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Best Stand Up NY Labs podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Stand Up NY Labs podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Rantin' and Ravin'
Rantin' and Ravin' with Yamaneika and Friends is the incredibly funny podcast hosted by the hilarious Yamaneika Saunders.
Sabrina Jalees talks to her favorite comedians about the pursuit of happiness and healthiness. Each episode features sexy conversations about comedy and life’s eternal bitch-slap, as well as uplifting cameos by Sabrina’s very Swiss mother, Ursula, with tips on happiness, healthiness and reminders to do your taxes. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
Race Wars
Hilarious, honest and unfiltered, Race Wars with Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis delivers a brutally funny perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Kurt, Sherrod and Keren cut through all the layers of politically correct media spin to deliver hysterical and truthful opinions on social, racial and global topics.
Stand Up NY Labs presents Tuesdays with Stories- a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.
Passed Podcast
Comedy Club Insiders and Comics talk about how to level up in the industry. Produced by Matt W (Stand Up NY Labs)
Stand Up NY Labs brings you Charlie Murphy Presents- the official podcast of Charlie Murphy. Comin' at ya every Wednesday with the biggest guests in comedy and entertainment, Charlie hosts a round table in front of a live studio audience in the Stand Up NY Lab above Stand Up NY Comedy club in New York City. Charlie Murphy's rapid evolution from "Chappelle's Show" cast member to top-billed international comedian, playing to sold-out audiences around the globe, has been remarkable. He has spen ...
Step into the creative process of stand up comedy in Moonlighting with Sam Morril. Each week Sam brings in a panel of stand up comics to riff the new bits that they’re working on, sparking hilarious and honest conversation about personal topics and current events. They’re like your friends, only way funnier.
Lust for Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust For Life with James L. Mattern and Benjy Susswein, a podcast about the human condition.
Sole Men
Comedians Nore Davis and Derek Gaines, The Sole Men, come at you every two weeks to bring you into the conversation about sneaker releases, sneaker news and sneaker everything else.
Lust For Life
Stand Up NY Labs presents Lust for Life with Maddog Mattern, a podcast about the human condition. Each week comedian Maddog Mattern, Benjy Susswein and a rotating group of their friends talk to a guest with a unique story in effort to get themselves and their listeners closer to understanding this thing called life.
Free Speech
FREE SPEECHThe world’s most uncensored podcast is hosted by “Godfather of hipsterdom” and Fox News regular Gavin McInnes. Whether he agrees with his guests or gets in an angry screaming match, McInnes always seems to draw out an unprecedented level of honesty which makes for a conversation that is always controversial and never boring. The point of this show is to counter political correctness and the war on fun going on in America today. Though every single episode seems to spark some sort ...
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Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Sandrell Ross, Adrian Minkowicz, Ethan Hall, and Joe DeVito as they discuss how to spot the alpha in the room, how to pick up women, and the troubles of geting weed in Sweden.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewars…
Chloe takes over this weeks show with to discuss TI and his odd relationship with his daughter, sexual predators, and they rate a list of men and women.By Yamaneika Saunders
Fresh off of chatting about gender identity, Freckle and Sabrina sit by the fire and watch their dogs make love. Freckle tells us about her Uber ride over which was 1) hot 2) stuffy 3) featured an awkward podcast. They discuss “cancel culture” and how it’s made everyone gun-shy to express themselves out of fear of being taken out of context. Fr ...…
By Tuesdays With Stories
It's a packed studio today as Sherrod is joined by Lindsey Jennings, Heather Marulli, Kris Fried, Hung Yung Terrarist, Bronston Jones, and Sarah Hartshorne as Hung Yung Terrarist talks about sucking dick at 7 years old, Sarah professes to not being good at sucking dick, and they discuss sleeping with fans who reached out online.For the extended ...…
Freckle rolled into Sab’s place with all-nighter energy and arrived perfectly vulnerable and ready to chat. Heavily featured in the pod are Liza and Cowboy (they’re dogs) alternating between sex-play and non-sex-play. After losing both her parents (and too many others) in just two years, Freckle discusses struggling and coping with tragedy. Fre ...…
Yamaneika is joined by Chloe Hilliard and chief of staff of Standup NY Jon B to discuss the role of social media in the world.By Yamaneika Saunders
By Tuesdays With Stories
We're off this week for Thanksgiving so we've pieced together some of our favorite moments from past Race Wars with Artie Lange and Ann Coulter. Happy Thanksgiving!By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small
Yamanieka is joined by Vonn Decarlo to discuss the Colin Kaepernick situation and whether black quarterbacks like Russel Wilson are treated fairly and a racist cop getting fired. https://thestandnyc.com/shows/show/20191213-700-pm-grown-af-comedyPromo Code: HAPPYBy Yamaneika Saunders
By Tuesdays With Stories
Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by comedians Dave Temple and Bill Beteet as Sherrod gets excited about the impeachment hearings, Bill gets excited about Andrew Yang and Dave talks about his mother discovering his sex life.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewars…
Gabe Liedman (Comedian, Pen15, Big Mouth) hangs with Sab at her dining room table to chit and chat. They start with guessing how many people hate their moms and Sabrina steps in to defend the Moms Of The World. Lobotomies? We chat that. Evolving relationships to stand up? We chat that too. How Gabe went from a comic in NY to one of LA’s best, c ...…
Yamaneika is joined by Robyn Schall as they talk about whether Sofia Richie is the hottest person on instagram, the idea of being someones spirit animal, and Lizzo's Postmates debacle.Check out Robyn's album Guilty Pleasures at https://800pgr.lnk.to/SchallWEBy Yamaneika Saunders
The showrunner of PEN15, writer on Big Mouth and Transparent, and first and foremost BRILLIANT COMEDIAN Gabe Liedman sits at Sab’s living room and lays it all out. They bond over how their dreams have changed over the years. What pushed them both deeper into the closet. Living in NY. The satisfaction of taking shameful things from your past and ...…
By Tuesdays With Stories
By Tuesdays With Stories
Pt II of Sabrina's interview with Punam Patel (Netflix's Special), talking trauma, trust, comedy cruises, and being 100% that alone time bitch. TODAY'S EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY FEALS & TUSHY *Get 50% off your first order at Feals.com/Goodie *Get 10% off your first order at HelloTushy.com/Goodie THE GOODIE GOODIE IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST https:// ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by Courtney Byers, Remy Kassimir, and Jenn Lederer as Remy talks about getting fake ID's and stealing phones, Courtney talks about how she got into porn, and Sherrod discusses the must see TV that was the impeachment hearings.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewars…
Fresh off of working together on Carol's Second Act, Punam Patel (Netflix's Special) joins Sabrina in the backyard to chat life, business and Cowboy's boner. Punam grew up in Florida and went to a super white private school with the Busch dynasty kids. The girls talk racial and sexual identity- unpacking all the things they each did to fit in t ...…
Wow wow wow we are getting into the real deep shit here with Mae Martin (International Super Star, Netflix, Sabrina Jalees Best Friend Status) starting with Mae’s teenage drug addiction and homelessness. They cycle into sex chats about: edging, role play, the vulnerability/power of cumming and MORE! Mae wants to wear a knight costume to a weddi ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined byJenn Lederer, Alice Vaughn, Vic Cipolla, Eli Sayers, and Eri Rivera as Alice talks about being a masturbation coach and her offensive crayons, Vic discusses being married to Dani Daniels, and Jenn questions the morality of porn.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreon.com/racewars…
Jon and Kevin are joined in studio this week by the owner of Standup NY Dani Zoldan as well as a very special guest Michael Rapaport as Michael discusses what it's like getting back into comedy after so many years away and knowing that he still has to earn his laughs.By Passed Podcast
In part two of last weeks episode Yamaneika and Pat get a little more serious discussing the pain of watching their family members age and feeling alone and Pat tells Yam who she met at the Dolomite premiere.By Yamaneika Saunders
Hooray! Hooray! It’s a very important day! One of Sabrina’s first friends in comedy and true genius and legend Mae Martin (Netflix stand up special, creator and star of upcoming Netflix series Feel Good) has arrived from London and we get to pod about it. Sab and Mae sit in the living room (after putting Wolfie to bed) and chat about the past p ...…
By Tuesdays With Stories
Sherrod and Keren are joined by journalist and author of the book How To Beat Trump, comedian Joe DeVito, and Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman to discuss the state of the election and impeachment and Mark breaks down what the democrats are doing wrong and how they're underestimating Trump once again.…
Yamaneika is joined by Pat Brown as Yam rants about Jimbo's in Harlem, customer service nightmares and the difficult people you find on the Amtrak quiet car.By Yamaneika Saunders
By Tuesdays With Stories
Pull up a chair on Sabrina’s back deck and roll into this deep chat with Joel Kim Booster (Sunnyside, Comedy Central). The pair chat about meeting in the New York comedy scene and how wild it is to be on network tv. They reflect on the psychology of winning and how many fucks to give (zero) in order to be attractive. Joel reveals that he’s neve ...…
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Wendi Starling, Wellie Jackson, Chrissie Mayr, and Nina Daniels to discuss Trump's Ukraine issue, Keren's Jeremy Piven issue and Nina brings her cello for some musical comedy.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small
Joel and Sabrina hang out on the back deck and sip tea as well as dish tea. Joel is unabashedly open about his personal and sexual life and the two go on a journey through both. Sabrina is trepidatious about polyamory and Joel is most at home during group sex- currently seeing a couple in SF. They deconstruct the nature vs nurture of gender and ...…
Yamaneika was out of the studio this week so we're re releasing a classic episode with Chloe Hilliard and Kyle Grooms. Yam will be back next week but until then we hope you enjoy this episode.By Yamaneika Saunders
Sherrod and Keren are joined by comedians Kevin Gootee and Drew Picklyk, as well as Standup NY chief of Staff Jon Borromeo as Drew breaks down the upcoming Canadian Election, Jon talks about the death squads in the Philippines, and Sherrod discusses how to deal with the NYPD.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at www.patreo ...…
It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for: Jordan Firstman (@jtfirstman) is back in the studio (aka. bed) in one piece after his epic ayahuasca journey in Peru. He takes us through the revelations of a three day adventure through his soul and the galaxy. If you’ve ever considered taking ayahuasca or are just interested in going inward this is ...…
Jon and Kevin come back from hiatus with their biggest guest to date, Artie Lange discussing doing comedy sober, getting paid $55k to perform one show, and what it was like trying to get passed int he 90's.By Passed Podcast
This week is the goodie goodie breaks new ground by interviewing Jordan Firstman (search party, big mouth) both before and after he flies to Peru to do an intense ayahuasca journey with a shaman. They chat about his previous journeys, what he wants to gain, relationships with mamas and what makes them feel sexy. Other topics include the scale o ...…
Yamaneika and Chloe Hilliard break down the scandal of Amanda Seales not being allowed into the black Emmy's party.By Yamaneika Saunders
By Tuesdays With Stories
Sherrod was at a memorial for chef Carl Ruiz this week so we've assembled some of Carl's best stories to pay tribute.By Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small
Yamaneika is joined by Chloe Hilliard to discuss Botham Jean, Chloe asks Yam if she would go back to Africa given the chance, and they discuss the differences in Christianity for white and black people.By Yamaneika Saunders
By Tuesdays With Stories
Sherrod and Keren are joined in studio by Kendra Sunderland and comedians Riley Lassin and H Foley as Riley discusses Connecticut sorority life they discuss the connection between domestic violence and football, and Kendra talks about her creepy high school teacher writing her poems.For the extended version of this weeks podcast subscribe at ww ...…
The girls go in on race discussing micro and macro aggressions. Nicole tells the story of the worst most racist man in the world making her feel small and we hate him. Sabrina teaches a lesson on the benefits of saying the wrong thing and going immediately to sleep. Both Sab and her wife are on their periods at the same time and Nicole asks a r ...…
Yamaneika is out of the studio this week so we are rereleasing a classic episode with Chloe and Rosebud Baker. Enjoy!!By Yamaneika Saunders
After Nicole sleeps through Sab and her original record time Sabrina barges into Nicole’s estate to press record. Nicole’s dog has broken into the pantry and is being punished and guess who else should be punished: everyone at the airport. They chat racism, pole dancing, insane rich white racist people and Nicole’s experience in a world obsesse ...…
The girls lay in bed chatting about when Patti realized she’d want to transition and her family’s support around it all. Patti discusses the burden society puts on trans people to outline their full identity before taking hormones. Do they discuss deals? Yes. Do they discuss safety? Of course. So they get into the misconception of the “complime ...…
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