Best Sober comedy podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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Stone Cold Sober Podcast features Sandy and Reza sitting down to discuss what it's like to be growing up in today's society and culture. Sandy and Reza bring two different sets of views and experiences to the Stone Cold Sober Podcast; Sandy is a single 28 year old in the tech industry living in the big city, while Reza is a happily married PhD student in bioinformatics. Together, they discuss life events they're going through, funny and emotional stories they have, and their feelings about t ...
A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.
Mean and Sober
John Gregory (a large bully) and Ethan Moore (a medium-size recovering addict) are comedians in Miami who are decidedly un-PC. They give you a no-holds-barred anarchist take on politics, the culture wars, the alt-right, and the alt-left. Cucks welcome!
Righteous and Ratchet is a podcast where KevOnStage and Doboy talk about everything and nothing at the same time.
A podcast ran by childhood friends giving you honest opinions on day to day topics. Follow the podcast on IG and Twitter @dwstpodcast. Follow the hosts on Twitter @RobbyVeliDaDon @Tee_Meekss
Mean and Sober
John Gregory (a large bully) and Ethan Moore (a medium-size recovering addict) are comedians in Miami who are decidedly un-PC. They give you a no-holds-barred anarchist take on politics, the culture wars, the alt-right, and the alt-left. Cucks welcome!
Would you like to hear retired alcoholic/junkie and comedian John Rabon discuss his week and touch on various aspects of sobriety? Well, here you go.
Designated Drinker
Does alcohol really make movies better? Or does it actually make things much, much worse? Emily Cowles-Naja and Morgan Williams embark on a quest to find out. Each week one host downs (at least) an entire bottle of wine and the other stays sober and hopes for the best. Join us as we discuss movies we half-remember as being good when we were kids while one of us is drunk and the other is stone-cold sober.
DMST Podcast
Welcome to the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast!! Join @DJBrainstorm4u, @therealbigdev216, and @Playboydadj weekly as they bring you their take on life, relationships, culture, music and more on a weekly basis. Everything presented from the black male's point of view. At times offensive...At times off the wall...At times crazy...But always 100% real. When other podcasts talk sh*t we talk real life!! Rock with us!!
Ian Fidance is an NYC based comedian who has ADD and likes to talk. Wild World is a comedy podcast that interestingly isn't always funny, but funnily enough is always interesting. Will he call an old friend to spin some yarns? Talk to a niche member of the ska music community? Accidentally overshare and ramble? Or will he call his mom Gail to check in? Who knows! Only one way to find out! By listening. That's how you find out.
Little Miss Addict
A lighthearted look at addiction - interviews with recovering addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, food addicts, shopaholics, gamblers, debters, overeaters, underearners, compulsive clutterers, codependents, workaholics, and professionals about their obsessive minds and the tools they use to calm the crazy and harness their habits. This podcast isn't about the gore and horrors of addiction. It's about the creativity, bad decisions, and hysterical situations we find ourselves in - clean and sober.
He’s drunk, I’m not... we talk movies, music and things about stuff
A podcast dedicated to bringing you laughter. Laughter heals like medicine. So, consider us drug dealers.Social Media Stuff:Facebook: Travis O'Neil & Zach Yuhas on all social media platforms as well!
Welcome to our podcast! We talk about........anything! Come hangout while you listen to us talk about anything while being drunk. Yes, we get very drunk on every episode. Feel free to tell us your opinions and we will tell you why we don't care. #myatrociouscollectionpodcast Become a supporter of this podcast:
Highly Sober
Inspiration. Motivation. Music & Comedy. Life Discovery. Stories. Discussions. Helping Your Passion Set Sail. | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Mr BarKeep is a has tended bars from England to Frankfort, from New York to New Orleans. Your favorite bar is ready now, anywhere you are.
It's the most sober conversation you could ask for from the least sober team in podcasting. Oz Longworth and D. Randle deliver a black ass cheat sheet to the week in foolishness.
Sober cynics Dara and Kenny tell tales of murder and mystery in West Michigan.
Join Manny, Mikey, and Joey, three fans of pro wrestling from NYC, as they cover past shows from Japan, feuds and eras, and bios. Formerly Dramatic Drunk Team.
Mad Laughter
Surreal. Too Real. Comedy. Laughter.Hosted by comedian Sean HatfieldMusic: Sober Stoner, Anthony E. Tagle "Looking Good"
Now We're Drunk
The drinking podcast that has 30 min of sober interview, then off mic we and our guest that week complete an alcohol power hour, then come back for another 30 min of drunk interview.
Almost 30
Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday to hear our honest conversations about topics like wellness, entrepreneurship, spirituality & self-development. IT’S REAL, IT’S RAW AND IT’S UNFILTERED. Inspired by our transition from our twenties to our thirties we realized it’s so much more than that. Almost 30’s mission is to provide you with the tools & motivation you need to propel your personal growth and to navigate any transition in your life. We are an online and offline space wh ...
Syndicated radio star Angela Yee talks sex and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. Join her and her friends each week as they coax stars into revealing their most intimate from the bedroom. It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before.
The Army of Drunks
The Army of Drunks Talking Funny Podcast Experience! "We're just getting loaded..." Do you remember the golden age of talk shows? We don’t. We were too damn young back then. But we’ve seen the tapes, and there once was a magical time when both the hosts and the guests “tied a few on” before going on camera to entertain America with things they probably wouldn’t have said if they were sober. At the Army of Drunks, we’re bringing that drunken time back! Sit back and listen to four inebriated h ...
Clever Name Podcast is a comedy podcast with immature, offensive, grotesque topics and idiotic games. Hosted by two guys who don't know what their doing but every once and awhile stumbles into a joke.
We are a Raider Nation podcast recorded on game days from a Raider bar in the great city of Chicago. 1st half is discussion before the game the second half is after with you supergroovy hosts Darkstar Mike, Ringmaster Todd and the venerable Papa Raider. We hope to be just sober enough so as to be coherent.
Dungeons and Designated Dragons (DnDD) is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure podcast that follows four canonically and sincerely drunk party members and their dutifully sober designated Dungeon Master. Episodes are released biweekly on Sundays!
True Story Comedy Podcast
A former megachurch pastor leaves religion behind to rid himself of the exclusivity created by its dogmas in order to open himself up to learn from the lives, stories, and experiences of everyone else. To prove we are more alike than we think and we can all get along no matter what we believe. Topics range via guest's experiences growing up in religious homes, where Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Secularism, Judaism, Hinduism, Tao, Heathenism, Satanism, Wicca and all forms of dogmas and ideo ...
The Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder Podcast from 720 WGN
This the nonsense we talk when ain't nobody sensible or sober enough around to tell us... PACK IT IN.
Whiskey Dribble
Semi sober conversations to help us both get through the week.
Good Chat Comedy
Good Chat Comedy Club is a no holds barred trio, made up of Jake, Nat and Cale, three idiots focused on showcasing Brisbane's up and coming comic talent. Nothing ever goes to plan, and nobody ever sobers up. Listen as three half-pissed morons interview (and waste the time of) up and coming Australian comedians.
High On Film
Each week we invite a guest to pick a movie of their choosing to play some games and engage in some film-talk centered around their movie choice. In most cases the entire movie is discussed, so please keep in mind that spoilers are inherent.
WHISKEY AND THE SURFER BIOWhiskey and the Surfer is the morning radio show you always wished they’d play on the radio. Equal parts rocking good time and laid back hilarity, hosts Whiskey and The Surfer (Wes Key and Fliip Riivers) jam tunes and riff on the topics of today, like alternative realities, simulation theory, Faith, conspiracy, demons, and Fake News. Wes Key (Whiskey) is the cool headed, socially liberal, married, sober, loveable, optimist who loves rock and Fliip (The Surfer) is th ...
S&F’s At the Movies is a monthly discussion podcast on new and classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror cinema. We cover everything from that newfangled Marvel movie to that critically acclaimed indie venture. If it’s a good movie, we’ll probably watch it. Most of the time, we’re sober. Signal Boost is part of The Skiffy and Fanty Show podcast network. If you want to find out more about us and our other shows, go to
Sipsy & Tipsy
Grab a panty liner and back that glass up. Our show is about mommin', wife-in', friend-in', and livin'. Hopefully, both drunk and sober us can make you laugh until you pee.
Beers After Work
Somewhat sober-mostly delirious-musings on; life, relationships, and booze...but mostly food.
Did You Miss Me?
Did You Miss Me.. A storytelling podcast hosted by comedians, Billy Sorrells and D'lai. Every week you will hear an elaborate true story from the lives of Billy, D'lai and occasional friends of the show. This podcast is truly hilarious.
Swipe Out
The podcast about first dates and other awkward situations. Alix McAlpine met her boyfriend while making Season 1 of Swipe Out. Now, she's passing the mic to other daters around the country to help them figure what they're looking for when they're looking for love.
Arguments & Grievances is a live comedy series and podcast featuring comics debating outlandish topics. Featuring hand-picked local comedians, the show pits opponents against each other on such topics as “McRib vs. MacBeth” and “Hugs vs. Drugs”—with audiences deciding the victor. Produced by Chicago comedians Kevin White, Zach Peterson, Goodrich Gevaart, and Kevin Brody, the Arguments & Grievances podcast is available on iTunes. Hailed by the Chicago Reader as “excellent” and featuring “some ...
Taking movies we used to love as kids and re-examining them in the harsh, sobering light of 2019. Leave a review and send us your recommendations to
This podcast begs the question “you wanna get blackout drunk and watch movies?” The answer is always YES. Hosted by Chris Jowett and Reed C Carson, each episode a new guest picks a movie to watch, gets hammered, and drunkenly gives their thoughts as soon as the credits roll. Listen to sober people switch to sloshed in an INSTANT!
Cold Ones Podcast
Delivering a clever spin on what you need to know concerning Saskatchewan
Still Sobering Up
Bad-decision-in-a-bottle headquarters… A one stop shop for all decisions steeped in regret. We have been sobering up longer than you’ve been laughing at recycled memes on the internet, so leave all the debauchery to us while you play Monday morning quarterback without any of the regret.***nothing that is discussed on the show is real and at no point was financial advice given***BTC Wallet: 1PS1L2kEKsF6j4wATMV3QDrvDaVjzo4UwZETH Wallet: 0x81Fed808e90843617015f098be22eab5c34671d7LTC Wallet: LXC ...
Gurus in training and comedians at heart, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari have been coined "the Ab Fab of the new age” with good reason. Effortlessly merging pop culture and wellness, these best friends seek out their most authentic selves, one mistake—or mindful awakening—at a time. Instagram: @soretrograde
Creativity Wasted
Creativity Wasted is a podcast where a group of creative people get together, and we each share an idea that we're not planning on pursuing in real life, such as an invention idea that's outside our area of expertise, a futuristic sci-fi movie idea, or an evil prank idea. And rather than just letting the idea quietly slip away, we get some fun out of it by joking about it together.
Meet Magnus, who isn't hiding. He's just gone somewhere where nobody happens to know where he is. Paul, who has pledged to keep his brother sober for Christmas but would quite like a drink himself. Raj, who's carefully planned suicides keep getting scuppered by weekend rail works. And there's Emma, who believes in good customer service from home renovators and sperm donors alike. These are the Pedestrians who we stop, cross and give way to every day.
“Mark Phillips” is, or are, two writers: Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer. Their joint pen-name, derived from their middle names (Philip and Mark), was coined soon after their original meeting, at a science-fiction convention. Both men were drunk at the time, which explains a good deal, and only one has ever sobered up. A matter for constant contention between the collaborators is which one. Originally published as That Sweet Little Old Lady, Brain Twister follows the adventures of FB ...
Sober Walks
At lunch time, I walk and muse.... join me on my daily walk and see who and what I bump into...
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Today on the Pod, the boys battle over President Trump’s crimes and misdemeanors. And, will AG William Barr ever be punished for his misleading statements (John says yes!) Also- Ethan finally proves Obstruction (of what?) and John apologizes our listeners for pushing Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ LIES! (FINALLY!) Also, why does Cher hate immigrants, ...…
Bill and Wendy speak to managing editor of, Alexander Zalben! They talk about season 8 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’, Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’ Documentary, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season finale, FX’s ‘Fosse/Verdon’, and much more. Alex also explains what’s going on in the ‘Stranger Things’ plagiarism case. You can find Bill and Wendy o ...…
The pitbull of comedy himself, Bobby Slayton is in town for the Easter weekend. He’s not in town for a show, but he still stopped by to catch up with Bill and Wendy to talk about…well life. And comedy of course. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to no ...…
Today on the bonus hour, comedian Bobby Slayton sticks around to chat for the first half hour. Then, Andrea Darlas joined in on the fun to do her final newscast for the bonus hour. This one gets emotional folks. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to no ...…
Today on the show, we continue to remember the life and legacy of Chicago sports broadcast icon, Chet Coppock. One bride-to-be is going viral for refusing to let her niece dress as a superhero for her wedding. Ouch. Alexander Zalben from has what’s hot on TV this weekend. Plus comedian Bobby Slayton drops by. You can find Bill and W ...…
On this weeks special episode of Lip Service, the ladies perform live at the legendary Carolines on Broadyway, in NYC. The ladies cover topics like taking back gifts after a breakup, how to handle a cheating boyfriend, making your man cry, the right speed of sex, and much more. Haha Davis even admits to loving when his girl plays with his gooch ...…
The Pre-Order for my New Album is here at Egg Nog Season at the Good King Soopers Vegan Oil Climate Change Denier Denier Your Brain Is Haunted by Your Self Pancake's Hacky Sack Bonetique The Herped Up Shellenium Falcon The Cult of the French Mime Wyoming Dynasty and Mowing ...…
I'm making Video Components to work w the show back on Sched next week w Audio and Video! Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Bill and Wendy are joined over the phone by Dean Richards. They talk about advance movie screenings, the best things that happened at Star Wars Celebration, and he reviews “Teen Spirit”, “Disneynature Penguins”, “Breakthrough”. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday fr ...…
Bill and Wendy welcome actor Ross Marquand. The “Walking Dead” actor returns to the show to talk about his experience with the very talented ‘Walking Dead’ cast, he explains how he got his surprising role as Red Skull in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, and he shows off a couple of his best celebrity impressions. Ross Marquand will be at Walker Stalke ...…
Chicago continues to mourn the passing of iconic sports broadcaster Chet Coppock. Coppock died on Wednesday due to injuries sustained in a car crash on April 6 in South Carolina. He was 70 years old. Rick Kaempfer, a longtime friend of Chet’s and co-author of his book “Your Dime, My Dance Floor: Chet Coppock in Pursuit of Chet Coppock”, joined ...…
The much-anticipated report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released to the public this morning. Bill and Wendy are joined by resident legal expert and co-host of the WGN Radio podcast, Legal Face Off, Rich Lenkov. Rich shares his legal thoughts on the redacted report. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The B ...…
Bill and Wendy have an extended edition of the bonus hour today due to White Sox baseball. They talk about the teen brawl that took place downtown Wednesday night. Then, Rich Lenkov, resident legal expert and co-host of the WGN Radio podcast, ‘Legal Face Off’, joined the show to share his thoughts on the redacted Mueller report. Plus, Bill and ...…
Before our show, we received the heartbreaking news about the passing of legendary Chicago sportscaster Chet Coppock. Rick Kaempfer, a longtime friend of Chet’s and co-author of “Your Dime, My Dance Floor: Chet Coppock in Pursuit of Chet Coppock”, joined the show to reflect on the passing of Coppock and his lasting legacy. Actor & ‘Walking Dead ...…
Today on Almost 30, the intelligent, quick-witted Dana James joins us! Dana is a triple certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and cognitive behavioral therapist. She is a big believer in addressing both the tangible and intangible, and places self-worth at the center of the weight-loss conversation. Dana is the founder of Foo ...…
Thinking Thursday’s are about critically thinking, breaking out of boxes, and discussing new ways we could live this life together. Our world is so black and white. Win or lose, but when we leave binary and begin living in the tension, we grow more, love more, and embrace each other more. Can we do this? How do our ideas get better? MENTIONED I ...…
In celebration of our favorite green holiday we open a discussion on the evolving and vast cannabis landscape by turning to’s founders, Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller. These ladies inform TSR about the complex plant in all her glory, answer our burning CBD queries, and join us in de-stigmatizing cannabis usage. Use code RETROGRADE ...…
Do you know your bros? We take a best friends test with questions that only Josh Harvey knows the answers to.This episode of the Mostly Sober Podcast was produced by Travis O'Neil, Zach Yuhas and Josh Harvey. This episode was mixed/mastered/recorded/edited by Travis O'Neil
John discusses a bit that resulted in washing comedian Pat Dean's car. Something about ethics?
On this edition of the bonus hour, Bill and Wendy talk about construction lingo, one mom’s decision to have birthday party guests give up their Build-A-Bears, ‘birthday spanking’ traditions, and much more. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, th ...…
Bill and Wendy kick off the show with Time’s 100 Most Influential People. Then, nationally acclaimed addiction expert Tim Ryan and actress, model, and TV personality Jennifer Gimenez stop by the studio to share their own personal stories about drug addiction and recovery. Rankin-Bass historian Rick Goldschmidt drops by and much more. You can fi ...…
Hippity…Hoppity…Easter is on its way! Rick Goldschmidt, Rankin/Bass historian, joins the Bill and Wendy show to chat about his appearance on MeTV’s Collector’s Call, Rankin/Bass Easter specials, what happened with Walmart’s 2019 Blu Ray edition of ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’, as well as his upcoming book and appearances. You can find Bill and ...…
Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez sit down with Bill and Wendy to share their own personal stories about drug addiction and recovery. They also talk about the benefits of living a sober life, working with Wavelengths Recovery in Huntington Beach, California, and how they’re preparing to film their new reality TV show. You can find Bill and Wendy on ...…
Lily VonTrapp is an event coordinator, model, and burlesque performer. When she's not gracing the stage (or camera) with her performances, you can find her working a muggle job in the sciences. We talk about faith, growing out of religion, and universal life altering woo. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Science Says That People Who Curse a Lot Have ...…
On Week Three of our Marvel Phase One lead up to Endgame we take on a movie one of us hasn’t even seen: Thor! We get into all the juicy Shakespeare gossip on Asgard, The Kenneth Branagh Effect, & whether or not Thor would be a flat-earther. Be sure to leave a review on iTunes, like us/Follow us on Instagram/twitter: @filmanother. Send us your r ...…
It’s #TechTuesday, so that can only mean one thing. CNET’s Bridget Carey is on the hotline! Every Tuesday, Bridget joins Bill and Wendy over the phone to share the latest in tech news. This week, Bridget got the chance to learn the secrets behind the languages spoken on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ from the creator himself, David J. Peterson! You ca ...…
Dr. John Duffy is an author, clinical psychologist, family and parenting expert, and father and husband. Dr. Duffy explains how we can challenge stigma of mental health and get people talking about it. He also breaks down breaks down the psychology of wish fulfillment dreams. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The ...…
Have a car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to the American Lung Association! Bill and Wendy welcome Harold Wimmer, President and CEO of the American Lung Association to the show to discuss the association’s car donation program. To schedule a free pick-up of your vehicle, you can make a quick call to 1-800-LUNGCARS or fill out a sho ...…
Today on the bonus hour, Bill and Wendy talk about the history of Dairy Queen, where to find Dole Whip in Illinois, words that were invented in the year of your birth, and much more. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, then streaming from noon ...…
Bill and Wendy talk about the massive fire that ripped through Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. Harold Wimmer, President and CEO of the American Lung Association joined the show to discuss how people can support the important work of the association by donating their vehicle. Bridget Carey has the latest in technology news; plus Dr. John Duffy talk ...…
D'lai and Damn Fool are joined by Ali Siddiq at the Jet Lounge in Houston, TX!▶ Subscribe AND SHARE our videos!!! -▶INTAGRAM! -▶ TWITTER -▶FACEBOOK - TH ...…
We had a audio problem this week...But we put some extra work in to make sure that we were here on our regular Tuesday morning. Hang with us through our small issues!!Follow Dev on Instagram & Twitter: @therealbigdev216Follow Playboy on Instagram: @playboy_james3Follow Brainstorm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat: @djbrainstorm4uFollo ...…
We are so grateful for today’s episode and today’s guest, sharing her story and providing an inside look at what it’s like to be a social worker in the foster care system today. On a previous episode, we had mentioned how we’d like to be educated more on the foster care system, and an incredible member of #almost30nation reached out to share he ...…
Fellow Loser @alycioso writes in: Does it get better? How do you handle rescinded support from the people who are supposed to be your biggest support? Is it worth having conversations with them that only cause more strife? Monday Meltdown is Our Weekly Chat with Each Other: Your Questions, Confessions, Comments and Meltdowns. Join the Monday Me ...…
Zach and Wellsy sit down as Patience is M.I.A.; they touch on their weekends and get into how the Raiders are their kryptonite. They discuss the NHL playoffs with a couple live reactions of the games that were on. They than get into Tiger Woods, Zach's man crush, and what he means to golf. They wrap things up with "Hot Takes" and "April's Fool ...…
Goose, goose, and GOOSE, oh my! Look, I’m not going to lie and tell you this is an entire podcast dedicated to the glory that is Goose, but… we really like Goose, OK?! Jen, Daniel, Alex, and Paul sit down for a rousing good chat about how much fun Captain Marvel is, but, more specifically how it’s a brilliantly feminist film, the fact that it p ...…
On today’s bonus hour, Bill and Wendy talk about alligators invading homes, streets, and pools in Florida; the actor who’s films have grossed the most money; movies that are surprisingly good; and much more! You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, ...…
Today’s guests include Sheila Moeschen, Author of “The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women: 50 Trailblazers of Comedy”, and the feisty Tribune columnist, Eric Zorn. Bill and Wendy talk about Tiger Woods and his major career comeback; BTS’s performance on SNL; the 107th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic; and much more. You can find Bil ...…
Bill and Wendy are joined in the studio by their pal, the feisty Tribune columnist, Eric Zorn! They talk about the weekend’s lineup of ‘must-see’ TV including the Masters and Game of Thrones, one of his recent columns that discusses the use of the word spouse, and much more. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The B ...…
Bill and Wendy speak with Sheila Moeschen, Author of “The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women: 50 Trailblazers of Comedy”, a book that highlights the work of ‘under-recognized figures who have gone on to become stand-ups, writers, and actresses’. Sheila expresses the importance of recognizing the work of women in comedy; focuses in on some of ...…
Dara finds a Nazi among us in the 1980s, while Kenny investigates a quadruple killing in Wright township.
Reza and Sandy sit down for the two hundred and twenty seventh episode of the Stone Cold Sober Podcast where Sandy discusses AT&T's "new" 5G service as well as recipes for their go to meals. Leave comments below at the beep. Thanks for listening to the Stone Cold Sober Podcast. Music courtesy of…
Bonus Episode this week featuring Barton Fitzpatrick from Showtime's The Chi.
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