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Listen to the full shows from The Glenn Beck Radio Program. More clips and segments online at
Dave Dameshek sets his gaze on the NFL landscape to analyze, celebrate and - when necessary - offer improvements to America’s true national pastime from a true fan’s perspective. Dave is frequently joined by players, as well as his NFL Network regulars to talk about the game of football and perhaps more importantly, the game called life. On this podcast, nothing is off-limits... Except some stuff.
Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries' daily radio program.
Try as we might, we could never describe the show better than those who choose to make it a part of their daily lives, so, in the words of one of our listeners,"So who/what is Jason Stapleton/podcast? Before I answer that, ever heard of the saying, 'In a world gone mad...a glimpse of sanity' or 'In an ocean of island of calm'? Well, he's that and a whole lot more...entertaining, topical, knowledgeable, informed, traveled, intelligent and articulate. In his podcasts he brings his ...
Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues
Learn how to program using the Java programming language. This podcast will teach you step by step how to use the Java programming language to create your own applications or web applications!
Established in September 2016, Unfound is a missing persons program concentrated on interviewing family, friends, and reporters who are closest to the cases. The focus is on turning up new leads and theories, which the podcast has already accomplished in its short existence.
The Health Report appeals to both specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health, and seeing health and medicine within social, scientific and political contexts. One audio file of each program for continuous listening.
Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.
Now Hear This is a night of people coming together to hear and tell stories. The stories can be funny, moving or silly, all in a few spellbinding minutes.
Complete episode: Make sense of today's complex world with ABC Radio National's Religion and Ethics Report. Join Andrew West for lively interviews, discussions and debates from Australia and around the globe. Published every Wednesday.
A soap box for all things scientific, with short talks about research, industry and policy from people with something thoughtful to say about science.
Biomechanics 6103 (Physical Therapy Program)
The National Museum of Australia's audio series explores Australia's social history: Indigenous people, their cultures and histories, the nation's history since 1788, and the interaction of Australians with the land and environment. The series includes talks by curators, conservators, historians, environmental scientists and other specialists.
Ocean Currents is hosted by Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary on KWMR, community radio for West Marin in Northern California. The show hosts ocean experts about research, management issues, natural history, and stewardship associated with marine environment, especially in our National Marine Sanctuaries.
Get physical with Amanda Smith on ABC Radio National's The Body Sphere. It's a program about the human form and the way we use it as we create and compete, care and abuse, display and hide. Published every Sunday.
Weekly current affairs roundtable focusing on Indigenous issues and events. Hosted by Rick Harp.
Current events podcast in Russian for upper intermediate to advanced Russian speakers. Nuanced cultural conventions and sociopolitical developments in the post-Soviet countries delivered weekly. Authentic Russian, high-frequency idioms, cultural references, and much more.
The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program is live tabletop roleplaying turned into a 1930s radio serial. What dark deeds unfold on the streets of Arkham? And which unwitting souls - innocent or impure - will succumb to the maddening call... OF CTHULHU! Meet Sam; a cagey ex-Federal Agent, Deloris; the obsessive book dealer, Hank; a noble farmboy, Cyril; the smooth-talking jazz man, and Father Grandfather; a mad bible salesman. These five housemates of dubious moral fiber band together to solve a mu ...
Friends talk about bikes and riding bikes. From commuting to competition, foreign or domestic, no topic is beneath our interest.
The Rhythm Divine brings you music with a spiritual impulse; it represents a crossroads where faith meets music, where you might hear the sounds of the Sufis or a Bach cantata, Gregorian chant or Johnny Cash. Feel the rhythm of the world's religious traditions, the new spiritual practices and the fusion of religion and pop culture.
Best Practice brings you the big ideas in workplace culture, leadership, innovation and trends.
Hear a rich tableau of performance, film, literature, and music from ABC RN's Weekend Arts.
Meditation instruction to support 40 minutes of home practice per day
Fenella Kernebone looks at how we shape our world, from the ground up. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.
Saturday Extra brings you a lively array of stories and features covering a range of topics including international politics and business. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.
Meditation instruction to support 20 minutes of home practice per day
The Christian Worldview is a radio and online ministry that aims to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. The ministry is an outreach of The Overcomer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is led by a seven-member board of directors and five-person staff.
Christian call-in talk show, where you can ask any question, share your opinion and even express a disagreement with the host, all in a freindly open atmosphere.
RN Drive takes you behind the day’s headlines, with an engaging mix of current affairs, analysis, arts and culture from across Australia and around the world.
Since 1956, the It Is Written television program has addressed some of life's biggest questions by turning to the Bible for answers. Join Pastor John Bradshaw each week as he opens the Word to address questions like: "Does God exist?" "Why is there so much hurt in the world?" and "How can I understand the book of Revelation?" Subscribe to get these free Christ-centered presentations each week, or download the individual programs that interest you most!
Commentary and debate from all sides of Australian society, economics and culture. One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.
Weekly advice to help you navigate the modern world from the First Dog on the Moon Institute.
Blueprint for Living is a weekly rummage through the essential cultural ingredients - design, food, travel, gardens, fashion - for a good life.
The Hayek Program Podcast includes audio from lectures, interviews, and discussions of scholars and visitors from the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. The F. A. Hayek Program is devoted to the promotion of teaching and research on the institutional arrangements that are suitable for the support of free and prosperous societies. Implicit in this statement is the presumption that those arrangements ...
Complete episode: Explore the cultural, social, scientific, historical and sensual world of food with Michael Mackenzie on ABC Radio National's RN First Bite. Published every Saturday.
Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries' daily radio program.
Harvard Law School's Criminal Justice Policy Program brings you a series of in-depth conversations with the people on the front lines reforming the criminal legal system. Hosted by Schuyler Daum.
One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.
The Biblical Prophecy Program is a weekly program dedicated to teaching biblical prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. Produced by Eschatos Ministries | ALAN E. KURSCHNER of Eschatos Ministries is the author of Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in Greek linguistics. He holds an M.A. in biblical languages (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) ...
The Libertarian Solution, Sundays at 2pm EST. The Libertarian Solution Radio Program discusses problems at the national, state, and local levels, and then provides solutions that are consistent with the libertarian philosophy of small government, self-ownership, and personal responsibility. We typically interview candidates, including those with opposing views, and we're not shy about challenging views that are logically inconsistent.
Lingua Franca, presented by Maria Zijlstra, looks at all aspects of language: language old, modern, and even invented. Through interviews and prepared talks, the program features experts who analyse a single topic of interest to users and lovers of language. Examples of the sort of linguistic territory they traverse are: bi-lingual education, ebonics, the language of pornography, and the political use of words. Lingua Franca is published every Saturday.
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It is impossible to separate success from a wise use of our time.
It is impossible to separate success from a wise use of our time.
Polls are showing a loss of faith in democratic government. Some people argue, communist China is interfering in Australian affairs. Others bemoan an erosion of human rights, free speech and the rule of law. Are liberal values under threat in Australia?
Arch City Defenders advocates for poor people and people of color who are exploited by the municipal court system in St. Louis. Its Director, Blake Strode, will discuss their aggressively holistic approach and the ways they use direct services and impact litigation to serve their community.
Dave Dameshek leaves Studio 66 for the green screen studio to take a ride around the league with our old pal Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD dives in on how Ryan Fitzpatrick should remain the starter in Tampa Bay (5:00), Josh Rosen being named starter in Arizona (8:45) and if there's an update with Le'Veon Bell (28:30)? Next, David Carr visits Shek's o ...…
Ep #188- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/25/18 -Cruz, Kavanaugh, Clinton Oh My!? -Michelle Obama 2020? -Three Breasted Models are All the Rage? -Thank You for Flying Masturbating Airways
Hour 1 Pat & Jeffy in for a sick freak Glenn?... ...Kavanaugh sits down with Fox News...was this interview necessary, hurt or help Kavanaugh? ...denies allegations, admits to being a virgin in high school...lying like a Clinton is a talent? ...Ted Cruz and wife forced out of DC restaurant...the Kavanaugh 'calendars' to save the day?...'we belie ...…
You’ll often hear people complain that politicians don’t understand the daily concerns of ordinary people. Does good public policy depend on deep connections with the community?
The quality of our lives tomorrow is determined by how we think today.
The quality of our lives tomorrow is determined by how we think today.
In the age of Artificial Reproductive Technology extracting sperm from dead men is possible, and it happens more often than you think.
Company profits, growing employment deliver a boost to the budget. Who will replace Michelle Guthrie as ABC Managing Director? Do we need a National Indigenous Day? NSW government infighting leads to chaos in Question Time. Business and Finance: Female CEOs, 'perma-flexi' workers and the Banking Royal Commission. 'Australia's drug laws do not w ...…
Spiders, cone snail, scorpions - some of our deadliest animals might hold the key for the next generation of painkillers, treatment stroke or epilepsy.
20180924 - (1 Hr) The Narrow Path - Steve Gregg - 00:54:49By
Ep #187- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/24/18 -#MeTooMartyr to testify?. -Adams vs. Jefferson, Learning from Histories Past? -'Outrage Culture' (w/ Heather Mac Donald) -Ted Cruz vs. The Anti-Texan? -Alyssa Milano vs. Glenn Beck?
Hour 1 #MeTooMartyr to testify?... Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation released by the 'New Yorker Magazine'...can't back up the facts that they have published?...what we say and do can last centuries...the ramifications of what we say...our children will pay the price...i guess the truth is who you decide to believe? ...Learning from ...…
Is President Trump making America great? This is David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview. Great nations typically have a strong military, prosperous economy, and domestic security and equity. President Trump has strengthened America in many of these categories. But Christians should pray for him to set a better moral and interpersonal ex ...…
As more commercial activities and interactions take place online, consumers and businesses alike become more vulnerable to data hacking and human error. Should we treat data breaches like an oil spill?
ABC Board sacks Managing Director Michelle Guthrie. Can Dave Sharma save Wentworth for The Coalition? Calls for a national seagull cull. Labor says Michelle Guthrie sacking was poorly handled. Number of women in STEM careers still down. Country Drive: strawberry crisis crosses the ditch, 'Bush Uni' and lead-proof sparrows. Can white people writ ...…
What is the Indo- Pacific strategy and does Australia have a role to play? The perils of the new morality and the costs of keeping our banana industry pure and who are the honey makers?
We live in an age of unprecedented access. This generation is the first in history to be constantly connected to a stream of information, the effect of which can be extremely harmful, both mentally and spiritually. Join John Bradshaw as he and his guests look at the worrying impact the Information Age is having on our world, and learn how you c ...…
'After all, isn't sharing knowledge and discovery what science is really all about?'
Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34 Back in August, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, ”We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” This is the sentiment of many on the political left, who view America as historically and structurally racist against blacks, sexist aga ...…
Glenn sits down with self described former libertarian communist, Michael Rectenwald. As a NYU professor, Rectenwald was a part of the radical marxist left until recently. Together they discuss what changed his mind and the importance of having the courage to stand up and speak up.
Most people believe in some form of heaven or life after death, but what can we know about hell?
Most people believe in some form of heaven or life after death, but what can we know about hell?
Social justice is a gospel issue? This is David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview. That statement—“Social justice is a gospel issue”—has become the rallying call of many evangelicals, as in Christians must work to end perceived oppression. But is that biblically supportable? Well, what did Jesus say and do? Did He work to end the structu ...…
Why architects matter. When imposters take over. Milkwood: living your best permaculture life. Sense of Place: Josh Cake, Paris. Icons of Duality: The Spork. Last Half Hour: Fat.
Macron's quest to reinvent France. Media moguls face continued scrutiny over spill. Trending now: Royal Commissions. Roman culture and empire. Is idleness a vice or a virtue?
You may have a great idea, but how can you sell it? And why “assortative mating” is working against organisations.
Bobbi Ann Campbell was a 24 year old from Draper, UT. She had a daughter but had also given a son up for adoption, keeping in contact with his new family through letters. On December 27, 1994, Bobbi left her daughter with a friend so she could run some errands, including picking up her paycheck. She never came home. She was never seen again.Fac ...…
Ep #186- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/21/18 -Corey 'Spartacus' Booker 2020? -Pompous leftist virtue signaling ? -Bill O'Reilly: The Kavanaugh Witch Trials? -'Mansplaining' is on the Decline?
Hour 1 Corey 'Spartacus' Booker is sewing the seeds of desperately wants to be President 2020?...'of course I would consider it'...Spartacus wept?...Booker admits to groping (date rape) classmate in high school, 1992...after Booker himself, issued a call for sexual respect...the pen is mightier than the spear? Hour 2 Pompous leftist v ...…
NSW Government rejects PM's $4.5bn funding deal. The Wrap: Strawberries, Dutton and ivory. Let's Get Quizzical: Myf Warhurst vs Zan Rowe. My Feed: Gender reveal parties, Bert and Ernie and an octopus. Ed Kuepper: The Church of Simultaneous Existence.
We're all familiar with the golden rule and how we are to treat others the way we would like to be treated.
We're all familiar with the golden rule and how we are to treat others the way we would like to be treated.
20180920 - (1 Hr) The Narrow Path - Steve Gregg - 00:54:50By
Provocative or problematic? We discuss why opinion is sharply divided over 'First Contact,' a new APTN mini-series showcasing Canadians’ deep ignorance about Aboriginal peoples. And, with our discussion going so in-depth and protracted, we eat up the time normally devoted to three topics! Joining host/producer Rick Harp at the roundtable this w ...…
Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Matt "Money" Smith and Patrick Claybon to get you warmed up for the Week 3 slate of games. Shek first wants the guys opinions on the turmoil in Pittsburgh with Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in relation to how coaches lose the locker room (7:05). Next, the group debates if Bears QB Mitch Trubisky is at th ...…
Ep #185- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/20/18 -House of Kavanaugh & Lobster Paranoia? -Dumpster Diving for Whales? -Glenn's Hero of the week? -'Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer' (w/ Nick Searcy) -Dopamine & Social Media (w/ Judith Donath)
Hour 1 House of Cards and the politically Soro's funded hit job on Kavanaugh, the play-by-play... ...Lobster paranoia?...the hip new humane way to boil lobsters?...stoning them? ...Fat cars for Michael Moore?... and How Not to dispose of a dead whale?...a new meaning to dumpster diving? Hour 2 Glenn introduces his hero of the week?...Former Par ...…
Whales were a source of food, oil and bone until they were hunted almost to extinction. We chart the journey from biblical monster of the deep, to economic resource , to gentle symbol for conservation.
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