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Sh*t Musicians Say
Steve Dickson interviews musicians, journalists, producers, songwriters, music fans, promoters, drummers..........pretty much anyone that has anything to do with music, most times to comedic effect.
Behind the Scenes with MN Musicians: Off-Mic & On-Camera offers unparalleled accessibility and engagement with Minnesota artists through unique first-person videos, interviews, and performances. It's like a dating service...for the arts. Support for this program comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. ###
Singers and Musicians Talent Search is dedicated to being the better way for artists to get discovered and have a venue where they can showcase their talent. Age, sex, appearance, or where one is from is immaterial. We are looking for one thing and one thing only - to discover good singers and musicians. The host of the Radio Show is Paul Romaine.
In conversations with his musical collaborators and friends, Chick reveals insights into his music universe. From the tour buses and airports to the recording studios and backstage. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the details of the creative process from the legends of jazz."These podcasts introduce a topic that's very exciting to me: giving a helping hand to other musicians." —
Music chosen by a variety of different podcasters, music bloggers and musicians, based on a different theme for each episode.
I firmly believe that everyday is a bonus round. I create because I'm alive. I believe in the freedom of self, and that life is more than a miracle. I interview creative minds all around the world who live on their own terms- so that you and I may absorb the lessons and change the world. Live your life as if you had to live the same life all over again. In this show, I cover mindfulness, productivity, habits, creativity, living off the grid, quitting that miserable job, location independence ...
Laugh and groan as two teams play the hardest game on radio and podcast. Join us for a warm and witty hour of recreational thinking. Five rounds mixing words, associations, pop-culture and live music - all at the expense of the English language.
AT THE BARRICADES is weekly podcast covering radical ideas, culture, and our absolutely fucked up yet beautiful world. We feature free thinkers, artists, authors, journalists, musicians, actors, comedians, and true rebel fighters, who all push boundaries within their given contexts. The show is hosted by Jason Yawn -- musician, activist, lead vocalist, abd guitarist of the Washington D.C. punk quartet, FREE CHILDREN OF EARTH. This site is your hub for everything having to do with AT THE BARR ...
Sound & Vision
Brian Alfred sits down with artists and musicians in galleries and their studios to discuss their process and inspiration in their creative life.
Interviews With The Most Fascinating Musicians Alive
Underscore taps into an exciting space where the concert hall meets its boldest outer reaches. Our goal is to connect with curious listeners by presenting the works of modern composers and musicians blurring the lines between classical, electronic, ambient and beyond. Through podcasts, curated playlists and original content, we’ll discover a new soundtrack to our daily paces.
Esteemed broadcaster Marvin Greensborough interviews upcoming musicians.
Behind the Music
A podcast for musicians, aspiring musicians, or those who just love music. Singer, songwriter, and host Laura Powers interviews musicians and those affiliated with the music business to provide inspiration, insights, and tools for those who are in work in music. For more information on Laura Powers, you can go to her website
Skip the Repeat
"Skip the Repeat" is a podcast hosted by pianist Kai Talim. It features long form conversations with friends and guests who are the artists, musicians, and creatives at the forefront of their respective fields.
Welcome to Easy Ear Training Podcast!The musicians training podcast for developing relative or perfect pitch.Practice daily for best results!Let's get going on todays training.You can also practice Ear Training with our playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon music. Click here: And leave a review or a comment so we can make the podcast even better. See you soon. Keep on rocking in the free world!
Cadence is a podcast about music: how it affects your brain, your life, and the community in which you live. Join our host, cognitive neuroscientist and classically trained opera singer Indre Viskontas while we talk to scientists, musicians, musicologists, and composers to find answers to some of the biggest questions still surrounding the intersection of music and science. How much can we learn about the mind with music as the lens?
Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR Music feature your favorite musicians performing at All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR office. Hear Wilco, Adele, Passion Pit, Tinariwen, Miguel, The xx and many more. This is the audio version of the podcast. A video version is also available.
Helping you make better music, and make that music a larger part of your full time income.
In A State Podcast
A look at the music business through the eyes of top musicians, songwriters, executives and other interesting creative people
Pedal Fuzz
Pedal Fuzz features conversations with musicians who are carving their own sonic paths. Process, performance, inspiration, and gear are discussed with host Eddie Garcia (1970s Film Stock).
BadTruth Podcast
Michael Tarabay and Adam Odor come to you from Yellow Dog Studios rambling on all things music related (and unrelated). Follow us on your favorite social media @BadTruthPodcast
Musician's RealTalk
Musician's RealTalk is a podcast which focuses on life stories of musicians in the DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia). The content of the stories are both substantive and historical told first-hand by the artist themselves. The podcast is equally beneficial to musicians and non-musicians, as there is something everyone can take from these life stories. A quote from one listener, "Musician's RealTalk is real talk that is real good". So take a moment and check out the Musician's ...
Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR's All Songs Considered features your favorite musicians performing at Bob Boilen's desk in the NPR Music office. Watch videos from Passion Pit, The xx, Wilco, Adele, Phoenix, Tinariwen, tUnE-yArDs and many more.
A podcast for indie artists of different mediums have a voice to share things about the lifestyle and career of the indie artist. Including musicians, dancers, writers, singers, writers, actors, etc. Also she deal with uplifting with sessions called Motivation Movement and spiritual empowerment for the prophetic Christian called the Prophetic Cavern. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Capture Your Art
A bi-weekly show that brings together musicians, engineers, producers, and fans to celebrate all things audio, with a focus on TEAC and TASCAM products and their users. Listeners can expect to hear the show host and guests discussing a wide variety of music- and audio-related topics, ranging from hobby and professional-level music recording to audio for picture, field recording for sound design, turntables, high-resolution audio playback, and installed sound systems. Content will include how ...
Midnight Lightning
Midnight Lightning with Laura Veirs is a podcast about the lives of working musicians who are also parents. Laura and her guests explore the challenges and rewards of juggling a family life with a career in music. The show features musicians from diverse backgrounds, genres and parenting experiences. Laura hopes her podcast will build community among musician parents and give hope to musicians who are considering becoming parents. The first season features interviews with 14 mothers. Episode ...
Musicians' Union
A globally-respected organisation of over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business.
Poetry has been defined as “words that want to break into song.” Musicians who make music seek to “say something”. Parlando will put spoken words (often, but not always, poetry) and music (different kinds, limited only by the abilities of the performing participants) together. The resulting performances will be short, 2 to 10 minutes in length. The podcast will present them un-adorned. How much variety can we find in this combination? Listen to a few episodes and see. Hear the sound and sens ...
Tootles Pumpkin Inn is a Music Venue in Circleville, Ohio and this is a podcast dedicated to the musicians that play here. We are part talk show and part radio show, we interview the artists and play some of their live performances from our venue.
Producer dXk releases artists Noname_trapper, Newface, keyohm, and Leethalx. #music #musician #musicians #musicproducer #musicvideo #musicman #musicismylife #musicianlife #musicmonday #musicstudio #love #instagood #me #tbt #cute #follow #followme #photooftheday #happy #tagforlikes #newfaceisnow#newface #Good Music #goodmusic
Purists may whine that the best days of music are behind us, that capital “M” music has seen its peak and is no longer relevant. But here at Play It Like It's Music we believe the opposite: not only is the act of musicmaking an essential life skill with a lineage stretching back to the beginnings of human history, but the vocation of the professional musician is more vital today than it ever has been. Once a month, join musician, songwriter and producer Trevor Exter as he drops in on working ...
The BeatStars Podcast is a music marketing podcast created to help independent musicians further their careers online. Every Wednesday we will interview successful musicians, music experts and entrepreneurs to help give indie musicians insight and education on the online music economy.
Music Made Well
Being a musician can be stressful. In each episode, host Nathan Langfitt will talk about the mental health and wellbeing of musicians, and provide tools and exercises to make music healthier than ever before.
The Desert Tiger Podcast interviews musicians of different genres, athletes, artists, authors, comedians and people with interesting things to say. It is our passion to bring to you what drives and inspires these incredible people. The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, a former bassist with prairie pop punk band Almost Alien, arts enthusiast, and highly interesting person. Shows release every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and a ton of other services!
Grrl on Grrl Podcast is a trans-inclusive and intersectional feminist show, featuring musicians from different genres. Listeners get to enjoy good convo, insights into the creative mind and community, and some great tunes picked by the guests themselves! Each guest adds their own perspective on the songwriting process and industry, along with personal stories... Plus you get to hear some great tunes, handpicked by the guests!
Nebraska musicians talking about their lives, experiences, likes, dislikes, and the Bible.
An Arts Review
Get "under the hood" of the music we all love so much. In each episode, pro musicians John Montagna and Jeff Ganz examine a seminal musician, record or song and, well, break down what makes him, her or it so important. Jeff and John are consummate pros, but – first and foremost – they're fans. They love this stuff, and figure you will, too. For lots of other things to thrill your inner music geek, visit
This book is "not written for professional musicians, but for untaught lovers of the art". It gives broad instruction on composers, styles, instruments, venues - and when to believe the critics.
TuneCore employees sit down with musicians and music industry experts to discuss what it's like to be an independent musician in the digital age. What's the best way to distribute your music? How do you develop a professional social media strategy? What on Earth is a sync license? We cover all that and more in Music Made Me: the TuneCore Podcast.
Illuminating 60-second flights through the world of classical music with host and longtime NPR commentator Miles Hoffman. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
Ethnomusicology Today is a podcast series produced by the Society for Ethnomusicology, an organization committed to the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. Ethnomusicology Today features stories and interviews aimed at engaging a broad audience of educators, scholars, musicians, and a listening public interested in contemporary issues in global music studies.
Yes & No
Musicians, tired of not knowing what you're doing? This is the place where we discuss new tools and techniques to taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the modern music industry.
Simply Folk has aired over one hundred interviews and studio performances from both long-time and up-and-coming folk musicians. We're happy to create this separate website and podcast of these recordings.
I Heart Guitar
Discussion with musicians, guitar makers, industry folk and just plain interesting people. By music journalist Peter Hodgson
HAY FAMILY! Are you look for a new podcast to follow? or maybe you just need to kill some time? Well give us a try! Pod Boi Cliq podcast is a show that we have been very passionate about! Whether its just us clownin around or interviewing Musicians, its always a good time. Each Episode has its own special theme which helps keep it fresh! Show us some love and check us out! POD BOI CLIQ consists of Craig Down, Aaron Searcy, and Konnor Bourque!
Creativity Speaks
Creativity Speaks is a podcast where artists, musicians, writers, and creators of all sorts talk about their creative process, how they make their work, what inspires them and what keeps them going.
Local Exposure
A podcast about music and the Greater Cincinnati scene.
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We were thrilled when Jay Bolotin dropped by the studio with his guitar the morning after his packed concert at Northside Tavern November 13th to talk with Elaine Diehl about his music career, artwork, and new cd release. During their conversation, Jay talked about writing songs in his 20's, meeting Carl Solway in New York during the 1970s, and ...…
“Program music” is instrumental music that attempts to tell a story, paint a scene or picture, or convey impressions of a character, place, or event. But no matter how sonically descriptive, music is always open to a range of interpretations—sometimes far removed from the composer’s intentions—and no two people will ever hear the same work in e ...…
Danny Ferrell is an artist born in Flint, Michigan, raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania and who now lives and works in Pittsburgh. He received his BFA from the Pennsylvania State University in 2014 and his MFA from RISD in 2016. He taught for a year at RISD and since has been teaching at Carnegie Mellon University. He has had shows at Horton Galler ...…
The chilled out brand new project, Fmly Frnd, stopped by Studio K to perform their live debut! Recorded 11.2.18 at Radio K.By (Radio K (KUOM) University of Minnesota).
Emily Dickinson's ambiguous song about how we approach the truth performed with original folk-rock music. For more about this and other combinations of various words and original music visit
Your strange job as a performing artist—musician, actor, or dancer—is to immerse yourself completely in the work of art you’re performing—to lose yourself, in a sense—and yet at all times to remain aware of precisely what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. It’s not easy, and sometimes the process—which is complicated to begin with—becomes do ...…
JJ Kirkpatrick has been surrounded by great educators all his life. JJ gives tribute to the late Roy Hargrove (2:50), talks to Kai about what Thara Memory meant to him (6:30), and what got him to turn his life around after a troubling middle school experience (19:20). They also discuss how he ended up at one of the most prestigious music school ...…
The story of Bernie and the Believers is the story of Bernie Dalton's diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease and compassionate friends making his dream come true and his songs come to life.
The story of Bernie and the Believers is the story of Bernie Dalton's diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease and compassionate friends making his dream come true and his songs come to life.
Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in classical music, the final movements of instrumental pieces—the finales— were almost always in fast tempos, and they usually ended loud, and emphatically. No matter where the rest of the piece had taken us, the finale was meant to provide a resolution, a sense that we’d just heard a complete ...…
In this week's "Music Notes," you'll hear about concerts by John Hiatt, Tom Rush, the Patsy Meyer Trio, and many more local musicians. You'll also hear about the Shrimp & Jazz Festival at Washington Platform, the Winter Blues Fest at Miami Valley Gaming, a new Jimi Hendrix box set, a Cirque du Soleil movie, and tickets going on sale for a conce ...…
Outdoor concerts can be delightful, especially when the music and the natural surroundings make a perfect mix. Then again, when you’re playing outdoors, things sometimes happen that wouldn’t ever happen in the concert hall—and I’m not just talking about thunderstorms. I’m thinking of a concert I played many years ago at a festival in France. Th ...…
For this Armistice Day, let's hear a performance of Thomas Hardy's mysterious 63 word poem about war and time. For more about this and other combination of various words and original music, visit
This episode comes from Town Hall in Seattle, WA. Host Barry Nolan asks our panel to define culicifuge and calcant. Host: Barry Nolan Stereo Left: Carolyn Faye Fox, Arnie Reisman, Paula Lyons Stereo Right: Tony Kahn, Garland Waller, Murray Horwitz Musical Guest: Casey MacGill Round One: Definitions and Derivations Round Two - Bluff: culicifuge ...…
Eleanor Farjeon's elegy to Edward Thomas after Thomas' death in WWI, here performed with strings, piano, and drums. For more about this and other combinations of various words with orginal music, visit
Tattoos are controversial where Yura Lee and I come from, Korea and Japan respectively, and in the classical music world. In this week’s short episode from a past Skip the Repeat guest, we unpack her thoughts before she got her first ink, anxiety about whether she would be accepted by the industry or not, what she learned afterwards, and why we ...…
The band's songs, stripped here to their essence, are particularly peaceful and calm — and sometimes chilling.
The band's songs, stripped here to their essence, are particularly peaceful and calm — and sometimes chilling.
Jeff sits down to chat with Amy van Keeken who is one of Edmonton’s most respected and beloved singer/songwriters. At the top of Jeff’s priorities was finding out why it took so long to finally get a full length album from Van Keeken. Then they discuss the album itself before diving into the rapid-fire questions where we learn about Amy’s dista ...…
Composers often call for repeats , in their music, for whole sections of their pieces to be played twice. And the question is: what’s the point? One answer is that the repeat helps the listener remember the musical material. But more important, I think, is that the second time through a section always has different meaning, and meanings , preci ...…
British WWI poet Edward Thomas' nature poem performed here can be read as part of his personal debate about volunteering for the front lines. For more about this and other combinations of various words with original music, visit
No matter how dark or disastrous, there's always been an undercurrent of grace to the music of David Bazan. He returns to his Pedro the Lion moniker for this memorable Tiny Desk performance.
No matter how dark or disastrous, there's always been an undercurrent of grace to the music of David Bazan. He returns to his Pedro the Lion moniker for this memorable Tiny Desk performance.
We have special guest Josh Klayman with us on this crazy episode discussing crew jobs, positions, stories and other things. And our first ever Seinfeld rapid fire. Enjoy! Follow Bad Truth on social media @badtruthpodcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also send us hate mail at Brought to you by www.Yello ...…
If you have a chance to attend an orchestra concert anytime soon and one of the pieces on the program calls for a harp, make sure to watch the harpist’s feet. They’ll be busy. The modern concert harp has forty seven strings, but it also has seven foot pedals, each of which controls one set of strings for each note of the scale. The A pedal, for ...…
Hiroya Kurata is an artist born in Japan and living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He received a BFA from Parsons in 2003. He’s had shows at Ivory & Black SoHo in London, Hollis Taggart, Joshua Liner and Eric Firestone in New York, Ross & Kramer in East Hampton, Part 2 and New Image Art in LA, Guerrero Gallery and FFDG in San Francisco, Gal ...…
The wonderful shredders from Lazear stopped by Studio K to perform a live set for us! Recorded 10.26.18 at Radio K. Check out their full performance at: (Radio K (KUOM) University of Minnesota).
Many of us who experienced the 60's music scene are familiar with the songs of singer/songwriter & folksinger Tom Rush . We're delighted that he's still writing and recording as evidenced in his new cd, " Voices ." He spoke with Elaine Diehl by phone from his home in Maine, on Wednesday, November 7th, about his tour stop at the 20th Century The ...…
Of the many musical terms that have made their way into general usage, one of the most colorful—and useful—is Prima donna. These days the term gets applied to anyone with an oversized ego—man or woman—but in Italian it simply means “first lady,” and it’s been in use since the 1600's as the title for the singer of an opera’s principal female rol ...…
Raphael Xavier teaches at Princeton. Raphael talks to Kai about his school experience, beginning with the time he ran for class president while being a graffiti artist (8:55), how he yearned for fame and material wealth as a young adult (17:15), and how he used his career as a photographer to fuel another passion: dance (23). They also discuss ...…
I’d like to read you part of an interesting job application letter. It was originally in French: “My Lord, As I had the honor of playing before Your Royal Highness… and as I observed that You took some pleasure in the small talent that heaven has given me for music, and [as] You honoured me with a command to send You some pieces of my compositi ...…
Women have been an integral part of the rock and roll movement, and in her book, " Rock-And-Roll Woman: The 50 Fiercest Female Rockers ," Meredith Ochs profiles women from the 1950s to today and shares their backstories to success and lasting impacts. With more than 100 illustrations, this volume includes the stories of Aretha Franklin, Tina Tu ...…
I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that most people have had what might be called recurring anxiety dreams… the kinds of dreams in which you find yourself in public with no clothes on, or about to take a test in a subject you’ve never studied. People’s anxiety dreams tend to be tailored to their particular personalities, circumstances, and ...…
In this episode, host Nathan Langfitt discusses how to create a personal concept of safety and comfort when a career as a musician can be filled with so much uncertainty.
In A State's Porter Block, sits down with the pop icon Tiffany at a local bar in Nashville TN and talks all things past and present.
This episode comes from Town Hall in Seattle, WA. Host Barry Nolan asks our panel to define corody and yepsen. We're heading to Town Hall Seattle this Spring! For tickets and info visit Host: Barry Nolan Stereo Left: Carolyn Faye Fox, Gregg Porter, Paula Lyons Stereo Right: Tony Kahn, Garland Waller, Murray Horwitz Musical Gues ...…
Canadian poet Robert W. Service wrote often of endurance, here's one of his sung by Dave Moore and the LYL Band. For more about this and other combinations of various words with original music, visit
Amy Lombardi of our Austin office sat down with Brendon Anthony, Director of the Texas Music Office, for a discussion about how community music offices help independent musicians in every part of their career. They discuss the importance of treating your music career like a small business and how local music offices can help expand opportunitie ...…
As artists, there’s a particular stigma against changing careers away from our art form. In this week’s short story from a past Skip the Repeat guest, Sarah Williams, New Works Administrator at Opera Philadelphia, tells her story of the moment she felt something shift within her as she was entrenched in her career as a singer, and why that stig ...…
After back-to-back performances in South Africa, Argentina, Chile and New York, Payton hit the Tiny Desk, where he dazzled the audience, simultaneously playing his trumpet and a Fender Rhodes.
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