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Best Retouching podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Retouching podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Welcome to the PRO EDU Photography Podcast formerly know as the RGG EDU Podcast, where Gary Martin & Rob Grimm talk and drink with your favorite photographers, retouchers, filmmakers, and artists. Everything from commercial, editorial, wedding, portrait, and product, we interview them all. For more info on PRO EDU, visit our website at www.proedu.com or www.rggedupodcast.com to download every season of the podcast from all over the world.We publish episodes weekly on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iT ...
Photoshop Retouching Tutorials
Putting The Golden Touch on Deep House Music!
LUCIMA Podcast
Tune in as we chat with fashion photographers about all things fashion, editorial, beauty, photography and retouching!
Welcome to the FroKnowsPhoto Podcast where we discuss all things Photography. From Nikon to Canon Cameras and all the lenses and accessories for your camera bag. If you are into photography looking to pick up tips, tricks, reviews and our personal views than this is the podcast for you. Please subscribe for the latest episodes.
The Grid is a live talk-show about photography, Photoshop and other industry-related topics. Each week features a different guest (in-studio or online) and viewers are encouraged to chime in on the Liveblog here on KelbyTV.com or via Twitter by adding #TheGridLive to their tweets.
Learn the craft directly from seasoned professional photographers. Join us as award-winning photographers discuss the lessons they’ve learned over the years, as well as tips, tricks, and how they have overcome their mistakes to become respected, ever-advancing professionals in their field.
I'm Bill Wadman, a commercial portrait photographer in New York City with a lot of amazing and accomplished friends. Occasionally I'll record an hour long interview with one of them about what they do, how they got here, and why it's important to them
MAP Systems, among the leading service providers, offering premium quality services in eBook conversion, graphic designing, photo editing, prepress, virtual reality and 3d services for various entities worldwide.
WinBizSolutions is a business process outsourcing company based out of Bangalore, India. We provide support to global clientele in the areas of call center, photo editing, graphic designing and eBook conversion services.
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This is the Daily FRO for November 10th 2019. FroPack 2 is coming, get FroPack 1 on sale before it goes up in price. https://froknowsphoto.com/presets/ In this episode, I talk about self publishing my own photo book. What the costs will be, how it will be printed and ideas for selling it. I also discuss what's going to happen with FroKnowsPhoto ...…
Join us in this short and sweet Marketing Moment as Aaron Nace from Phlearn discusses how referring work to other clients can be a WIN-WIN for everyone! Be ready take notes!By Chamira Young: Photographer in Residence at ProPhotographerJourney.com
One of my earliest NYC friends Dave Keener and I walk through his life like a bass guitar. AND we get to hear Dave play a few of his amazing songs along the way. Links: Dave Keener Website Dave Keener's Music on Bandcamp Them Keener Boy's - "Available Temping Man" Them Keener Boys on BandcampBy Bill Wadman
This is the Daily FRO for October 22nd 2019. I call this "How Much Sony Paid Me" to make a point. The truth about what they paid me is in this episode. Hopefully, this gives you some in-site into what goes into making, creating, distributing and continuing on with content. Enjoy the show.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
In this fascinating episode, we interview Aaron Nace from Phlearn. We discuss how photographers can find their personal style, great ways to find new clients and assignments, and more! Be ready to take notes!By Chamira Young: Photographer in Residence at ProPhotographerJourney.com
To get 96% off our charity event and get over $5,000 worth of tutorials for $154, go to: https://5daydeal.com/ref/PROEDU/Sale ends today! Only 8 hours leftGemmy is a Dutch artist and in this episode Rob and Gary sit down and chat with Gemmy via Skype about her process. Checkout here tutorial at PROEDU.com After she graduated as Goldsmith, she s ...…
This is the Daily FRO for September 16th 2019. In this episode I talk about why I chose the a7R IV over the a9 and my Nikon's. What I was doing on the road and why. And why I think I will be using Sony for the next few years for my personal shooting....maybe. Check out the Photo Story I talked about in this video right here https://jaredpolin.c ...…
MAP Systems provides exceptional quality eCommerce product photo retouching services for enhancing brand identity, boosting sales, etc. Contact us for more details.By mapsystems
Architect AK Naseer is my kind of person. Knowledgeable and a little obsessive just like me. He talks about coming to the US from his home in Saudi Arabia in the 12th grade, his almost complete collection of visits to major Louis Kahn buildings, and nearly convinces me that the Roman orders are something I need to understand. It was a good time.…
This is the Daily FRO for September 3rd 2019. I've made the decision on which camera system I will be taking on my upcoming photo shoot. I think it's the right decision as the right tool for the job is the reason i'm going with what i'm going with.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
This is the Daily FRO for September 1st 2019. The debate continues on as to which system I should take on my upcoming shoot. I've flip flopped 37 times on which direction I should go and why. I can justify both systems but the problem is I have too many choices at the moment. I've never really taken the Sony's on my own personal shoots. Where a ...…
This is the Daily FRO for August 29th 2019. I have a BIG shoot coming up and i'm super torn as to which camera system I should take. I know which one I want to take, but the other one offers me something the one I want to take does not. What are your thoughts? Call or txt me 2674546376 If you didn't see this video where I took $1,000 cash to Al ...…
This is the Daily FRO for August 17th 2019. I made a few insta stories talking about what I think you are if you leave your gear in your car when you get out. The reason I am saying what I am saying is so you think twice when you're about to leave your gear in your car.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
Join us in this marketing moment episode with photography CPA Andrew Jordan. Be ready to take notes!By Chamira Young: Photographer in Residence at ProPhotographerJourney.com
Join us in this fantastic episode with CPA Andrew Jordan. He's one of those number nerds who has the ability to translate numbers into creative terms so that everyone is speaking the same language. Listen into this fascinating episode as he discusses how to put your photography business into a better financial situation, which in turn leads to ...…
This is the Daily FRO for August 7th 2019. So I really messed up today. I deleted a video from YouTube that I thought was doing really bad but in fact I was getting false readings and it turns out it was probably doing really really well. In my desire to want my video to do well (which it was but I didn't think it was), I actually ended up bein ...…
In this episode we are joined with PRO EDU Community member David Parish. Our talk today is focused around why and how people learn, growth mindset, fixed mindset, and multi-tasking. David Parish is the most in-demand photographer in the Southwest region and specializes in high-end portraits for models, headshot, boutiques and salons. Several o ...…
This is the Daily FRO for August 3rd 2019. I got a txt from Sam Green (if you're not sure who he is, I explain it in the podcast). He asked me what I think about a specific cinema camera. I asked him why and he proceeded to tell me he's not happy with the video color from his Sony a7 III. At that point, I needed to have a little talking to with ...…
Join us in this marketing moment episode with author, photographer, filmmaker, and producer Marc Silber discusses how to beat the imposter syndrome! Be ready to take notes!By Chamira Young: Photographer in Residence at ProPhotographerJourney.com
This is the Daily FRO for August 1st 2019. This is a hodge podge of topics that I wanted to get out into the world. Do the people I mention in this podcast bother you, or are you one of them? Call me, txt me 2674546376By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
This is the Daily FRO for August 1st 2019. Get ready to feel your skin tingling with the lovely sounds of ASMR Photography.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
This is the Daily FRO for July 29th 2019 Think and Grow Rich FREE kindle version https://amzn.to/2YvaMAqBy Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
In episode 112 of the PRO EDU Photography & Retouching Podcast we hop on a video call with Vincent Versace to talk gear, printing, and his long career in the photography industry as an educator, author, beta tester, Nikon Ambassador, and all around great human being.Subscribe to this podcast and listen on the go on iTunes: https://hubs.ly/H0jZ_ ...…
In this fascinating interview with photographer, filmmaker, and author Marc Silber, we discuss the process of creativity and why it's SO important to have a purpose in your creative process. We also discuss the "Cycle of Creativity" and how we can make more time for the creative process in our busy schedule.…
This is the Daily FRO for July 25th 2019By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
This is the Daily FRO for July 24th 2019.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
In this episode we invite the living legend, captain of the sea, the Poo-Ba Of Product Photography, Karl Taylor. In our first ever remote video podcast, we sit down with Karl and chat about his life in commercial photography, education, diving, and everything in between. If you would like to watch this interview, visit our Youtube channel at ht ...…
In this final episode of Season 8, PRO EDU sits down with Photographer Oscar May to discuss his career into photography. To download this entire season go to PROEDU.comBy PRO EDU Photography Education
This is the Daily FRO for July 22nd 2019. This is the second episode of the day.By Jared Polin
This is the Daily FRO for July 22nd 2019.By Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
In this episode, I get schooled by fashion designer Eric Gaskins who spend 35 years in the industry. He was trained by Givenchy, he designed for Koos Van Den Akker, and then his own label. Sometime in the early aughts he started the anonymous and notoriously biting fashion blog "The Emperor's Old Clothes" for which he outted himself when he ret ...…
Join us in this marketing moment episode with food photographer Tyler Darden. He discusses 3 steps to build your body of work and get it in front of the right people! Be ready to take notes!By Chamira Young: Photographer in Residence at ProPhotographerJourney.com
Philip Bloom in the house! The man, the myth, and the legend behind some of the best educational gear content online. Phillip is a powerhouse in photography and video and is one of the most influential artists working today. Download this entire season now at PROEDU.comBy PRO EDU Photography Education
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