Best Videogame podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Listen to 3 guys in a basement (Adam, Ben and Shane) talk gaming, fatherhood, and everything in between in this Bi-weekly family friendly podcast. Interact with our Videogame Book Club segment where they play and discuss games that are often overlooked. From retro to modern, handheld to console they love em all. Game hunting, collecting, memories, nostalgia, are discussed each episode and with 5 young kids, and 7 thousand games between the guys it's never a dull moment.
The best gaming and comedy podcast you never heard of! Hosted by Cory Vincent, David Webb, Emma Skies and Curtis Fisher we are talking about all things video game, comics, movies, television, and cosplay! Based PROUDLY in Sacramento, California.
The best gaming and comedy podcast you never heard of! Hosted by Cory Vincent, David Webb, Emma Skies and Curtis Fisher we are talking about all things video game, comics, movies, television, and cosplay! Based PROUDLY in Sacramento, California.
I talk all things dragonball and videogames too. Come join the conversation, everyone is welcome...
Podcast by Horton Brothers Grimm. Discussing Video Games from the Past, Present & Future!
DAC Cast
Weekly videogame-themed hangout in Detroit. Monthly videogame-themed podcast in The Internets.
Cane and Rinse
Quality videogame discussion
Sound of Play
The podcast about our favourite videogame soundtracks
Old Nerdy Bastards
videogame talk for nerds... we talk about all the consoles and what we love/hate
Media and Independent Videogame Development Company based in Tallahassee, FL.Twitter: @Null_VoidGamesYoutube:
A videogame podcast from the mouths and minds of people from the land of the videogame. We are a collection of current and former developers, publishers, journalists and players who talk about the games we love and loathe.
The AD VideoGame Club podcast features friends Andrew and David (and sometimes more) as they play and discuss a different video game each month. Please feel free to contact us at or visit us at
A smart, funny, live weekly chatshow about videogames. Broadcasting every Tuesday at 6PM GMT on
Podcast of the website Videogame realtalk. It's what we do.
Matt Barton's retrogaming retrospectives.
A podcast by some Canadians about videogames, life, and everything else.
VGM Tracker
Videogame mixtapes.
No Rangers Allowed
Dungeons 'n Dragons, house ruled to death, as played by weird and weary videogame snobs. Starring a desertwalking Zoroastrian dwarf druid; a backwoods halfling elftaku, master of banjo, jaw harp and double flute; an emo cat-summoning death cleric; and a filthy, feral anarcho-syndicalist barbarian. A Selectbutton Gaiden podcast. Join us at Radical show icon by art subgenius @BachelorSoft
Wicked Pixelated
Taste My Game Face
A mess of interchanging interpretations, ideas, ideologies and philosophies about all things videogame related. Podcasted for your convenience.
Welcome to Marcus Parker Podcast, where we talk about games, online marketing, social media, anime, comics and SO MUCH MORE! Future Videogame Agency Builder/Martial Arts Fan(no-style)/Hip-Hop STUDENT/Anime Fan/MINDSET/Marvel&DC Fan/ASMR fan 1-601-674-0764 Add me on Snapchat! Username: x7marcus7x
Retro Pulse
Retro Pulse is our Monthly Retro Videogame Show here on the Network! This show is brought to you by the support of our awesome patrons! Monthly voting leads to each episode where we play and discuss the game that was choses by our fans.
A podcast by David Wolinsky, Pippin Barr, and Mark Chains. Released one episode per week when each season is ready. (Subscribe to our newsletter to hear when new seasons are ready.)GAMETHING is a series of meditations, reactions, and responses to moments in videogames. They are ~things~ that aren't reviews but deep dives on digitally provoked knee-jerks that breathe and melt away.GAMETHING is sonified videogame experiences.The first monkeys are meant for a community that has followed a local ...
God Mode Unlocked is a videogame focused Podcast created and published by two life-long friends (Matt Bronson and Ryan Reynolds) bound by their love for gaming. Years later, still driven by their passion for gaming, Ryan and Matt have come together once more to create this podcast. God Mode Unlocked is a product of their growing up, participating in and occasionally working in the ever evolving gaming industry.
1UP Radio is the leading voice of the videogame community. Powered by the editors and personalities of the 1UP Network, the 1UP Radio podcast family covers the games industry from every possible angle. Start your week with the humor and insight of EGM Live* and GFW Radio, and continue on with the accessible, yet knowledgable Legendary Thread, Sports Anamoly and Retronauts. Then start your weekend right with 1UP Yours, the definitive videogame talk show. With multiple new episodes hitting eve ...
Game Dev Life
Behind every videogame is a team of developers, designers, engineers, artists and makers. Hear the stories behind the games.
Optimistic Gamers
The most optimistic videogame podcast this side of the Mushroom Kingdom. New episodes every Monday.
A podcast series that will be part J-RPG videogame reviews & another part ranting on anime/videogame related topics.
GLP is a weekly podcast concerning videogames and the videogame industry, but is a conversational, generaly geekery podcast that can wander into RPGs, tabletop gaming, movies, music and television.
GameFuel features a weekly dose of videogame-inspired music selections, as well as original soundtracks, remixes, covers, chiptunes, doujin music, and other original works. Hosted by KyleJCrb.
Monster Hunter enthusiasts sharing insights and strategies for the Monster Hunter video-game series.
GameChurch Podcast
A videogame podcast from a different perspective, with open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief.
1 - The Oddcast
Tina, Sam, Alice, and Chris dissect the strange gaming news of the week, pick through user blogs, read dirty fanfiction, and just generally bring shame and disgrace upon the once hallowed medium of videogame podcasting.
Smart Bomb
Like the world needed another Videogame podcast.
Gaming By Design
Looking at as many videogame mechanics as we can get away with; we aim to output 7 podcasts in Season 1. We'll be focusing and discussing the mechanics that take games from the good to the sublime citing plenty of examples. Hopefully our musings will be entertaining and informative - but our real aim is to get you dissecting and talking amongst yourselves.
1UP editors and developers speak on the videogame industry and the community that surrounds it. PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP, GBA, DS, Wireless, Marc Ecko.
The comic book prequel to the thrilling new videogame coming this fall!
A Weekly Podcast of All VideoGame News!E-mail us a clip to be heard on the podcast!or e-mail questions, topics, or sugestions!(
The 1UP Show
Welcome to 1UP's new weekly show on the latest and greatest from the world of gaming. Each week, the editors of 1UP cover new titles and discuss the latest topics in gaming - all the while giving you a behind the scenes look at the on goings at the offices of 1UP, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, and the Official. U.S. PlayStation Magazine. It's like videogame TV, but on the web. And delivered with a special 1UP panache. Stay tuned each Friday for new episodes!
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Videogame Podcast!!! Download CastBox with this link!
Based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Gaming Recess is a casual Arablish videogame talk show. Game development enthusiasts talk about the latest in the realm of videogames with news, reviews, and discussions. Made and hosted by the @GameDevJeddah Team.
MechaGamezilla hosts what can only be described as some sort of podcast.
Firaside Chats: The official and podcast, features in-depth discussion about the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy videogame series, from all the buzz surrounding the fandom to commentary on the latest news for the future of the franchises. Join the KHInsider staff alongside various guest speakers for weekly segments in this offbeat and comical podcast series.
Spectacuscape is a new adventure series about a boy who ends up getting sucked into a videogame! Only on childrens radio station Fun Kids.
Spectacuscape is a new adventure series about a boy who ends up getting sucked into a videogame! Only on childrens radio station Fun Kids.
PSP Podcast
The PSP Podcast was a weekly show that ran from April 20, 2005 until 2007. We were one of the first videogame focused podcasts around, so I’m archiving these episodes here for all to listen to! Who knows what the future could hold for the PSP Podcast!This show has been retired.
about (making) games
Interviews with the designers, artists and publishers of both video and paper games. Each episode we interview someone who holds a position that is critical to game development. Some have great experience, some are in unique positions, all have their own perspective on how games are created. Listen to the show and learn how games are made.
The comic book prequel to the thrilling new videogame coming this fall!
First vs Last
FIRST VS LAST covers long-running music and videogame franchises by discussing at length the first and most recent entries of the series. FIRST VS LAST seeks to answer questions like: How have characters, storytelling techniques, and plot points changed over the years? Did the series change focus over its sequels? What series mainstays were there from the beginning, and what was added over later entries?
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show series
We catch up with Scott Cohen from Samsung to chat about its TV line-up at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)Technology column and author Pete Nowak shares his picks and pans from the annual CES tech convention
How PG&E's Bankruptcy is an Attempt to Hold Californians Hostage by Consumer Watchdog
In this episode, the guys talk about recent pick-ups, look forward to releases of 2019, and discuss the VGBC picks of Sega Bass Fishing for the mightly Dreamcast and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for the Playstation/Wii/Mobile/others.
Show host and producer Chris O'Regan talks to Laurent Mercure of Chainsawesome Games about the design and development of Aftercharge.Team play in video games can date back to as far back as Gauntlet with 4 players all working together to acquire as much treasure as possible before they were either killed by monsters or their health ran out. Thi ...…
When long-running franchises mix it up by swapping in a different protagonist every game, it can be a rare thrill to watch your hero cross paths with their fondly remembered predecessors, for better or worse. We take a look at... Read more
Tim Fogarty has been competing in various first person shooters for more than a decade. Most recently, he has been competing with Team Liquid on their Quake Champions Team Death Match squad and previously played on their Overwatch Contenders team as well as previous Quake titles. You can find the show on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, O ...…
We find out about life manning the phones as an early 90's Sega Game Counsellor with Tim Gadler. Tim's Twitter: Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Frank Rundholt, Edward Sanguinetti, Sebastian Kiernan, Gary Audley Audioboom channel: Audioboom RSS feed: https://audio ...…
We open up with an apology too powerful for text. The second to last episode in the Follow Your Rainbow series, the end is coming near. Topics include: Infinite highways, Sonic Wind, Gravity levels, and plans for the end.
Masa, Arnaldo, Ozzy, and Paul celebrate a year of the Region Free Gamers podcast by talking about the 2018 year in videogaming, and their favourite non-2018 releases that they played last year (25:00). The guys move on to their 2018 video game disappointments (1:04:00) punctuated by an epic rant from Ozzy about Red Dead Redemption 2 (1:17:00). ...…
In November 2018, our very own Chris Dymond interviewed a group of talented Sheffield kids and their parents, as they were preparing to head off to the World Educational Robot Contest in Shanghai. They were the UK’s first entrants and it had been quite a journey before they even boarded the plane. Well, now they are back from Shanghai with even ...…
In another cool episode for you, Mouth Dork and Indie Dork chat with Daniel Goldhaber and Isa Mazzei; the team behind Cam! Follow the podcast @ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to leave a review or comment. And as always, thank you for listening!
Hey all, we are back with a HUGE episode! We are talking about our favorite thing we are looking forward to in 2019 and all the latest news in geek life. Join us on all the social medias and let us know what is getting you hyped! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: ...…
This month we welcome Justin Masson from the Nintendo Dads podcast!
ETAO Podcast, Episode 47. Gabby DaRienzo stops by to talk about her work as one half of the core Laundry Bear Games team, from A Mortician’s Tale (and Tracktoons) to their still-in-its-early-days next project—as well as her excellent, now-concluded podcast ...…
Myself and Thom return with another Decade of Decadence show and chat about Christmas, the amazing ‘Bros’ documentary After the Screaming Stops and a Norwich house that isn’t really a restaurant (honest!) in our ‘stuff’ section of the show, before moving onto this episodes 2 movies: The Christmas Chronicles Stone Cold The end music in this epis ...…
Howdy, dorks! Every January we take a look at the upcoming year in cinema and compile our Top 5 most anticipated movies! Here's what we're looking forward to the most in 2019! Follow the podcast @ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to leave a review or comment! And as always, thank you for listening!…
Award-winning journalist Jennifer Jolly shares her top picks from CES; Tech and lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong hits the highlights; We catch up with Paul Burns from Mixxtape about the retro music player; and Ingram Micro discusses its partnership with the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.
Chris O'Regan talks to Emeric Thoa of The Game Bakers about Furi* and asks how it came to be and its gestation into the amazing combat game we see today.Some say boss battles are the bane of video games, but not The Game Bakers. They subscribe to the view that they are the linchpin of action adventure games to the point where their latest game, ...…
With Onimusha and No More Heroes poised for a long-overdue imminent return next week, we spend this week’s show looking back on once-massive game franchises that have been silent for years, with help from returning guest and GameXplain/IGN alum Micah... Read more
Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Dennis Beverloo, Ryan Scoular, stephen quinn, Cameron Armstrong Audioboom channel: Audioboom RSS feed: Join our Discord channel: Our website: Our Facebook: https://www ...…
Jamie and Norm talk about the Wailea 12. A group of California legislators who met with utility industry lobbyists at a cushy Hawaiian resort to negotiate a bailout as fires that they helped cause raged in California.
This week we played through Bandersnatch, the new Netflix choose your own adventure movie. Listen as we talk about choice based narratives, having your cake and eating it too, and narrative confusion! Voyage to the Stars Improv Comedy Podcast! Coming Soon! MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST: The Favorite Star is Born Big Mouth She Ra Take off your Pants by Libbie Hawker 2000k to 10000k by Rachel Aaron Into the Woods by John Yorke
Jamie and Norm talk about the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom. And what he could do, that Brown did not, which will put California on a more progressive path to a green economy and truly universal health care coverage.
You don't need to be an an academic or to work for a big company to get into deep learning. You can just be a guy with a NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti and a Generative Adversarial network. Jason Antic, who describes himself as "a software guy," began digging deep into GANS. Next thing you know: he’s created an increasingly popular tool that colors old ...…
You don't need to be an an academic or to work for a big company to get into deep learning. You can just be a guy with a NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti and a Generative Adversarial network. Jason Antic, who describes himself as "a software guy," began digging deep into GANS. Next thing you know: he’s created an increasingly popular tool that colors old ...…
Happy New Year, dorks! In our first week in dork of 2019 Turtle Dork discusses the drama, Life Itself. Wife Dork takes a moment to acknowledge an thank the many wonderful and generous people who've shown an outpouring of support for her niece. Mouth Dork discusses the black and white film Straightjacket. And Disco talks about the new Spider-Man ...…
Brady and Kyle talk about the top 10 bad guys of the Ghostbusters universe!
Will Partin has written for The Atlantic, Variety, Kotaku, and, most recently a great piece in Vice’s Waypoint about Artifact. Probably less of a “formal game design” conversation than I usually have, but we touched on a broad number of topics that affect game developers and players alike. We also discussed the recent patch, the costs of “platf ...…
Your host Chris is joined by Adam, Ben, and Dave too in this end of year show, to chat about video games and much more. The games chatted about on this episode are: PSVR Tumble London Heist Tetris Effect The Persistence Astro Bot Pierhead Arcade Spiderman Red Dead Redemption 2 Detroit Become Human Crash Bandicoot The N’sane […] The post ABC of ...…
Xbox Revisited: Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Laurence Bennion, Falko, Nigel Wilkinson, Andrew P Jones Oliver Wilmot's video games quiz: Audioboom channel: Audioboom RSS feed: https://audioboom ...…
This week, show host and producer of The Sausage Factory Chris O'Regan chats to Jordan Thomas of Question about the development of The Blackout Club.What if you were powerless and you only had your wits and your faith in your friends to aid you? What if you faced seemingly insurmountable odds and happen to be living in a small town in the US in ...…
The first week of January is always a slow one, making it an ideal time to reflect on some of the games we’re most excited to play in the next 12 months, with help from MacWorld’s Leif Johnson. For good... Read more
The Indie Dork is taking Bill & Claire’s Excellent Adventures on the road this week. All the way to the AMC Tysons to take Claire to see her first Rated R movie in the theater: Anna and the Apocalypse! Tune in to see whether the Scottish, high school, zombie, Christmas musical was a win!Follow the Podcast @ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Fa ...…
On today's episode of KakeBytes, he talks about his early love of games and how he vaulted that admiration into a career in gaming journalism. For more than two decades, Game Informer has maintained a dominant position as one of the most reliable sources of game news and reviews and he breaks down the ways in which the magazine has adapted to t ...…
Ring in 2019 with Arnie, Masa and Ozzy as they come together for the inevitable discussion on the Super Mario Bros game trilogy on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The crew discusses the original Mario Bros, and the proceeds to the seminal Super Mario Bros (30:30). The Lost Levels is briefly discussed, but Super Mario Bros 2 (a.k.a Super Mari ...…
* We’re super addicted to Netflix, says Streaming Observer* TiVo embraces cord-cutters with new box, service* How to host a podcast, with author Amanda Cupido* Next week: My highlights from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Jamie and Norm discuss positive pro consumer legislative achievements made in California and nationally.
The splash damage guys talk about indie game of the year: Celeste! Also an intro question: did anyone get snubbed at the GOTY awards?By Splash Damage (Splash Damage).
It's our Game of the Year episode of MDL! Hope you brought a snack because this one is massive. We also speak about Katamari Damacy Reroll, Smash Bros Ultimate, Gris, and Tetris Effect. We hope you enjoy this huge kickoff of 2019. Thank you for your support!
I talk in this episode with my guest expert, Megan Connell PsyD, who uses Dungeons & Dragons in group therapy with remarkable results and runs a weekly D&D game with psychology nerds on Twitch. We also discuss what lessons psychology has for helping other people at the table --possibly including yourself-- and how to find and get along with a n ...…
A collection of health and fitness ideas from past episodes, plus just under 10 minutes of new bonus audio containing several additional health and fitness ideas delivered in rapid-fire fashion00:43 Gym Truck (Ep 16)19:18 Banning Fast Food (Dave Crumbley, Ep 66)29:24 Willpower-Free Communities (Ep 71)47:17 Far Out Diet (Ep 37)56:44 Fitbit Rewar ...…
Here's the final Top 5 films of 2018 from the Dorks at ITMOD! 2018 has been a blast(cinematically)and our Top 5 reflect that absolutely! Here's to an even better 2019! Follow the podcast @ITMODcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and let us know what YOUR favorite films of 2018 are! Don't forget to leave a review or comment. And as always, t ...…
Well ladies & gentlemen, it's finally that time of year once again! 2018 and been a great year in cinema, and it's time for The Dorkies! These are our Top 10 movies of the year! And because these particular episodes are epic, we've split them into 2 parts(like our Not Top 10). So here are our 10 through 6 picks! Stay tuned for picks 5 through 1 ...…
ETAO Podcast, Episode 46. Greg Kasavin descends and/or ascends to our realm to talk about Hades, Supergiant’s roguelike recently surprise-released into Early Access on Epic Games’ brand new storefront. We talk about how Hades both builds on and departs from ...…
This week, Chris O'Regan chats to Chris Seavor and Shawn Pile of Gory Detail about the creation of The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup.A vast majority of puzzle platform games grant direct control of the main protagonist and demands the player understands the complexities of solving puzzles while overcoming dexterity based challenges. Some, howeve ...…
Welcome to our sixth annual end-of-year roundup, when we gather together a bunch of games-industry guests and count down our favorite games of the year. This year’s show is one of our biggest yet, weighting in at a hefty 3.5... Read more
Hey! We're finally back after a ridiculously busy few months! In this episode, we're giving you a rundown of everything we did this year!Next episode - our favourite things from 2018! There were so many good comics, video games and songs in 2018, and we're going to break down all of our favourites from the year!…
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