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This is the podcast blog of the Platform for Urban Investigation Mexico, the multidisciplinairy research into urban environments worldwide. The podcast of round tables and conferences as well as descriptions and schedules of projects to be produced will be posted here. PUI_MEX will take place between September 20 - November 2 and will be exhibited in Museo Ciudad de México in spring 2008. PUI_MEX is generously supported by the Foundation / Collection Jumex.
This is an interactive show where I invite my listeners to give their thoughts and opinions about all things Puerto Vallarta. I interview the movers and the shakers in town, from restaurateurs, to Resort owners and hotel operators. I interview local artists, local personalities, wedding planners, tour operators, Real Estate agents, expats, shop owners, you name it! Join my friends and me as we take you on a trip down south of the border. Discover the magic of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
THE SECRET HISTORY OF ART takes you on a series of private guided tours of the world's greatest artworks. Best-selling author and professor of art history Noah Charney presents the history, symbolism, and importance of each work. The Secret History of Art is a series of lessons in miniature on great works of art around the world. By spending just a few minutes per masterpiece, you can learn the mysteries, stories, and secrets of some of civilization’s greatest treasures.
Join our host Catriona, a total beginner, in her journey towards fluency in Spanish and learn along. In Season One, Catriona explores the ins and outs of the Spanish language with our Spanish editor, Héctor Hernández. We'd love to get your feedback, suggestions, and to learn about your own language learning journey. The email is


Sarah Demeuse

An edited conversation between two visitors to an exhibition. Visitors and locations change per episode. An alternative to a written exhibition review or a museum audioguide. The listener eavesdrops into the thinking and sensing process of the visitors.
Jerry Kay’s Journal builds on Jerry’s experience over many years (CBS Radio, KCBS in San Francisco, Sirius Satellite Radio). He loves the craft of audio --the sounds and variety of people's voices. His stories are about art and design, science and the environment, and innovation. He hopes you find these stories interesting and inspiring.
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Singer Joan Huston and Pianist Bob Bruneau Perform Weekly During High Season at Incanto in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Singer Joan Houston, Cousin of Whitney Houston, Entertains Vacationers, Expats and Locals Visiting and Living in Puerto VallartaBy Barry Kessler
Grandes empresas guardan presupuesto para invertir y darle oportunidades a las empresas cuyos dueños pertenecen a grupos minoritarios en USA. En esta edición de VBC Radio conversamos con varios especialistas sobre cómo certificar su empresa y las oportunidades que esta certificación le puede abrir.Grisel Masso - Pte del VBCElizabeth Irausquin - Flo…
Arrangiarsi - Pizza and the Art of Living is the title of a film about pizza, Naples, Olive Oil and an amazing producer, photographer, writer, narrator and a person (and the film) I really want you to know about and check out. This extraordinary person is Matteo Troncone and his website is Here you can see his entire fil…
"No vamos a un evento de Networking a cerrar negocios, vamos a abrir relaciones" - Nohelis Ruiz Arvelo nos explica cómo los líderes hacen networking y que cosas NO debemos hacer al iniciar una conversación con ellos. Nohelis es autora de dos libros sobre networking, es especialista en comportamiento corporativo y es colaboradora de la revista Forbe…
Compañías como Zillow y Opendoor intentaron crear un modelo de compra y venta de propiedades bajo la idea de ser el "Uber" del mercado inmobiliario, usando algoritmos para calcular precios y transacciones más eficientes. Zillow acaba de anunciar que va a cerrar esa práctica y a despedir 25% de su personal. En esta entrevista conversamos con Andrés …
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