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Gospel preaching that points to and centers on the Story of Jesus Christ for the life of the world.Sermons by Rev. Marq ToombsPresbyterian Church in AmericaRedemptive-Historical sermons from the Old and New Testaments.
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Apostle Miguel Tomas Preaches@Peace Church Mesquite
Pastor Ivana Norris Preaches@Peace Church Mesquite
Where there is no vision of the Lord Jesus Christ the people cast off restraint and perish. #beatificvisionBy Rev. Marq Toombs.
“The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.” (Moira Rogers)By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Guest Pastor Jerry Holland bring a power word to Peace Church Mesquite Texas
Acts 19:1-10 follows Jesus' Commission from Matthew 28:18-20.Go - Acts 19:1Make disciples - 19:1b-4Baptizing them - 19:5-7Teaching them - 19:8-9I will be with you always - 19:10How did Paul disciplize? By baptizing, catechizing, and evangelizing with the power of the Spirit and the presence of Christ.…
Note the Exodus Motif in Acts 18:1-11 --Jews forced to leave an oppresive ruler and city; tentmakers; gathering (assembly); Sabbath; opposition towards God's word and the true and better Moses; malediction ("your blood be on your own heads"); a new Jepthah (Titius Justus), a devout next-door-to-the-Jews neighbor; whole households passed through ...…
Pastor Jarrod Baker bringing the word @ Peace Church Mesquite Texas
Missionary for Hope Russia Rev. Blake Purcell.
The gospel of grace brings rest and refreshment to Lydia and her family as God establishes a colony of heaven in Philippi.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Pastor Jarrod Baker Preaches/Teaches to Peace Church Mesquite Texas.
“The pastor ought to have two voices: one, for gathering the sheep; and another, for warding off and driving away wolves and thieves. The Scripture supplies him with the means of doing both.” ― John CalvinBy Rev. Marq Toombs.
This beautiful piece was performed by Jadera during our communion service.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most encouraging word in the world. God's faithful presence with his people reaches its zenith in Jesus Christ, God-in-the-flesh.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Rob Aldridge is a Ruling Elder at CCC, a RTS seminary student, and NTP ministry candidate.By Rob Aldridge.
The apostle Peter was never a Pope, but his sermon to the Gentiles was the first truly catholic message of the early church. It was universal in scope.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Rob Aldridge is a Ruling Elder at CCC, a RTS seminary student, and NTP ministry candidate.By Rob Aldridge.
"The term beatific vision describes the direct sight of the glory of God. This is what the redeemed will have in heaven fully, by sight, and what believers have now on earth partially, by faith and not yet with our literal eyes." - Tim Keller, Prayer…
The gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ prohibits us from showing partiality or favoritism; from showing bias or contempt towards each other.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus sent the Spirit of Truth to search our hearts and minds that he might sanctify our lives.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus is the only Savior and our Sovereign Lord.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus is the author of life.[Recorded after the storm, for which our Lord's day service was suspended.]By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Pentecost Sunday / Spirit of the Living God fall fresh on me / Break Me, Melt Me, Mold me, Fill Me!By Rev. Marq Toombs.
"We are so quick to tweet, facebook, and instagram, but we treat prayer with delay." - Tim Keller"Pray without ceasing." - St. PaulBy Rev. Marq Toombs.
Our Lord Jesus Christ is the truer and better peace and security of the world. Kingdoms rise and fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Q: What is your only comfort in life and death?A: That I am not my own, 1but belong with body and soul,both in life and in death, 2to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ. 3He has fully paid for all my sinswith his precious blood, 4and has set me free from all the power of the devil. 5He also preserves me in such a way 6that without the will of my ...…
Already / Not Yet -- We live in the overlap of the ages. Suffering in the world, yet seeking the world to come.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Bi-lingual Sermon1 Thessalonians / Tesalonicenses 2:6-12, 19This message is a solemn charge for the new elders, but everyone needs to hear it. El mensaje para el dia de hoy es un solemne cargo para los nuevos presbiteros, pero todos deben escucharlo.The first rule of pastoral ministry is this: seek the glory of God alone. Much of your work and ...…
The message of Christ roared like thundered from the church and turned the whole world upside down.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Blind Eyes, Biblical Truths, Broken Bread, Burning HeartsBy Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus is he who comes in the name of the Lord.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus is the embodiment of wisdom. In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus gave us his Spirit to help us walk as children of light in the Father's house.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Jesus is the new man we must put on daily with the help of the Holy Spirit.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
"Jesus Christ is the goal to which God the Father calls us" by the Spirit and word. (Calvin)By Rev. Marq Toombs.
"Jesus was bright as the lightning on the mountain and became more luminous thanthe sun, initiating us into the mystery of the future.” Gregory of NazianusBy Rob Aldridge.
Jesus Christ redeemed us, reveals the mystery to us, reunites all things, and will reward us.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
The Father blessed us, elected us, predestined us, and adopted us in love.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
“In the doctrine of the Trinity we feel the heartbeat of God’s entire revelation for the redemption of humanity.” - BavinckBy Rev. Marq Toombs.
The Lord Jesus is our Shepherd; we are the sheep of his pasture. We are safe and secure in our Shepherd's hands.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
To be truly pro-life means we must promote the sanctity, dignity, and liberty of every human life from womb to tomb.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
Little children, listen to the words of my mouth. Pay close attention as I tell you an old story in a new way:This Psalm tells us the story about the mighty works and amazing things that God did for his people when he brought them out of Egypt, led them through the desert, and gave them a king in the promise land.Now, that’s what God did for ou ...…
Show them how the gospel story shapes life, even if it means stumbling towards eternity every inch of the way.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
God forgives sinners and forges saints. God helps those who cannot help themselves.By Rev. Marq Toombs.
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