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Interviews with Scholars of Public Policy about their New Books
The energy world is in the midst of its greatest upheaval in a generation, redefining long-held geopolitical relationships with profound impacts on the global economy and environment. How do we balance the priorities of economic growth, energy security, and environmental sustainability? The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University is a leading resource for research and discussion that gets beyond the polarization that threatens to overwhelm the energy debate. In each episode of ...
A podcast about foreign policy and world affairs. Every Monday we feature long form conversations with foreign policy journalists academics, luminaries and thought leaders who discuss the ideas, influences, and events that shaped their worldview from an early age. Every Thursday we post shorter interviews with journalists or think tank types about something topical and in the news.
The Healthcare Policy Podcast website features audio interviews with experts on current or important health care topics. While there are any number of healthcare-related podcasts and other online programming these offerings typically present a vested interest viewpoint. My podcasts are produced independently, i.e., without any conflicts of interest and moreover are intended to help you better understand the inter-section between research and policy analysis and political realities. Among oth ...
If Then: is a show about technology, society, and power. Each week, Slate‘s April Glaser and Will Oremus take you on a lively tour of the tech news that actually matters, from fake news in your Facebook feed to the algorithms that want your job to the Uber drivers who want a job with benefits. With news-making interviews of key tech-industry figures, fascinating academics, and top tech journalists, they explore not only how the technology that’s shaping our world works, but the ideas, ideolo ...
Welcome to the GW Center for Healthcare Innovation & Policy Research (CHIPR) Podcast series! Formerly known as the Office of Clinical Practice & Innovation, join us weekly as Dr. Jesse Pines interviews innovative leaders in the healthcare industry about how they are changing healthcare.
CFR’s Religion and Foreign Policy Program serves as a resource for the faith community, bringing together congregational and lay leaders, religion scholars, and representatives of faith-based organizations for conversations on issues at the intersection of religion and global affairs.
The Development Policy Centre is a think tank for aid and development policy based at Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University. We undertake independent research and promote practical initiatives to improve the effectiveness of Australian aid, to support the development of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island region, and to contribute to better global development policy. Our events are a forum for the dissemination of findings and the exchange of new ideas. You ...
Foreign Policy Focus
Foreign Policy Focus is a podcast hosted by me, Kyle! It covers current events overseas and how those events affect you at home. While US military operations in the Middle East seem like they are on the other side of the world, they have real impacts on the everyday lives of Americans. Wars are the most costly of all US government actions and politicians use them to strip away rights of Americans. Knowing what your government is doing around the globe will give you insight into what they are ...
The Policy Shop
A podcast at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The Policy Shop is where national and global public policy is examined. Guests include Nobel laureates Sir Angus Deaton and Harold Varmus, writer Germaine Greer, author and academic Michael Ignatieff, former UN under-secretary, Baroness Valerie Amos, and Big Data entrepreneur Anthony Goldbloom. Listed by iTunes as new and noteworthy, subscribe for the latest episodes.
Policy Options is a digital magazine published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) in Montreal, Quebec. It features daily articles on issues of public policy by contributors from academia, research institutions, the political world, the public service and the non-profit and private sectors. We’re committed to introducing our listeners to a diversity of viewpoints on the important public policy challenges of our time. Twitter: https://www.fa ...
The Poverty Research & Policy podcast is produced by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) and features interviews with researchers about poverty, inequality, and policy in the United States.
Energy Policy Now
Energy Policy Now offers clear talk on the policy issues that define our relationship to energy and its impact on society and the environment. The series is produced by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and hosted by energy journalist Andy Stone. Join Andy in conversation with leaders from industry, government, and academia as they shed light on today's pressing energy policy debates.
World Policy On Air is a podcast from the pages and website of World Policy Journal featuring former Newsweek On Air host David Alpern and conversations with experts and journalists from around the globe.
"War is the health of the State"- Randolph Bourne
Listen to a selection of EPRS policy podcasts here. An in-depth look at different topical EU policy areas based on objective authoritative and independent research.
Podcast by Israel Policy Forum
"War is the health of the State"- Randolph Bourne
Welcome to 2 Docs Talk, the podcast about healthcare, the science of medicine and everything in between. Join cohosts Kendall Britt, MD and Amy Rogers, MD for a 15 minute check-up on current issues in medicine and health policy. The doctor is always in.
A propos d' OCP Policy CenterOCP Policy Center est un Think Tank marocain « policy oriented », qui a pour mission de contribuer à approfondir les connaissances et à enrichir la réflexion autour de questions économiques et de relations internationales revêtant un enjeu majeur pour le développement économique et social du Maroc, et plus largement pour celui du continent Africain. A cet effet, le Think Tank s’appuie sur des productions analytiques indépendantes et un réseau de partenaires et de ...
Podcast by Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Listen to in-depth weekly analysis of US oil policy news from our senior editors covering the Capitol.
Policy Forum Pod
Policy Forum Pod is the podcast of Policy - Asia and the Pacific's platform for public policy debate, analysis and discussion.
Welcome to the official free Podcast from SAGE for Social Work & Social Policy. SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.
Tech Policy Grind
On Tech Policy Grind we talk about the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. We interview friends and fellows of the Internet Law and Policy Foundry about their interests in the tech policy world. From artificial intelligence and algorithmic justice, to cybersecurity, digital civil liberties and more - join us twice a month as we hammer out the latest in tech law and policy, right here! The Internet Law and Policy Foundry -
Straight Talk MD is a podcast that examines current hot-button healthcare issues from the informative and unconventional point of view of Dr. Frank Sweeny. With over twenty-five years of experience as a medical doctor, he approaches the latest and greatest topics with a skeptical mind, presenting all the information, so you can decide for yourself.
Policy 360
Time Magazine has listed Kelly Brownell among "The World's 100 Most Influential People." Brownell, dean of the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, hosts conversations about topics of the utmost importance in the world.
Drug Policy Facts
News and information about US and international drug control policies, presented by Doug McVay and Common Sense for Drug Policy
Podcast by Providence Magazine
The Tax Policy Podcast is the official podcast of the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization that has monitored tax policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. Our economists welcome your feedback via email:
NC Policy Watch
Stories and voices that matter.
The WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast is your resource for tech law and policy news and interviews. Each week, the WashingTECH Policy Podcast presents the latest developments across the tech policy landscape plus interviews with a diverse array of tech policy influencers.
World Policy On Air is a podcast from the pages and website of World Policy Journal featuring former Newsweek On Air host David Alpern and conversations with experts and journalists from around the globe.
The Theater of Public Policy explores big ideas using improvisational comedy. We invite smart people to talk about the issues of the day and a team of improvisers brings them to life. Presented here, are the interviews from these shows.
Policy Matters
Policy ideas and perspectives from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy – one of the nation’s leading think tanks.
NC Policy Watch is a public policy organization with a simple mission, to change the way our elected officials debate important issues facing North Carolina.
Mixed audio and video content from the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI), a conservative, free-market public policy think tank. Supply-side economics, tax cuts, entitlement reform, deregulation. We advocate lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a smaller, less-intrusive government.
Where comic books and politics meet
Bologna Institute for Policy Research
Timely and engaging discussions about advances in clinical research and practice, biomedical science, public health, and health policy.
The Center for Global Policy is an independent, nonpartisan, U.S.-based think tank that provides expert analysis and context-specific insight into critical issues facing our nation, with a particular interest and expertise in issues pertaining to politics in the Muslim world. We provide objective and empirical research about the social, political and cultural issues facing Muslim-majority countries so that policymakers will be in a better position to make more informed policy decisions.
Daily Radio Commentary with NC Policy Watch
Cliniomics is a weekly health policy commentary from Lab Coat Innovations, LLC
Israel Policy Pod
A weekly podcast going beyond the headlines, bringing you the latest details and analysis from Israel and the region.
MPI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide.
Looking for smart policy ideas for a growing world? Subscribe to the Mercatus Policy Download for all policy, no punditry, and a path forward. Looking to connect with a scholar you heard on the Download? Email host Chad Reese at Here's to growth!
Global Affairs and Foreign Policy
A podcast that includes an interview with an AEPP author exploring his/her article on a topical subject with relevance to a broad audience
The UC Public Policy Channel provides a platform for policy-makers, policy critics, and innovative policy thinkers gathered by the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley to speak the truth clearly, convincingly, and constructively in pursuit of solutions for the good of all. Visit:
Golau features some of Wales finest commentators discussing politics, policy and polling in Wales and the world.
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Both First Lady Melania Trump and former First Lady Laura Bush used their platforms to speak out this week against the separation of families at the border due to the zero tolerance policy. It is important to remember that we too, have a platform through social media and through our relationships with others. Need guidance on how to use that pl ...…
06.18.18 RAD 04 Family Separation Policy At The Border Part 1
06.18.18 RAD 05 Family Separation Policy At The Border Part 2
AirTalk's weekly political roundtable covers the headlines you might have missed over the weekend and previews what to watch for this week in national politics. We also look into LA County's plan to create a transportation boarding school; examine the role of AI in the world of sports; and more.
Trump policy of separating families threatens immigration talks, a look inside a former Texas Walmart, now a shelter for migrant boys, and World Cup fans celebrating in Mexico City may have caused artificial earthquake.
Hector Rosekrans is the Director of Policy and Operations at Messari, which is building an open data library to enhance transparency for the cryptoasset industry. Prior to joining Messari, Hector worked at JP Morgan in capital markets operations and technology, where he researched tokenized securities for the Broker Dealer and Custodian. He dev ...…
Opposition to the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the southern border grows. There was a protest Sunday at a facility near El Paso, Texas, where some migrant boys are held.
Opposition to the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the southern border grows. There was a protest Sunday at a facility near El Paso, Texas, where some migrant boys are held.
Opposition to the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the southern border grows. There was a protest Sunday at a facility near El Paso, Texas, where some migrant boys are held.
Opposition to the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the southern border grows. There was a protest Sunday at a facility near El Paso, Texas, where some migrant boys are held.
President Harry Truman pushed for the treaties and alliances that gave the U.S. a leading role in remaking the world following World War II. Today, President Trump questions their cost and relevance.
President Harry Truman pushed for the treaties and alliances that gave the U.S. a leading role in remaking the world following World War II. Today, President Trump questions their cost and relevance.
Republicans and Democrats are criticizing the policy to separate immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. border and the Supreme Court punts on gerrymandering case. Political Junkie Ken Rudin has analysis.By
Comedian, actor and author Sarah Colonna (Chelsea Lately, Has Anyone Seen My Pants?, Life as I Blow It) stops by the podcast to talk about playing an alcoholic pageant mom on the new Netflix show Insatiable, Clutch Women (the line of stadium regulation size handbags she created as a clever response to the NFL's strict policy about bags), her ma ...…
The Docket's Michael Spratt fills Etienne's comically large shoes for today's episode, discussing phone calls with Doug Ford, justice policy, and parliamentary committees.
In this episode, we talk to Hannah Dunn, occupational therapist and founder of D.O.T.S. Paediatric OT. D.O.T.S. Paediatric OT offers occupational therapy services and education for children, parents, educators and other professionals. What is covered in this episode: The story of the first few years of Hannah’s private practice The premises of ...…
NORTH KOREAA Story about, Two Men, Two Leaders, One Destiny Breitbart (Video)-Trump calls off war games and nobody believes him.CNN Dennis Rodman (video)Joe Scarbro Trump-Kim Summit a ‘Glorified Photo-Op,’ ‘Heck of a Lot Better’ Than Expectations 6 Months Ago (video)TT At Least We’re Not Paying North Korea $150 billion Like the Iran Deal: “I do ...…
Episode 214 is about Knitting, Knitting, and Knitting. What I am knitting, what I finished knitting, what I want to be knitting. It’s also about books – I think my next book will be Homegoing for those who are interested. For those which aren’t may I suggest something from Gail Carriger’s catelogue? I especially enjoyed Romancing the Inventor. ...…
Feature Interview:President Trump's North Korea policy after the summitGuest:Ambassador David AdelmanFormer US Ambassador to Singapore
Delta employees have new uniforms, Mark reports on new Do Not Disturb policies, Is the Early Bird Boarding Fee worth it at Southwest Airlines? Chris Galloway talks about tours of the Northwest, and Eagle Rider, the largest motorcycle rental outfit in the country.
This weeks episode is covering issues pertaining to the United States immigration policy, Rohingya Refugees, Yemen's crisis, and the cease fire in Afghan.
It's been a week of business news. We'll kick things off with two marketing stories about national food chains then get into the death of net neutrality, the inflation issue, the Fed, trade and tariff talk. Then Bob Dylan and Whiskey, Soledad O'Brien on Juneteenth and your mood. We'll introduce you to the new state director of AARP-Iowa, check ...…
It's been a week of business news. We'll kick things off with two marketing stories about national food chains then get into the death of net neutrality, the inflation issue, the Fed, trade and tariff talk. Then Bob Dylan and Whiskey, Soledad O'Brien on Juneteenth and your mood. We'll introduce you to the new state director of AARP-Iowa, check ...…
Welcome To The Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast In this episode of the Ecommerce Uncovered Podcast Jeremy welcomes back co-host Paul to discuss the 15 key things to consider for your online business for peak season. For Jeremy and Paul peak season is Q4 from Cyber Week to Christmas and the season is expanding. Jeremy and Paul discuss why planning ea ...…
Show summaryHappy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! On this week’s episode, we review a list of seven facts based on research about how fathers can affect a child’s development. We talk about the surprising importance of roughhousing, how fathers encourage courageous exploration and many other relatively unknown facts that will change ...…
Hundreds of protesters angry over the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents march on a tent city near El Paso, Texas.
Jessica Veldstra and Denise Thompson discuss Jeff Sessions use of Romans 13:1-2 to justify the policy of separating migrant families at the border and the abominations that it has been used to justify throughout history. They give a shout out to Together Rising, a non profit who help supply representation to children in immigration courts.…
The urgency of transitioning to more sustainable and climate-aligned forestry practices is being highlighted in a new report on land use by the Policy Observatory at AUT. It argues the current approach to rural land use isn't integrated enough and will create long term economic and environmental burdens. What's at stake has already been brought ...…
Martin Gore In Conversation with Mikey Nightchilde This week we are joined by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. He shares the story behind he first instrumental record, MG, with VSSL Radio host, Mikey Nightchilde. We also get a glimpse into the first heady days of Depeche Mode and his long relationship with Mute Records. Martin Gore is a founding me ...…
We talk about the news for the week of June 17. Here are links to the stories we share. CA Becoming 3 States? Off to a Good Start in World Cup Advisory Says "No One Likes This Policyhttps://apple ...…
This weeks episode of 3 on 3, we chat about Multi-Level Marketing companies, and the stigmas that surrounds them. We also chat about the anti-vaccination movement, and big box stores and the people who take advantage of their relatively generous return policies.
It’s harder to find a more passionate advocate for Latino issues in America than Border Angels founder, Enrique Morones.Enrique has been a constant face in the Media on all issues related to migration; and is the “go-to expert” whenever a major immigration issue faces America, from aftermath of the firestorms in San Diego, to the migration of r ...…
There are some very specific policies to remember when adding an event to Google My Business. Of course it would make sense to add your event to GMB and get your event on Google Maps. But Google's GMB policy can be tricky here. Let us know what you think of this episode and leave us a review and comments. You can also join us on our new Faceboo ...…
Welcome to the third Episode of ACCAST! The ACCAST Podcast is Hosted by Christos Ioannou. Today's Guests are Sam Lehman and Josh Skubby. Produced by Phillip Lewicki.
De Puerto Rico para la Diaspora A reporter in Puerto Rico provides us an insightful look into current news in Puerto Rico. We chat about the migration due to the economic recession, including the Housing Crisis Report by Centro for Puerto Rican Studies released just a few days ago. We also talk the role of the Diaspora in Puerto Rico’s future, ...…
Bad tweets from AP and Howard Schultz inspire discussion of Left Twitter’s engagement with fiscal policy. Maxximilian Seijo (@maxseijo) expands upon the argument made in his video essay, “Inglorious Basterds: Nazi Desire Fully Employed,” which takes a neochartalist lens to Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds (2008). View the video essay her ...…
Robert De Niro says “Fuck Trump!” at the Tony Awards (4:00) Inspector General’s report on the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails/James Comey (6:25) Trump attacks Trudeau & Canada (14:55) North Korean Summit (19:25) Michael Cohen cooperating with prosecutors (45:30) NY AG suing the Trump family (48:05) Paul Manafort sent to jail over witnes ...…
Is our immigration system really broken? Visit Music by Fred Walker, Bits & Pieces. Used with permission.
APP podcast #25 - “I Can’t Help You With That...” First round of OTAs and Mini Camps recap: Andy went to 2nd OTA practice for just a little bit - not much to report except that Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis look like real tight ends compared to Richard Rogers and the other stiffs they’ve had since Jermichael Finley The 3 rookie WRs definitely ...…
“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Recognizing your own mortality and being prepared with life insurance is a gift to your family, giving them financial security when you are gone. Hans tells the story of a couple of clients who were able to purchase life insurance at 74 years old. After one of them passed, their ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘The Jazz Joy and Roy Podcast and Syndication Network’ featuring $695.00 celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partner ...…
Trump makes my dreams come true, whether it’s that great immigration policy that separates immigrant kids from their parents, trashing the G7 or his unfailing support for Scott Pruitt who by the way just added some more fuel to the firing fire.. We will discuss how the immigrant kids separated from their parents keeps growing and how the FBI ju ...…
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, It’s precious to see the Praetorian guard media trash President Trump every day when it’s the media that should be trashed. The Inspector General report exposed media outlets giving gifts to FBI agents in exchange for leaks, proving they are corrupt and do nothing to defend the freedom of the press. Meanwhile, James ...…
Andrew supports clients in creating mobility solutions revolving around their international and domestic needs. Andrew has been involved in the Global mobility industry since 1986, working with mobility managers and HR teams to create and implement policy solutions for their employees relocating both locally and globally within the same organis ...…
…$50 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. Trade war launched. Manafort in jail, likely to flip; maybe Cohen, too. Financial Review by Sinclair Noe for 06-15-2018 DOW – 84 = 25,090 SPX – 2 = 2779 NAS – 14 = 7746 RUT – 0.82 = 1683 10 Y – .02 = 2.92% OIL – 2.57 = 64.32 GOLD – 23.00 = 1279.90 It’s a trade war. At least that’s what China is calling ...…
On this episode, Caleb and Mitchell talk about evolution's compatibility with Christianity, the #HAUToo/#HAUTalk discussions and Jeff Sessions' defense of his immigration policies.Twitters: @_ingegneri & @mitchellatencio
Attorney General Jeff Sessions used a passage from the Bible to defend a controversial Trump administration immigration policy. Sessions' action is drawing criticism from some evangelicals.
The Office of Refugee Resettlement is charged with placing migrant children in homes in the U.S. But the Trump administration's policy that's resulting in the separation of children from their families and stricter screening policies mean more children are likely to remain in shelters for longer periods of time.…
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