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Well-known improv teacher and former Studio 312 host Jimmy Carrane explores the creative processes used to make great comedy.
A podcast dedicated to the art of teaching improv. Join host, Lauren Morris as she delves deep into the world of teaching. Each week she talks to teachers of improv from around the world!
Improv Yak
Improv Yak is an improv podcast hosted by improv teacher and Los Angeles improviser, Carla Cackowski. Each week Carla interviews an improviser about a specific technique that she admires in their performance and at the end of the show, Carla and guest improvise a scene in which Carla attempts to utilize the technique they discussed. Guests range from seasoned improvisers to first year improv students.
The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.
Weekly podcast documenting and developing the London improv scene. In every episode we speak to a different improviser about their improv origin story and what they love about the artform.
London long-form improv
Sociology Improv
A podcast with sociologically-informed discussion of the news of the day.
Welcome to Very Random Encounters, a show where we play pen and paper RPGs in which we've randomly determined as many things as is possible, including characters, villains, names, places, and other weirder stuff! It all comes together to be a very random encounter.We're an actual play roleplaying game podcast by four friends who love the challenge of telling a story whose details are all prompted by random rolls. You can start with the first episode in any given season. So far, we've played ...
Hey Half Sister is a fully improvised podcast brought to you by Half Sister, a comedy troupe based in Seattle. Each week we take you on a journey though everyday situations, fever dreams, things you wish you said, ways to improve your life, scenes from nothing, and scenes from Uranus. No interviews, no talking about suggestions, no games, no unnecessary set up, no politics, no long monologues about what happened today, no blowhards, no baloney. The podcast is unique in that there are no cele ...
Tabletop Go is a brand new, totally improv D&D podcast from the minds that brought you Tabletop Champions and Aftermen. Every week the crew rolls a D20 and decides live on the show who will DM that session, nothing is prepped and everything is canon. What kind of hijinks will you see this week?
Canadian Comedy Award winners Rob Norman and Adam Cawley discuss weekly improv-based topics based on a theme. New episodes every Wednesday.
Tabletop Go is a brand new, totally improv D&D podcast from the minds that brought you Tabletop Champions and Aftermen. Every week the crew rolls a D20 and decides live on the show who will DM that session, nothing is prepped and everything is canon. What kind of hijinks will you see this week?
The best of improv in Scotland!
A podcast about improv, explored one piece at a time.
Wasting ALL the Time is a weekly audio improv comedy podcast hosted by Jonathan Hansen, Cody Parcell, and David Paterson with occasional guests. We improvise scenes and play improv games! This podcast is produced by Drowning Man Productions. (Music composed by David Paterson, logos designed by James Paterson & Sarah Lister)
The Musical Improv Shop Talk podcast is a place to come to nerd out about making up songs on the spot!
A podcast where comedians tell true, "meaty" stories from their lives to inspire longform improv comedy. Hosted by Josh Simpson, Jake Jabbour
In Talking Shop, Pittsburgh improv teacher, coach and performer Brian Gray talks improv with improvisers. He gets deep into his guest's relationship with their work to discuss how they perform the way they love to perform. The show features an interview, usually an improv set, and Q&A.
Kevin Mullaney interviews improvisors to find out what exercises and techniques they use in their improv comedy rehearsals and classes.
Improv Noise
Each episode we talk shop and improvise with some of the best improvisers from across the country. Featuring your hosts: Brad Kula and Stefan Schuette.
Long-Form Improv comedy straight to the dome! PDC Inc members gather around the table each week to bulls*** each other and transform their conversations into long form Improv scenes.Hosted by Post Dinner Conversation Inc., Tampa's Original Comedy Company.(Music by Kevin MacLeod,
World Improv Network (WIN) Improvised Comedy Radio Show
Improv Treehouse
Welcome to the Improv Treehouse! Host Emily Brady gets improv troupes from all over the UK and beyond to chat about what makes them tick - from rehearsals to the stage. Email: improvtreehouse@hotmail.comMusic by Liam Webber
The Improvisational Comedy Panel Show That You Just Couldn't Make Up!
Improv Everything takes on the task of educating listeners on how different improv concepts can be applied in the business world. Each episode a guest from the world of business, government or education joins co-hosts John Hanson (CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority) and Rob Alesiani (PHIT Comedy Instructor) for a lively discussion on the intersection of comedy, improv, and professional life – to lay out how improv concepts can be beneficial in professional leadership and personal growt ...
Two Podcasters draw a topic from a 9 year old girl and create a 3-5 minute micro podcast. It's always fun!
A Comedy podcast Improvised on the spot by The Damp Knights - An Improv Comedy group from North Northumberland in the UK
Insights on Improv
Insights on Improv offers a look into the minds of two of the most innovative and celebrated improvisers in comedy history: David Mack and Justin Fink. Broadcasting from Chicago (aka "Improv City"), this podcast is a one-stop shop for the modern improviser and all students interested in improving their craft.Tune in for lessons, advice, wisdom, and insights from two improv legends as they discuss a new topic each episode with a featured guest from the Chicago comedy scene.
Welcome to Improv Town, the podcast where I interview my favorite improvisers about an improv topic I think they’re great at!Subscribe on iTunes:
Journeyman improviser JOEY SHOPE interviews greats and future-greats of the comedy world. ABOUT JOEY Joey Shope loves improv. He loves it so much that he got a tattoo that says IMPROV on his wrist. Joey has been performing improv for 8 years. A graduate of the IO West training program, Spectacles Improv training program, and The Improv Space training program, Joey now teaches and coaches at both Spectacles Improv and The Improv Space. Joey performs across the country at various Festivals. Jo ...
Cinema Improv
A podcast where musicians from around the country gather in a Brooklyn recording studio to create live, improvised soundtracks to movies. Produced and hosted by David Butler.
Improvisation theatre news from the world, Germany and Berlin.
Improv podcast featuring improv tutorials, games, exercises, interviews, news and demonstrations. Hoopla Impro are based in London, UK.
RadioStar: Improv
Radiostar: Improv is a weekly, completely improvised theatrical radio show. New stories every week, spawned directly from the minds of some of San Francisco's sharpest improvisers.
Improv Insider
Interviews with Australian and international improvisors new and old.
Join comedian Phoenix West and his band of misfits as they attempt to host a real show despite being insane people. Plenty of celebrities, weird guests and hosts, skits, sketches, songs and other nonsense.
An interview on topics of the business or social aspects of performance in hopes that could be of use to the improv community.
Four budding improvisors would get into random but interesting discussions and fights at the bar every week after class. So they decided to make a podcast about it.
Inclusive Improv
The Inclusive Improv podcasts are curated and produced by artist affiliated with the Inclusive Improv. Podcasts document and methods of improvisation and the the activities of the Inclusive Improv and its members. For more information see
A show of drinking, debating, and improv, recorded at Tacoma Comedy Club
Writer Improv
Every week we take a randomly generated plot and spend 15 minutes developing it into the skeleton of a story and then set it free into the world where you, our listeners, can build on it further.
Where philosophy, inspiration and spirituality come together in a blend of poetry, music and guided meditation.
The Improv Obsession Podcast is the ideal place to hear fun and thoughtful improv discussion. Your host Stephen Perlstein brings you new guests from the improvisation community to have an enlightening talk about improv comedy.
We're an improv company based in Norwich in the UK. If you'd like to contribute to the podcast, we'd love to have you on - send us some audio improv, or email if you'd be up for an interview xx
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This week Brooks applies some peer pressure, Jon pushes the statuettes, Cody got a new tattoo, and Dave will hold. Also, you catfished our boss?! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 02:04 - Twittershins Rapidballs 08:10 - What Have You Been Up To?: Breathing, schooling, improvising, Daryl Jude Conspiracy Dude, book report, engaging, etc. 15:25 - Frui ...…
Podcast Episode #59 (feat. Dimples, Mark, Oliver and Ross) You come home after a trip to Lapland, open your church and whats the last thing you expect? A surprise party out of nowhere, but whats it all for? See us live at Red Raw at The Stand -Edinburgh - 8th October Thanks to everyone who came to see our Parrots of the Caribbean show at The Ma ...…
113 - Susan Harrison - Improv London Podcast by Improv London
In this episode I interview Will Luera. Will Luera is the former artistic director of Improv Boston, where he created the “Free Form” improv style, also known as Boston or Big Bang style improv, which is known for its fast yet seamless transitions between scenes. Will is now the Director of Improvisation at Florida Studio Theatre, which is a 5- ...…
Josh and Jake welcome Bristol's very own John McInnes & Monty Sheikh onto the show live on stage from the basement of Cafe Kino! First Josh and Jake run down some local news from the city of Bristol involving an organ amputation and a defaced Banksy. Then Monty shares a story about a magical adventure she took following the advice of hippies an ...…
The Young Adults have Cobahara's big bad grandad on the ropes, but can they finish him off without going totes darkside?Whacky failure sound effects come courtesy of out more about the show at our website:www.vre.showSupport us on us @VRECastBy
This week we join Mara Craig to discuss her brilliant twoprov Me Plus One, in which she does a show with a performer she's never worked with before! This episode was recorded about 20 minutes after stepping offstage with host Emily Brady!
This week Dave is not into his past lives, Cody quietly hates Twitter, Bryce is back to talk about gravy and peaches, and Jon is genuinely angry. Also, boiled milk! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 01:51 - Twittershins Rapidballs 08:32 - What Day is This?: National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day 16:16 - Fings Wut Got Sent Us: Undefined Voicemail ( ...…
Check out Stephen's website:
Podcast Episode #58 (feat. Dimples, Mark, Oliver and Ross) A journey through our preparation for a podcast. Really. :P See us live at Red Raw at The Stand -Edinburgh - 8th October Thanks to everyone who came to see our Parrots of the Caribbean show at The Maltings, we have had a lot of really nice feedback and we loved doing it. If you would li ...…
It's Tuesday and... Louis Kornfeld is our guest!Louis Kornfeld began improvising way back in 2003, when both his phone and online presence were at the forefront of millennium culture. He's been a proud member of the Magnet Theater since it opened its doors, having logged countless hours as a performer, intern, house manager, member of 'The Boss ...…
Gilli Nissim (We're Gross with Gilli, Winslow) and Will Hines "Wrecked, The Smokes join The Meat to impart some travel wisdom. We talk China, Germany, Iceland, Italy, and more! We talk getting spit on, eating fermented fish, and getting grifted! This leads to scenes about coffee cake disbelief, grift chain circles, international personas, and m ...…
Jimmy is really proud to share with you this piece he did for Curious City on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio, answering the question, "Why is Chicago the mecca of improv?" In this episode you will hear several people’s theories about why this is. Jimmy interviews old friends TJ Jagodowski, Susan Messing and Jonathan Pitts to get their input. This i ...…
Let's! Kill! Krayt!This week's episode uses "Welcome to the machine" by Komiku, available on the Free Music Archive here:
This week Bryce wants us to have some gum, Dave explains away the actions of some trucks, Cody goes extra long, and Jon is having problems with his undies. Also, bunnies! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 03:12 - Twittershins Rapidballs 10:53 - What Have You Been Up To?: Level 5 Paladin, rebuilding a deck, college, 6-day work-week, motorcycling, mi ...…
In this episode, Rob and Adam discuss casting and what does the "perfect" Harold team look like! If you'd like to play at home, pick 8 archetypes from the list below: 1) Initiator - This player starts scenes. Always the first person out. 2) Listener - This person is always 2nd out. Very good at supporting their partner's offers. 3) Glue Player ...…
111 - Harry Turnbull - Improv London Podcast by Improv London
Ryan Rosenberg (Big Grande, Teacher's Lounge) and Dan Lippert (Big Grande, Teacher's Lounge) take us to a CBT clinic, an emergency room, City Walk, and the Second Quarter of a basketball game! We talk splitting our heads open and pooping in cars, plus worst jobs and Vince Neil!
The YAs have gathered a crew and are heading to a long defunct park to find and rescue Gene's mom.Find out more at our website:http://vre.showSupport us on Patreon: us @VRECastBy
Join us for a special secret bonus episode with Jon Trevor, director of the Birmingham Improv Festival, as he tells us what to expect from the festival this year!
Bassist Scott Colberg (Calexico), guitarist Kirk Schoenherr (Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker) & keyboardist Steve Okonski (The National Reserve) swung by the studio to create a new improvised soundtrack to the classic 1971 American action road movie, Vanishing Point.
This week sees the return of Hatman (Anthony) who is going to the secret place without you, Dave is extraliterate, Cody accidentally picked up some fun, and Jon remembers back in the day. And what s'more, friendship! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 03:01 - Twittershins Rapidballs 09:20 - What Day is This?: National Toasted Marshmallow Day 22:04 - ...…
110 - Dave Robertson - Improv London Podcast by Improv London
Many hands make light work. Just as long as none of those hands are tentacles. We're totally done with the tentacle god. This episode uses "Wind Chime, Tolling, A" by user Inspector J. Available here:
This week we join Box of Frogs in the Improv Treehouse! We chat about Keith Johnstone, favourite short-form games, and everyone's first time on stage which includes a rousing song from Suzie Evans!
This week "Hatman" (Anthony) joins the guys to report an awkward situation, Dave is simultaneously excited and afraid, Cody is looking for some Bananas Foster, and Jon promotes Mothers In the Labor Force. Also, are you in a bathtub full of ice? Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 03:05 - Twittershins Rapidballs 07:51 - What Have You Been Up To?: Grad ...…
D wakes from a nightmare premonition that spurs the Young Adults into action. (That action being to yell at H.)By
extreme_improv_podcast_episode1.mp3File Size: 57740 kbFile Type: mp3Download File It's finally here! Episode 1 of the brand new Extreme Improv Podcast! Featuring host David Pustansky playing fun and silly improv games with Annie Harris, Alexander Hopwood, Ellie Gill, Adam Hughes and Sean Micallef. At the end of the show one of them will be crow ...…
Sophie Shrand is the host and creator of "Science with Sophie," a science comedy show for girls and everyone. She is an accomplished improviser in Chicago, and we talked to her about how she got through the hard times when she moved to Chicago from Boston, why it is important to her to be a role model to girls in science, and her tips on musica ...…
This week Jenni thinks the astronauts are hot, Cody is in the audience, Jon asks for help, and Dave is having a bit of a dig-down. Also, I was totally sleeping! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 01:47 - Twittershins Rapidballs 08:38 - What Day Is This?: National Tell A Joke Day 19:17 - Fings Wut Got Sent Us: Listener Suggested Scene: Hypnotic Troub ...…
This week Adam and Rob discuss the importance of swagger, showmanship, and stagecraft in improv scenes. Whether you're struggling controlling an audience or you're stuck in a scene that's gone terribly wrong, then this episode is for you.
Gene remembers her childhood, Cobahara helps Titania cook, and Roberd checks in on his mom.By
The Vox Pops are an Armando team from Nottingham, and part of improv organisation MissImp! Join three of their members as we discuss the classics, the finer points of an Armando, and why you should definitely hire them because they can drive.
This week Jenni can hear the Earth's song, Cody got an unexpected promotion, Jon is friendly, inviting, and yet off-putting, and Dave wants a gross. Also, Lord-five!! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 02:25 - LIVE SHOW COMING UP! GET TICKETS HERE! 05:03 - Twittershins Rapidballs 10:42 - What Have You Been Up To?: Career change, Disneyland trip, web ...…
This week Adam chats with Rob from Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss that terrible, awkward, weird feeling when you bomb. What do you say? How do you manage the feeling? What do you say to your friends. Also, updates on Rob's tour through Latvia and Denmark.
109 - Tom Young - Improv London Podcast by Improv London
Podcast Episode #57 (feat. Dimples, Oliver and Ross) We did a lovley fun and funny show and now we retire to our new church home, after resurrecting Dimples of course, but will his penis grant him access? See us live at Red Raw at The Stand -Edinburgh - 8th October Thanks to everyone who came to see our Parrots of the Caribbean show at The Malt ...…
*To the tune of She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain* She'll be drivin' a big old mountain when she comes...By
TJ Jagodowski is one of the finest improvisers and people you will know. He's half of the long-running show TJ and Dave. In this special episode that was originally recorded for Curious City at WBEZ in Chicago, Jimmy talks to TJ about why he thinks Chicago is still the mecca of improv, his definition of Yes, And... (which is not out of the text ...…
This week Dave is playing first fiddle, Cody makes executive decisions, and Jon returns to the world of Build-a-Bear. Also, wuh-sweered?! Show Notes: 00:10 - Cold Open 03:42 - Twittershins Rapidballs 07:40 - What Day Is This?: National Coloring Book Day 16:33 - Fings Wut Got Sent Us: Listener Suggested Scene: "As I always say..." from Will and ...…
This week Rob and Adam revisit the Game of the Scene from Season One, and discuss how their views have evolved over the past four years. From pattern recongition to heightening, all is covered in this episode. If you're new to GOTS, check out GOTS (ep. 14), Push/Pull (81), and Framing (ep. 118) before giving this episode a listen!…
108 - Izzi Suddek - Improv London Podcast by Improv London
Podcast Episode #56 (feat. Dimples, Mark, Neil, Oliver and Ross) Sorry for the delay, we have been busy getting ready for our next show Parrots of the Caribbean, so yeah, come and see our live show at The Maltings on August 3rd and 4th, its only £5!So for this episode, Neil AND Mark are here for a good old chit-chat but as always it goes some-w ...…
This week we're joined by twoprov Two Seats, Four Cheeks! There's everything from a live game of Mind Meld to an improv proposal to handy tips for surviving the Edinburgh Fringe. Join us in the treehouse!
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