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Best Stacey Cochran podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Stacey Cochran podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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On the island of Maui, a sixteen-year-old international spy named Rio Kayenta discovers a two-thousand-year-old coral stone. Legend has it that the stone is meant for a girl named Amber and that with it, she can stop the evil S.H.R.O.U.D. organization. Amber Page lives in the Arizona desert and wants one thing more than anything else in the world: to see her mom and dad back together again. Amber's mom is a school bus driver who has split with her dad, but Amber believes the two still love o ...
Physicist Dr. Amy Levine has discovered a mathematical sequence--the Colorado Sequence--that describes an underlying pattern and a guiding force within the very fabric of reality. Now she's on the verge of an astonishing breakthrough, and the U.S. government wants to know how she has done it. How has Dr. Levine learned to accurately predict the future? And they're willing to kill her to find out. Levine and a group of friends escape to Colorado to unravel the mystery of the sequence, but the ...
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This is our last episode. Thanks so much, everyone!
Second to last episode. Levine enters the soul inside Kevorak's Needle, and there she learns the truth of the Line...
The Riddle of the Soul. Our gang is confronted by the soul within Kevorak's Needle, which presents them with a riddle. They must answer the riddle correctly or die. All the while, the countdown ticks toward their doom!
Deep inside Kevorak's Needle, our gang discovers Kevorak's Soul. But a countdown timer looms over them, and all hell threatens to break loose.
Kevorak's Needle. NO SPOILERS. Only five episodes left after this!
Episode 28 includes Chapters 42-44. Rock on!
Levine reaches town. Once settled inside the hotel, Amber explains the story behind the key that Levine has found, and they decide to venture into Amber's world to return the key to Kevorak's Needle.
Levine escapes the Key Room, the mine, and returns to town.
Includes Chapters 34-36. Levine discovers the Key Room deep inside the Carbinero Mine and from there she opens a portal to another world. Once inside, she meets a fisherman named Samuel who claims to know her.Meanwhile back in Ouray, Amber, Helen and Roger decide to try and locate a gas station buried underneath the twenty-five feet of snow and pre…
The Mine. Levine and McKenzie take the snowmobile one mile north of town to the Carbinero Mine, where they hope to find the Key Room and right the balance in The Line.
Sleepless night at the hotel. Decisions are made about how best to leave town or to proceed to the so-called Key Room at the Carbinero Mine.
Attempt at Escape. The gang tries to escape the snow-buried library, which threatens to cave in on them.
Episode Twenty - Chapters 27-2927: Deep inside the snow-buried library, Sara and Roger research the boy in the photograph, whom Roger believes he hit in the truck. They discover he was the son of a wealthy mine operator…. and that he died over thirty years ago.28: Amber and Levine struggle through the blizzard from the hotel back to the library wit…
The Balance. The remaining survivors try to make it back to the hotel through the blizzard.
Amber and Levine go searching for Roger, Helen, and Sara after the blizzard worsens over Ouray.
Buried under the worst snowstorm in Colorado history, Roger, Sara, Helen, and Parker dig their way out of the Beaumont Hotel and search for the Ouray Library and clues regarding the Colorado Sequence. Someone's gonna die...
Amber meets Levine, and she explains her world to her. They come under attack and make a fast escape back through the portal into the Beaumont Hotel.
Levine passes through the portal deep underground beneath the Beaumont Hotel. She meets a young girl named Amber Page. [Note: see Stacey Cochran's podiobook AMBER PAGE AND THE LEGEND OF THE CORAL STONE for Amber's first appearance.]
While a snowstorm rages outside, Levine explores the Beaumont Hotel in the early morning hours. She discovers a labyrinth of caves underground and a portal to another world.
Chapter 17: The Town. Levine, McKenzie, and Parker meet Roger and Helen in the night-darkened, snow-buried Ouray, Colorado. Roger leads them to the Beaumont Hotel, which is buried underneath snow. Chapter 18: The Hotel. Inside the hotel, Levine explains the Colorado Sequence to them.
Chapters 13-16. Our two storylines come together -- Levine & McKenzie and Roger & Helen -- in the snowed-in town of Ouray, Colorado.
Roger and Helen run into a snow avalanche just a few miles from Ouray, Colorado. WARNING: Cliff-hanger ending (literally).
Blizzard. From different sides of the high peaks surrounding Ouray, Colorado, Amy, Sara, Roger and Helen try to make their way into town through the worst snowstorm in history.
Roger and Helen arrive in Durango, Colorado, and they prepare to drive up to Ouray through an historic snowstorm. Meanwhile, in Telluride, Dr. Amy Levine and Sara McKenzie land their plane and have breakfast, preparing to make the trip as well. Sara asks Amy about her past, and about why she does what she does.…
Deep inside Santana's mountain in the middle of the South Pacific, Nano Tech Agent Noah Johnston speaks to the scientists from inside the RK-81 Unit in the Reactor Core... from inside the Line! Dr. Amy Levine is discovered by Prince Santana, and she and Agent Sara McKenzie must escape from him and the island as a thermonuclear detonation counts dow…
Roger and Helen wake at dawn at Zeb's place. Over coffee, Zeb reads Dr. Amy Levine's manuscript for The Colorado Sequence and realizes that she's found a doorway into the Line. And it's in Ouray, Colorado.
Roger and Helen escape from the fiery motel room in the Arizona desert with one of the gunmen, Zeb. They drive north across the night-darkened desert plains through a thunderstorm, but when trying to cross the Gila River, they are attacked by dozens of zombie-like young women similar to the one they encountered at the motel.…
Dr. Amy Levine and Agent Sara McKenzie find the secret tunnel into the mountain at the bottom of a lake. Once inside the mountain, Levine and McKenzie discover Prince Osoro Santana’s reactor core where he's developing a machine to enter the Line. Levine describes "the Line" as quintessence, the very structure of dark energy that forms the space aro…
In a terrible thunderstorm at night in a remote desert motel in Arizona, Helen Richards and private eye Roger McAllister escape from an otherworldly woman who wants to kill them.
Deep in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, we discover that Dr. Amy Levine is being held captive by the ego-maniac Prince Osoro Santana. The Prince plans to unveil his scheme to use Levine's work for evil, but his mountain compound comes under attack. WARNING: Cliff-hanger episode ending.
Private detective Roger McAllister visits Dr. Amy Levine's landlord Helen Richards in Arizona to find out information about Levine's disappearance. WARNING: Cliffhanger episode ending.
Dr. Amy Levine is interviewed by Nano Tech Agents on a private island off the coast of Florida. The island comes under attack during the interview, and Levine is captured.
-In this episode: FORTY-THREE: Mike rescues Amber, Donna, and Robert from the avalanche. EPILOGUE: Months later, the family is together in Hawaii. Amber makes a necklace for her coral stone and hears the name "Levine." She doesn't know what it means. She and
-In this episode: FORTY-TWO: The final showdown between Amber and the S.H.R.O.U.D. The old man and Sandy get the stone to Amber, and it causes a massive earthquake and avalanche.
-In this episode: THIRTY-EIGHT: S.H.R.O.U.D. gunmen materialize on a snowy mountain not far from where Amber, Donna, and Robert are near their crashed car. THIRTY-NINE: Amber awakes in her mom's arms. FORTY: Sandy and the old man race to get the stone to Amber. FORTY-
-In this episode: THIRTY-FOUR: At an oasis, the old man shows Sandy Canton how to use the coral stone THIRTY-FIVE: Donna pulls Amber back from beyond. THIRTY-SIX: Sandy and the old man continue across the stormy desert with the coral stone. THIRTY-SEVEN: Robert return
-In this episode: THIRTY-ONE: Donna travels with Robert to Mike's place in order to tell him about Amber, but the car crashes in the middle of the desert. Donna is knocked unconscious, and when she comes to, Robert is gone. She searches for him around the area, and th
-In this episode: TWENTY-NINE: Sandy, now in a hospital room, discovers the coral stone inside the air purifier. The gunmen manage to find her room, and a gunfight breaks out in the hospital. Then, the whole building begins to shake, as in an earthquake. Sandy sees th
-In this episode: TWENTY-SEVEN: Donna, Amber, and Robert try to recover from break-in. TWENTY-EIGHT: A man on a fiery Harley attacks their trailer, and the whole place goes up in flames. Donna and Robert escape, but Amber is trapped inside.
-In this episode: TWENTY-FIVE: NBC producers realize that Dr. John Irving Bentley has been dead for nearly forty years. TWENTY-SIX: Rio is shot but staggers off the ship. He passes the coral stone off to Sandy Canton and dies. Sandy races away but is pursued by the gu
-In this episode: TWENTY-THREE: The cruise ship arrives at San Diego. Rio tries to leave with coral stone, but the gunmen open fire. Pandemonium ensues, and a young news reporter Sandy Canton captures it all for Live TV. TWENTY-FOUR: Donna cleans up after the break-in
-In this episode: TWENTY: Onboard the cruise ship, security officers discover that the name burned into the wall is that of an old man who spontaneously combusted in 1966. TWENTY-ONE: Donna, Amber, and Robert discover who the intruder is. TWENTY-TWO: NBC television pr
-In this episode: EIGHTEEN: Donna, Amber, and Robert watch a TV news story on the car fires breaking out around the country. They recognize a sketch of the old man who attacked their school bus. He has been seen at each of the fires -- seemingly at the exact same mome
-In this episode: FIFTEEN: At home, Amber runs a high fever. Donna is concerned, and Amber tells her about a dream she had of gas station catching fire. SIXTEEN: Old man with walker appears in various places around the country at the exact same time, followed soon aft
-In this episode: ELEVEN: Amber's school lunchroom. Amber makes a deal with her friends and gets into trouble with teachers. TWELVE: Gunmen open fire on Rio at swimming pool and then chase him. THIRTEEN: Amber goes to principal's office. FOURTEEN: Rio sees old man wit
-In this episode: SIX: Rio eludes gunmen aboard cruise ship. SEVEN: Sheriff's Deputies arrive at Donna's trailer. EIGHT: Rio meets red-hatted man on cruise ship putting green and learns the truth about the coral stone. NINE: Morning in the Page trailer; Donna comforts
-In this episode: THREE: Newspaper story about school bus attack. FOUR: Rio boards cruise ship and inspects magical coral stone. Rio learns his contact person is "the man in the red hat." Rio meets the man. FIVE: Amber at home fears the old man and gets spoo
-In this episode: ONE: Rio gets the stone and is chased by S.H.R.O.U.D. gunmen. TWO: Amber, Donna, and Robert are attacked by an old man while on a school bus.
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