Best Native podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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React Native Radio
React Native Radio Podcast
Native Trailblazers - FRI'S 8PM EST - Hosted by Mohawk Journalist, Editor and Public Speaker Vincent Schilling and CEO of Schilling Media, Inc. Delores Schilling.
Non/Native is the podcast that shares conversations between immigrants, expats and interlopers.
More stimulating Native Talk Radio! Cliff & Brandon are both registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and dedicate the show to making Native topics fun & entertaining!
More stimulating Native Talk Radio! Cliff & Brandon are both registered members of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and dedicate the show to making Native topics fun & entertaining!
Hosts Lakota Harden, Eddie Madril, Janeen Antoine, Vince Medina, and Morning Star Gali bring you today’s Native issues, people, culture & events.
A unique podcast from an American Indian perspective on current affairs. Join Hosts Michael Kickingbear and David GreyOwl as they present an Indigenous view on American history, politics, and culture, and how it may impact Native American lives.
Synthetic Native
Exploring VR and other advanced user interface technologies.
Non-Digital Native
None of this comes natural to me. But strategic planning? It's all I think about. All I talk about. I help people who are unsettled and confused by digital, build their own digital self-confidence.
Office Native
Discussions, Resources and Topics related to SharePoint and Office 365.- SharePoint Governance- Training & Adoption- Information Architecture- Migration Best Practices- SharePoint Solution Deployment- SharePoint and Office 365Resources and information related to our podcast can be found at:
C9::GoingNative is a show dedicated to native development with an emphasis on C++ and C++ developers. Each episode will have a segment including an interview with a native dev in his/her native habitat (office) where we'll talk about what they do and how they use native code and associated toolchains, as well as get their insights and wisdom—geek out. There will be a small news component or segment, but the show will primarily focus on technical tips and conversations with active C/C++ coder ...
C9::GoingNative is a show dedicated to native development with an emphasis on C++ and C++ developers. Each episode will have a segment including an interview with a native dev in his/her native habitat (office) where we'll talk about what they do and how they use native code and associated toolchains, as well as get their insights and wisdom—geek out. There will be a small news component or segment, but the show will primarily focus on technical tips and conversations with active C/C++ coder ...
Fourteen Old Indian Legends by Native American ( Dakota ) Author Zitkala-Sa. These Legends feature the exploits of Iktomi the Native American Trickster god.
The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.
Antonia Gonzales
A five minute, weekday newscast dedicated to Native issues, that compiles spot news reports from around the country, anchored by Antonia Gonzales (Navajo).
Go Natural English is an English learning platform focused on your listening and speaking skills for fluency and confidence. Learn Go Natural English learning strategies, expand your vocabulary, master grammar with our clear and quick explanations on the podcast. Learn how to sound more like a fluent native when you speak English, and finally gain confidence to communicate with native English speakers, understand movies, the news, music and more. Join the Go Natural English community to lear ...
Native insight on the weirdest, wildest headlines and general wackiness to come out of the Sunshine State
A Podcast where you can listen to native Mexicans.Improve your Spanish in a fun and interactive way. Gramatica, urban slang, street, regional and more.
With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you'll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch. Take your learning further with Season 2 in which Mark and Francesca are joined by learner Isla.
Sword of Truth Bible History Classes teaching those people of Negroe and Native American descent, that they are the Biblical and Historical Israelites of the Bible and the only People that Jesus Christ is coming to save.
DJ Politico
San Francisco native and student, I host a radio show that seeks to dissect the political landscape---cutting through all the talk in the media and explaining the political dynamics for the public to understand. My team and show strive to offer in-depth coverage and insightful and analytical perspectives to understand the politics of the day and for the public to be informed citizens. I am a political junkie and love to talk with you anything about politics! I get animated about the news and ...
Basic Biscuits
From The World Of Chicken Shops And KA's Pineapple - Join One Of London's Funniest Native @MelaninXKing & his rotation of Co hosts. Every Wednesday from 17:00 (GMT). As they hilariously discuss Gentrification, Living in London, Being POC and Melanin’s love for Grindr. Plus Weekly drops on all things News + LGBTQ Culture!
Josh R. Mixcast
This Chi-town native brings with him a huge repository of advanced musical composition skills, coupled with an intense acoustic flavor that will bend and blend your senses. From his musical releases, Sound Design, re-mixes, and live sets all over the world, Josh R. is known and respected for his unrelenting dedication to quality. "It's all about attention to detail..... always attempting to ride that cusp of "fringe" in my productions and techniques. His productions can be heard throughout t ...
The Storyteller
The Storyteller is a 15-minute weekly radio program and internet broadcast featuring true stories from First Nations people across North America who are following Jesus Christ without reservation. Don't be fooled, this is not some religious, feel good program. This is real life. It's raw, direct and personal. If you're tired of the way things are, or wonder if there really is hope for something better, you may want to listen to some folks who understand.The Storyteller is heard via radio bro ...
The Sports Gambling Podcast brings you Sports Gambling analysis, advice, opinions and picks for the people by the people. The podcast is hosted by Sean Green, a Philly area native, and Ryan Kramer, a New Jersey native, who bring over 40 years of Sports Gambling experience to the airwaves each and every week. The guys cover the full spectrum of the Sports Gambling universe, including the biggest sports and gambling news stories, fantasy sports previews, handicapping strategy, big game preview ...
Part of an initiative to develop a free language-learning resource. This book is old, but the basics haven’t changed too much. All the French content is spoken by native French speakers. The book includes sections on vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, verbs and phrases, and will still prove useful. Some of the phrases are dated but hilarious. If you need a flannel petticoat, or to chastise your washerwoman, this book is definitely for you!
Krewe du Drew
Krewe du Drew, with hosts Andrew Alexander & Drew Holtkamp, is a podcast focused on LSU football, Alabama football, Southeastern Conference sports, the New Orleans Saints and any other sports & pop culture the duo finds interesting. Andrew is a Louisiana native & LSU graduate, while Drew is an Alabama native & University of Alabama graduate. Both guys now call New Orleans home and share a love of sports, especially college football, movies & TV.
Aubrie is, for all intents and purposes, a Silicon Valley native. She was born in Redwood City, grew up in the foothills of Yosemite, and returned to the Bay Area for college — go UCSC Slugs! Aubrie is a super chatty, people-loving, outdoor enthusiast who is particularly passionate about real estate! So much so that before (and since) becoming a Realtor her favorite weekend hobby is driving around the Bay Area looking at homes and attending open houses – just for fun! As a result, she is inc ...
Promos to:promo4patterns@gmail.comAn esteemed career stretching over a decade has seen Gai Barone become one of electronic music’s most sought after artists. The renowned musician and Italian native has long been one of the industry's most fascinating producers. An unrivalled quest for the creation of something uniquely memorable and deeply moving has fuelled his sonic journey. As a true craftsman, it is this drive for excellence that makes each one of Gai’s studio creations met with much an ...
In the span of less than 2 years, Afrojack has become one of electronic dance music’s major icons. From humble DJ beginnings in his native country of Holland, he has grown to become a multi-award winning, platinum-selling producer. His skills are some of the most sought after in the world, and with two Grammy Awards under his belt, it’s easy to see why. In addition to this, his DJ sets have fast become both iconic and unparalleled, providing an explosive take on the current state of dance mu ...
Este podcast está destinado a mejorar tu destreza auditiva. Tienes un episodio cada día de lunes a viernes en el que escucharás diferentes temáticas: cuentos, biografías, libros, artículos de opinión y pequeños relatos. Además, también daré respuesta a tus preguntas.
Learn French in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native French speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress.
Beginning in 1979, the Reagan decade is counted down with each years pop hits, underground club classics, and obscure gems. Youll start with the genres block party roots in the South Bronx with Grandmaster Flash and work your way through its mainstream acceptance with Run D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Get ready for the boombox breakdance era of early rap in New York City. Its the History of Hip-Hop: The 80s. After a tour of the 80s, the crew digs into the genre as it becomes a pop culture phenomenom ...
Small Differences
Chris A. has recently immigrated (or *brexited) from the UK to Norway and finds herself in the process of acquiring a new language and culture. Knut M. is a native Norwegian who never has a good answer to the question "where're you from"? In this podcast they investigate all the minor differences that may bring their worlds closer together.
Pivotal Podcasts
Get all of Pivotal's podcasts in one place. Covering cloud-native journeys to smart applications and modern development to team culture, listen to stories, conversations, opinions, and insights from leading technologists about the transformative power of software. Read show notes at
Learn English the way it’s really used by native speakers in everyday conversations. That’s why our episodes are always focused on real, current English. If you want to learn English for everyday use, you’ve come to the right place.
Are you looking for a new and fun way to learn American English? Come hang out with Lindsay and Michelle from Boston and New York City and have fun while you improve your English listening skills! All Ears English is an English as a Second Language (ESL) podcast for intermediate to advanced learners around the world. Teachers Lindsay McMahon and Michelle Kaplan will show you how to use everyday vocabulary and natural idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk in Americ ...
Authentic connection to Ireland with a native voice on mythology, indigenous spirituality, archaeology, history, culture, society, storytelling, and travel round the island.
Our Latin American edition of Advanced Spanish weekly program will allow you to listen to a normal speed conversation in real everyday Spanish spoken in Latin America. You will not only improve your oral and reading comprehension of the language, you will also be more attuned to the Latin American mind and way of regarding at the news. Each week our engaging hosts will share with you their views on international and Latin American events and help you think and feel as a native Latin American.
Don Zusya Goodman
B'H/Blessed is Our Creator!!! S.O.U.L. S.=Seven O.= Original/Oldest U.=Universal L.=Laws A show produced and hosted by Don Zusya Goodman, a Rabbinical College of America Graduate with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Religious Studies has been a member of the Chabad Lubavitch Chassidic educational movement for the past 30 years.1. Fuses Torah/Biblical Rabbinical Learning with prior secular training in radio-communications-newspaper skills.2.T.C.I. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention formerly certif ...
Urban Indianz Podcast
Waking up the 12 lost tribe of Israel. Black, Hispanics, and Native Indians. The keeping of Gods laws ,statutes, and commandments is the solution for our people. This is ISUPK under Commanding General Yahanna.
DuvalUSAyyee The 1st Podcast documenting DuvalLife from the perspective of a native of DuvalUSAyyee
Learn English the way it’s really used by native speakers in everyday conversations. That’s why our episodes are always focused on real, current English. If you want to learn English for everyday use, you’ve come to the right place.
Native rap station...listening cross nations
The semiautobiographical travel memoir records Twain’s, more or less, personal journey across the Wild West in search of adventure while exploring variable locations. Accompanying his brother on what becomes a trip of a lifetime, the young Samuel Clemens finds himself in many different vocational roles as he explores and observes the magnificence of the American West. Not refraining from the usual social commentary, Twain directs criticism on various social and moral issues which he approach ...
Keep up with the latest in mobile and cloud development with the official Visual Studio Mobile Developer podcast. Join your hosts Matt Soucoup and James Montemagno as they discuss the latest and greatest in native cross-platform mobile and cloud development in C#, Xamarin, and Azure.
Mark grew up in the heartland and brings a lifetime of Oklahoma experience to WWLS – The Sports Animal. The Sooner State native graduated from Blackwell High School and received his degree from the University of Oklahoma. Since 1995, Rodgers has owned and published the state’s most comprehensive football annual, The Oklahoma Pigskin Preview. His travels across the state have earned him a reputation as one of the region’s foremost experts on high school football and college recruiting. Rodger ...
Get By In Croatian
Learn enough Croatian to get by while traveling or in a conversation. In each lesson, we'll focus on teaching you conversational Croatian without overwhelming you with grammar and so that you can be understood by native speakers. Hosted by Eurolinguiste.
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Kansas Health Secretary Lee Norman tells host Jim McLean that extending Medicaid coverage to more low-income, able-bodied adults comes with good ROI. Nonetheless, the state House rejected a pension refinancing proposal that might pay for it. To keep getting these dispatches from the 2019 legislative session, subscribe to Statehouse Blend Kansas ...…
The Kansas House has rejected Gov. Laura Kelly's plan to refinance pension debt. But the new governor says that won't tank the state budget or doom her priorities, including Medicaid expansion. Should expansion come to be, it'll be Health Secretary Lee Norman's job to implement it, and he says it'll get good ROI.…
Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament "As for the breadth of the court on the west side, (there shall be) curtains fifty cubits; their pillars twenty; and the breadth of the court towards the front, on the east side, fifty cubits." The front is divided in Exodus 27:14-16 into two ????, lit., shoulders, i.e., sides or side- ...…
This week on Jacked Radio Afrojack drops his latest release together with Cheat Codes called 'Ferrari'. He also plays new heat from David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Armin van Buuren, hinting at a possible future surprise! Let's get Jacked!
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Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid and the NFL have agreed to a settlement. Plus, Luis Severino and the Yankees nail down an extension. Will Jacob deGrom ever get one from the Mets?
Fireside Chat - Racism and other topics of interest Shé:kon and Thanks for joining Native Trailblazers! The Native Show with nearly a million listeners worldwide! For over nine years, our award-winning Native themed online radio show has been delivering the hottest topics in Indian Country to your desktop, mobile or other listening devices! Lis ...…
Peter joins the guys from Charlotte, NC to share his thoughts on the Kaepernick/Reid settlement with the NFL.
Segment 1: We hear from the man responsible for getting stuff done in Kansas City. From the future of a downtown ballpark to "pothole management" to streetcar expansion, we talked with the city manager about several big issues on the minds of Kansas Citians. Schulte also addressed caller questions, and says of rising water costs in Kansas City, ...…
The new governor of Minnesota agreesto continue an appeal of the controversial Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline projectNorthern Cheyenne tribal members march to push lawmakers for more action on murdered and missing indigenous womenAnd the longtime Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa chairman is being remembered for his dedication to triba ...…
American composer Harry Partch lived an unconventional life. A dreamer and a traveler, he devised an original system for making music and built dozens of instruments to bring that dream to reality. “My music and my instruments are an expression of an ancient tradition in which sight and sound unite toward the achievement of a single dramatic pu ...…
El amor no es sacrificio es un cuento que nos recuerda que la importancia del amor no está en lo material. Es un cuento para nivel A2. Para los suscriptores, como siempre, os dejo la transcripción disponible en 1. El Cuastecomate (Ahuacatlán, Nayarit)De origen náhuatl, el mote de esta localidad remite al árbol que sirve para hacer recipientes conocidos como guajes o jícaras, comunes en ciertas zonas del sur de México.2. Acaxochitlán (Hidalgo)El nombre de este municipio alude a una flor roja característica de la l ...…
On Tuesday night, 15-year-old An'Janique Wright was shot and killed outside of Central Academy of Excellence during a basketball game. Two women have been charged with her murder. Though Wright was not a student at Central, her killing hit hard — especially because this week marks one year after 17 teenagers were killed in a mass shooting at Ma ...…
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This week Andrew is joined by Matt DeVille to recap the Tigers' upset of Kentucky & preview the 2019 LSU baseball season.
If the Mets get off to a slow start, will Mickey Callaway's job status be called into question? Plus, is there any merit to the rumors of the Giants trying to trade OBJ?
David Fried is the Knicks long time statistician, not typically a "contact" job. But on Wednesday night, Dave was on the tracks with a train coming through...
Segment 1: Community newspaper check-in with Camp Magazine. From a continent-wide softball competition, to a ‘rainbow wave’ in local government — there’s a lot of news in Kansas City’s LGBTQ community. We visit with the editor of Camp Magazine, to take a look at recent headlines. John Long , editorial director, Camp Magazine Segment 2, beginnin ...…
Segment 1: Organizer fears that, "If we wait five years to make a bold intervention . . . we won't have people of color, workers and poor folks able to live in our city anymore." A new tenant-power organization looks to help the more than twenty-thousand renters in the Kansas City area deal with issues related to poorly managed rental propertie ...…
Some Native leaders are pushing back against a report clearing Catholic high schools students of wrongdoing at a rally in Washington, D.C.An Alaska tribe is taking steps to create its own tribal court system
Career and technical education is having a moment, but not in all schools. Most charters still focus almost exclusively on college preparedness. “University Academy seeks to prepare students for higher education and to be leaders in society,” said superintendent Tony Kline. “The vision is to be the best college prep school in the country.”…
Hoy, en el día de San Valentín vamos a leer un pequeño artículo de opinión sobre San Valentín. El artículo no es mío, pero la opinión es parecida a la mía. Para los suscriptores, como siempre, os dejo la transcripción disponible en
IDCharlotte Petitte - ValuesPig&Dan - BulgariaFideles - Tynos Juan Deminicis - Free Energy Oliver Huntemann - Vertigo (Olivier Giacomotto RemixAyer Astura - NovaAnalog Jungs - Universe (Antrim Remix) Transcode - Dying Light Stu Mort - Earth
More great books at
It's Don's birthday! Plus, Yankees fans aren't happy with the team's off-season, Dave Rothenberg makes an error in choosing his clothes and will OBJ be traded?
Buster Olney joins the guys from Tampa to share his outlook on Yankees Spring Training. Plus, will Harper and Machado EVER sign???
Segment 1: What's going on with unions in Missouri? Last year, union membership in Missouri went up, bucking a national trend of declining numbers. But the bigger picture is much more complicated. In this conversation, we take a close look at the current climate of local unions. David Nicklaus , author, " Union Membership Rises in Missouri, Buc ...…
Segment 1: Local leader of Fight for $15 told his personal story at a U.S. House hearing to support an increase of the federal minimum wage. It's been a decade since Congress authorized a federal minimum wage increase. Currently, two bills passing through the U.S. House of Representatives look to nationally hike the least amount paid to workers ...…
Woohoo BadBoyRub is back in the studio this week and we couldn't be happier. This episode is honestly a Kii and not to be missed. Join us this week as we get into ..... Part 1 | Pop Tarts 1. Our Weekly 'Mess Of The Week' had to be awarded 3 times!! GOLD to fashion brand Gucci. *rolls eyes*. SILVER to Tokyo ' No Teeth' Toni and our BRONZE has to ...…
Hosts Lakota Harden, Eddie Madril, Janeen Antoine, Vince Medina, and Morning Star Gali bring you today's Native issues, people, culture & events.
South Dakota lawmakers are creating guidelines for investigating cases of missing and murdered Indigenous womenThe South Dakota legislature is poised to codify the state’s first official Indigenous languageAnd the governing body of US Lacrosse is taking a stand against the use of Native American mascots or logos…
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