Ep6 – Special Effects of Running with Compassion with Gary Walker


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Gary Walker is a seasoned visual effects designer, marathon coach and community leader. In this episode, he shares that "It requires negotiation, communication, and empathy for what everyone's goals are, to come together to create a common solution."

We learn about the importance of building trust, creating a safe physical and emotional space, and staying focused on the 'why', for the success of his business and his team of runners. This episode is about moving beyond fear, embracing vulnerability, and seeing empathy as a valuable step in connection.

Gary Walker has been making visual storytelling look good for over 30 years. An Oscar and Emmy-nominated visual effects designer, he created and supervised digital compositing and motion graphics for studio and independent films.

In the last 14+ years, he's committed his energy to TeamFX, a social justice community that happens to also engage in ‘couch-to-race’ training for the Austin marathon and half marathon. Gary leads this whole community health movement, in partnership with runners and local business leaders to help end the cycle of life-threatening abuse, neglect & exploitation, raising funds for Austin’s Children’s Shelter in Austin, Texas.

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