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This is a channel created for everyone who wants to expand it's mind enjoying a good meditation or an energetic rampage from Abraham Hicks created by me or other followers. Enjoy!
If no one else is in your corner, than allow me to say that I believe in the power of you. I believe you can do what you believe you can do. What does Cognitive Rampage mean? To live with with a curious enthusiasm, humbly questioning all we believe to be true, about self, others and the world. Cultivating self competence to feed a passion for life. Simply put...Living Your Cognitive Rampage! Join me in expanding our human experience, growing and sharing competence one Cognitive Rampage at a ...
suZANNE aka Bom Bom Lulu is the host of this weekly Dutch radioshow. A show that stands for a great sound of sleazy trashy Rock & Roll / Garage/ Punkrock/ 60's beat/ Ye Ye beat/ 60's Girl Garage/ Raw Rhythm & Blues/ Bubblegum punk/ Pre wars/ Nasty rockabilly/ Trashy Country and many many more...for all ye sinners and sufferers...
Progressive Rampage
When We Stand United, Our Voice Can Not Be Ignored!
Gospel Rampage
A fresh perspective on the ancient message of Christ. Regardless of your current belief structure, you will be stunned at the genius of God.
Jaret Reddick & Daniel Cotton from Twitter discuss topics and content from the Bowling For Soup Facebook Fan Page
Boxing Rampage
Podcast dedicated to Boxing news, fight predictions and reviews
The Hottest new Carolina Hurricanes podcast from the Red Eyed Rowdies! Featuring Omar Abdelgawad, Kyle Mccrossen, and Zac Hynus! Tune in to listen to us talk all things hockey!
Jaret Reddick & Daniel Cotton from Twitter discuss topics and content from the Bowling For Soup Facebook Fan Page
RAMpage Live
Coloradoan sports columnist Matt L. Stephens, CSU reporter Kelly Lyell and a special guest break down the Colorado State football team each week. Recorded live at The Boot Grill in Fort Collins.
Ram Page
Electronics. Investing. DIY, Movies Review
Movie Rampage!
We dissect, analyze, compare, and contrast your favorite (or not so favorite) films!
Rickshaw Rampage
Podcast by Azfar Ali
Join us for a casual discussion about topics that affect women today.
Join us for a casual discussion about topics that affect women today.
Podcast by Rampageradiopodcast
Anime podcast, with gel bananas
Rampage On The Airwaves aims to promote the various kinds of local music as well as indie music from around the world, among the local Singaporean community as well as overseas.It is hoped that one day the local music scene and deserving independent artists will receive the due recognition locally as well as worldwide for their talent and passion in creating music.
Journey back to 1981, when four people were brutally murdered in their home in the Hollywood Hills. The Wonderland Murders is the tale of a violent home invasion robbery and the revenge rampage that followed. It involves a drug-fueled gang of criminals, a crazed crime kingpin -- and the world’s most famous porn star on a downward and deadly spiral. Join Young Charlie host Tracy Pattin and writer/director Larry Brand and they take you back to Wonderland Ave.
The Cognitive Rampage
Join me for the hour talking about professional wrestlling and mixed martial arts news
Running With the Herd is THE #1 source for news and analysis of San Antonio Rampage hockey. Though we are officially credentialed media members, our goal is to bring honesty and passion from a fan’s perspective. Born out of frustration from lack of media coverage for our beloved Rampage, RWtH has been bringing you news, player analysis, and the occasional player feature/interview since 2010
I interview clan and gaming community leaders 1 on 1 so you know which one is right for you!
An ascending rampage up the tower of abstraction(s). Obfuscation, paradox, and irony are the hallmarks of this pedantic exploration of intellectual pretension.
It might seem impossible to believe that we have a lot in common with a peasant toiling in a medieval field at the turn of the second millennium, or a Venetian pirate as plague rampages through your city’s canals, or a young girl on trial for witchcraft, or a chef who cooked for princes and kings. But here’s the thing, everyone has to eat, and that primal need has been one of the major forces in world history since we gathered around the promethean fire. That’s what we’re exploring in this s ...
Every Week Krazy Joe and the Gang talk movies, comics, TV and pop culture. MEGAPODTASTIC IS ON THE RAMPAGE!
Joe6lue aka rampage up coming artist
Futilely brave against a pop culture rampage.
One dark and stormy night, a stranger arrives in West Sussex at a village inn. He is heavily clad in an overcoat and his face is wrapped in bandages. He takes a room at the inn, but refuses to socialize with anyone. He stays cooped up in his room all day and night, working with strange chemicals and apparatus. Suddenly, strange events begin to happen in the village. Mysterious burglaries and fires break out, culminating in a destructive rampage across the peaceful countryside. The stranger i ...
Jack the Giant-Killer, Tom Thumb, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Henny Penny, Dick Whittington, The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and a host of immortal characters are found in this delightful collection of English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The book made its first appearance in 1890 and has remained a firm favorite with both young and old ever since. Fairy tales have traditionally emanated from France and Germany. The famous compilations by La Fontaine and the Brothers Grimm have o ...
A history of the pirating activities along and around the "Barbary coast" between the 15th and 19th centuries, from the time of the pirate, Ujra Barbarossa, to the French control of Algeria in 1830. Although piracy had plagued all the world's waterways from the first time man decided to trade by boat or ship, authors Lane-Poole and Kelley tell mainly of the origins and "Golden Age" of the Moor pirates who rampaged the Mediterranean Sea from ports of call along the north coast of Africa. - Su ...
A collection of eight horror stories created by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler, author of INFECTED, CONTAGIOUS and ANCESTOR. This eBook-only title features seven tales from Scott's six years of free audiobook podcasts, plus the brand-new novella "Hunter Hunterson & Sons.” Scott still gives away his audio stories -- for free -- every week at Stories in BLOOD IS RED: Number One with a Bullet In the high-stakes world of the National Football League, a wasted d ...
Jaded Views
Walter Melonz and Sir Anthony W. Rampage present the topics of the week with a not so rounded opinion
Table Takes
Table Takes is a podcast discussing new, politics, culture and whatever ends up getting our attention on Twitter. We evaluate the many takes on social media and have our own Hot Takes on these to try and understand the jumbled mess that is our world in 2018.Tommy Tribble is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rampage, and you can find him on Twitter @tomiiwrites and Instagram @tommylikesit. Ram Reyes is the Art Director of The Rampage and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @_ramuel.The intro song ...
Misfit Minded
An exploration into everything movie 🎬 and music 🎧related with your host, Rampage the Misfit.
Welcome to the Shield Wall! Here you'll find podcasts covering all varieties of tabletop hobby, background lore, nerdy stuff as a whole, and of course tangents aplenty! We're the funniest people we know, and now, because someone thought it was a good idea to let us have everything we need to make podcasts and leave us unsupervised, we're bringin' the comedy to you! So tune in as we laugh at ourselves, occasionally bicker, and get into endless tabletop shenanigans across multiple different ga ...
Hero or assassin? Victim or criminal? Marie Sukloff fits no easy category. A young peasant woman who became a political radical and activist, Sukloff carried out an assassination plot against a Russian governor known for murderous pogroms and rampages against the Jews of his province. This mesmerizing autobiographical account tells the story of Sukloff's peasant childhood, radicalization, direct action, exile to Siberia, and escape. She tells her story with a colorful verve, sincerity, inten ...
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Some guardsmen get splattered after their radio static starts to make sense
#205: ONE MORE ROUNDI give you some good mental tools and a strong behavioral tactic of change. It is certainly a cognitive fire hose feeding of mental work and enthusiasm aka #CognitiveRampage If no one else is in your corner, than allow me to be and say that I believe in the power of you. I believe you can do what you believe you can do. Hey. ...…
Detectives Tom Lange and Robert Souza discuss the Wonderland murders and give you an inside look into the investigation as it actually happened. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Quip - Get your first refill pack free when you buy a toothbrush at Daily Harvest - Go to and enter promo code LACRIME to ge ...…
In this jam packed episode of Table Takes, Tommy and Ram talk more Trump, more Elon, and the need for newsrooms to be very careful about their implications. Also, Ram talks the thiccness in Incredibles 2. No, really.Tommy Tribble is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rampage, and you can find him on Twitter @tomiiwrites and Instagram @tommylikesit. Ram ...…
John and Jacob give their best rundown of the highlights of this year's E3!
What makes a good tabletop RPG story?
Conspiracy theories on Michael Jackson, Justin Beiber, Kaitlyn Jenner, Anthony Bourdain, Donald Trump, 2016 Elections, and MORE!! The post ProgRam ConsPiracy appeared first on Our Voice Initiative.
MENTAL DOSE #1: FORWARD, ALWAYS Small doses of hope, because a little hope goes a long way. #CognitiveRampage in 5 minutes or less. LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES or STITCHER for Android WATCH LIVE... If no one else is in your corner, than allow me to be and say that I believe in the power of you. I believe you can do what you believe you can do. ...…
LAPD detectives arrest fugitive John Holmes in Miami and bring him back to Los Angeles, where he is charged with the four Wonderland murders. But convicting him will be difficult, since the prosecution’s key witnesses are victim Susan Launius, who can’t remember anything, and two drug addicts with long criminal records. As Detective Lange says, ...…
"Krazy Joe" and Christine are back!! This week the PREDICTION NETWORK looks at a bunch of new trailers How To Train Your Dragon 3 Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and Bumblebee We also discuss some new movies opening this week such as Ocean's Eight, Won't You Be My Neighbor, and Hotel Artemis! We give HIGH FIVE ...…
Jacob asks the important questions. John dies a little inside answering each one.
Content Warning: This week's episode of Table Takes deals with the recent death of Anthony Bourdain, and issues of suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety. That part of the discussion begins at 19:13, and ends at 44:55. Tommy and Ram also discuss the G7 summit and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Tommy Tribble is the Editor-in-Chief o ...…
The dynamic trio prove that Shield Wall at least technically understands the concept of timing
The nerds dive into the deep end with some more Deepkin!
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