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Nature Podcast
The Nature Podcast brings you the best stories from the world of science each week. We cover everything from astronomy to zoology, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of Nature journal. We meet the scientists behind the results and providing in-depth analysis from Nature's journalists and editors. 999526
Nature's Voice
Love nature? You'll love Nature's Voice. Each month we'll bring you features, interviews and news of birds and wildlife, from back gardens to the Sumatran rainforest. If you can't get enough, try dipping into our back catalogue. We'll take you soaring
Stephan Wormland, MA in clinical psychology and trained in Gestalt therapy. He has studied and practiced meditation in multiple Buddhist traditions for over 30 years and spent altogether 5 years in meditation retreats. Stephan was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years and teaches meditation in Buddhist centers in Europe.
Nature Biotechnology podcast is a series of conversations with founders, financers and developers from biotech's past, present and future.
Natures Talk Show
Natures Talk Show is dedicated to helping save and preserve Nature by helping people understand that every living thing has a place and a reason to be here. Conservation, preservation and habitat are of huge interest on our show. We are going to be doing more youth oriented programs and things that we hope will help save all the amazing things that life has to offer.
The BBC Natural History Unit produces a wide range of programmes that aim to immerse a listener in the wonder, surprise and importance that nature has to offer.
UPWIRE: Hacking Human Nature to Unlock Your True Potential This podcast explores the neuroscience of Hacking Human Nature to find better ways to make breakthroughs and unlock your true potential in life and work. UPWIRE is presented by Robert Cooper, Ph.D., a neuroscientist, leadership advisor, New York Times bestselling author (with over 4 million books sold), and founder of the acclaimed 12 Leaders® program. UPWIRE will feature stories and wisdom from Dr. Cooper, along with his latest thou ...
The Natural Christian podcast is my effort to help my brothers and sisters in Christ gain a better understanding of their morals and ethics, and how they stand up to the Biblical authority of God's word.
Go Natural English helps you improve your English listening skills and fluency. The podcast will benefit intermediate to advanced learners most. Your English will benefit from language learning strategies that work, vocabulary and idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk and real conversation in American English. Learn special tips on American culture, how to listen to and speak with Americans. Join Gabby and the Go Natural English community to learn to speak America ...
Nerdy By Nature
Canadian nerds that live to expand your mind. Discover, with us, the amazing things that life has to offer! New episode every Friday. | fb, ig, & twitter: @letusgetnerdy | |
Natural Histories
Brett Westwood explores our relationship with nature and its impact on human culture and society, complimented by comedy sketches and the Natural History Heroes series. UK Only.
Primal Potential
The Primal Potential Podcast is the anti-diet approach to mastering fat loss NATURALLY. Everyone knows they should eat better and exercise regularly but Primal Potential talks about strategy for the tough stuff - HOW to overcome emotional eating, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy habits and your all-or-nothing dieting mindset. Each week we tackle a mainstream myth or challenge, we talk about weight loss facts, strategies and practical solutions for implementation. This isn't another preachy, we ...
Radio show hosted by Martie Whittekin. Subjects are alternative medicine and natural alternatives to drugs.
Natural MD Radio is your place to hear the whole truth on health and natural medicine for women and children, and get the tools you need to take back your health starting now. The focus of this show is women's health, fitness, beauty, natural living, and natural medicine for children. Dr. Romm dishes on everything from thyroid and hormone problems to the truth about antibiotics and vaccinations.
The Nature Medicine Podcast reports on cutting-edge news in biomedical research from around the globe. The program features interviews with experts and a review of the advances that scientists hope to translate from bench to bedside. Tune into the podcast to learn about breakthroughs and policy developments in medical research.
Writer. Podcaster. Speaker. Small Steps Coach.
Celebrating the art of natural animal care, the truth of animal nature and the love of the human-animal bond.
Tripod is the first podcast dedicated to nature photography, and that means landscape, wildlife, night, and travel photography. The show is hosted by Jim Harmer, Nick Page, and Majeed Badizadigan, three well-known and highly respected landscape photographers, who also dabble in wildlife and other genres of nature photography. Tripod is the 5th show in the Improve Photography Network of podcasts. Be sure to check out our other shows: Improve Photography, Portrait Session, Thoughts on Photogra ...
This podcast will bring together people and ideas that have an alchemical foundation, and together we will dive into the depths of consciousness and hopefully have some stimulating insights and ideas to share. It will also feature interesting talks by philosophers, scientists, explorers and scholars of various sorts. New episodes every Sunday all year round.
Can't make it to a daily yoga class? You can practice these yoga and meditation audio classes at home or on the move. Classes vary from 10 minutes to one hour long, and you can choose a Hatha yoga class, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, guided relaxation or a mindfulness meditation. There are also several podcasts suitable for people affected by cancer and which are part of Morven's Healing the Whole Person programme for cancer survivors. If you have cancer, consult a health professional before ...
Nature Guys
Nature Guys connects you to the exciting natural world right in your own neighborhood. These nature connections will help you be cool, calm, collected and ready to make a positive difference in the world.
Helping English learners move from the classroom into the real world!
Join us each week as we explore the worlds of permaculture, natural building, and regenerative living by interviewing industry leaders, artisans and innovators
Natural Medicine Journal's interviews with thought-leaders in the field of natural and integrative medicine dig deep into the most important topics in the field. Whether it's a one-on-one with top researchers in integrative medicine or a conversation with a practitioner about treating hard-to-tackle conditions, each episode promises to provide trusted, cutting-edge, evidence-based knowledge about natural medicine that you won't find anywhere else.
Naturally Speaking
The Naturally Speaking podcast is a science pod-yssey that provides cutting-edge research and ecology chat from the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow.
Sacred Truth ( Audio Version ) - Natural health and beyond will cover all aspect of natural health. From nutrition, natural remedies, herbs, organic recipes, natural supplements, tips for health living and much much more. We will give you the tools, techniques, information and inspiration to help you come in touch with the bliss that is your birthright and connect with your innate power for radiant well being, self-trust and personal freedom. The more you come to live your life from your own ...
Naturally Nourished
Welcome to the Naturally Nourished podcast - your resource for cutting-edge food-as-medicine information! Functional Medicine applied with use of Keto Diet, High Fat Low Carb, Real Food solutions!
A holistic pregnancy, birth & parenting podcast. Whether you're planning a home water birth, a VBAC or a more gentle caesarean, this is the show for you.
Improve your Korean listening comprehension and vocabulary by listening to natural conversations between native Korean speakers, provided for free by!
If you want to know the Safest & Most Effective ADHD Natural Treatment We Recommend - Please Visit -
Nature Stories
Weekly podcasts on the natural world, curated by Atlantic Public Media, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and the Public Radio Exchange.
Straight Talk and Expert Advice for Endurance Athletes
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Nietzsche on Mind and Nature
Nature Research
Welcome to the Nature Research Soundcloud page! Here you will find our weekly Nature podcast - featuring highlighted content from the week's edition of Nature, including interviews with the people behind the science, and in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists covering science around the world. Springer Nature publishes journals and online databases across the life, physical and applied sciences and clinical medicine. Nature is the world's foremost weekly scientific journal and is ...
A weekly podcast interviewing experts in the prenatal, natural birth and pediatric care field sharing their wisdom about how to feel safe, supported and empowered during your pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Brought to you by the prenatal and pediatric specialists in acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, lactation and birth education at the Cap Wellness Center.
The Nature Immunology Podcast reports on cutting-edge immunological news from around the world. It covers not only the hottest topics in current immunological research but also pieces of historical and policy interest for immunologists. Tune into the podcast to get the real scoop on the dynamic field of immunology.
Christian Natural Health is the podcast that teaches you about natural health from a biblical perspective. I'm Dr. Lauren Deville, a practicing naturopathic physician in Tucson, AZ. In this podcast, my guests and I will cover topics ranging from nutrition, sleep, hormone balancing and exercise, to specific health concerns like hair loss, anxiety, and hypothyroidism. Once a week, I'll include a bonus episode, meditating on a Bible verse or passage. I'll also interweave biblical principles as ...
Live Electronica. Really. Science Vs Nature (SVN) has been working together since early 2001 to reinvent electronic music. For years they pushed the limits of live electronica technology using hardware that was originally intended for studio use only. Today, SVN is the front-runner of live electronic music with over 10 years under their belt, including multiple singles, an EP, and a full length album, and yes . . . they are still using gear only experts could dream of using in their live show.
Got Nature?
Leading experts and professionals share information and solutions for sustaining our natural resources.
Each weekday, Pulse of the Planet provides its listeners with a two-minute sound portrait of Planet Earth, tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide and blending interviews and extraordinary natural sound.
Info: http://naturesoundsjp.orgNSSJP is Field recording workshop for beginners.NSSJPは初心者向けフィールドレコーディングワークショップです。
Natural Healing
Welcome! And thank you for checking out my channel. My name's Lana. I currently work as a Nutritional Therapist, Yoga teacher & Reiki Practitioner with a Love for natural and holistic healing. I more frequently delve into all topics surrounding Mind, Body & Soul stuff, sharing my own stories and experiences in hope to lift the lid on taboo subjects, making everyone who feels alone and weird, feel not weird and connected. Through connection, mindfulness and awareness we can begin to understan ...
Nature Biotechnology podcast is a series of conversations with founders, financers and developers from biotech's past, present and future.
Get a healthy dose of natural health news that you can actually use! In this podcast, Dr. Joseph Mercola provides you with practical lifestyle tips and important health alerts.
Natural home remedies with medicina ayurveda makes the very crux of holistic remedies that are so much in demand today. These holistic remedies aimed at permanently curing the illnesses by the use of magical herbal remedies. Also some individual alternative health practitioners have come up with cures that are more promising and hassle free than the other available medications. These are better known as new era remedies. Home remedies have been a source of effective alternative treatment for ...
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We are stepping up to clear the confusion today. Too many people are losts in the weeds trying to determine which way of eating is best: paleo, primal, keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, high fat, carb cycle...the list is endless. Fortunately, there are 4 common sense questions we can ask of each of these approaches that will give us answers ...…
Richard Leakey predicts there will be fences. This archival program is part of our 30th anniversary celebration.
In this episode my guest is author Noah Fence and we are discussing his book Philosophical Preparation of Cannabis Sativa: Quintessence of the Great Cain. Support the podcast. Music featured in this episode: Rebelites
Today's meditation comes from Isaiah 43:16-19
There never seems to be an end to the questions that hard working OCR athletes have regarding their training and racing, with the help of one of our friends Jennifer Herring, Coach Richard Diaz tries to offer his opinion and advice on these topics: Heart rate seems to need a longer pre-race warm up, why?… Read more →…
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 29 - Wisdom and Love by Stephan Pende Wormland
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 28 - Gentle stable attention by Stephan Pende Wormland
The other day I posted on Instagram about how I moved away from hating my body when I was at my heaviest. I shared that I didn't start declaring that I loved my body, I simply reminded myself that I was capable of changing it. There are two big mistakes I see people making that keep them from creating change in their lives: they are too dramati ...…
Famed anthropologist and conservationist Richard Leakey unveils his strategy to protect Kenya's elephants. This archival program is part of our 30th anniversary celebration.
This week, more worries for bees, modelling the opioid crisis, and rough weather for seas.
The yearly migration of Sand Hill Cranes brings half a million birds to roost in Nebraska's Platte River.
This paper is part of NMJ's 2018 Microbiome Special Issue. Download the full issue here. In this interview, naturopathic physician and probiotic expert Donald Brown, ND, discusses the role of probiotics in supporting the gut microbiome. Brown also describes the mechanisms of action and clinical applications of probiotics, as well as strains, do ...…
This paper is part of NMJ's 2018 Microbiome Special Issue. Download the full issue here. In this interview Natural Medicine Journal's editor-in-chief, Tina Kaczor, ND, FABNO, and Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP, discuss the integral role of the gut microbiota in mood and cognition. A review of how the gut and brain communicate through both the ...…
Brett Westwood explores our relationship with an Arctic Legend, the Narwhal. This Unicorn of the Sea is not only extraordinary in appearance, but tantalisingly difficult to study!
Did you know that Basswood was the favorite tree of Henry David Thoreau? Tune in to find out all about this amazing tree. Our sources for this episode include: Linden Tree (Tilia species): The Bee Tree by Gary Carlin Basswood Tree Facts ...…
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 27 - Meditation and Teaching on stable attention by Stephan Pende Wormland
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 26 - Evening Practice and Story by Stephan Pende Wormland
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 25 - Little Tsewa Story by Stephan Pende Wormland
A montage of vocalizations from around the world - and their variety will surprise you.
Here's my $0.02 - too many people are going through the motions, trying to eat better and move more but they aren't getting results. Two steps forward, two steps back or simply checking the box of doing the right thing but not seeing any significant change in their health, body composition or fitness level. I know I've certainly found myself in ...…
In this episode I am joined by author Loan Wolf. Support the podcast. Music featured in this episode: Alchemista Sonida
Today's episode comes from this article, Blastocystis Hominis, Leaky Gut, and Chronic Hives
By now, everyone is aware that OCR is here to stay. Some thought it to be a fad, if that’s true, I know of over 13,000 dedicated athletes in one single group who might argue the point. What I believe to be true is that the everyday athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have been drinking… Read more →
Why is living in our authenticity one of the greatest things we can do? How do we do it? What does it mean? How are we harming ourselves and others by only putting out what is "Love & Light" chasing the illusion of 'perfect' by not honouring aspects of our entire selves including grief - anger, sadness, fear, including the pain, our wounds. Why ...…
Recently I uploaded a story on instagram all about the rituals of cleansing and protection especially before and after any energy work. A lot of you reached out and had similar experiences. Whether you are a practitioner, healer, therapist, someone who works around people or are sensitive, highly empathetic and is affected easily by energies of ...…
In today's episode I want to explore this idea that most of us really don't know how amazing we can feel. Even if you feel you do know, are you consistently creating that reality? Perhaps more importantly - in thinking that you do know, are you limiting further improvements? So many questions and comments stemmed from an email I sent out the ot ...…
This week, shaping the gut microbiota, geoengineering’s effect on farming, and the genetics of fox aggression.
Brett Westwood looks at the history of a bird which has become a byword for male beauty. It's all about the tail: inspiration for everyone from Darwin to Oscar Wilde, from poets to peacocking pop stars.In Lancashire, Brett walks among peacocks of every shade and type, and with colour scientist Pete Vukusic explores the secrets of the bird's shi ...…
With its playful, hand-holding, pebble-juggling ways, the otter wins the cuteness contest with its eyes closed. It's no wonder such a stunningly elegant and charismatic animal has been the star of films and books and the inspiration for thousands to make pilgrimages to rivers in Devon or rings of bright water in Scotland. But do not be deceived ...…
The Nature Guys recorded this show in front of a live audience at Fibanacci Brewing Company ( Fibonacci makes a beer called Mulberry Grove. Tune in to find out how mulberry trees ended up growing near the the brewery. Our sources for this episode include: Hamilton Avenue Road to Freedom by Charles Cheney http://hamiltonaven ...…
I'm excited to say that I recently completed my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course and passed the accompanying exam. Though I learned a tremendous amount about CrossFit, fitness, movement and my body, I also learned a lot that applies to life & general goal achievement. In today's podcast, I'm going to resist the urge to dive deep into fitness, mo ...…
Recently, one of our Peas and Carrots Members, Michelle Wilkinson, asked, “If you could only recommend one vegan cookbook for families that want easy fast recipes, what would you choose?” Meal planning can be challenging in general but learning to cook healthy vegan meals for you and your family can take time and money. Because we all can deal ...…
In this episode we are going to hear a very long version of The Great Mindfuck with AlexAndro. We focus on the topics of systems of rule, anarchy and parenting. Support the podcast. Music featured in this episode: Cosmo Sheldrake
Today's meditation comes from psalm 91.
All the humpback whales of the North Pacific sing the same, slowly changing song.
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 24 - Selflessness by Stephan Pende Wormland
Summer Retreat Sweden - Part 23 - Being aware of contraction by Stephan Pende Wormland
Today we are talking about hemp hearts! I recently started incorporating these as a substitution for other nuts and seeds do the recommendations in my Viome assessment. Hemp hearts contain all 9 essential amino acids, they don't contain oxalates or phytates (as most nuts and seeds do) and they contain both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They' ...…
Being huge and fearless has its disadvantages. This archival program is part of our 30th anniversary celebration.
This week, how a bird sees colour, potential problems with terraforming Mars, and linking extreme weather to our changing climate.
A first sighting of a whale can take your breath away. This archival program is part of our 30th anniversary celebration.
We were at Cincinnati Nature Center for their Hoots and Hops event. Much to our surprise we found out that Lois has Japanese Beetles on her ferns. If you have a garden you probably have seen a Japanese Beetle. These insects can be a challenge to control. Tune in to find out how to identify and deal with the Japanese Beetle. Our sources for this ...…
Long before Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest its oak trees were providing homes for nature. August 2018 sees the RSPB preparing to open a brand new visitor centre and take on the management of this historic national nature reserve. On this edition of Nature’s Voice Jane Markham talks to the man running the project and RSPB ecologist Andy Ski ...…
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