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Empathy Podcast

Empathy Podcast

Holly Custard&Nelson Almanzar

Explore how seeing the world through different perspectives helps you effectively solve problems and live a better life. Designing your thinking with empathy at the center helps you connect with others, generate innovative ideas and facilitate successful outcomes – elevating the human experience. In each episode we talk with experts from diverse fields to explore how principles of empathy are put into practice. Join us and discover patterns of empathic engagement to improve your life.
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Successful hairstylists and barbers are experts at their craft and in, wait for it… – human connection. Paying a barber or hairstylist to cut, color, or trim one’s hair is something most of us have experienced. If you were to look past the primary objective of getting a nice hair-do, the concerns that arise with choosing the right stylist or barber…
Empathy Podcast gets scientific in this episode, as Nelson and Holly talk with Jeremy Koester to discover how building greater awareness of individual body chemistry plays a key role in our ability to empathize with others. Jeremy studies epigenetics, which can be defined as '“in addition to changes in genetic sequence.” The term has evolved to inc…
Organizations create policies to align employees towards shared organizational values. But when we go to work, we don't leave our diverse identities at home. Managing individuals with diverse genders, socioeconomic, racial, and religious backgrounds can be challenging. Yet, generating respect and a sense of belonging, overcoming dysfunctional confl…
Gary Walker is a seasoned visual effects designer, marathon coach and community leader. In this episode, he shares that "It requires negotiation, communication, and empathy for what everyone's goals are, to come together to create a common solution." We learn about the importance of building trust, creating a safe physical and emotional space, and …
We have the honor of having Gabriel Sepulveda, where we discuss the dynamics of government policy, lobbying and advocacy work and the role of empathy in shaping decisions. Gabriel describes the process that goes into development of public policy and the current climate of politics in the United States. He helps us discover how exposing ourselves to…
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