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The Ruby on Rails Podcast, a weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails,open source software, and the programming profession. Hosted by Kyle Daigle.
Third Rail
Third Rail Productions, home of the AltRight's most huggable podcast.
Are you a new Ruby on Rails developer in need of guidance? Well, StartHere: Ruby on Rails is the show for you! Dain Miller is your Ruby on Rails coach and he'll provide insight, and resources to help get you from knowing nothing to becoming a full-time Ruby ninja. Everyone starts somewhere and you’re starting here!
Ruby on Rails Podcast
News and interviews about the Ruby language and the Rails website framework.
Three middle-aged high school buddies (Noah, Bubba, and Sean) drink beer and talk about popular culture, examining the noteworthy, the weird, and the flat-out awful in movies, music, TV, video games, comics, sports, and pro wrestling. All purposeful discussions will eventually go off the rails. Not for children, people with delicate sensibilities, or Aquaman apologists.
Rails Screencasts
Learn practical tips and techniques on how to develop web applications using Ruby on Rails web framework. The episodes are short to minimize the amount of content to avoid overwhelming learners. The episodes are designed to give developers a quick way to get their feet wet and learn by building web apps.
How did Kickstarter make a Rails platform that could scale? Why did Gilt Groupe move to a Scala architecture? Should I be experimenting with using NodeJS in my stack and for what? Steve Robinson (PhD and programmer) interviews technology leaders about their software systems to discover the secrets of how world-class technology works in practice. Ideal for budding technology architects, lead developers and anyone who's looking to learn from detailed case-studies of success.
Model Rail Radio
Live internet radio covering all aspects of the model rail hobby
We talk about everything that has something to do with improving big Rails apps.
We're a fascinating and opinionated sports blog that has expanded to the podcast realm. Our podcast began in February 2016 and has quickly grown to a large audience. Our podcasts typically feature a cold open that's full of shenanigans (just a fair warning). Listen in and hear what all the fuss is about!
Rails Coach
Your Playbook for Ruby on Rails
Comedian Josh Wolf takes you on the wild train. Soon it'll be off the rails. Follow @joshwolfcomedy and @joshofftherails
Conservative talk show host Rick Robinson discusses the events of the day. Rick always tells it like it is. No one wants to face the truth, but America is off the rails. We need to stand up and get involved so we can get back on track.
The Bike Shed
On The Bike Shed, hosts Derek Prior, Sean Griffin, and guests discuss their development experience and challenges with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.
Conservative talk show host Rick Robinson discusses the events of the day. Rick always tells it like it is. No one wants to face the truth, but America is off the rails. We need to stand up and get involved so we can get back on track.
The 3rd Rail
"If it's thought provoking, controversial, or just tickles yer medula oblongata, we'll discuss it."I had been thinking about a chat show, touch on the day's issues as they relate to kinksters. We are people after all, have folks call in and express an opinion be it politics, consent, mental illness etc.... Perhaps present a topic, express a view from both sides and discuss the merits and fallacies, perhaps a way to bridge gaps or promote positive and edifying ideas.A forum for frank and open ...
All ruby related podcasts from, including: - Ruby Rogues - My Ruby Story - Ruby Rants
Riding The Rails
Times Leader Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders beat reporter DJ Eberle hosts Riding The Rails, a podcast centered around the RailRiders, featuring the RailRiders. Different members of the New York Yankees Triple-A affiliate join DJ each week to discuss the team and their world off of the field.
Sparks is a monthly podcast that features interviews with RAILS members and other leaders in the library/related fields. We intend to spark conversation, comment, and debate about current trends and issues affecting all types of libraries. The Reaching Across Illinois Library System provides support services to about 1300 library institutions -- academic, public, school, and special -- in northern and western Illinois.
Music, Discovery, Adventure, Philosophy, Spirituality, Free Thought, Culture, Events, Travel, Politics, Life. No Rules.
RailsMagazin ist ein e-Zine das in deutscher Sprache über Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen aus der Ruby on Rails Szene berichtet. In den Videopodcasts veröffentlichen wir unter anderem Vorträge der Münchner Ruby on Rails User Group.
Max Rail
Welcome to Max Rail, where amazing things happen.
Podcast by Jason Santiago
Off the Rails
Captain Marvelous takes you on an entertaining journey as he recaps the week in pro-wrestling with comedy, songs, skits, and any way he can keep you entertained.
Off the Rails
Conversations with Louisiana 5th District congressional candidate Eliot S. Barron (Green Party) and co-host Bruce France.
Old Rail Fence Corners is an historical treasure trove containing the stories of the first significant waves of European-American settlers in the now state of Minnesota (United States of America). This book has direct accounts of mid-19th century lives and experiences on the frontier, recounted by the frontiersmen and women when many of them were in their mid-90s. A group of volunteer women -- the Book Committee -- sought to record these recollections before they were lost with the passing o ...
Third Rail Sounds
A podcast about shared interests. Stay tuned for the third rail.
On The Rails
The pop culture podcast where guests play a drinking game that no one knows the rules to. Hosted by Scott Thomas. New episodes every week!
Deconstructing Hot Topics And Social Justice Issues That Impact The Lives Of Central Brooklynites.
OTR Radio is back after two years. Join Thomas Wing as we talk about all things wrestling, entertainment and occasionally politics.
On The Rails With Erk – A Rail podcast based on worldwide travel on rail based transit and metro systems
Rail The Berm The Bicycle Motocross Show brings you small daily shows from a cavalcade of stars. Hear from the likes of Mike Carruth of, tech junkie Shane Jenkins of, Uncle Ted at and many others. Thank you for listening!
A comedic podcast that covers everything from !@#% ups (Fails), drugs (Rails) and funny stories (Tall Tales) Hosted by Matty Pynn
The Rubyology podcast is a series of lessons learned by Chris Matthieu on his endeavor of switching from Microsoft .NET programming to Ruby on Rails. Believe it or not, there are similarities between both Micorost ASP and .NET and Ruby on Rails. Let Chris show you how to get up and running on Rails and become proficient with Ruby with little effort. Learn AJAX tricks, tagging, buddy lists, rating, and other Web 2.0 social network programming techniques and get your idea to market today! Whil ...
Off the Rails with Tom and Mark is a comedy podcast about 2 best friends from the Milwaukee area who tackle current events, entertainment news, reviews, and make people laugh. Here you will find interviews from interesting local people. In addition to their unfiltered viewpoints, they are smart witty, and filled with Midwestern charm. Be prepared because any topic can send them off the rails.
Where we discuss an hour of a Ruby book each week
Off The Rails! (formerly The Show About Nothing) with Mad Dawg Mike and Sean Goodwin
Lets Talk Trains
Freight, Passenger, Trolleys, Light Rail, Museums, as long as it is rail/train related, we talk about it!
Every other week you will be treated to a new, free RailsCasts episode featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails, the popular web development framework. These screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics are geared toward the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well. A Pro option is also available containing more screencasts each week. This is the full resoluti ...
Build Your SaaS
37signals started an indie SaaS revolution when they launched Basecamp and Ruby on Rails. Since 2004, thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to capture some of that success by launching their own web apps. But what does it take to launch a Software as a Service business in 2018?Follow Jon and Justin as they build & launch their new product:
It's like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.
My Ruby Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make Ruby what it is.
GoRails is a series of screencasts and guides for all aspects of Ruby on Rails. Learn how to setup your machine, build a Rails application, and deploy it to a server.
The Inbound Logistics Podcast presents the most relevant and topical information from the world of third-party logistics and supply chain management as presented by the industry's most influential thought leaders.
Every other week you will be treated to a new, free RailsCasts episode featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails, the popular web development framework. These screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics are geared toward the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well. A Pro option is also available containing more screencasts each week. This is the full resoluti ...
Every week you will be treated to a new Drifting Ruby episode featuring tips and tricks with Ruby on Rails, the popular web development framework. These screencasts are short and focus on one technique so you can quickly move on to applying it to your own project. The topics are geared toward the intermediate Rails developer, but beginners and experts will get something out of it as well. - A Model Railroad focused podcast. For railroading beginners and seasoned line veterans.
--force push
Conversations around technical things with the development team in ReceiptBank. Essentially, we talk about what we learn.
Listen as we discuss software development, technology best practices, business and software culture.
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Josh & Leo are here to talk about the upcoming PPV EXTREME RULES and all the storylines building up to this Sunday. The format is a little different and they go off the rails from time to time with having a crazy few weeks in the real world away from podcast land. Sit back and enjoy the #PodcastofPositivity as they share their predictions. #pWo ...…
#DotheShiggyDrake vs Kanye Epps vs HartThen the pod goes off the rails as usual..
Dan Elliot, former chairman of the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB) joins the podcast to discuss issues facing rail infrastructure.
As Jay desperately seeks something to watch we devour pizza and overpriced mozeralla sticks. Eric reflects on his cigarette days. Jay brainstorms new entrepreneural ideas and we also dive into clickbait websites, useless knowledge, directions, cigarette insecurity, and AMC A-list. We also review the First Purge,distinguish the difference betwee ...…
The reading for today is 1 Kings 17-18; Psalm 119; Jude 1. 1 Kings 17 Now Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the settlers of Gilead, said to Ahab, "As the Lord, the God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, surely there shall be neither dew nor rain these years, except by my word." The word of the Lord came to him, saying, "Go away from here and t ...…
Today's First Thing podcast touches on these top stories:Ashland schools accused of negligence in student fight. here. Brown rails against cuts to pre-existing condition coverage. Full stories at to other Mail Tribune podcasts at Reach web editor Ryan Pfeil at or a ...…
David Dionne is the President of Integrated Park Management, LLC a company dedicated to building and improving parks and communities across America. His work has been consistently recognized as both visionary and innovative by both park professionals and government leaders at every level across the country. David has been a featured or keynote ...…
If you're not a reasonable human being, don't download this podcast. This week, we embrace the flaming hot takes of NFL Networks Michael Robinson, and discuss giving him his own segment. Then Drew comes off the rails on the topic of LeSean McCoy, explaining his opinion on why people need to be reasonable. We also discuss Lorenzo Alexander being ...…
Tonight only the 3rd guest in "Off the Rails Uncensored's history I am joined with none other than "Big Bang Roni Nicole. Roni will be joining myself and my newfound awesome co-host Granny Hulkster as the three of us chat about pro wrestling as a whole. Also we will be chatting with Roni about her latest ventures state side pro wrestling wise a ...…
It was only a matter of time before things went off the rails in this podcast! This week Michelle and Josh get wild while talking about the underrated Pokemon title, Pokemon Snap. Josh also discusses his lukewarm feelings towards Tetris Worlds. Also our audio decided to take a dive for this episode of BOYS LIFE! Follow us on Twitter: @MissedBoa ...…
Sorry - this episode promises to be very similar to yesterday's so don't forget the cupboard option if that's looking ever-more appealing. I can confirm, however, that today's round-up is quite definitely the last in the series and that tomorrow a normal service will resume. Travel: • DTD5 Bus Stop Info • DTD17 National Rail skill • DTD90 Drivi ...…
(Jul 10, 2018) Hours before President Donald Trump announced his choice to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, Gov. Andrew Cuomo railed against the selection. He also signed an executive order to help protect the reproductive choice rights of New York's women should a future court overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.…
YouTube playlist: Links ...…
We had a great show tonight... Whiskey & Hammer are joined by Whiskey Dee. We talk about everything that's been going on over the last couple weeks, we have LOTS of funny news, chat, top 10, and updates... We play an interview with Don Mills from Flatline Road at the Rail Club when they opened for David Allen Coe, and we are even joined by Dani ...…
"Cheem...slow...and John"This week, I am joined by my older cousin Jay Mangrulkar. We chat about the "suite" life, the Lakers, earlobes, hats, and other dope things while sippin' on tea. This week, I came prepared with questions, so the conversation kept rolling as Jay continued to block out the haters in his shades and say the word "dope" in e ...…
The finance minister claims National's fallen down another wrong fiscal hole calculation.Opposition leader Simon Bridges is accusing the Government of opening their wallet too much and will be borrowing an extra 17 billion dollars over the next four years.Grant Robertson says that's just wrong, and even using Bridges' flawed logic it's still no ...…
Sometimes everything hinges on one simple yet very scary question. Do you have the courage to ASK IT? God’s new thing may be on the other side of that question! NEHEMIAH #2 ASK IT Would you marry me? .. it’s a big question to ask isn’t it? I’d like to ask you for a raise? big question to ask your boss. Could we please talk about what happened? ...…
Alastair has the podcast reins today and Parramatta Light Rail, Numtots and Hotels are on the agenda. What are Numtots? Alastair fears we've all been branded - hopefully not in the same way millenials are often derided.
How much fun can you really have on 4th of July? Tank Smith (ep 19) and Callahan Welsh join the pod for a fun one. This episode recounts that, krispy kreme challenge+ more.Follow the pod on IG: whostosaypodcast" " Tank on IG: tankfunkadelic" " Callahan on IG: callahanwelsh_4:30 Harris teeter vs food lion5:15 glazed donut5:30 callahan is such a ...…
Hey! Been off the rails a bit I need to get back to a stable balance! I love you guys! You guys are my everything! Let’s keep working!
Chris suffers from scurvy tonight as the rest of the TPK crew flies off the rails and discusses Racism, Chris Hardwick and the No True Nerd Fallacy TPK is a weekly pop culture roundtable podcast, by nerds, for nerds. Each Sunday we discuss movies, comic books, anime, video and tabletop games, and more! For more information, please visit our web ...…
Hello world, its been a while. You can definitely tell we had a blast while we recorded this. I'm not going to say there was heavy alcohol use, you're going to hear it. It isn't as chaotic as the first one, however, it still was off the rails at times. Enjoy
Supporting Your Local Artists is a segment on WilsonBlock100 Radio where Mistah Wilson discusses 10 topics from Every post on our blog gets published in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine on the 10th of every month. This segment was created so that our YouTube audience can experience ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Contents: (Download This Po ...…
Paul and Chris drive Paul's new diesel ride - a 2012 BMW X5 35D. Not only is Paul's ride a diesel - it's got a common rail with compound turbos. As he says - it's got everything he'd want in a truck - but it's an SUV. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Wehrli Custom Fabrication WCFAB.COM Exergy Performance EXERGYPERFORMANCE.COM Calibrated Power So ...…
Glory To The Lord - Let It RailYouTube
We watched and discuss the movie "It order of disappearance". The movie is currently available on Netflix and here is the Netflix description. The honorable citizen Nils ploughs snow in the wild winter mountains of Norway, when his son is mistakenly murdered, Nils takes action, which ignites a war between the vegan gangster "the Count" and the ...…
The boys try to delve into a very gross, very difficult to discuss Episode "the one with the ick factor". In fact, they try so hard to deal with the episode they fall completely off the rails and have a series of minor breakdowns and barely discuss Friends, preferring instead to talk about literally everything else. Hold onto your hats - it's a ...…
Tom and Jeff are back with Kelly Galien for some bonus content. Tom shares a list of “things you should know before getting your nipple pierced” (maybe he should have read this before he did it).He also has a list of tattoo facts that sparks fun conversation. Tom also shares a story about a man selling hot dog water in Canada and a few more fun ...…
Justin rails against July 4th falling on a Wednesday. Email about an indie wrestling ex-girlfriend and more!By josh ronin.
Maybe The Bostonians Hid The Body? A Journey To Beantown with Spill the Rosé Host Jacob RandallHost of our newest gossip segment, Spill the Rosé, Jacob Randall acquaints listeners to his spectacularly dramatic humor with a story about the time he and a friend traveled to Boston and ended up partying a little too hard. Rail shots and a packed da ...…
Tonight we are doing a tribute to Texas Legend and Music Icon Vinnie Paul! We talk about local music, metal, Pantera, Damage Plan, Hellyeah, Dimebag, and Vinnie Paul! We have stories, memories, music, and lots of good stuff. After the Tribute to start the show we play Alcahaulin' Ass by HellYeah, Several of our favorite Pantera tunes during the ...…
Have you ever had a vacation that went off the rails? Where were you and what happened?
The heatwave is on and we're back at it; chatting with playwright & director Erika Reesor & actress Emily Schooley who are representing The Frog King, a mature stage-piece tackling gender, sexuality, identity, labels, and more. We went in-depth with each of those subjects, and learned more about the lovely folks behind the scenes, with acceptan ...…
Today, Dan and Jordan celebrate surviving the July 4th Civil War by breaking down a little episode of Project Camelot where our intrepid host interviews a half-Pleiadian. Tune in to hear collaborative writing masquerade as an interview, and stay to hear everything go horribly off the rails.
What are some practical ways to build safety in your relationship? To get back to love when you're in conflict? And to create such a solid background of safety and positive energy in your relationship that you can withstand the inevitable bumps along the way? One of the most important skills for you to develop is the ability to come back when t ...…
U-S-HEY, U-S-HEY -- it's a holiday ON THE RAILS with special guest Shawna Potter of feminist hardcore punk band War On Women! This week: Scott and Shawna tackle the relationship between ART AND ACTIVISM IN 2018 -- How does vulnerability factor in? When are rock shows safe spaces? And is Scott's phone a sexist asshole? Plus: a toast to Marvel's ...…
VBM Podcast-July 2, 2018 | Welch unveils new tax incentives to make EVs more affordable; Lyft launches statewide in Vermont; VEC is recognized for cybersecurity innovation and excellence; The Island Line Rail Trail opens ahead of July 4thFor more Vermont Business News and Press Releases throughout the day, turn to This progr ...…
In Ep 16 we discuss, Well Tim tries to discuss the Salem Witch Trials, but things go off the rails in true Shoot the Sh%t Fashion! Enjoy! And as Always find us on Facebook or Twitter @shoot_podcast
Paul Doherty, reported by CNBC in November 2017 as one of 29 American Business Titans, is a Registered Architect and one of the global Industry's most sought after thought leaders. Paul is currently the President & CEO of The Digit Group,, a leading Smart Cities design, build, operate and solutions company. His past successful ventures include ...…
Updates on the Maryland shooting, Attorney Jake Jeong talks about the fight to stop the Koreatown shelters, the new light rail coming to the Valley, and the Moistline!
On this episode we open up the debate of who is the Mount Rushmore of Italian character actors. Did your favorite mobster make the list? We also catch up on Bubba’s graduation and his new medicinal hobby. SUBSCRIBE NOW! Tell your friends and Rate and Review us on iTunes. Follow us on twitter @offtherailspod. Join our Twitch channel http://www.t ...…
This week! Mr. David Palan and I go off the rails a bit with "What Are Ya Workin On" but that's ok because we then have Matt Acker, fresh off his DK 350 victory on via phone to make up for it. Then viewer questions! Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @bikeshopcx @cyclocrossnet. Mr. David Palan is on Twitter at @mrdavidpalan. This podcast is also ...…
The World Cup is moving to the knockout round, and is coming to North America in eight years, although not the Valley. Phoenix Rising’s General Manager on making Phoenix a soccer city. And, how light rail construction impacts small businesses. That and more on The Show.
“Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things. And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him. As he spake these words, many believed on him ...…
Hey guys things went a little off the rails here, so i have no idea what to put here. Ummm so yea hope you guys enjoy!Please submit all email worthy questions to Toast Takes is really starring Eric Wagner today. With 7 items on the docket, the episode is quick to ignore practically all of those, go off the rails, and stay off of them for good. If you aren’t afraid of some light Australia bashing or some heavy Australian bash ...…
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