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This podcast features free audio guitar lessons that teach music theory for guitar. Listeners learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. This includes a focus on compositional and improvisational techniques used in popular styles of music. The lessons are geared toward intermediate level players on up and can be followed on either an acoustic or electric guitar. Bass players can learn a lot from the instruction too. It is recommen ...
Hack Music Theory
Theory is a six-letter dirty word to most musicians, but hey, musicians love dirty words, right? And just like all the other dirty words, theory is easy to learn and fun to use! This podcast features the audio from Revolution Harmony's weekly YouTube show, which is based on their critically-acclaimed Hack Music Theory book series, which Derek Sivers (CD Baby founder) calls: "The most brilliant, fast, easy and fun music theory book I've ever seen!" Download this book, free for you @ HackMusic ...
The Art of Composing Podcast is all about learning to take your composing, knowledge of music theory, and creativity to the next level.
Understanding Basic Music Theory
WSW Music Theory
The West Seneca West Music Theory Podcast is a resource for Music Theory Students to review information from class and help in studying Music Theory!
This is a series on music theory applied to guitar. It is practical with the aim of explaining the elements we are using in our everyday playing.
Heather Rathnau of Theory Time® gives tips on teaching Music Theory to students using the Theory Time® workbooks and other products in this Video Podcast.
Scratch at knowledge and invariably a mystery lurks just beneath the surface.Each week,THE CONSPIRACY SHOW with Richard Syrett explores these mysteries in a fascinating two hour format.
Podcasts and blog from Alex Ruthmann's sections of MUT 112 and MUT 114
There's more to pop than meets the ear.
Art of the Score
Art of the Score is the podcast that explores, demystifies and celebrates some of the greatest soundtracks of all time from the world of film, TV and video games. In each episode we’ll be joined by Andrew Pogson, Dan Golding and Nicholas Buc as we check out a soundtrack we love and break down its main themes, explore what makes the score tick and hopefully impart our love of the world of soundtracks.
Welcome to Sounding Off! Rick Beato's weekly podcast featuring interviews with known and unknown artists, composers, musicians and performers.
Music Student 101
We are musicians, composers, engineers, teachers and students alike. The path through academia, as a musician, can be challenging and uncertain but it can also be enriching and great fun! This is the path we chose and we are here as your resource. Explore theory, history, ear training, technique, special topics and overall musicianship.
Want to learn the tools professional songwriters use? The Songwriter's Toolbox is a music appreciation class and songwriting training session in one.This podcast is based on my experience as a professor at Berklee College of Music as well as a student (Songwriting, '02). My goal is to help you tap into your full potential as a songwriter.Please subscribe and comment. I'd love to hear what you think. For more info, my home site is
Vibe Radio Network
Listen every day of the week. The Vibe radio network is home to some talented hosts with awesome shows with a wide range of topics.Monday Nights: 10-11 pm The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show with Ryan Jones, Celestial McBride and Ange Parker Tuesday Night- 8pm-9pm Beyond the Spectrum with Brandon Johnson 9pm-10pm Freqs n Geeks with April Mooneyham and Keri LongestWednesday Night- Night Visions with Wendy Young and Eric Josef Haas from 10-11 pm Saturday Night- Hour of Enlightenment with Jake ...
Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.
The podcast form of the popular Q+A videos from Adam Neely, exploring new horizons in music, music theory and the bass guitar. Users write in with questions, and Adam answers them. Memes and internet humor apply.
The Solecast
A podcast by rap artist Sole about philosophy; anarchism, critical theory, "radical" activism, history and culture.
Ever wondered why some people seem to have a gift for music? Have you wished that you could play by ear, sing in tune, improvise and jam? You are in the right place. The Musicality Podcast is a mix of interviews and teaching, featuring some of the most inspiring and insightful musicians and music educators, talking about how to learn the core inner skills you need to feel like a "natural" in music and enjoy freedom, creativity and confidence. Topics include: Playing by ear, Singing in tune, ...
Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.
Overthinking It subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve.
Pop Unmuted
A podcast dedicated to in-depth discussion of pop music hosted by Scott Interrante and Kurt Trowbridge. On each episode we're joined by bloggers, academics, or musicians to discuss pop music's issues, trends, and latest hits.
Tips, tricks, advice, articles, and music lessons about playing by ear from musician extraordinaire and online teacher, Jermaine Griggs.
Fej Ham
Greg T, Danielle and Garrett decided to take their nonsense conversations to podcast form! Fej Ham, is about, well, um, we don’t know BUT together we will figure it out!
No Conduct Radio
No Conduct Radio is a cutting edge online talk show which airs Thursdays at 6pm est on Our Panel of Knowledge slams an hour and a half of controversial information down your throat by asking the questions you're thinking but afraid to ask and giving the answers you won't! Politics, relationship, marriage. You name it, we talk about it!We feature topics ranging from relationship advice to current news from the viewpoint of 2 men and 2 women. We also try to play at ...
SMT-V is a peer-reviewed video journal showcasing original research in music theory.
A monthly podcast, Contempora is aimed at composers, performers and enthusiasts of contemporary classical music. Each episode features the music of a different living composer and an interview with them about their music.
Listen to Kenn Parra and Crash Barbosa discuss different horror theories from the Hip Hop world. Guaranteed to shock and awe you.
Yolkboy and Lady Gwynhyfvar host podcasts about George RR Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels. Analysis and theories - alongside short readings set to specially arranged music, pseudo adverts from Westeros, music from the fandom, guests ... this is Radio Westeros, the only radio station this side of Asshai {Spoilers all books}
How do companies grow from zero to a gazillion? Legendary Silicon Valley investor / entrepreneur Reid Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders. Guests include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Spanx's Sara Blakely. With original music and hilariously honest stories, the show sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. Masters of Scale is a WaitWhat original series in association with Stitcher.
Playing Along
In each episode of Playing Along, Todd A has a guest teach him a song. They discuss technique and theory focusing on the construction of the song, not the story behind it.
Tips on all things sound from beginners guitar chords, music theory, music production to even building a band website.
No Small Talk
What matters is how you think, not what you think.
Conversations with creative minds from around the Hudson Valley.
Hear Here is a podcast about listening. Each interview with a performer, composer, or researcher gives more information about how they listen to music and about how to become a better listener.
Testimony: A Musician's Story is an audio-biography series that features your favorite positive artists, telling their stories through their music and interviews. The program is narrated by Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown. DJ, Kursse, brings the noise with a show about the occult, paranormal, conspiracy theories and general weirdness.
We all have a cluttered desk. It’s a space that holds what we want to read, watch, and think about. Join the hosts of The Cluttered Desk Podcast—Colin Cox and Andrew Hicks—as they talk literature, film, comic books, politics, critical theory, theology, and anything else that might tickle their fancy. The Cluttered Desk Podcast is produced and recorded in Bristol, Virginia with music by Test Dream.
This comedy podcast has intricate storylines based upon many different characters in a round table type discussion. Hashing everything out from the paranormal to conspiracy theories to music and much more. Join your host Joey herbz and his co hosts an "intern" for full on enlightning conversations that will shatter your paradigm and make you literally laugh out loud.
Joe Samuel
Joe Samuel muses on life
Quick to Listen
How musicians make meaning. In-depth interviews and analyses by Grant Valdes.
A Music Blog and Podcast by M.J. Murphy
Are You Convinced?
With a new subject each week, hosts Damon and James try to convince each other on an idea or theory related to that subject.
Paranormal Talk Radio Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor? Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @KoolParanormal Stitcher: iTun ...
The Think Tank
With plenty of experience under his belt, DJ Theory has become a key part of his local dubstep scene in the Chicago land area. Paying attention to detail and filtering his music collection, he makes a point to only play whats worth hearing.Mixes come monthly, and there's always the occasional mini mix.For more, you can follow DJ Theory at
The Wade-O Radio Show is an international, terrestrial, Internet radio show, and podcast that provides its listeners with high-quality Christian Hip Hop music, news, and interviews. [To Book DJ Wade-O for your next event, email] In each episode the listener can expect the latest news with audio segments from Laide Mak, mixes by DJ Wade-O, a New Song of the Week, a countdown of the ten hottest songs out right now, conversations about controversial topics within the Chur ...
Little Big Beard
Music theory and innate talent.
Want to Learn How to Make Beats Like the Pros? Join Now for FREE at and Learn the Secrets of the Pros.
ComposerCast is a podcast exploring the world of video game music, from reviews and interviews to music theory and sample library tips. Join Will as he finds out what it takes to become a video game composer.
Fresh Brew Podcast
Topical discussion, views, news and a splash of music with Lennie and guests. On the show we cover past and current affairs, politics, world events and conspiracy theories.
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Ryan and TFT Punk Correspondent Rachel D discuss Invasion of Privacy, the debut album from our next president, Cardi B. Download Subscribe: iTunes Other Apps Subscribe: iTunes, Other Apps Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy Invasion of Privacy: Amazon, Apple Music Lyrics Wikipedia: Cardi B, Invasion of Privacy, Love and Hip Hop: New York Reviews: P4k ...…
Musical U’s very own content editor and product manager Andrew Bishko discusses and demonstrates a variety of scale types, discussing the “flavor” of each one and how they’re put to good use in music. Subscribe For Future Episodes! Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS Full Show Notes and Transcript: Episode 067 Links and Resources • Interv ...…
Join April, Kerix and Chris as they continue their discussion of some of the fair folk of the British Isles! This week- the Banshee, Brownies and Pixies.
Radio Air Dates: 4/20/18 – 4/27/18 Full Station Listing: Podcast Feed: Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, news and culture. Hey fam. If you are in Christ. You are free today. We ring that message off with new music from KB, Jackie Hill-Pe ...…
Radio Air Dates: 4/13/18 – 4/19/18 Full Station Listing: Podcast Feed: Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, news and culture. Big tings agwan today. I reveal my Top 5 Christian Rap Groups of All Time. Drop new music from DJ DB405, WHUTUPRG ...…
Today we’re getting to speak with someone we’ve been hearing about for years, Forrest Kinney. He’s the author of the Pattern Play series of piano books which you might remember past guests Natalie Weber and Sara Campbell both mentioned as being fantastic for helping students get “off the page” and start to be more creative in their music-making ...…
On tonights show the Freaks talk about the history of various superstitions
Hello, we are Kate Harmony & Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to the Hack Music Theory show, where you are empowered with notation-free theory for making great music in DAWs. In this video you’ll learn how to make your chorus chord progressions stand out from all those boring template-style progressions. Hack 1: Change the Chan ...…
Back in action this week! Greg T is recovering from his DEADLY ringworm, Danielle is upset with TMZ and Garrett think we should stop comparing people!
Nora Olsen is the author of Y.A. books, such as "Frenemy of the People," "Swans and Klons," "Maxine Wore Black," and "The End: Five Queer Kids Save The World." Her books have LGBTQ protagonists and are often in the sci-fi genre. "I wanted to write fun books that anyone can enjoy, but I especially wanted LGBTQ teens to be able to see themselves ...…
Transposition, the act of changing a piece of music to a different key or mode, can be one of the most useful tools any musician can have in their kit. In this episode, we will discuss diatonic and chromatic transposition, as well as when and why we use them. We will also have a discussion on transposing instruments, instruments that sound out ...…
Welcome to The Cluttered Desk Podcast! In this interstitial episode, Colin and Andrew discuss student protests, gun control, and the John Paul Stevens opinion piece, "Repeal the Second Amendment," which is available here. *** Please contact us at any of these locations: Website: Email: Twit ...…
On a special Thursday night edition of the Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show we talk Scott Porter from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. We will discuss how he got his start in the paranormal and talk about some of his more interesting paranormal experiences. You are not going to want to miss this.
Tonight we delve into the relationship between a person's dressing habits and respect We also answer your relationship questions: Music: Break The Rules by Kristii Book: The Wonders of Monkey Mac by Stephanie Harris Join Logic, BJ, Char and of course Ky Visit our blog Sho ...…
Between "diegetic" film music (heard by the characters) and "nondiegetic" film music (heard only by the audience) is a paradoxical space called the "fantastical gap." A film such as Inception (2010) makes traversal of this gap into an overt theme, obscuring our sense of place to such a degree that even the literal plot of the movie is open to i ...…
Are you intimidated by the idea of sight-reading music, finding the skill to be intimidating and unattainable? This podcast episode explores how you can get started with learning this skill through musicality training, and the endless benefits that this ability yields. Subscribe For Future Episodes! Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS Ful ...…
Join your hosts Wendy and Eric as we talk to the crew from Twisted Paranormal Society, Lyle & Tonna Lotts They will be telling us stories of some fabulous locations and their journey into the Twisted Paranormal Realm. This you will NOT want to miss.
Welcome to The Black Tapes In Review, a Black Tapes discussion special sponsored by The Cluttered Desk Podcast. For these specials, Colin and Andrew are excited to welcome Jono, a recurring guest from The Cluttered Desk Podcast, as a permanent co-host. These episodes are meant to be heard after each episode of The Black Tapes, so please try to ...…
Ryan, Matt, and Rachel D make their contribution to this scam with an episode on Jean Grae and Quelle Chris’s Everything’s Fine. Download Subscribe: iTunes Other Apps Jean Grae x Quelle Chris, Eerything’s Fine Everything’s Fine: Amazon, Apple News* Lyrics Wikipedia: Jean Grae, Quelle Chris, Everything’s Fine Reviews: P4k Episode 311: If Fine is ...…
Join April and Kerix live at 9pm EST as they discuss a few of the fair folk of the British Isles!
Today we’re speaking with Ben Parry, the Artistic Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain - but as you’ll hear that’s just one of many musical roles he has, including formerly being a singer and arranger with the world-famous a cappella group The Swingle Singers, and directing the London Voices choir which has performed on many o ...…
This Monday night we are going to have Whaling City Ghosts founder Luann Joly on the show with us. We will talk about how she got her start...and some of her most interesting paranormal experiences.
Hello, we are Kate Harmony & Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to the Hack Music Theory show, where you are empowered with notation-free theory for making great music in DAWs. Do you wanna write a super catchy chorus (for your pop song, EDM banger, or even your rock stadium anthem), which is sure to get stuck in everyone's heads ...…
An in-depth discussion w/ Chris of Unicorn Riot about what was uncovered in a treasure trove of internal communications on Discord servers that Unicorn Riot leaked. The Unicorn Riot report details a year of the inner workers of one of the most visible & violent neo-nazi groups in the US. In this interview we talk about: - The ways white suprema ...…
This was such an exciting episode for me! I had the great pleasure of talking with two fantastic video game composers. Adam and Jan wrote the music for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a new, realistic, medieval RPG set in 1403 Bohemia. We jumped right into the conversation so for clarity's sake, Adam speaks first, fol ...…
Tonight we have a replay of a previous relationship show. You ask your relationship questions and we answer you with the raw TRUTH! Join Logic, BJ, Char and of course Ky Visit our blog Shop our merchandise at
You may be putting in the practice hours, but are you getting the results that your hard work deserves? In this episode, we take a look at the concepts of deliberate practice and purposeful practice, and how to integrate the two in order to make the most out of your practice time. Subscribe For Future Episodes! Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitch ...…
This Wednesday on Night Visions Wendy and Eric talk with Jake Fife one of the hosts of Fife Paranormal.
Greg T , Danielle and Garrett hang out and cover A LOT! From scary movies , to Greg T's new sneakers that he doesn't know how to buy. Enjoy episode 4 of 'Fej Ham'!
Radio Air Dates: 4/6/18 – 4/12/18 Full Station Listing: Podcast Feed: Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, news and culture. DJ Wade-O goes back in his bag today as touches down on the 1’s and 2’s for the April in the Lab mix. Mixes, mash-u ...…
Ryan, Matt, and TFT Punk Correspondent Rachel D talk about “In A Poem Unlimited” by U.S. Girls. Download Subscribe: iTunes Other Apps Syllabus: U.S. Girls, In A Poem Unlimited In A Poem Unlimited Amazon, Apple Music Lyrics Wikipedia: U.S. Girls, In A Poem Unlimited Review: P4k US Girls Blogger Blog Harold Bloom Hamlet, Act II Scene 2 on Genius ...…
Every paranormal enthusiast has "bucket list" locations. Join Kerix and April tonight for their top 5!
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