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The edition of the book published in 1921 explored extensively the reasons why Mormons were not accepted ("are" at the time of publication) into the Masonic Lodges. (Summary by Chiquito J. Crasto)
Mechanical Masonry
We are gamers who want to take a bit more of an in depth look at the games we play.
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Today we talk about the horror genre in all of its glory. Horror games are some of either the best or worst games available, examining them on an artistic as well as a technical level is extremely interesting and in depth. When done right they are some of the best games on the market.
While we already talked about strategy games, I figured we would delve back into a different set of the strategy genre. Looking into various 4X games, specifically the Total War franchise and what makes them interesting over other 4X games.
Today, we talk about the difference between a linear game and an open world game, as well as the traits that define them. These two go hand in hand when creating the experience you want a player to have in a game.
Today we talk about Payday 2 and Starbound, two games that either didn't have a focus or had too much on their plate when they started development. They are both games we enjoyed but found fault with as we played and here is why.
This week we talk about Company of Heroes and Stronghold Crusader HD, two rather different strategy games that have their own unique elements of strategy. Along with comparisons to Starcraft and the Esport scene in general. What exactly separates these two games and what makes them appealing in their own right?…
We are gamers who want to take a bit more of an in depth look at the games we play. Myself (Adam, first to speak), Jacob (second to talk at length) and Jeremy each of us having something to add to the conversation. This week we talk about Dishonored. What makes it such a great experience? What are the mechanics/systems behind the game? With our ...…
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