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The Anxiety Coaches Podcast is a relaxing and inspiring show bringing you lifestyle changes to calm your nervous system and help you heal Anxiety, Panic and PTSD for life! With 2 shows a week Gina, along with the other coaches and special guests, help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD while living a healthy lifestyle all in a relaxing, informative, and inspiring show. Find more at
Crypto PTSD
Hello everybody, welcome to Crypto PTSD. This will be a show for people who have had encounters with cryptids. A place to share their stories without fear of ridicule. If you know someone, or you yourself would like to share your story, email us at Thanks for listening, and don't forget to subscribe and share us with your friends!
This series of podcasts features presentations by experts on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research and treatment. Learn the basics of recommended treatments, key concepts that will enhance clinical practice, and the latest in cutting-edge research. Podcasts are brought to you by the Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD, the world's leading research and educational center of excellence on PTSD. By drawing on the specific expertise vested at seven divisions, the Nati ...
A fresh new look at an old disorder that very few understand. PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain takes a different, and straight approach to learning about a subject that many dare not speak of.
PTSD Podcast
Empowerment tips for the busy parent overcoming the negative effects of trauma after divorce, illness or the death of a loved one so that you can lead your child to wholeness. If you find this information valuable, please Subscribe and Share.
PTSD The Truth Behind The Smile
Welcome To My PTSD LIFE
PTSD Parent
The PTSD Parent podcast shares the individual stories of civilian men and women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who balance the realities of this disorder with raising children of their own. These stories aim to support parents with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while providing education and inspiration to the listening public. The PTSD Parent podcast fights stereotypes and stigma, providing hope one story at a time.
A show about creating change after trauma; why and how to do it.If your life has gotten to a point where you're feeling overwhelmed by posttraumatic stress and symptoms, stuck, stalled or just plain tired of feeling bad it’s time to think about CHANGING DIRECTION. On this program we cover a wide spectrum of topics designed to help you turn yourself around and get headed for healing in the right direction.Michele and her guests shares ideas for how to reduce and manage stress, depression, moo ...
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.
Inspiring interviews with thought-leaders and game-changers in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga. Join Guy Macpherson, PhD at as we hear about the journeys of passionate mental health workers who dedicate their lives to helping others heal and thrive.
Mindful Recovery is a podcast devoted to helping individuals who are struggling with trauma and addictions recover. Mindfulness is a research based method for dealing with anxiety and trauma. Psychological and neuroscience studies have found that it is possible to increase the growth of neuronal pathways and retrain our brains in coping with these issues. Basic techniques like learning to pay attention to our own breathing and looking honestly and non-judgmentally at our hurt places can begi ...
Your Life After Trauma is a weekly radio program designed to bring support and information to trauma survivors, plus their caregivers and professionals. Hosted by Michele Rosenthal (a trauma survivor herself and certified professional coach), Your Life After Trauma provides resources, inspiration, hope and specific actions to help anyone learn to formulate a recovery plan, access healing potential and apply personal strengths to post-trauma recovery.
A podcast for everyone affected by the justice system and incarceration. Released Into Captivity is a series of raw conversations about the struggle to assimilate into society after release and the tools for everyone affected to succeed.
TracyAMalone has started a Narcissist Abuse Support channel to help victims understand and get educated on what narcissist abuse is. Many victims like myself did not know what a narcissist was because we were raised by one and the behaviors are similar. This is a journey of healing, sharing, exposing, teaching and learning to be vulnerable. Together we can heal. VISIT MY WEBSITE and find over 650 free resources state by state that offer free counseling, and services.
GallantFew, Inc is proud to present The New American Veteran Internet Radio Program. GallantFew is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides coaching, mentoring and training to transitioning veterans with a focus on the Special Operations veteran. GallantFew also consults with corporations seeking to better understand and leverage the unique skills and abilities that veterans bring to their organizations.
Come LAF with me!
Anxiety Slayer
Anxiety Relief Podcast: tips and tools to help you calm anxiety, stress, PTSD, and panic attacks. Calm Your Anxiety - Heal Your Mind - Live Your Life
Don't freak out, but you've just found the best anxiety podcast for learning all of the most powerful tools for hacking your stress and anxiety. From nutrition, biohacking, mindfulness and more you'll learn how to stop freaking out and start loving life.
YOU, ME, EMPATHY, created and hosted by Non Wels, is a podcast about exploring the struggles we face in our day to day lives as humans trying to get by on this overwhelming and magnificent pale blue dot. The intent of YOU, ME, EMPATHY is to talk openly, without judgment, about our neuroses, our mental illnesses, our shared anxieties and worries, to create a dialog that is vulnerable and deeply human and empathetic—and to share that dialog with others to inspire further dialog and insight so ...
Anxiety-buster, Love-spreader, Speaker, Author of "You 1 Anxiety 0." Watch video: 20 Ways to Calm from Panic Fan me on FB: Follow me on twitter:
Emotions r us for those who experience early life struggles of fear, shame, guilt or pain and/or emotionally age inappropriate moments. DrBev, Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, offers common sense, life information to help you help you.
OFM is a raw look at mental illness from people who suffer and how it impacts the lives of people who seem just like you. As we work to change society's understanding of these illnesses, we hope to show that we are defined by more than the illnesses we have to live with. Then, together, we can #EndTheStigma and help others find the comfort, and the help, they need.
The Psychedemia Podcast is a collection of conversations, lectures, poetry, and music offered to the collective. It includes materials from the presenters and organizers of the conference, as well as the community at large.
Conversations about the challenges we face, as women, on the path of recovery. The women in these interviews share their life experience, tips and tools, and resources to inspire and support women who are healing from trauma or painful experiences. We share our stories as medicine, to make the controversial uncontroversial addressing topics such as addiction, depression, anxiety, sexuality, relationships and much more.
Conquer Worry
Dedicated to creating awareness of the resources that are available to those who struggle with worry, stress or their mental health.Each podcast will take one of two formats:An Interview: A conversation with someone who has overcome a huge obstacle in their life or has made a difference in the mental health community. A Story: A short narrated inspirational or motivational story of someone who demonstrated mental resilience. Topics include stress management, mental health, mental illness, me ...
1, 2, Many podcast tells the stories behind veteran suicide. Hear from veterans, their families, and medical professionals about this important topic.
A podcast about PTSD and my daily struggle with it. There will be information about PTSD for others struggling with it and for their family/friends.
The mission of search|recovery is to give voice to the stories of those walking the pathways between mental health and illness. To illuminate the stories that often lie in the shadows of doctors' appointments and waiting rooms, in between classes and after work. All of the times that people find themselves pushed to their darkest and brightest places on the road of their treatment that no one sees and thus seldom understands. It is our mission to fight stigma and show that the people who are ...
Women Helping Women Live Free & Full- honest talk from women who know. Dawn Scott Damon & the Sisterhood open-up about true, painful, ugly issues 2 empower
TFCO is a podcast created with the intentions of sharing our experiences and exploring the unknown. Topics and conversations may range from serious to childish and that’s okay. We have the ability to harness the serious conversations while remaining light hearted and never taking ourselves too seriously. As veterans we know the struggles that we’ve personally faced, and how we’ve been able to navigate through those issues while in the military and after. We may naturally connect more with ve ...
SCG CoachTalk
Listen to SCG Coach, Juanita Street, talk and coach on: healthy living, managing chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders using lifestyle therapies (clean eating, yoga therapy, exercise, proper supplementation, and stress management), living with PTSD and multiple sclerosis, and never giving up on living the best life.
The Hotwash is a live uncensored, unadulterated and in your face brodcast. We are dedicated in the fight against Veteran Suicide and helping fellow Veterans realize there is life after the military and combat. We exists to reach out with guests who are fellow Veterans, American Patriots and those who believe in supporting our Veterans.
Retired Navy SEAL and Silver Star awardee, Thom Shea, shares his insight on mastering human performance. Through interviews with successful businessmen and women and top athletes, we unravel the mindset and tools needed for extreme success. Learn how to master your own internal dialogue, gain insight from top performers, and engage in weekly challenges. Take action and begin the challenge of the Follow Us: Facebook Twitter Instagram Learn more about our business of ...
Survivor reaching back to encourage and educate the brokenhearted, betrayed, used and abused including anyone with PTSD.
Medical Cannabis and PTSD
HBOT in Wound Care
On HBOT-in-Wound Care join Dr. Paul Harch and myself as we create and publish this podcast series to bring awareness of how Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment aids the body's growth and repair systems. Dr. Harch explains the science behind HBOT and thereby shows us how this is "... the most simple, yet complex and elegant gene therapy known to man-kind." -PGH M.D
From PTSD to Post-Traumatic Growth: The Thousand Lifetimes
Latinx Therapy
Break the stigma of mental health as it relates to the Latinx community. Learn self-help techniques, how to support ourselves or those around us that struggle with mental illnesses and create cultural competency for other providers working with the Latinx population.
Welcome to my mental health recovery podcast. Raw experiences and opinions about my life with PTSD, depression and addiction.
Real Warriors, Real Advice is a podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience. Access and download selected episodes here or subscribe to receive weekly updates automatically.
Listen to 15-20 minute long interviews of experts on various topics related to mental and general health. The topics will be continuously expanded. The interviews are designed for both professionals and non-professionals. Topics range from the basis of new medication research, the effect of media on girls's self-images, discussions of violence, same-sex marriages, pollution, bullying, divorce, OCD, addictions, borderline personality disorders, mental health issues in the deaf, hallucinations ...
ALL MARINE RADIO provides a place where current and former Marines, family members, other veterans and concerned citizens can connect with the culture of the United States Marine Corps; while connected, we promote: post-combat mental health awareness in order to enhance the quality of life of our extended Tribe across the board, (2) peer support in order to maintain the bonds that keep us united, mutually supporting and strong, (3) Suicide awareness in order to reduce the amount of suicide b ...
We Few Podcast
Sharing the stories of Purple Heart recipients
Mark Cates
Combat Ptsd & Depression
#Dad, Soldier, #PTSD. Listened to the Joe Rogan podcast, drank #Ayahuasca, found Ram is up to me
ADPC Podcast
Community mental health awareness campaign and platform to give a voice to those struggling with all types of mental health ailments. It's OK to not be ok! #YouAreNotAlone
Rick Radio
Life, sobriety, depression, PTSD and everything in between
Headstrong Podcast
Kiel and Raul are active duty firefighters hosting candid and honest conversations aimed at trying to understand and raise awareness around PTSD, suicide and substance abuse amounts members of our Military, Fire, EMS and Police services. Contact us at if you'd like to join or have an idea for a topic. “WE SERVE THOSE WHO SERVE OTHERS”
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In this episode, Gina offers tips and steps to help you break free when feeling like you are stuck in anxiety. Gina emphasizes that clearing anxiety is a process and not an overnight, quick fix. Talking with family or friends, being with a pet, spending time in nature are all advisable activities to help you create space in your experience. Ult ...…
LCpl Luke emailed ALL MARINE RADIO six months ago. From his initial email asking for advice about teaching his girlfriend how to shoot grew a friendship that recently led to the Gunner & Mac visiting he & his fiance in Huntsville, Alabama during ALL MARINE RADIO’S first deployment. Luke served as a Marine infantryman in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006-2 ...…
The Taliban are attempting to flex their muscles in Afghanistan, we’ll talk about Wednesday’s attack and what should concern Coalition Forces operating there. The Catholic Church is reeling again after an investigation in the state of Pennsylvania revealed more disgusting behavior on the part of hundreds of priests who molested over a thousand ...…
Carlos Lopez, Jr was a proud veteran of the US Army and served as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Army, he found his way to the theater and into acting, first in Sacramento and then in Los Angeles where he starred in the TV series “Operation Repo” for two years. In addition to his reality TV car ...…
There are big events going on in Iran… the Grand Ayatollah is distancing himself from the current regime and criticizing their handling of Iran’s economy. We’ll talk about it. The Taliban has attacked the city of Ghazni in Afghanistan, American air and the 101st Airborne are part of the response. We’ll talk about it.…
EPISODE 230 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
TODAY’S TOPICS: Are the Boston Red Sox playing too good right now… which means they’re headed for a disaster in the playoffs. Why the USMC’s first female infantry platoon commander is earning our respect. the history of hollow-tip bullets
Mike Ettore retired as a Marine Major in 1998 after a long career as an infantryman. Mike’s legacy as a Marine is one of strong leadership which is what he practiced wherever he was stationed. His company, Fidelis Leadership, is bringing those leadership practices to the world of business where millenials will be running most corporations in th ...…
Do you believe that the nation is more racist now that it was in the past? If you answer “yes” to that question you might want to get off Facebook and do some actual reading. We’ll talk about it. The first female infantry officer in the Marine Corps 1stLt Marina Hierl who currently serves in 2nd Battalion of the 4th Marines and is currently dep ...…
David Treleaven, PhD is a writer, educator, and trauma professional whose work focuses on the intersection of trauma, mindfulness, and social justice. He is author of the book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing published by W. W. Norton, which was a #1 New Release on Amazon. He trained in counseling psyc ...…
On Episode 34 of You, Me, Empathy, we explore self-awareness, emotional validation, and the power of therapy with Hadas. Plus, one amazing therapy tip you'll adore! Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us! Be sure to connect and support You, Me, Empathy: @YouMeEmpathy on Instagram @YouMeEmpathy on Twitter Support for as little ...…
Over the past five years I have trained many CEOs and many great professional athletes. During that intensive training, many rather unintended findings have arisen I would like to share with you all. Follow us I find I very interesting that most successful men and women are consumers of knowledge and past experiences. That may be the most diffe ...… Sometimes we can’t live with social media, and we can’t live without it. In this episode, Rich and Deanna Joy discuss their strategies for living with and in many cases, on, social media. We would like to hear from you! Leave us a comment!
EPISODE 229 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
In this episode, Gina provides seven tips for those of us who are suffering from anxiety related overworking. The tips included largely revolve around the need to improve our own self-care. From increasing the role of rest and pleasure in our lives (at the expense of work!) to reevaluating our own needs and the needs of those around us, Gina's ...…
While in Washington DC Mac made a visit to the Walter Reed -Bethesda National Military Medical Center to have lunch with Bob Nilsson and Pat & Patty Horan. Pat was medically retired from the Army due to a gunshot wound to his head which resulted in a traumatic in Mosul, Iraq in 2006; and both have been guests on ALL MARINE RADIO previously. The ...…
The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef, Kim Holmes, makes us smart on the taste-bud euphoria that accompanies his Asian Chicken Sub sandwich.
Dan Cartledge, MD, addresses proper pain management, work-up, concurrent psychological variables, traditional and alternative treatments, the proper role of cannabis, etc.
EPISODE 228 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
In today's episode, Gina shares with listeners wisdom contained in a series of quotes. These quotes are sourced from literature from Al-Anon family groups, a pamphlet entitled "Just For Today". These quotes have had an important impact on Gina's own life and healing and she is happy to be able to share them with you in the podcast today. Link t ...…
EPISODE 227 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
The ALL MARINE RADIO mailbag had a number of questions about military parades, so we’ll answer those questions. We’ll also discuss automated military training ranges that allow units to move and shoot at moving targets, at targets that count “hits” and a whole lot of other things.
Subscribe in a reader The statistics of abuse are quite shocking to hear, yet for an abused person like myself after the horror of hearing these numbers, I found a moment of peace that I am not alone. That I am not crazy and that what I endured was without doubt domestic abuse. WHY DID THE VICTIM STAY? A very common question that when we look a ...…
Former Marine Alex Hollings joined the program to discuss some BREAKING NEWS… namely the changing of “SOFREP” to “NEWSREP” with an eye towards broader content. Alex also discusses his new book which focuses on information warefare.
There are six questions that are vital to not only ask but also vital to ask in a linear way. Bottom Line Up front! Here are the six questions presented linearly that every single successful person asks and answers: Who am I or Who are we What is my or our measurable goal When will this goal be measured Where will this goal be accomplished How ...…
The first ALL MARINE RADIO deployment continues LIVE from Quantico VA today where we’ll talk about China, the world order they seek to create and the limits they cannot violate or they risk revolution at home. INTERESTING STUFF!!!
Through her many years working with people who have experienced complex trauma, Lorna remains passionate in her belief of people’s ability to heal. She has worked for over 35 years with non-profit groups striving to end violence against women and children and believes that all trauma survivors have the right to healthy, productive and meaningfu ...…
On Episode 33 of You, Me, Empathy, we explore mental health in the world of fitness, societal pressures of health and body image, doing what's right for you, and fitpreneurship with Michelle Dalpont. Thanks for listening, and thanks for empathizing with us! Follow You, Me, Empathy on Instagram. Pick up some You, Me, Empathy swag. Support You, M ...…
EPISODE 226 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
In this episode, Gina discusses a critical point within our experience of anxiety: the gap between the anxiety stimulus (environmental factor that triggers our anxiety) and our response. Gina argues that within this space lies the great power to choose how to interpret a stimulus and how to choose what our optimal response to this stimulus will ...… Rich and Deanna share some techniques they use to escape from the harsh realities of the world.
EPISODE 225 Welcome to PTSD Bunker Gear For Your Brain Just a little chat about Self-Help tips on PTSD. Some Self-Help tips and hints to give you a winning edge against a disorder that has so many not knowing where to turn. PTSD is no different than any problem, most of the time the correct answer to PTSD, is usually the easiest one. Thanks so ...…
In this episode, Gina covers three methods to end anxious habits and stop their future development. The first method is building awareness of the habits. The second method is to make periodic changes in our behavior that modifies the patterns of the habits (and generally staying flexible). The third method is to take the opposite action to what ...…
Subscribe in a reader Where have I been? Look what I learned and guess who I am interviewing next? Richard Grannon, Dana Morningstar, and Angie Atkinson all at the same time! The post ...…
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