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Best Sea To Sky Squadron podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Sea To Sky Squadron podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Number 1 Canadian X-Wing Podcast
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Devon joins us again for a bit to talk about X-Wing quickly before spending the majority of the episode talking the first two episodes of The MandalorianBy Sea to Sky Squadron
It's that time of the year! We chat about the new trailer and talk about some potential leaks that were seen online.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam returns from Worlds to tell tales of his successes and failuresBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Kris comes back on to talk all things Nantex, game balance, Podcasters and the community, prize money, and of course Worlds predictionsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Mark from X-Wing Junkies joins us to talk the new FAQ, the Foresight wording, and what to expect at WorldsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Oh god dammit. We're back unfortunately. Devon joins us to talk Canadian Nationals, possible NPE, and a Best of Canada tournament?By Sea to Sky Squadron
Oh boy this one is a doozy. Happy Canada Day! In celebration of all things Canadian, we have too many guests on this episode. Starting out we have Mark from X-Wing Junkies, Andrew and Jared from Natties, Isaac from... well it's Isaac, Adam and Marc. Next up is Bruno from Millénium Condor Baladodiffusion and Marc. The third segment brings in Kri ...…
Adam reports back from his time at the Seattle System Open and brings an interview along with him. We have another listener submitted list to discuss. There's some point change speculation and leaked card talks too.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam returns to the show to talk about Hyenas, 4 K-Wings, #Content and #ClickbaitBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Andrew and Jared from Natties, a new Canadian X-Wing podcast, are on to talk about the current X-Wing state of affairsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc report in LIVE from the Wet Coast GT 2019 Hyperspace Trails. Find out which host will brag non-stop, about placing higher than the other, for the foreseeable future.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Devon joins Marc in talking about his recent stretch of losses with his hyperspace list. Oh Wave 5 was announced too. There was that trailer for Episode 9 as well. The back half of the podcast is all about news from Star Wars Celebration so be aware of spoilers there. Shoot any lists you would want us to try out and comment on, or any general q ...…
Adam and Marc go over the last two tournaments they went to in preparation for hyperspace. Shoot any lists you would want us to try out and comment on, or any general questions, to seatoskypodcast@gamil.com We have a YouTube now if anyone wants to listen that way. Check it outBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Devon is back! He's here to talk about wave 3 and how he got an invite to Worlds. We also have a listener list from Brian from New Jersey, which we tested and discussed. If you want to send us a list to try out, or any other reasons you want to e-mail us, do so at seatoskypodcast@gmail.com. Sorry for Devon's audio, I did what I could :(…
Chris 'Chico' Brown joins Marc to clear up the confusion he had regarding the Community Rules document brought up in the previous episode.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc are joined by Rikki to talk about all the hitsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
We chat about the most recent preview article, a few games we have played with Hyperspace lists, and start getting into the recent announcement of a community ruling. Also some brief talk about doing whatever it takes to win.By Sea to Sky Squadron
We have mega superstar Calen on to talk to us about his win at the Toronto System Open! We quickly skim through a bunch of Wave 3 and 4 articles. We got some practicing to do before the Hyperspace.By Sea to Sky Squadron
After recording for an hour and nothing to show, we try again to talk about the recent released point changes. Also looks like Organized Play has been reworked to be less confusing, so listen to us be confused. Oh also Devon is back on... mehBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc talk about local tournaments, Canadian Hyperspace locations, and 100% correct meta predictions.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Heyyyyy. This time we play some catch up and talk about the Resistance A Wing, the Mining Guild Tie, Hyperspace Formats and Wave 2 PointsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
This episode was recorded and released on Adam's Birthday! Also we have been doing this podcast for a year! How crazy is that!? We talk about system open prizes and gush all about wave 3.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam is back baby! X WING NEWS! YAY! We catch up on the X-Wing news that's happened over the last month. Enjoy!By Sea to Sky Squadron
Marc brings the podcast back from a couple weeks off due to sickness and power issues. Derek from Mobile Suit Gundam Flightpath is on to talk about his conversion of X-Wing to Gundam. Plus just Gundam talk in gerneral, cause there's not enough of that already. Check out this link to see the 3D printed peg replacements Derek mentioned on the pod ...…
Just Marc this time around with Devon and Kristjan from out east to talk about the upcoming Prototype Toronto League, Bombers in 2.0, Punishers in 2.0, and just general 2.0 talk. If you're interested in attending the PTL check out www.flycasual.ca And if you have any questions for us, shoot us an e-mail at Seatoskypodcast@gmail.com Have a good one!…
Jason and Matt join us today to talk about the updated rules reference and faqs, recent games we played, anime, and repaints. Shoot us an e-mail at seatoskypodcast@gmail.com if you have any questions for usBy Sea to Sky Squadron
New Edition! New Podcast! It's the first episode of a whole new podcast that you've never listened to before. This time it's professional and amazing and well edited and Adam doesn't make a ton of noise with candy wrappers. Just kidding! It's still terrible. Though x-wing is good now! We just had our first 2.0 tournament so listen to us talk ab ...…
It is the end of 1.0. It is dead. FOREVER. End of an era. RIP. Goodbye.By Sea to Sky Squadron
We talk about the Asmodee Canada issues then go into talking about the 2.0 games we played recently. Then we talk about some lists we've made but haven't tested. Turns out 2.0 is a ton of fun!By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc talk about the last 1.0 tournament in the area, Boba Fett in 2.0, and just some other stuff I guess. I don't really remember what we talked about already.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Get your prequel memes ready! We talk about the two new factions in 2.0 along with the new spoiled cards for the Resistance and First Order! And what's this!? A new TIE Figher!?!?! Also we run down some of the more interesting things out of the rules reference for 2.0By Sea to Sky Squadron
John and Nigel join us to talk about the 2.0 tournament formats, which Marc is making overly complicated. More importantly, FFG released point costs for 2.0 ships and upgrades. Time to dust off your models and play some games.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam comes second at a Store Championship. Listen as he recounts all his games. Marc also earns all the prizes! Adam calls Nigel and it's embarrassing.By Sea to Sky Squadron
We talk about the 2.0 conversion kit unboxings and we have technical issues and interruptions. Who wants to edit things? I don't!By Sea to Sky Squadron
Marc is in love with Reaprs, but it turns out everyone else is too. Scum Falcon was shown off as well! Also Star Wars movie rants. So much love.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Uhhhhh There's some cool info but not a lot to say about it. OH WELL. Next week should be better.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Marc cries over his dead harddrive and lost episodes and Adam is hung over. Also 2.0 Rebel convesion kit leaks, new Kit prizes and store champs prizesBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Ee returns from Worlds to chat to us about the experience. Also we run through some of the more exciting things shown off during FFG's conversion kit unboxing stream.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc played a quick demo game of 2.0.By Sea to Sky Squadron
NOTE:This is the fixed version, old one had desynced audio TWO POINT OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Devon from PTL joins us to talk all things 2.0, including our podcastBy Sea to Sky Squadron
We talk about how great Target Lock For Hunger was and the new X-Wing preview article. Plus we rant about NERDS.By Sea to Sky Squadron
There's still not a ton to talk about. Marc tries to keep it X-Wing or Star Wars related but Adam and Nigel keep making things worse. At least worlds is soon right?By Sea to Sky Squadron
Hey we actually have some news to talk about... Kinda. Plus a store kit and Target Lock For Hunger stuff.By Sea to Sky Squadron
The usual gang ranks their favourite characters and showsBy Sea to Sky Squadron
Just a quick update on the podcast.By Sea to Sky Squadron
We are back after a week off. And this time Isaac joins us from New Brunswick to talk alternate formats, TO rulings, and more!By Sea to Sky Squadron
One of the best players in the region, Ee joins us to talk about how he got so damn good so fast.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc make excuses about why they weren't in Seattle. Top 32 of Seattle is briefly talked. Wave 14 is recapped. Some Rebels and Legion talk too.By Sea to Sky Squadron
Adam and Marc are joined again by Nigel to talk about the new wave, toy fair news, music genres. Also Devon and Tim pop on to talk about the PTL Worlds Party Bus - Click here for Party Bus PageBy Sea to Sky Squadron
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