Best Mitt Romney podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Eduardo Quezada
News Sports & Interviews: When You Want Them, Where You Want Them.Eduardo Quezada, is known in the USA Spanish speaking world for his more than 30 years broadcasting news, as the number one local news anchor for Univision and Telemundo Los Angeles TV stations.
The Young Turks
The Young Turks is Home of The Progressives. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and a host of progressive voices deliver the news and provocative commentary. Whether you are seeking a breakdown of current events, politics and the mainstream media or just a quick laugh, the Daily TYT Audio Podcast will always keep you informed and entertained. Catch the live show Monday through Friday, on
CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.
Hard Factor
A quick 15ish minute daily news suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.
Reason Podcast
Founded in 1968, Reason is the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Hosted by Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Matt Welch, and other Reason journalists, our podcast explores "free minds and free markets." It features provocative, in-depth interviews with authors, comedians, filmmakers, musicians, economists, scientists, business leaders, and elected officials. Keep up to date on the latest happenings in our increasingly libertarian world ...
Talk Radio 1210 WPHT
Pantsuit Politics
A political podcast hosted by women from both sides of the aisle who refuse to see each other as the enemy. For anyone discouraged by our current political discourse, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers bring a nuanced and grace-filled perspective to discussions about politics and news.
Voices of Reason
Jasen Lee and Amy Donaldson are speaking out and speaking up about the issues facing our community. We are engaging in conversations that seek to help us understand our differing views and opinions on complex social justice issues, and what possible common ground might guide us in our search for solutions.
Mormon Land
Mormon Land explores the contours and complexities of LDS news. It's hosted by award-winning religion writer Peggy Fletcher Stack and Salt Lake Tribune managing editor David Noyce.
Janet Mefferd Live
With news, culture and biblical issues, Janet Mefferd Live covers it all, with information YOU can use -- from a show and host who isn’t ashamed of the gospel. Join Janet weekdays, live from noon to 1:00 p.m., on AFR.
Defending The Free World On Radio Since 1992
Raising the profiles of the next generation progressive candidates, organizations, and ideas. Subscribe to our podcast, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @MillenPolitics, and tune in to the Progressive Radio Network every week at 8pm EST to hear our newest episodes.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Mormonism' on SermonAudio.
From its politics to its public lands to polygamy, Utah has always been fertile ground for news. Here on KCPW, The Salt Lake Tribune presents a fresh way for Utahns to process the headlines. Behind the Headlines, a live weekly broadcast, examines the week’s top local stories through the eyes of reporters on the beat.
Discussing the principles of Liberty and exposing corruption in Utah politics. Broadcasting on KTALK AM 630, Thursdays from 10 AM - 12 PM on the Liberty Line Up radio show. and
You're Safe Here!
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story.We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go.We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to?Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable.We've introduc ...
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A new MP3 sermon from Andover Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Engaging Cult Members (Mormonism) Subtitle: Evangelism Sunday School Speaker: James D Martin Broadcaster: Andover Baptist Church Event: Sunday School Date: 2/18/2018 Bible: Galatians 1:6; Deuteronomy 13:1 Length: 49 min.…
Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed is still fighting for progressive policies in Michigan through his PAC, Southpaw Michigan.
Buzzfeed released a bombshell report detailing criminal behavior by Trump. After the report went public, Trump and his team refused to actually deny the accusations. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Shutdown talks devolve into bickering between Trump and Pelosi; Democrats vow to investigate new Buzzfeed allegation; Sources: Trump startled by cozy Barr-Mueller relationship; New Yorker cover depicts Trump walling himself in; George W. Bush delivers pizza to his Secret Service agents; Dem Sen: memo proves DHS Secy lies about family separation ...…
Journalists Nancy Rommelmann and Leah McSweeney make no apologies for critiquing what they call the "toxic femininity" of Asia Argento and the anti-Semitism of some of the leaders of this weekend's Women's March in Washington, D.C.Argento, they tell Nick Gillespie in a new Reason podcast, acted like Harvey Weinstein when it came out that she ha ...…
Unlike 2017's total solar eclipse, which saw people flock to communities in the path of total darkness, the best way to see Sunday's total lunar eclipse is to simply go outside.By (Tana Weingartner).
From board to video, games of all sorts will be transformed into icy works of art in Hamilton this weekend. IceFest 2019 returns for two days centered on a game night theme.By (Tana Weingartner).
According to testimony by a former staffer for the Kentucky House Republican caucus, Republican Kentucky Representative Jeff Hoover sexually assaulted her more than 50 times during her employment. The Kentucky Democratic Party is calling for Hoover and another Republican representative, Michael Meredith, to resign. The staffer alleges Meredith ...…
The FAA sent out an email essentially prohibiting employees from discussing the shutdown. Rudy Giuliani went on CNN and made an absolute fool of himself. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trump denies military aircraft for Pelosi's war zone trip, calling it a "public relations event" and blaming shutdown; Trump denies military aircraft overseas Pelosi trip after she urges him to move State of the Union address; Trump writes letter to Pelosi: I'm canceling your trip; Recent polls show voters blame Trump, not Dems for shutdown; De ...…
For someone who's been dead for 1,900 years, "Umi" certainly is getting out a lot lately. Fresh off a stay at Mount St. Joseph University as part of the Curate My Community initiative, the Cincinnati Museum Center's Egyptian mummy visited Northern Kentucky University Thursday for X-rays and a CT scan.…
After witnessing the corrupting influence of money in politics in the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor's race, Aryanna Berringer founded FightThePower, a PAC dedicated to electing true progressives who oppose corrupting corporate campaign cash.
WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson - a lifelong Reds fan, spoke with News Director Maryanne Zeleznik this morning about his favorite memories of Marty Brennaman, the Hall of Famer and "Voice of The Reds," who announced Wednesday that 2019 will be his 46th and final season behind the microphone.By (Howard Wilkinson).
A man in Ireland attempted to cure his back pain by injecting his own semen into his right arm for over a year… you'd never guess but it didn't work. Week 7 of the #HardFactorHardBody is in the books and the guys have lost a total of 128 pounds so far with 8 or 9 weeks left to go. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including Paris J ...…
Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Trump to cancel his State of the Union address. Furloughed federal employees are doing INSANE things to make ends meet during shutdown. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
National Parks can't prep for busy season due to shutdown; Economic analysts: shutdown impact may be too pricey to fix; 46,000 IRS workers called back, forced to work without pay; Gov't deems furloughed workers "essential" to soften impact; US officials say no plans to reverse Syria decision; Sen. Gillibrand joins already-crowded Democratic fie ...…
Philip K Howard burst on the scene over 20 years ago with his best-selling book, The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America, which argued that out-of-control lawsuits and and rules and regulations were choking off vitality, innovation, and common decency. In 2002, he founded Common Good, a nonprofit whose credo is "simplify gover ...…
Libraries are hoping to benefit from the popularity of the newest home and lifestyle improvement guru. Marie Kondo has written books on organizing and has a popular show on Netflix where she helps people sort out their lives by decluttering.By (Bill Rinehart).
A recruiting crisis is shaking police departments across the country. It's getting tougher to bring on new recruits and the ranks are sliming as officers reach retirement age and others leave after less than a year on the force.By (Jennifer Merritt).
The 2017 Women's March was held in response to the election of Donald Trump as president after a bitter and divisive campaign. On the day after Trump's inauguration, hundreds of thousands of people crowded into the U. S. Capital in protest of the Trump administration and in support of various causes such as women’s and reproductive rights, crim ...…
The United Kingdom still can't quite figure out this whole Brexit thing, and Theresa May's ass is in the jackpot. A North Carolina man makes his way into the Soft Corner for being 6'5″ 250 lbs. and knocking out an 11 year-old girl with a vicious left hook instead of using his God-given skills in the ring. A woman in Kentucky got hammered and dr ...…
Rep. Steve King is finally facing congressional backlash for his history of racist comments. Republicans are taking action against the congressmen with many calling for his resignation. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Barr: "vitally important" that Mueller complete his investigation; Barr breaks with Trump: Mueller probe not a "witch hunt"; Trump acting AG to appear before house judiciary next month; House votes to disapprove of Rep. King following racist comments; Sources: Kristen Gillibrand to enter 2020 Presidential race; Dem: is Trump trying to solve shu ...…
Job and Family Services is hardest hit among Hamilton County agencies by the partial government shutdown. Other groups and programs that rely on federal grants could start feeling the effects if the shutdown - already the longest in history - persists.By (Tana Weingartner).
On this week's blues show on Saturday, January 12th at 11pm, you'll hear three sets of music starting off with Ernestine Anderson (who passed away in Seattle in March, 2016) in the first set along with Jeff Beck, Cyndi Lauper, and Tom Waits from his "The Heart of Saturday Night" cd. The second set features Robben Ford & the Blue Line, The Kentu ...…
Para leer en español, desplazar hacia abajo. The new Esperanza Latino Center of Northern Kentucky in Covington aims to make it easier for the Latino community to connect with outreach and educational services.By (Tana Weingartner).
Pacific Gas and Electric company is declaring bankruptcy after poor performance that has led to several wildfires, including the largest one in state history. A beloved mayor of 20 years from a town in Poland was stabbed to death on stage at a public event. Donnie Does World joins the show to discuss a Canadian being given the death penalty in ...…
This week on Start Hear : Ear Snacks : A musical podcast for kids about the world. Timestorm : When twelve-year-old twins Alexa and Beni Ventura are sucked into an inter-dimensional portal, they meet a distant cousin who presents them with an incredible mission. Classics for Kids : Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining ...…
An explosive New York Times article outlines a president constantly under multiple investigations. Mike Pompeo and Kellyanne Conway attempt to defend Trump and fail miserably. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
President Trump denies he's working for Russia, hiding details of his conversations with Putin; Wash Post: Trump concealed details of talks with Putin; Source: Trump won't budge "even an inch" in wall fight; McConnell: King's comment "unworthy" of his position; Trump: "I haven't been following" Rep. King racism drama; Trump quotes Buchanan's wh ...…
Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch discuss whether immigration is an "emergency," whether shutdowns are good for libertarians, and why Tulsi Gabbard is driving people crazy.Audio production by Ian Keyser.'Hallon' by Christian Bjoerklund is licensed under CC BY NC SA 3.0…
Surrounded by law enforcement from around the country, the Colerain Police Department, friends and family laid Officer Dale Woods to rest Monday. He died Jan. 7 after being struck by a pickup truck while on duty Jan. 4.By (Tana Weingartner).
This episode of Swing With Bill Cartwright is an encore broadcast from January 10, 2015. On this show you'll hear a few musicians you may not have heard in awhile. There's Anita O'Day, Rod Stewart, and Larry Clinton. During the second half hour, you'll hear from Stacey Kent, John Pizzarelli and Shorty Rogers. And the show ends with "Avalon" by ...…
Some want to eliminate the position of New York City Public Advocate. Fortunately, 34-year-old Ben Yee has some big ideas for how to utilize the office for innovation.
At midnight Monday morning, Republican Mike DeWine was sworn in as Ohio's new governor. What can Ohioans expect from the 70th governor of the Buckeye State? WXVU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson talked with News Director Maryanne Zeleznik Monday morning about the new DeWine administsration.By (Howard Wilkinson).
Statistics show about one-quarter of stroke patients are at risk of having a second stroke, possibly even more serious than the first. University of Cincinnati researchers have been awarded a $3-million grant to study the risk of stroke recurrence.By (Ann Thompson).
A University of Minnesota fossil collection - with many specimens gathered by a Cincinnati paleontologist - will make its permanent home at the Cincinnati Museum Center. The unboxing and cataloging of tens of thousands of fossils is expected to take three years.By (Ann Thompson).
Sensors and smart speakers were the stars at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that wrapped up in Las Vegas over the weekend. But experts say greater connectivity puts users at risk of getting hacked.By (Ann Thompson).
The campaign for and results of the 2016 presidential election created, or revealed, deep divisions in our country, and many Americans questioned how to respond. Many people of faith turned to their religious communities for guidance and support.By (Jennifer Merritt).
Patrick Duhaney was sworn in as the City Manager of Cincinnati on December 12. Nominated for the position by Mayor John Cranley, Duhaney was confirmed as City Manager by a unanimous vote by City Council.By (Jennifer Merritt).
Jayme Closs escaped her abductor after 87 days, and that allows Hard Factor to go ahead and toss him in the Soft Corner now for being a grown man who kidnaps little girls after killing their parents. Meghan Markle lost another staff member, this time it was her security guard, and other issues that have Great Britain spitting out their collecti ...…
22-year-old Will Haskell flipped Connecticut's 26th State Senate District blue for the first time since 1970 by beating a popular GOP incumbent who was in office almost as long as he's been alive.
Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Board of Directors Member Eric Williams joined us on the podcast to discuss clean energy and environmental policy.
Russian spies attended the National Prayer Breakfast. Progressive Representative Tulsi Gabbard unofficially announces her bid for president in 2020. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
GOP Sen. Murkowski: "I'm frustrated" Senators left Washington without negotiating deal to re-open govt.; DC's deadlock hits UT town with 5K furloughed fed. workers; Federal workers turning to loans, food banks, unemployment offices for help during shutdown; Rep. King may face censure after new racist remark; Group that backed Ocasio-Cortez targ ...…
"The conservative [movement] needs to be rethought in a variety of ways," says Charlie Sykes, the editor in chief of The Bulwark, the conservative website started in part by William Kristol in the wake of the demise of The Weekly Standard. "There's no question that Trumpism represents a repudiation of much of the conservative tradition, but we' ...…
The lies and fearmongering this man does in mere minutes is absolutely astounding. Get exclusive access to our best content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Breaking News: Trump's Ex- Attorney Cohen to testify publicly before congress; Mueller Interviewed Trump pollster and Manafort associate; Dems questioning Minuchin on easing of Russian sanctions; White House staffing up legal team, ready to fight release of Mueller RPT; Trump won't say whether Mueller report should be public; Trump: didn't know ...…
Steuart Pittman unseated his Republican incumbent and is ready to fight for social justice as Anne Arundel County Executive.
A moron in California thought he had won $10K on a scratch-off, turns out is was actually $10 million, but he told his roommates about it and got it stolen, now he may be getting it back… listen to find out. Another dog has shot and severely injured its owner, this time it was a former LSU football player on a duck hunting trip. Two women in No ...…
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