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From the master of the psychological horror genre comes this brilliant collection 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe. It features some of his classics like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat and The Cask of Amontillado which are supreme examples of his craft. The Black Cat is a truly horrifying story of a death-row confession of guilt by a serial killer. The much loved family cat becomes the agent of his destruction and inevitable descent into crime and madness. Another superb story is The F ...
This story opens with a mother and daughter found brutally murdered inside a locked room in an upstairs apartment on a street in Paris. The police are baffled by both the ferocity of the crime and the lack of clues. Neighbors give conflicting evidence. Two friends are intrigued by the entire situation as reported in the newspapers. They decide to do a little investigating on their own. What they come up with is one of the most shocking and strangest of conclusions. The Murders in the Rue Mor ...
Published in 1838, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket is Poe’s only complete novel and concentrates on several sea adventures gone awry. The novel follows Arthur Gordon Pym, who finds himself in the center of gloomy occurrences on board numerous vessels, as his anticipated sea adventure takes a drastic shift in the wind. Shipwreck, starvation, mutiny, near death experiences and cannibalism are just some of the issues endured in the gripping, and at times gruesome novel. The adve ...
When a modern film script draws inspiration from a poem written more than a century ago, readers can judge its impact on our collective imagination. Such is the resonance of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. First published in 1845, "The Raven" is a masterpiece of atmosphere, rhythmic quality and use of language. Constructed in narrative form, it tells the story of a young man who is mourning the loss of his beloved. One December night as he wearily sits up browsing through a classica ...
A wonderful coming together of two writers who wrote their books more than half a century apart. Neither of them had ever visited the remote islands they were writing about yet they provided inspiration for a couple of exciting adventure tales. In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe published The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. It was the only complete novel published by the American author. It was the story of a young boy who stows away on board a whaling ship and it goes on to relate the ev ...
Every week, join award-winning narrator B.J. Harrison as he narrates the greatest stories the world has ever known. From the jungles of South America to the Mississippi Delta, from Victorian England to the Gothic castles of Eastern Europe, join us on a fantastic journey through the words of the world's greatest authors. Critically-acclaimed and highly recommended for anyone who loves a good story with plenty of substance.
Discussions around Accounting Practice Sales, Mergers, Acquisitions, management and development.
Northview Church sermons
The Library of the World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories is a six-volume edition, which contains one hundred and one tales written by authors as diverse and separated by history as Pliny the Younger (first century AD), Voltaire (17th century) and Guy de Maupassant (19th century) and also from different parts of the world. This volume which is the first, contains twenty interesting stories, and an introduction by the editor. The fascinating aspect of mystery stories is that sometimes the ...
A treasure trove of more than two hundred poems, this gem of an anthology compiled by Mary E Burt is indeed a most valuable set of poems to read or listen to. Published in 1904, Poems Every Child Should Know contains some well-loved verses like Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, Lewis Carroll's delightful parody Father William, Felicia Hemans' deeply-moving Casablanca and other favorites. It also has lesser-known but equally beautiful pieces like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' ...
Interviews with Psychologists about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Drugs, Addiction, and Recovery about their New Books
Homegirl Harmonies
Homegirl Harmonies is a humorous and familiar experience where metro-Detroit area hosts, Poe and Nigey delve into conversations every week that enlighten, uplift and HUMOR! Get into the Black Highlights--where we celebrate all things black culture; the Energy Dump--where we unleash on crazy pop-culture topics and social issues; and the Unpacking segment--where we peel back the layers of a concept or conundrum related to the black experience. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to be apart of ...
Sermon audio from
Live performances and conversations in which artists talk about their work, their process, and themselves. Genre-blind but open-eared. Hosted by John Schaefer.
Interviews with Scholars of Systems and Cybernetics about their New Books
The Forum
Discover world history, culture and ideas with today’s leading experts.
This, the last of 5 volumes containing Poe's works, contains a collection of both prose and poetry. (Summary by TriciaG) Cast List for Section 42:Narrator / Stage Directions: Ellen PreckelAlessandra: Amanda FridayCastiglione: Phil SchempfDiBroglio: Algy PugLalage: Pam CastilleJacinta: AvailleMonk, Benito: Larry WilsonBaldazzar: TriciaGPolitian: Alan RoseVoice: Frances Brown
Tales To Terrify
The Audio Horror Fiction Magazine
Each week, Dan Cummins takes fascinating listener suggested topics and enthusiastically dives into time sucks about everything from Charles Manson to the Lizard Illuminati, absurdly and sarcastically sharing the best of what he uncovers with you. Time to get curious! Time for Timesuck.
This, the fourth of 5 volumes containing Poe's works, contains 22 of his short stories. Warning: Section 7, "A Predicament," contains some racial stereotypes and a word describing the race of one of the characters that is unacceptable in today's society. (Summary by TriciaG)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue" is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1841. Poe referred to it as a "tale of ratiocination" featuring the brilliant deductions of C. Auguste Dupin; it is today regarded as one of the first detective stories and is almost certainly the first locked room mystery. (Summary from Wikipedia)
The Journal of Julius Rodman, Being an Account of the First Passage across the Rocky Mountains of North America Ever Achieved by Civilized Man is an unfinished serial novel by American author Edgar Allan Poe published in 1840. Six installments of the novel were published in Burton's Gentleman's Magazine's January through June issues in 1840. At the time, Poe was a contributing editor of the journal. He was fired from the job in June 1840 by William Burton and refused to continue the novel. - ...
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
New York City history is America's history. It's the hometown of the world, and most people know the city's familiar landmarks, buildings and streets. Why not look a little closer and have fun while doing it?
Classic lit with a modern tone, every other week. From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers. They're stories written by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, but with a casual, modern tone. Listen as Jason and Carissa Weiser breathe new life into the classics and tell the stories of some of the greatest books ever written.
Humanities Connection explores the intersection of the humanities and our daily lives, reflects on the past, present, and future, celebrates the power of literature, and demonstrates the importance of the humanities to understand the human experience.
A regular podcast that features the paranormal and Indie horror industry. We feature new true ghost stories submitted to us from international sources. We interview horror authors, ghost hunters and people who have suffered paranormal experiences. We talk about folklore and explore the greater world. Is there life beyond? Art, stories and observations about the veil.
Where Horror Gets GAY!
When two people decide to find themselves in each other. The laughter they share becomes life. I know. Hard to understand right? Watch us work!!!
The Noir and Bizarre explores the dark and strange stories we tell ourselves about human existence – occult history, ghosts, haunted houses, and secret crimes - with a special emphasis on stories that draw on the rich history and culture of Baltimore. Additionally, the show philosophically asks big questions about spiritual narratives and rituals surrounding life and death.Logo design courtesy Chrissy Dreyer.
Two friends discovering together the subtle riches of stories and poems.
Justin Poe is a former Orlando resident and Disney enthusiast, has been to Walt Disney World more than 100 times, and has been "dis-casting" since 2007
Allan The Youth
Tony St. Amour of (Rage the Youth) and Allan Poe of ( Note to Self) come together to make Allan the Youth exploring consciousness and all things Great
Gilmore Ball Z
A podcast where a married couple force each other to watch Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z to find common ground.
Come sit on The Couch every Monday when I present "Musicians You Should Know". We cover Blues and Rock and Roll with occasional forays into Country/Roots and R&B.Each show we interview at least 3 guests and sometimes 4. Many of my past guests honor Music On The Couch by debuting new music before it is released. I have had the honor to present WORLD PREMIERS of a number of albums over the last year.
Fabled is a bi-weekly podcast that explores mysteries, legends, myths, lore, ghosts, and fairy tales. Investigation of these tales of woe often reveal grim details that have been long hidden in the dark corners of history. Every story is a mix of both fact and fiction, and so are our episodes. We'll tell you a story, and then we'll tell you the truth. And to be perfectly honest, sometimes even our best fiction isn't as riveting as the facts.
Selección oficial de audiolibros de El Abuelo Kraken, publicados originalmente para el canal FOR THE WIN en YouTube.
The Maritime History Podcast is a chronological look at maritime history and its numerous facets. Beginning with ancient history, the podcast looks at trade, exploration, boat and ship-building, economics, and the relationship between the ocean and the development of society and culture throughout history. Learn more about the podcast at
Midnight Horror
Midnight Horror is a series of short scary stories created and narrated by Rachel Craig. New epsiodes monthly.
Bill and James go through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole as they explore the personal mythology of their deep bond around the artistry and music of Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Absurd, unexpected, off the wall and under the table, this is the podcast nobody was waiting for and everyone's been dreaming about, innocently. Featuring... in the center ring: itinerant theater director, bricoleur, and Fairy Podmother, Cheryl King; writer, thespian rain dog, and Fashion Fangod, Bruce ...
A fellowship of atheists, agnostics, deists, humanists, skeptics, and freethinkers in the Philippines and around the world.
Readings, Talks, and Interviews with Rudy Rucker.
Magic & Mystery
Join bizarre experts Vince Wilson and the enigmatic Vlad each week as they delve into the mysterious, bizarre and magical!Advertise with us! us on Facebook and comment! us on Patreon: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Rude Alchemy
Serial narrative PODCAST melding History, Mystery, Horror, and Comedy; bi-weekly aural remedy for cases of distemper, neurasthenia, and other cranial-malfeasances!
Spilling Tea
The podcast where two friends sip tea and spill literature's dark histories.Each week we will cover a different book of our choosing, including a brief plot synopsis, author bio, and the psychology and history behind some of the main themes in the book. In addition, each week we will match a tea to our book of choice. So if that sounds like a fun time to you, take a listen!Twitter - @SpillingteaPGmail -
The Revelator Show
Artist interviews, music, comedy and reviews.
THE WEIRD CIRCLEThe Weird Circle was a 30-minute, syndicated, supernatural/fantasy series that ran from 1943 through 1945. There were 78 episodes produced.The show's strength was stories from famous writers of the two genres, including Robert Lewis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Edgar Alan Poe and even Charles Dickens. Most all of the stories came from the Victorian era or older.The show obviously had a low production budget: though the show was aided by selections from famous book authors, it lack ...
Andrew Rea, host of Binging with Babish on YouTube, reads some of his favorite stories and pieces of literature to help you fall asleep.
Sophie and Max chat - mostly about murder. Each week Max sets a new theme and Sophie delivers the gory goods.
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From the series: On the Jesus Road Speaker: Rev. David Goodin Church: Cherry Tree Alliance Church References: I Corinthians 12:4-7 Resources: 03-24-19_Serving.mp3 (download) 03-24-19_Cherry_Tree_Abstract.pdf (download)
Church: Cherry Tree Alliance Church Resources: 03-24-19_Serving.mp3 (download)
On October 4th, 1994 the dead bodies of two Solar Temple cult members and their baby are found in Morin Heights, Quebec. All three have been stabbed to death. The baby has had a wooden dagger run through its heart in an obvious ritual killing. Forty-eight other cult members would take their lives that evening. And then another sixteen in 1995. ...…
On October 4th, 1994 the dead bodies of two Solar Temple cult members and their baby are found in Morin Heights, Quebec. All three have been stabbed to death. The baby has had a wooden dagger run through its heart in an obvious ritual killing. Forty-eight other cult members would take their lives that evening. And then another sixteen in 1995. ...…
Speaker: Rev. Bobby Outterson-Murphy Church: The United Ministry of Delhi References: Isaiah 55:1-9 Tags: Isaiah 55 Resources: Is_There_More_to_Life_Than_This.mp3 (download)
From the series: The God Who Walks Beside Us Speaker: Pastor Tom Myers Church: Neighborhood Alliance Church Resources: 2019_March_24.mp3 (download) Sermon_2019_3-24.pptx (download)
Speaker: Dr. Mark S. Bryan Church: Glen Leven Presbyterian References: Isaiah 55:1-9 and John 4:5-14 Resources: 05_Track_5.mp3 (download)
From the series: KNOW. BELIEVE. ABIDE. Speaker: Cody Brumley Church: First Baptist Jenks References: John 10:22-42 Resources: Journey Through John 10.mp3 (download)
“Shamstep” band, 47SOUL, take their name from the Arabic name for the Levant region – Bilad al-Sham, with members from Jordan, Washington DC, and Israel - spanning the divides of the Palestinian Diaspora. The music is a mix of dubstep, hip-hop and electro-Arabic dabke with lyrics in both Arabic and English, which are intensely political in thei ...…
Speaker: Pastor Blake Harcup Church: Sermons from FirstSarasota Resources: March_24__2019_Contemporary_Worship_Service.mp3 (download)
From the series: Anchored: A Steadfast Hope in Jesus Speaker: Dave Fulmer Church: Summit View Brethren in Christ References: Genesis 14:17-20, Hebrews 6:20-7:27 Resources: 3.24.19_Dave_Fulmer-ANCHORED_12_-_Our_Ever-Living_Always-Interceding_Savior.mp3 (download)
From the series: Inside-Out and Upside-Down Speaker: Rev Roger Scholtz Church: Kloof Methodist Church References: Genesis 12:1-4; John 4:4-26 Tags: The Journey Outward Resources: 2019-03-24_Rev_Roger_Scholtz.mp3 (download)
There's an extra Friday in March this year, so you're getting a bonus episode. And since March is IRISH HORROR MONTH, it's all about the BANSHEE!
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church (Essentials) References: Matthew 16:13-20 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_3-24-19.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr. Eric Costanzo Church: South Tulsa Baptist Church References: Matthew 16:13-20 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: Sermon_3-24-19.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Paster Huw Stephens Church: Bethesda Baptist Church, Rogerstone References: John 12 1-8; John 13 1-17 Resources: 24_March_2019_pm.mp3 (download)
From the series: America's Original Sin Speaker: Rev. Paul Rock Church: Second Presbyterian Church References: 1 John 1:5-10 Resources: Why_Its_Important_to_Name_It.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Edwin Smith Church: River Valley Church Tulare Resources: 3-24-19_Revival_Culture.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Andy Church: St Christopher's Church Resources: talk-24mar19.mp3 (download)
From the series: The Fruit of the Spirit Speaker: Pastor Joe Best Church: Cline Avenue Fellowship References: Galatians 5:22 Resources: Fruit_of_Goodness.mp3 (download)
From the series: Who's Your One? Part II Speaker: Senior Pastor Dr. Greg F. Jackson Church: First Southern Baptist Chruch References: Mark 5: 21-43 Tags: Sunday AM Resources: On_Your_Way.mp3 (download)
From the series: On Earth... Speaker: The Rev. Ellen Crawford True Church: Christ Church, Camp Hill References: Matthew 22:1-14 Tags: welcome Resources: Wearing_our_Welcome.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Pastor John Ball Church: First Baptist Church of Goodland, Kansas Resources: 19__11.16_AM.mp3 (download)
From the series: Greatest Hymns of the Faith! Speaker: Pastor Matt Lash Church: Community of Christ Lutheran Church References: John 15:9-17 Resources: Jesus_Loves_Me.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Rev. Margaret Fox Church: Margaret Fox References: Is. 55:1-9, Lk. 13:1-9 Resources: Sermon_20190324.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Pastor Steve Phipps Church: Christ Sanctuary References: Psalm 29:8, Hebrews 12:26-27, Acts 4:31, Acts 2:1-7, Acts2:11-16, Acts2:37-38 Resources: March24_2019.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Pastor Tim Michalek Church: The Red Brick Church References: Isaiah 40 & 1 Peter 1 Resources: The_Engergizing_Good_News_From_a_Faithful_God.mp3 (download)
From the series: Stepping Out in Faith Speaker: Dr. Tim Rogers-Martin Church: Eastminster Presbyterian Church References: Isaiah 55:3-12 Resources: 19.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dr Rev. Chet Harris Church: Fairhope United Methodist Church Resources: Foundation_Faith.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Pastor Huw Church: Bethesda Baptist Church, Rogerstone References: Luke 9 37-43 Resources: 24_March_2019_am.mp3 (download)
From the series: WholeHearted Speaker: Clinton Montgomery Church: Arana Hills Church of Christ References: Matthew3:16-17, John1:2, Romans 8:15-17, 2 Corrinthians 6:18, Genesis 1:26-27, Ephesians 3:14-21, 2 Corrinthians 9:8 Resources: 2019-03-24-530pm-WholeHearted-ClintonMontgomery.mp3 (download)
From the series: Mission March Jess points out the compassion of God through out the Bible and calls us to respond to the need for restoration in the world. Speaker: Jess Quak Church: Living Temple Christian Church Tags: Compassion Australia love heart of God. body in action Resources: Compassion_of_God.mp3 (download)…
Speaker: Vicki (Guest) Church: St Christopher's Church Resources: 19-03-17-talk.mp3 (download)
Speaker: Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis Church: Great Grace International Christian Center Tags: Wednesday 32019 Resources: Podcast32019.mp3 (download) In the drunken party fallout, Dave cements his role as best boy forever, and Paige isn’t suitably impressed when 17 and Piccolo throw down. Advertisements __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags-26942-5c9 ...…
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