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Good Morning, RVA!
My goal is to get you everything you need to know to have intelligent conversations with the folks you encounter throughout the day. I make Richmond's news interesting and give you an easy way to collect your thoughts on what's happening around town. Plus, there are jokes!
StudioB RVA
StudioB is a podcast featuring music and events from Richmond, Va and the surrounding region. Hosted and produced by Richmond dj, musician, producer Jay Smack since ’95.
Hope Cast RVA
Conversations On Finding Life
RVA Plugged
with Richy Jones
Hill City RVA
Our message and mission is simply to help connect people to the life giving message of Jesus by giving them a safe place to explore their faith.
Located in Richmond, Virginia, Grove is a multi-generational and multi-cultural church. Our mission is to be transformed by following Jesus while helping others do the same. Whether you are single, married, divorced, young, “not-so-young”, born in the U.S. or not, we have a place for you to connect with others focused on following Jesus… to transform generations and nations. Podcast Summary: Our mission is to see the disconnected become disciples who make disciples resulting in believers who ...
RVA Plays Podcast
RVA's (Richmond, VA) finest gather to talk retro gaming and nostalgia. This communal podcast features frequent guests from the area as we explore our favorite childhood games, memories, top 10's, and what we're playing now. Play along at home with our video game club as we revisit classic games with a new perspective.
The monuments on Monument Avenue are a very controversial topic right now, and we are here to discuss this complicated topic.
RVA Tech Talks
30-min conversations w/ the gurus of RVA's tech scene, including start-up founders, corporate execs, and world-class engineers.
Contributor Podcast: Open Source RVA Tue, 19 Jun 2018 18:58:29 PDT
The AVR Podcast features some of the most interesting people in the city as they talk about what, how, and why they create. Whether it's music, art, or any other form of creativity, I get the full story on how the vision came to be, and how it then became a reality. The primary focus is on underground musicians, innovative artists, and revolutionary creators of all sorts in the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia. This program aims to be a meeting ground for creators and innovators of all t ...
Weekend messages from Christian Life Church in RVA.
A ministry of Redeemer Anglican Church, an Anglican parish in Richmond, Virginia.
Come visit us on Sunday mornings at 9:15am and 11am at 12680 Broad Street Road in Henrico, VA! You can also follow @vertchurch on instagram and twitter or like us at For more information please visit our website at
Two People Podcast
A podcast about Richmond.
The Debate show For BS'ers and Devil's Advocates. Part of the Geeks Under the Influence Podcast Network.
Where we get real with RVA’s outdoors leaders -- 20 feet up a in tree
History Replays Today
The Richmond History Podcast
"Spirited" conversation over a different geeky topic every week! A rotating panel of nerds are ready to discuss your favorite obsessions over drinks. Booze reviews and geeky fan theories abound! Join us or die!
Hosted by Mike Jay, its a 3-hour extravaganza of sports, hip-hop, & urban headlines w/ great hip-hop music, guest interviews, comedy, and all-out fun!
Prose & Cons
We talk to writers about what they write. New episodes air every Monday at 11 am on 97.3 LP-FM WRIR in Richmond, podcast drops at the same time.Stay tuned ~
Coffee with Strangers RVA is your new Monday morning routine. With interviews from fascinating people in Richmond and look ahead at the week's events, Coffee with Strangers will get your week off the right start.You know those people in RVA who we've all followed on social media, liked pictures of their cats, seen them in a crowd and thought, 'Man, I'd like to have coffee with that guy.', well, it's those people who join Kelli Lemon for coffee every Monday, somewhere in Richmond.
Curtain Call
RVA Theatre Critics talk about the area's theatre, including reviews & interviews
Sports Force Live
Broadcasting sports all over the RVA! RadioJennings' Sports Force! Available on iTunes, and Spreaker!
Ironbridge Church
Authentic, growing, connected and generous. We are Ironbridge Church, reaching the greater RVA area with the truth and life of the gospel. Experience real life, experience real love.
RandomRVA Podcast
RandomRVA is all things random, all things Richmond: the town we all just keep falling in love with. Join SQ (@shaynecole) and Courtney (@thekitchentroll) as they try to share their own crazy perspective on what makes RVA weird and awesome.
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How do I get the most out of the Bible?
Lobo Marino, Union Five, Long Arms, Exebelle, Regis, Pete Curry, Deadball, Night Battles, Dismantle The Architect. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
Do you know that difference between RVA and Richmond? Are you familiar with SSSRVA18 (Seersuckers, Sundresses and Sound)? Join the soulful conversation with Frank, Sheila and Jay Nova to get the answers to these questions and more.
Saw Black stops by with Doug Fuller and Pete Curry to play a few songs from his new record "Water Tower". The release show is Saturday, June 16 at Hardywood. Also featured are a few artists he'll be playing with upcoming gigs: David Shultz, Dogwood Tales and Willie De. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContac ...…
RVA on the map?! Cancel Szn continues. Degrassi Reunion! Black Privilege, your next great read!
On Wednesday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) joins Tony to discuss the summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) is here with the details on an
Episode 7 of the All Things Richmond podcast is here! Duke sits down with John Reinhold of RVA Magazine to discuss how he got into the Richmond scene, the growth of RVA Magazine over the years, the purchase of Gay RVA, and his favorite local hotspots. Thanks so much for joining the podcast, John. It was a great conversation!…
We did nothing to cause Jesus to love us. We do nothing to cause Him to keep loving us.
Simple prayers lead to extraordinary answers.
Today's StudioB is the first of the StudioB Live at Red Amp series. Recorded at Red Amp Audio in Richmond, Va. with guitarist, composer, session guy and teacher Anthony Curtis. We talk to Anthony, he plays some guitar and we play tracks from his new record Lyrebird.…
Zombietron, Labradford, Wabeya, Shadow Age, Addy, True Body, A.S.G., Bone Storm, Thunderchief. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
According to Peter’s example, a life fully surrendered to Jesus is fully surrendered regardless of what others might think I first met Gail and Brittney at Ian Bodkin’s Poetry of the Whatnot reading as part of this year’s RVA Lit Crawl and knew immediately that we absolutely had to get them on the show. Brittney Scott has a new collection of poems called The Derelict Daughter, the c ...…
Our aim in this study is to deconstruct each request seeing why it prompted joy in Paul and should do the same in us. Michele’s new novel, Lost in the Beehive, has a lot of buzz! That’s a little bee humor for ya. It was featured in O! Magazine last month and Patricia Smith–acclaimed author of The Year of Needy Girls, co-organizer of the RVA Lit Crawl and, most importantly, previous ...…
The Technical Jed, The Seymores, Anohtony Rosano and The Conqueroos, Tel, JUD, Claim Culture, Transylvania Stud, Emperial March, Asylum 213. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
Join the RVAPlays crew as we discuss the best games from the 7th generation of consoles. The long awaited part 2 of our Final Fantasy IV book club is here! News topics, opinions, and more for your gaming pleasure.
Marcus Tenney, Gabe Churray, Saw Black, Boom, Sau, The North Country, Suppression, Eldritch, American. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
If you described the emotional tone of most of your prayers, what would it be? See if any of these words fit – panicked, scared, frustrated, confused, angry, ambivalent, hurting, doubtful, guarded.” If you’re feeling guilty over this, don’t. Hebrews 5:7 says there were times Jesus prayed “with loud cries and tears.…
Simplicity creates margin for the extraordinary to happen.You won't accidentally be generous. If there's no plan it's not a priority.
Yeni Nostalji, Keilan Creech, Elizabeth Owens, Night Idea, Colin Phils, Vanilla Summit, Bone Storm, Battlemaster, Voarm. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
Simplicity creates margin for the extraordinary to happen. "The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. In other words, your mindset determines your future potential" From "Mindset" by Carol Dweck
Legendary ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta joins Jeff to tell us all about how his upcoming event, Beyond Bodyslams, is ready to take over the RVA! Purchase your tickets here!By Jeff Katz.
Ladies & gentlemen! Welcome back to another episode of RVA Tech Talks! Check out this interview with David Der, AI & ML guru and co-founder of Notch, an ML consultancy start-up which sold to Capital One, where David currently leads a team of engineers within the Center for Machine Learning. This is an amazing episode–one of my favorites yet–so ...…
Scott Clark, Lobo Marino, Post Sixty-Five, Doll baby, Sports Bar, Moniker, Antelope King, Channel 43, Inquisition. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
Joy is one of the more elusive emotions to consistently experience. This is true if you follow Jesus and if you don’t. Followers may be uncomfortable hearing this. But, ask yourself, “Do I always experience the emotional joy Jesus promised?” If honest, none of us do? As followers, we have the capacity to experience a joy unlike those who do not ...…
Blue Yeti Microphone: (where my podcasts are stored): http://spreaker.comPodcast Page: http://passpodcast.comGrimecraft Music: Subscribe to iTunes: might shock people with how brief of a show this is. I am testing it out. Info ...…
Eric Bischoff is headed to the RVA! But not before taking the time to chat with us about what went right and what went wrong for him during his day with the WCW.By Jeff Katz.
Eric Bischoff is headed to the RVA! But not before taking the time to chat with us about what went right and what went wrong for him during his day with the WCW.By Jeff Katz.
Young Scum, Strawberry Moon, Fried Egg, Slump, Nosebleed, HRM, Hewolf, Farquhar, Disintegration. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
Dr. Pernessa Seele talks about fitness physically and spiritually with Pastor Vernon Gordon from The Life Church in Richmond, VA.
If we value relationships we don't just hope they will be strong, we put in the work to make sure they are. Whether you're single, married, dating, or parenting, are YOU appreciating the season of life you're in?
Join the RVAPlays crew as we discuss the rumored Neo Geo mini, upcoming games, and Matt Jordan's #GameStruck4.
ScottClark4Tet, Snow Panda, Ilad, Addy, Scott DuPree Mills, Scott Brookman, Black Acid Ritual, Deadball. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact: GRAND SLAM CHAMP Imani Thompson and PAGE POET SLAM CHAMP and VCU SLAM CAPTAIN Pressman Pressman from The Writer’s Den delight our ears and hearts with their pomes of love and anguish. Ben and Dom are also present. Catch their slams the last Thursday of every month at ...…
It’s been 144 years since Babylon conquered Israel, burnt the walls of Jerusalem and deported the people to Babylon. Now God has resourced the rebuilding of the walls and the nation.
Blue Yeti Microphone: (where my podcasts are stored): http://spreaker.comPodcast Page: Grimecraft Music: Subscribe to iTunes: playoff tree talk continues. Washington wants to make their cheerleader rep ...…
People's Blues of Richmond, Halfcast, Trashed Nation, new Anthony Curtis, Benjamin Shepherd, Shadow Age, U.S. Bastards, Pissing Contest, 3:33. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info: www.studioBrva.comContact:
There is NO manual that comes with your baby! But now!!! You have Sleep From The Start: Online Newborn Course. My Online Newborn Course is designed to help the expecting mom, the new mom, or the mom again. Perfect for babies 0-12 weeks old, this course will help you lay expectations and routines for baby...creating sanity for everyone! This epi ...…
"We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God's good news but our own lives too." 1 Thesselonians 2:8 (NLT)
Bat Boy, Eternal Summers, The Talkies, Lunger, Love Roses, Nine Line, Alluvion, The Goodbye Forevers, Dreadnot. Local and Regional Music out of Richmond, Va. Info:, Contact:
We try to understand the love of God using our understanding of love
Artist, frontman, dad, creative warrior Noah Scalin (aka Captain Orlok) visits StudioB today. We talk about music, art, space, creativity and alternate universes and manage to play a few songs ahead of the League of Space Pirates single release show this Saturday, April 28 at Twisted Ales in Richmond. They're releasing their new single "Impossi ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 50 °F, and serious wind is in the forecast again. Expect temperatures in the upper 60s to be tempered by Big Time Gusts. Water cooler Yesterday, I was confused by the compromise reached with House of Delegates Republicans to expand Medicaid that would lower subsidies to low-income customers while raising subsidies for mi ...…
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