to inspire and entertain, best friends Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade talk candidly about health, business, relationships, life, etc. You can expect the girls to be joined by occasional guests, reading friends' & fans' stories, & offering unsolicited but heartfelt advice. | Introduction music by Lowercase Committee | Cover art by Chloe Bruderer.
Smash Boom Best
Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids and families from the makers of the award-winning podcast, Brains On. Every episode takes two cool things, smashes them together and let's you decide which is best. Cats versus Dogs. Pizza versus Tacos. Super Speed versus Super Strength. Who will be crowned the Smash Boom Best? Our debaters use facts and passion to make their case...teaching listeners how to defend their own opinions along the way. Produced By American Public Media. @smashboombest
Practical AI
Making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone. Practical AI is a show in which technology professionals, business people, students, enthusiasts, and expert guests engage in lively discussions about Artificial Intelligence and related topics (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc). The focus is on productive implementations and real-world scenarios that are accessible to everyone. If you want to keep up with the latest advances in AI, while k ...
Shutdown Fullcast
The Fullcast celebrates all of the absurdity of college football, and is frequently, often, not about college football at all. Join hosts Spencer Hall, Jason Kirk and Ryan Nanni, as they delve into the biggest stories of the week—or not. Produced by Banner Society and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Without Fail
Candid conversations with entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, visionaries of all kinds—about their successes, and their failures, and what they learned from both. Hosted by Alex Blumberg, from Gimlet Media.
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show series
On this week's Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Instagram scheduling and messaging tools with special guest, Alex Beadon. Check out Social Media Marketing World 2020 Check out Social Media Marketing World 2020By Michael Stelzner.
After Jeffrey Epstein's death, there were credible alternative news reports indicating he was not only a sex trafficker but an investor in surveillance and spyware. This hi-tech cyber software is used for the new Red Flag laws and neuro-surveillance in order to track and arrest people for pre-crime. We should try to understand how this open con ...…
Roosevelt’s New Deal remade American society, and now climate activists are pushing for a Green New Deal to do it again. This week, On the Media looks at the attacks from conservatives against both projects, and why congress underestimates support for climate action. Plus, how a wave of labor strikes might be a crucial component in building mom ...…
James Butler is joined by political theorist Lea Ypi (LSE) to discuss socialist internationalism in the 21st century: from the democratic tensions of Brexit in the UK, to the roots of the EU in the 18th century, through to the virtues of partisanship. Novara Media.
Kindra Hall, President and Chief Storytelling Officer at Steller Collective, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how brands can increase consumer storytelling and solicit better stories from their customers. Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors for helping us make this happen. Please support them; we couldn't do it without their help! This ...…
Thank you to our Co-producer patron Miriam Meaney for selecting this week's topic! This 1985 Peter Greenaway film approaches storytelling with the perspective that there is no meaning to reality despite our organized attempts to create it. We talk about how Greenaway uses the traditions of Dutch paintings and anatomical animal studies to get th ...…
If you’re one of those people looking around at other entrepreneurs and wondering why they’re killing it and you’re not… then you need to listen to this episode! Chalene is about to get real and shed some light on why so many aspiring entrepreneurs are operating from a false belief system. You’ll also learn about the basic steps you must lay do ...…
Craigslist founder Craig Newmark joins Recode's Peter Kafka on stage in Brooklyn to discuss his unlikely career as a media mogul and how he's actively giving away his fortune to fund philanthropic efforts to support journalism, military veterans, and pigeons - but mostly journalism. Survey: We are conducting an audience survey to better serve y ...…
LBC is gaining listeners thanks to a strategy of employing highly opinionated presenters. What can other news outlets learn from its success? And is the concept of the impartial journalist now outdated? Also in the show, a new initiative to create an international set of standards for journalism and the controller of the TV channel Dave.Andrea ...…
Episode 256 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features an interview with Troy Aikman. FOX's lead NFL analyst talks about the league's major officiating problem (he called it 'nauseating'), working with Joe Buck for nearly 20 years, how he's adjusted to calling two games each week since FOX acquired the rights to 'Thursday Night Football,' ...…
If you're looking for inspiration for your next great Facebook ad, then we've got you covered with this episode! We're diving into the Facebook Ad Library to give you tips on how to research the ads of your competitors and how to find inspiration from some of the most creative and effective Facebook advertisers out there. We'll share some speci ...…
The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Michael Mahoney on developing a practical theory for deep learning. In this episode of the Data Show, I speak with Michael Mahoney, a member of RISELab, the International Computer Science Institute, and the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. A physicist by training, Mahoney has been at the forefront of many ...…
Blood Week (which Jason and Ryan laid out a helpful guide to here) usually happens later in the calendar, but there's nothing stopping it from popping up earlier. We looked at three Septembers where the rankings became a real revolving door. - 2008, when Blood Week went to both coasts - 1974, when Blood Week become Blood Fortnight - And 1984, w ...…
Happy 1st anniversary to Pivot! Kara and Scott talk about weWork's halted IPO (we'll take partial credit). They talk about Amazon manipulating its algorithm to present more of its own products in search. Facebook is making its own "Supreme Court", is it just a band-aid? Should Kara Swisher be one of the Justices? (Yes). Fail: Trudeau -- and the ...…
Three controversial videos appearing to show encounters between US Navy aircraft and what the military terms "UAPs" - so-called 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," have now been declared "real" by the Navy. This issue warrants a serious collection and analysis effort to evaluate whether these encounters are a threat to national security. Tonight o ...…
New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey talk with Recode's Kara Swisher about their new book, She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement. They talk about how Kantor and Twohey reported stories about sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein; how Weinstein's network of lawyers and advi ...…
New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey talk with Recode's Kara Swisher about their new book, She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement. They talk about how Kantor and Twohey reported stories about sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein; how Weinstein's network of lawyers and advi ...…
On family farms, in restaurants, and in food writing, what happens when one generation passes the work to the next?By American Public Media.
Join Stan Collymore every week as he has The Last Word on the weekend's football action. Not one to shy away from sharing his opinion Stan will not be afraid of making you aware of how he feels about your team's performance! Stan was joined by Liverpool legend Michael Owen to discuss his explosive entrance into the Premier League, his relations ...…
Moon Dust, Unintended Mosquitoes, Weird Old Apes, Pain In The Asp, Hide & Seek Rats, Older Neanderthals, Cure For Colds, Everything Old Is, Asteroid Impacts, Scent Sacs, Big Neutron, And Much More... The post 18 September, 2019 – Episode 739 – Unintended Consequences! appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.…
Lots of people hit the gym to shed unwanted pounds, but they don’t always see results on the scale. This week, we tackle the power of exercise and why you should bother. We speak with obesity expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, psychiatrist Dr. Gary Cooney, neuroscientist Prof. Wendy Suzuki and urologist Dr. Stacey Kenfield. Check out the full transcrip ...…
Zack and Jenn are joined by Matt Yglesias to talk about the worrying fallout of an attack on Saudi oil facilities this weekend. The United States has blamed Iran for the attack, and President Trump tweeted that America is “locked and loaded” to retaliate — but so far, there hasn’t been a military response. The Worldly team talks through the deb ...…
Send us your questions and comments! Email us at: Leave us a voicemail: +1 (213) 534-8807 Follow Us on Twitter! @wisecrackalec (Alec) @suripatel22 (Surbhi) @michaeloburns (Michael) Topics for Culture Binge Episode 17 1:12 - Slaps or Chaps 9:51 - Opposite-Sex Friendships 22:35 - Is Mindfulness a Scam? 37:29 - Seinfeld r ...…
Ty and Dan turn up the heat in time for Skillet Saturday and pan sear a huge week of college football games, as Michigan visits Wisconsin, Oregon visits Stanford, Notre Dame visits Georgia and much more.
“The truth is that as much democracy as this nation has today” writes Nikole Hannah-Jones “it has been borne on the backs of black resistance.” Hannah-Jones is an investigative journalist at the New York Times Magazine, the winner of MacArthur Genius Grant (among countless other awards), and, most recently, the creator of the New York Times’ 16 ...…
This Friday, schools and businesses will be participating in a Strike Against Climate Change. Many, however, are using fear tactics with faulty reasoning about natural and dynamic earth changes. In our zeal to do what feels like a helpful thing, we don’t anticipate the consequences. The larger the proposed change, the greater the potential fall ...…
A bonus segment on Trudeau's "make-up" with guest co-host, Arshy Mann. Plus, one reporter’s real life story on the gift of poutine from Trudeau. And this week’s news has been about the three worst people in Canada: Faith Goldy, Maxime Bernier, and Ezra Lavant. Why? Paul Wells co-hosts for our regularly scheduled programming. This episode is bro ...…
Agriculture. An enormous industry in Australia on many levels, from the vast land-use, contribution to export dollars and contribution to Australian Gross Domestic Product. Australia is lucky to be strategically placed in the Asia-Pacific to capitalise on the growing population of the Asian region, and as such, the growing demand for our agricu ...…
Playing for Team Human today, former TIME International Editor, Bryan Walsh & attorney and business woman Adrienne Haynes. Bryan Walsh shares his thoughts on why the end of humankind seems inevitable and the ways we might avoid imminent crisis. In his new book, End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World, Walsh explores how the threats of ...…
Trump, Inc. takes a step back to make sense of the seemingly endless scandals swirling around the White House. They're not random. They fit a pattern and that has a precedent. It turns out, Trump is running the government a lot like he's run his business: through bluster, boss-ism, and by ignoring the rules.…
The Voyager program is an American scientific program that employs two robotic probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, to study the outer Solar System.[1] The probes were launched in 1977 to take advantage of a favorable alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Although their original mission was to study only the planetary systems of Jupiter ...…
Nate Silver tell us Joe Biden’s inconsistent political beliefs are, in fact, a benefit. They’re “his calling card” and evidence he “reads the room pretty well”. Venality, we are told, is “a normal and often successful [mode] for a politician.” Insurgent progressive groups like Justice Democrats shouldn’t call Biden out of touch with the base be ...…
The Lib Dem conference, Johnson’s renegotiation, plus Ann Pettifor’s new book on the Green New Deal. With Ann Pettifor and Tom Kibasi. Not Liberal, Not Democrats?By Novara Media.
From Wondery and The Athletic, The Lead is the first daily sports podcast that will bring you one big story each day from The Athletic's all-star team of local and national sports reporters. Subscribe now to hear new episodes each weekday morning:
Scott joins Land of the Giants host, Jason Del Rey, live on stage at the Code Commerce conference in New York City. Scott tells Jason that Amazon needs to be broken up - and which parts of the company should be spun off first. They discuss Amazon’s ultimate impact on us as consumers, who are the companies left that can really compete with Amazo ...…
It is certainly troubling that the Warhawks are doing their best to convince President Trump to go to war with Iran. Why is it that every time the president tries to push the U.S. and the world away from war, within a few days there’s an incident which pushes us right back to the brink of it? It has always been the agenda by the Neocons to crea ...…
Welcome to Crawlspace. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna chat with Mike Morford of Criminology and The Murder In My Family about the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz. Follow Mike and his shows! Twitter: Criminology:, https://www.stitcher.c ...…
Steve Schwarzman, the CEO of the private equity firm The Blackstone Group, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about his new book, What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence. Schwarzman — a longtime advisor to President Trump — also discusses his scholarship program that teaches future leaders how to do business in China, how he would lik ...…
Steve Schwarzman, the CEO of the private equity firm The Blackstone Group, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about his new book, What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence. Schwarzman — a longtime advisor to President Trump — also discusses his scholarship program that teaches future leaders how to do business in China, how he would lik ...…
We have an update on a past episode! Harris Wittels was the executive producer of "Parks and Recreation," the coiner of the word "humblebrag," a Phish enthusiast, and the funniest person in any room he walked into. He died of a heroin overdose in 2015, leaving behind his mother, his sister, and a lifetime of talent and potential. You can catch ...…
ACFM’s Jeremy Gilbert interviews Professor Mica Nava on her experience of women’s liberation and consciousness raising in London in the 1970s. Mica is the author books such as Changing Cultures; Feminism, Youth and Consumerism and Visceral Cosmopolitanism Here are some texts by some of the people we mention: Sheila Rowbotham Women’s Consciousne ...…
The #ACFM crew discuss the history of theories of ideology and consciousness in the radical tradition. Texts referred to include: Karl Marx The German Ideology György Lukacs History and Class Consciousness Vladimir Leinin What is to be Done Antonio Gramsci Selections From the Prison Notebooks Stuart Hall et. al Policing the Crisis Paolo Freire ...…
In this very special fully-connected episode of Practical AI, Daniel interviews Chris. They discuss High Performance Computing (HPC) and how it is colliding with the world of AI. Chris explains how HPC differs from cloud/on-prem infrastructure, and he highlights some of the challenges of an HPC-based AI strategy. Discuss on Changelog News Spons ...…
Ty and Dan set sail into the icy waters of college football and debate potential losses for top tier teams, the programs taking on the most water, and the schools in which they'd invest their emotional energy.
Sure, Florida headlines are a lot of fun for us to look up today. But in Gainesville in 1990, newspapers were riddled with stories about the Gainesville Ripper. Five college students were brutally murdered in the span of less than a week. What created this monster? Was he ever caught? And what impact did he have on popular culture?…
Typically, Chalene and Brock teach you the best practices for growing your following or email list, but not in this episode! It’s “Opposite Day” today on Build Your Tribe as Chalene talks about the value of losing followers intentionally. When done the right way, this strategy will help strengthen your brand! In addition, it’ll provide you with ...…
Imagine a world where the government tracks your every move, text, email, and social media post. A government that not only knows all of your deepest darkest secrets, but controls every almost every aspect of your life through surveillance. This Orwellian scenario is a reality for hundreds of millions of Chinese people who have accepted Big Bro ...…
This week Jaci & Chelsey are joined in NYC by power duo, Tezza Barton and Cole Herrmann! Tezza is an entrepreneur, musician, photographer, fashion icon, and creative director! Tezza and her husband, Cole, have built a massive brand and business together. They share how they balance work and their relationship. They also talk about finding the a ...…
What is most disconcerting is that last Friday the 13th, the asteroid 2004 MN4 or Apophis 99942 flew past the Earth. Although scientists are saying that Apophis won't hit Earth in 2029, they can't yet rule out possible collisions with other space objects that could send a number of rocks in our direction. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks wi ...…
Introducing Beyond Strange World! A new podcast from Crawlspace Media. This is episode six. Please subscribe in the links below. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna chat about episode five of the new show from Travel Channel, Strange World. We are joined by filmmakers Christopher Garetano, and Jason Kerestes of JK Botics to discus ...…
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