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Chicago's Home for X-Wing News, Strategy, & Entertainment.
"A modern look at our retro lifestyle." Hosts:, Anil Sharma, Josh Whittall & Rob Williams A Member of the Star Wars Commonwealth Network of podcasts. Generation X-Wing is not just a Star Wars podcast. We also take a fun look back at the pop culture that defines our generation. We cover everything: comics, movies, TV, toy collecting, conventions, and of course.... Star Wars! Give us a listen! 5 star and subscribe! Dont forget to visit us on: Facebook, (Generation X-Wing) twitter: (@genxwing) ...
A Podcast about everything competitive X-Wing related. Meta talk, List and Rules discussion, and anything in between.
Recorded in an undisclosed starship hangar, these three pilots try to give back to the X-Wing community by providing interesting topics for veterans to rookies. Ships, local meta news, tournament dates and strategies are included in the discussion as Franch, Gordon and Mikhail remind everyone to have fun, fly casual but always remember to....Stay On Target!
Monthly Australian X-Wing Miniatures podcast.
HitHitCrit Podcast
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Podcast based in Cape Town, South Africa.First Star Wars X-Wing Podcast on the African Continent!
The ForceCast's Sabacc Table is a podcast covering all aspects of Star Wars gaming, including video games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and more. Each episode covers the latest Star Wars gaming news, as well as in-depth discussions on how to get the most out of your gaming experience.
Winging It Episodes
Hosted by Dan Barnes and Stephen Green, the Winging It podcast covers the X-Wing Miniatures Game as well as many other tabletop games.
A X-Wing Miniature focused podcast coming to you from sunny Queensland.
Welcome to the Fly Better Podcast, the best source to become an Ace Pilot! Every week Dee, Ryan, and Dallas bring you the latest news, tips, and deep dives into the world of X-Wing Miniatures. Awarded the Best US X-Wing podcast at the 2018 Goldies. Now with 2 out of 3 hosts having won a Regional. Skreeeeeee!
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The H28 Digital Network
Chatter Squadron
Chatter Squadron is a weekly Star Wars podcast. We discuss news, theories and the history of the franchise! Check us out on our instagram! @ChatterSquadron
Carolina Krayts
An X-Wing Miniatures Game Podcast hosted by the Carolina Krayts. Based out of North Carolina, the hosts Ben Keller, Chris Allen, and Tyler Barnett talk about things sometimes related to X-Wing.
Carolina Krayts
An X-Wing Miniatures Game Podcast hosted by the Carolina Krayts. Based out of North Carolina, the hosts Ben Keller, Chris Allen, and Tyler Barnett talk about things sometimes related to X-Wing.
You favorite X-wing Podcast brought to you by The Heroic 28s
A podcast about the Wiz Kids tabletop game, Star Trek Attack Wing
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Franch and Mikhail attempt to host the show on their own without their fearless leader, Gordon. But don’t worry, they are joined by Mark Moriarity from Hangar 19 to discuss the hyperspace trial that happened this past weekend in Louisville where Franch proved no practice is the best practice. The guys also talk about the hyperspace meta and the ...…
With Freddie Prinze Jr. talking about Star Wars being made for the children of each generation in his rant with All Things Comedy. We wanted to pose this question to ourselves, and the listeners. What would a Star Wars movie for adults look like. What Would a Rated-R Star Wars Look Like? Would it be released in the theaters, or is it something ...…
With Dee returning, the Flyboys take this final week before worlds to breakdown recent Grand Championship and Hyperspace results. No timestamps this week as it's all recap. With special guest Daniel Lim!
Episode 34 - Struts; Don't leave home without themBy ImperialPropagandaRadio@gmail.com.
It was a busy week so we decided to talk about what excites us: - Triple Force Friday - Star Wars News re: Kevin Feige - Star Wars comics news - Outer Rim Rookie charity Challenge Coins - for the BCCHF - Extraordinary Men of Cosplay Instagram - Peaky Blinders - "By Order of the Peaky Blinders" Podcast - The joker movie and the controversy surro ...…
Disclaimer: Our blooper this week has multiple instances of uncensored curse words, If you have young ears listening please be aware. Join us this week as we talk rules, the Nantex, and Worlds!
**Episode contains course language** It is the long awaited look back at the 1987 Mel Brooks Sci-fi parody "Spaceballs". We delve into the memorable characters, hilarious scenes and little known facts about the movie. We also examine, "Does Spaceballs hold up over time?"
With the 2019 World Championships only a couple weeks away, the Flyboys breakdown the First Order, Resistance, Republic, and Separatists! The top contenders of each faction are discussed as well as a few fringe options. Helpful tournaments tips are sprinkled throughout as well. [00:05:00] First Order [00:35:00] Resistance [00:57:00] Republic [0 ...…
It’s time for the Jedi to end… but how would we rebuild the order from here? Join us this week as we try to put ourselves in the sand filled shoes of Rey, and build a new team of Force sensitives. We also discuss what the listeners would do to reform the Jedi… if they think they should or not. . . .Support Us!https://www.patreon.com/ChatterSqua ...…
This week the Flyboys begin worlds prep by breaking down the original three factions. What toys do they have available to them? How can you fight back against the Nantex menace? What are the top faction archetypes and how are they vulnerable? All that and more is dissected and discussed! [00:07:00] Rebel Faction Breakdown [00:37:00] Empire Fact ...…
George calls in towards the end of the show (and it’s definitely, really George) to weigh in on the comments of Bob Iger in his book. We also discuss what type of content we may be able to expect from Kevin Feige as he joins the Star Wars team! Plus a rant from Tyler. . . .Support Us!https://www.patreon.com/ChatterSquadron Watch Us! Youtube: Ch ...…
No Shoes? No Shirt? No Problem! Enjoy our look back at one of Anil's favorite movies of all time "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" as we continue our "Back to school" extravaganza.... (does 2 episodes qualify as an extravaganza?) We also share some stories from our times in high school back in the 80s.... AWESOME!…
With worlds fast approaching guests Raithos and Mitch Hurst join the podcast to talk about the new Rules Reference update, as well as their impressions of the Meta moving forward. [00:00:00] Intros [00:06:00] Rules Reference [00:50:00] Worlds Meta Talk Fly Better!
. . .Support Us!https://www.patreon.com/ChatterSquadron Watch Us! Youtube: Chatter Squadron Facebook: Chatter Squadron - A Star Wars Podcast Follow Us! Instagram: @ChatterSquadron Twitter: @ChatterSquadron Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you find great podcasts!
The Nantex is out, is it all that it's been cracked up to be?
It's back to school and we take a look at some of our favorite schools in TV and movies. From Bayside to Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters..... and everything in-between we pick our Top 5. What are your favorite schools? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Community submitted lists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aktR2mrh7e7bYNuYyzsmLeI9o-qDeJ8iIWwwExFTBG4/edit?usp=sharing
This week the Flyboys bring on Tom Harper, of Imperial Propaganda fame to talk about the Oceanic Team Championships! After enthralling tales from the land down under the group analyzes the points for the new Wave V ships! [00:00:00] Intros [00:05:00] Oceanic Team Championships [00:49:00] Wave V Points Breakdown Fly Better!…
This episode is brought to you by ACME Archives Direct. Check out their website for brand new limited edition prints. We have *insert names here* Grab some official art to spice up your home decor! ==== Masters in the Force sometimes seem like a dime a dozen, who would you wish to be your master? Then we discuss: Who would we want as a master? ...…
Episode 33 - 10000 Moments of GeniusBy ImperialPropagandaRadio@gmail.com.
In this short episode, Dayo Williams and Rob head to the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC to watch the Retro Wave band "The Midnight". We review the concert, and give a rundown on how "The Midnight" demonstrates a strong retro feel in all their music.... something these Gen X-ers really identify with. Go to generationxwing.com to find out mo ...…
As X-Wing fans eagerly await their fresh new Nantex and Republic Y-Wings, the Flyboys take a little look back at the Wave IV meta. With plenty of data to crunch (courtesy of Pink Brain Matter), Ryan and Dee look at the current state of the game. This includes a major Hyperspace Faction breakdown to benefit all those still hoping to do well at t ...…
The life of a Bounty Hunter isn’t all shootouts and nodding at ladies! Join us this week as we dive into the struggles, and benefits of being one of these space cowboys. Not only do we come up with our own Bounty Hunter personas, but we get a call from Boba Fett himself! Hear the heated words he has to say about The Mandalorian, and what makes ...…
Euros, Nantex, Australia, and Nationals are all on the table for discussion this week. Join us!
We are back to discuss all the amazing new releases announced in the last few weeks of August. - Disney Plus shows (She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight) - Joker trailer - Matrix 4 - Spiderman moving homes - Master of the Universe from Kevin Smith We also discuss, is anything ever "over" in movies and TV?…
The first ever Australian System Open and the first US Grand Championship took place this past weekend and the Flyboys are here to break them down! The Aus System Open Runner up Akhter Khan and Nova Champion David Kelley join us to look at the Top 8 squads from each event and what it means for the Meta moving forward. Then the groups talks abou ...…
D23 has come and it brought a dirth of jaw-dropping new visuals for the Mandalorian and Episode 9, aong with news about the Clone Wars, and the reveal we've all been waiting for. We take some time to explore which character could have been the most surprising, or influential turn to evil. Then a special take on the Kenobi show from a reliable G ...…
D23 is done but we are still buzzing about all the Star Wars news that came out. We examine The Mandalorian trailer, Rise of the Skywalker sizzle reel, the official announcement of Kenobi and the news that Disney Plus is coming to Canada. Also on the show we discuss Anil's trip to France and all the cool pop culture stuff he saw.…
Ep. 122 - Floor Rules and World Tour Update
We are joined again by Knight of the Commonwealth, and 501st member Steve "Hosenose" Lewis to talk about the 1976 Sci-Fi classic, "Logan's Run". We examine its style, music, and of course the story. How does this hold up today?
Dee has returned as one of the BEST members of team USA! He recounts his various matchups, best moments, worst moments, and a few other surprises. Then the Flyboys breakdown the Top 8 lists of the European Continental Championship, German Nationals, and Canadian Nationals. [00:00:00] Intros [00:02:00] ETC [01:00:00] European Continental Champio ...…
Gordon, Mikhail, and guest Ryan Fleming discuss the typical things you'd expect on a show that's about X-Wing, but we all know why Ryan is there, right? You'll know when it's time to stop listening if you don't care about the inevitable Pittsburgh Steelers sportsball talk. Sorry, no timestamps either. Failing to write down the time stamps is wh ...…
With Anil still in France, we are joined by fellow 501st and Knight of the Commonwealth movie, Steve "Honenose" Lewis. We take a look back at the 1979 Disney movie "The Black Hole" Was this Disney's answer to Star Wars or just an attempt to create a more edgier SciFi movie. We examine the style, the characters, the music, the special effects an ...…
This week the pirate captain himself, Richard White (otherwise known as Kelvan Tiberius) joins us! Dee talks a bit more about his experience in Buenos Aires, a few surprising Hyperspace Trials results are discussed, and the Fireball + Vonreg's TIE are previewed! [00:00:00] Intros [00:05:00] Buenos Aires Open [00:22:00] Hyperspace Trails [00:54: ...…
Welcome to the first of the Chatter Squadron Guides. In this short series, key, concepts of Star Wars like The Force, Lightsabers, and many other topics that define The Galaxy will be discussed in depth by host Mike Calhoun, and a man Tyler met on the bus, Mason Mallowny. . . . Watch Us! Youtube: Chatter Squadron Facebook: Chatter Squadron - A ...…
Episode 32 - Sending out an SOSBy ImperialPropagandaRadio@gmail.com.
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