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Good Morning, RVA!
My goal is to get you everything you need to know to have intelligent conversations with the folks you encounter throughout the day. I make Richmond's news interesting and give you an easy way to collect your thoughts on what's happening around town. Plus, there are jokes!
RVA Plays Podcast
RVA's (Richmond, VA) finest gather to talk retro gaming and nostalgia. This communal podcast features frequent guests from the area as we explore our favorite childhood games, memories, top 10's, and what we're playing now. Play along at home with our video game club as we revisit classic games with a new perspective.
RVA Tech Talks
The monuments on Monument Avenue are a very controversial topic right now, and we are here to discuss this complicated topic.
Hope Cast RVA
Conversations On Finding Life
StudioB RVA
Interviews, live performances and music from local and regional artists out of Richmond, Va.
Prose & Cons
We talk to writers about what they write. New episodes air every Monday at 11 am on 97.3 LP-FM WRIR in Richmond, podcast drops at the same time.Stay tuned ~
Full Disclosure
A Roben Farzad production
Two People Podcast
A podcast about Richmond.
Contributor Podcast: Open Source RVA Fri, 14 Dec 2018 17:47:50 PST
Conversations with individuals around the world challenging the status quo in education. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Conscious Kingdom
Conscious Kingdom creates an outlet to bridge the gap between spiritual, social consciousness and today's current society. Our products promote spirituality and the elevation of the internal vibration. We also promote love and respect of Kemetic & traditional African symbolism while thriving in the current trends we all know and love today Conscious Kingdom's purpose is to restore the sense of community and cohesion amongst our people and promote knowledge of self, true history and pride in ...
Curtain Call
RVA Theatre Critics talk about the area's theatre, including reviews & interviews
Called together for the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ
Join the "Knights of the Round Table" (KOTRT) aka as we interview interesting people of all walks of life. Our mission is to bring entertaining and educational uninterrupted. unscripted, unedited and unfiltered conversation to our subscribers. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do as we journey on this path of discovery.
Join the "Knights of the Round Table" (KOTRT) aka as we interview interesting people of all walks of life. Our mission is to bring entertaining and educational uninterrupted. unscripted, unedited and unfiltered conversation to our subscribers. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do as we journey on this path of discovery.
A show where we talk about things we like, why we like them, and what we like about them.
The AVR Podcast features some of the most interesting people in the city as they talk about what, how, and why they create. Whether it's music, art, or any other form of creativity, I get the full story on how the vision came to be, and how it then became a reality. The primary focus is on underground musicians, innovative artists, and revolutionary creators of all sorts in the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia. This program aims to be a meeting ground for creators and innovators of all t ...
Come visit us on Sunday mornings at 9:15am and 11am at 12680 Broad Street Road in Henrico, VA! You can also follow @vertchurch on instagram and twitter or like us at For more information please visit our website at
Geeks Under the Influence Network is home of GUI Podcast, Smashtalk, Beautiful Disasters, GUI Pre-Cap, Geekfather, & Smack My Pitch Up.More coming soon! #GUIpodcast #GUInetwork
We feature Socially Conscience talk that's Entertaining with a Dash of Humor. If you are looking for a Fresh, Brutally Honest but fun show, then you've found it!
Da Black Top Radio
Hosted by Mike Jay, its a 3-hour extravaganza of sports, hip-hop, & urban headlines w/ great hip-hop music, guest interviews, comedy, and all-out fun!
Endless Bummer
Endless Bummer is a comedy podcast featuring Mike Engle and all the crazy and talented artists, creatives, musicians, and comics of Richmond, Virginia.Mike is also a toddler when it comes to to performing and creating stand-up comedy (4 years)! If you are too, listen and learn as he learns from veterans and newbies alike. We're all in this together!Great ready for a lot of silliness, some seriousness, and even more bummer-inducing laughing times ahead! Keeping RVA chill since 2014.Listen and ...
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from Joey Schlager of the Richmond Realty Team- your professional Richmond Real Estate Agents.
Hot Grease
Mondays at 3:30PM EST Hot Grease is a food culture radio show where the American South and your local food intersects. As host, Nicole A. Taylor reminds people what's great about food: reclaiming culinary traditions & celebrations, cooking at home and eating as a political act. Her show highlights the rising leaders in the good food world, from chefs to bloggers to urban gardeners. For more information visit Georgia native Nicole A. Taylor has been an artisan candy make ...
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Advent Series: Peace is something we all want, but also seems to be something that can quickly elude us all as well. Today Pastor Dennis looks at a story about Jesus and His disciples in a storm and how they lost their peace. However, more importantly, how Jesus helped them gain it back. Check out this message on great practical tips to regain ...…
Advent Series: True hope in the life of the believer is not vague generalized wishing or even just wishful thinking! Hope is the joyful expectation that what God has promised in His Word is truth or fact and with confidence we can believe in them and look forward to their visible reality. Check out this message on finding hope in difficult situ ...…
New You Series: Oh the impact of attitude! How often do we as human beings experience great struggles with our attitudes? There is a story in the Bible of when King David did something pretty remarkable to deal with attitudes. Check out this message on how honor becomes the antidote for attitudes.
New You Series: Stress is something everyone deals with in life. The problem with stress is that the more you have the more you seem to get! What does the Bible say about handling stress? Check out this message on how core values counter the impacts of stress.
New You Series: We all have experienced pain in life and no matter how great or small that pain it can make life difficult. What does the Bible have to say about pain? Is it something to be embraced, rebuked, or ignored? Or is there a better approach that God wants us to have? Check out this message on Managing Pain in our New You Series.…
New You Series: Are you dealing with anxiety in your life? Does the Bible have anything to say about how we should manage stress and anxiety? You might be surprised just how clear of a message it provides in helping us with these all too common human struggles. Check out this message from Pastor Kyle on Managing Anxiety.…
New You Series: Have you ever felt like you were at war with yourself? Walking out our faith can feel really difficult at times, especially when it seems like our bodies are not cooperating. Do you wish you could take control of your body? Check out this message on how to Manage My Outside for some tips on how to do just that.…
New You Series: Have you ever noticed how emotions are such a large part of our lives, but also can create such negative impact as well? Where do emotions come from? Are they learned, hardwired, or something else? Also, is there anything we can do to manage our emotions, or the reactions they create? Check out this message on what the Bible say ...…
New You Series: In Matthew 25 Jesus reminds his disciples that this life is temporary, and it is important for us to be ready while we are waiting for the return of Christ. Then Jesus brings a twist to the story when He shares the parable of the talents. Not only are we waiting for Jesus' return, but what we do while we are waiting matters. Che ...…
There is so much bad news in the world that life can seem quite overwhelming. Throughout the world, in the lives of people, and seemingly even in the church there appears to be struggle. However, what if things aren't always as they seem? What if you aren't losing ... but winning? Listen to hear more.…
Isn't it interesting how hindsight is almost always 20/20? What if God wants to help us see things in ways we have never seen them before? Check out this inspirational message from Pastor Suzanne Lacheney about seeing straight.
Have you ever felt out of control? Have you ever looked at the list of the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians and thought, "I hope I can get a few of those right"? Is self-control even possible for us as human beings? Check out this message to find out.
In our What If series we look at several questions that relate to our personal vision and relationship with God. What if I knew God's will for my life? Does God even have a destiny for me? What is God's will for me? Listen to hear how we should respond to these important questions.
What keeps us from pursuing God with our whole heart? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Check out this final message in the Blessed Life series to get insight on surrendering our lives wholeheartedly to God.
How easy is it for the money topic to be the quickest pathway to draining the joy right out of a thought, emotion, or conversation. What is it about money that can rob us of joy so quickly? Maybe it's not about money directly, but some important things connected to our money. Check out this message on finding joy concerning our finances.…
Generosity has always been a huge part of the character of God, and He loves when His kids lock on to the powerful impact of the force of generosity in how we live our lives. Check out this inspirational message on the impact of G-Force.
One of the first questions people ask as it relates to God and money is about tithing? Is it still for today? Is it Old Testament Law? How should we see it? Maybe tithing shouldn't be the first question. Maybe if we deal with first things first, everything else will make sense. Check out this message to learn more.…
In August we tackle our final book of the Summer Reading series; The Blessed Life by Robert Morris. Today, Pastor Dennis shares some thoughts on how the work of the gospel happens inside out in our lives. God designed this life to function inside of certain rules and principles, and when we allow our lives to align with those principles we allo ...…
Youth Camp just wrapped up and they brought the Jesus party back home with them this Sunday. Check out this final message in our Last Arrow series as Pastor Paul talks about what we need to let go of. You will be inspired ... check it out!
Our special guest, Pastor Nathan Finochio, delivered a powerful and inspiring message on the importance of knowing the Word, believing it, and applying it. Check it out ... and take your pills!
How often do seemingly small decisions impact unbelievably huge situations and opportunities in our lives? Today Pastor Dennis looks at a powerful exchange between King Joash and the Prophet Elisha. Check out this inspiring message on the importance of choosing wisely.
We begin a new book in our summer reading series called, The Last Arrow, by pastor and author Erwin McManus. In today's message Pastor Kyle introduces the series with a challenging thought about life dreams. Dreams and goals are good things, but when good things become "ultimate" things, then they can produce bad consequences in our lives. Chec ...…
As we wrap up our Summer Reading series on The Bait of Satan, Pastors Dennis & Suzanne spend some time tackling a few key questions that come up when dealing with offense. Do I have to forgive if they don't ask forgiveness? What if I am offended with God? How do I reconcile offense with believers? Check this message out on some insightful and p ...…
Isn't it interesting how sometimes we only have one half, or one version, of a story when people share their offense? Today, Pastor Randy Webb shares about his own journey and brings an inspiring message about The Rest of the Story.
In our Summer Reading series we are presently working through the book The Bait of Satan by John Bevere. In today's message Pastor Dennis tackles the age-old problem we run into when offense causes us to cloud, cut, and curse others, when God has called us to believe, build, and bless. Check it out!
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