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The last word in BattleTech
The Peabody Award-winning Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, from PRI, is a smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt introduces the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy – so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life. Produced in association with Slate.
MASTERPIECE Studio is your backstage pass to the PBS series—from Sherlock to Poldark. After the show, turn off the TV and tune in to MASTERPIECE Studio for the scoop with host Jace Lacob. Listen for exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of your favorite shows. Get the history lowdown behind the people and places you see on screen, and hear revealing stories from the set. MASTERPIECE Studio is made possible by Viking Cruises and Farmers Insurance. Sponsors for MASTERPIECE on PBS are Vik ...
Science and Creativity from Studio 360: the art of innovation. A sculpture unlocks a secret of cell structure, a tornado forms in a can, and a child's toy gets sent into orbit. Exploring science as a creative act since 2005. Produced by PRI and WNYC, and supported in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Home Studio Corner
Tips, Tricks, and Advice for the Home Recording Studio Owner
Marvel Studios News is dedicated to discussing all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! We cover the latest Marvel movie and television news and dive deep into the history of Marvel Comics characters on the big screen. This is the place to talk Marvel with your friends!
In the Studio
In the Studio takes you into the minds of the world’s most creative people, with unprecedented access.
Venture Studio
Podcast by Venture Studio. New York City Venture Capital (VC) and Angel Investing Interviews with host Dave Lerner
With its focus on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio, this show will help you become a more productive developer. Join your hosts Robert Green, and Dmitry Lyalin and see what tools you can put in your Visual Studio Toolbox.
Studio Rustica
Farmer and writer Justin Russell hosts conversations with Australian food growers, land whisperers and enthusiasts of the good life. Get inspired to live in harmony with the soil and the seasons!
L Studio
Liberty-minded voices speak out on ways to live a freer life. This podcast is brought to you by, the global liberty community. Join us at
Chinese Studio
Chinese Studio is a Chinese learning audio program produced by China Radio International’s English Service. The program provides Chinese learners the most practical and daily-used Chinese words, phrases and conversations.
On Being Studios
Groundbreaking Peabody Award-winning conversation about the big questions of meaning — spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. Each week a new discovery about the immensity of our lives. Hosted by Krista Tippett, new every Thursday.
How to podcast. Get started podcasting or improve the show you already have.
Listen to's Podcast for all things X-files! The XFN Studio will bring all the news from the Cast and Crew from The X-Files, Fan Campaigns and Initiatives and of course the latest on The X-Files Revival!
Studio Axess
PJ Anders Linder samtalar med gäster om samhälle, politik och kultur.
Stories turn songs into symphonies, events into memories, and lives into legends. In our crowded world, “knowing your story” cuts through the noise so you can make your mark — whether you want to sell more books, increase profits, or just make a difference. At Sterling & Stone, Story is our business. The Story Studio Podcast is where we explore ways we can all tell our stories better.
One feed containing ALL the latest episodes of ALL the FrogPants Studios podcasts! Enjoy!
Lij Shaw Interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals to bring you inspiring stories, tricks, and insights from the recording studio. So that you can take your recordings to the next level and become a rockstar of the recording studio yourself! - Vance Powell, Michael Beinhorn, Russell Wolff, Graham Cochrane, Joe Gilder, Björgvin Benediktsson.
Bob Falcone shares tips and news about outdoor recreation in the Pikes Peak region. Bob covers trails, clothing, equipment, volunteerism, tourism, politics, photography, destinations and preparedness. (new episode every Wednesday)
Presenting short and feature-length audio dramas and short-run audio series.
A Knitting, Photography and Crafting Podcast
HR Studio Podcast
HR Studio Podcast is designed to accelerate the development of new and aspiring HR leaders. Guests include senior HR executives, thought-leaders, authors, speakers and trend-spotters from the field of HR and beyond. Listeners will learn what it takes to succeed in HR today through career stories and journeys; developmental references and resources; human capital trends and much more. Check out for more information.
Studio 1.0
Emily Chang sits down with the biggest influencers in technology and media, from Mark Zuckerberg to Marc Andreessen to Aaron Sorkin, to find out who they are, how they got there, and where they're going. Studio 1.0 is a series of in-depth conversations with the very people shaping the future of business, illuminating their vision for what comes next.
How do the top artists working on blockbuster movies and games roll? Syn Studio presents a fun and casual podcast where we not only give you the secret tips to becoming a badass artist and getting ahead in the industry, we also give you all the juicy gossip and drunk art-bashing you can handle. Make sure to visit us at to get more info about the guests, see their artwork, join the conversation and more.
Untangle, is the podcast from the 5-star app, Meditation Studio. Experts and ‘real people’ share stories about how mindfulness practices have changed their lives. Hear experiences from business leaders, psychologists, cancer survivors, moms, neuroscientists, nutritionists, authors, mindfulness teachers, storytellers and more. We cover everything from why it’s important to meditate to how self-compassion practices change us from the inside out to why meditation helps with anxiety in adults an ...
Helping you bring your tabletop roleplaying games up to the next level!
GM Intrusions is the podcast devoted to Numenera, The Strange and other games using the Cypher System. This podcast provides insights to players and GMs as well as product reviews for Numenera, The Strange and other Cypher System games.
Helping you build a thriving business doing what you love!
Christian and Mike S. breakdown the greatest songs ever recorded, track by track. You’ll never hear these songs the same again.Christian James Hand was born a music geek in the UK, but has lived all over the place. His love for music and radio came together when he became a part of his college radio station, WPUR. From there he went out on the road as the “Token White Guy In Hip-Hop” touring with The Gravediggaz, Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Ice Cube, and Jeru The Damaja. He also spent time in ...
Studio Sessions
Jazz artist live performances, both past and upcoming, in the KPLU studios.
For nurses, by nurses, the Nursing Show podcast has become a weekly staple for nurses and students at all levels. Now watch the studio video recorded live with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic as he creates the number one nursing program on the web. Each episode features news, commentary, tips and interviews about nursing care, health care and careers as a nurse.
With its focus on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio, this show will help you become a more productive developer. Join your hosts Robert Green, and Dmitry Lyalin and see what tools you can put in your Visual Studio Toolbox.
Great Lesson Studios Podcast is a show designed to be an oasis of inspiring ideas and empowering strategies. We'll talk mindfulness, meditation, healthy living, food and much more with an array of world class speakers, writers, teachers and visionaries.
Your source for Film & Photography news and interviews. We banter on the hottest topics and interview influential people in the photography industry.
General witty banter about todays video games, latest films and much more...
Podcasting Experiments is all about experimenting with your podcast. We explore ways you can implement and test different ideas to improve your podcast by looking at different strategies and ideas from other podcasters.
Online Radio and TV for EMT's, Paramedics and EMS Providers
Helping you build a thriving business doing what you love.
Pin Drop Studio Podcasts: a critically-acclaimed series of short fiction podcasts recorded live with world-leading authors, actors and other outstanding talents in London, New York and Los Angeles. Set against the backdrop of iconic venues including the Royal Academy of Arts, BAFTA and the Houses of Parliament, Pin Drop has brought to the stage readers from leading literary figures to stalwarts of counter-culture including Stephen Fry, Sir Peter Blake, Sebastian Faulks, Richard Dawkins, Will ...
Guided relaxation to calm the mind and relax the body. Relaxation techniques include visualization, autogenics, creative expression relaxation, passive progressive muscle relaxation, and more. Use these relaxation audio and video podcasts to enhance sleep, reduce stress, and promote physical and mental wellbeing. Inner Health Studio specializes in coping skills and relaxation resources. Improve your inner health with these relaxation techniques
Grow your video business by increasing your profits and keeping your sanity all without losing your creativity! Learn how to create a system – how to become a sherpa. Be inspired by filmmakers and creative professionals like Patrick Moreau, Jeff Goins, Dane Sanders and Steph Crowder (aka sherpas). Start elevating your video business to the next level. Learn more at
Whether you are a budding audio engineer or a serious musician looking for simple answers to the complex questions of the audio world, Home Studio Simplified is here to help. This podcast is hosted by an audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years of experience. From gear reviews, to practical application training, interviews, and much more, you are sure to learn something useful.
various podcast with old and latest tune
The Project Studio Network Podcast is dedicated to the both the amateur and professional recording musician. It features news, talk interviews and reviews on all topics related to the performing and recording of audio and video.
Live Studio Sessions from KNKX Public Radio feature some of the best jazz and blues musicians. Performing from downtown Seattle, we feature artists such as Arturo Sandoval, Gregory Porter, Christian McBride and more!
Voice Power Studios offers private voice and speech coaching and accent reduction training by telephone to executives and business professionals world wide. Also available for Keynote speeches, seminars and workshops on "Your Voice Is Power in Business" "Speak with Confidence", and "Change Your Voice, Change Your Life".Speaking with a confident, articulate and persuasive voice is essential in today's global economy. During a voice Consultation your vocal issues are determined and you receive ...
The Legal Marketing Studio is a biweekly podcast examining best in class examples of branding, strategy, content and technology in legal marketing. It is produced by Michael N Meyer, a corporate photographer specializing in creating content for law firms.
Welcome to the world of Audio Drama! Grab your headphones, sit back, and go to a far away land. Audio adventures brought to you by Koach Studios.
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David Portnowitz and Graham Potter are joined, in-studio, by Colin Johnston, industry expert and Executive Vice President of Strategic Channels at Star2Star. Colin details the history of his telecom experience from his start with voice systems, to owning his own interconnect company, and working a variety of sales channels at Star2Star. We keep ...…
Hey, guys! In this episode, I am chatting with Mitch Leeuwe, a 2D artist from Holland. He is experienced in creating characters, backgrounds, props for games, web and animation shows. He is currently working on casual HTML5 games in a studio in Amsterdam. Subscribe to Art Side of Life Podcast to get notified when I post new episodes! https://ar ...…
And just like that, the SUMMER OF BAY(!) is upon us.For the rest of the summer, or until Mike and Andrew get really tired of explosions, we will be talking about films from one of the most divisive directors on the planet: Michael Bay. And we're kicking it off with his mid-budget true crime thriller: Pain & Gain. Will we fully transition into a ...…
Rebecca and Ross discuss the challenges of balancing parenting with an art career, both from the perspective of the artist and the child. Rebecca Crowell.
"The Stranger" is the fifth studio album from American singer, songwriter, and recording artist Billy Joel. Released in 1977, this album is one of the best of the late 70's and help propel Joel into super-stardom. This record, for me, is the best at the end of a hot day, with a bottle of wine, a pot of sauce simmering on the stove, and the air ...…
Breath After Coma | Greece Spotify - Breath After Coma Song Choice: Make Amends (2018), Four AM (2015) Rock Notes: Alternative hard rockers from sunny Athens, Greece bring us an ambient soundscape to be described as, If Pulp Fiction was remade with the Jetson family... Get on the NEW single Make Amends now & trade fo ...…
This Day In Music for July 14th A production of WCWP Studios - LIU Post Public Radio. Visit us at
After this weeks Rodriguez Report I am excited to have Sam “Theo” Wilson back in the studio. He reminds me about his marriage, tells me how great Luke Cage season 2 is, why I hate comedy movies, our mutual love for old Eddie Murphy, old school tv, Terry Crews being sexually harassed and so much more. Do you have an idea or question for me? Want ...…
This week's stories: The Winnebago tribe is a top leader in renewable energy; Joanne Shenandoah partners with RNCI to bring attention to #WhyWeWearRED; The Iroquois Nationals arrive in time to compete in the World Lacrosse Championships despite passport issues; New law allows school districts to transfer land to the Housing Authority of the Che ...…
The first round after the bye week, and there's five games to go in the home-and-away season. Brendan Wattleworth, Swans coach, is in the studio to look at the crunch game at the KSO tonight.
Games resumed in the Port Hedland Softball Association after the General Bye for the Marble Bar Cup weekend. Timara Simpson is in the studio with the results.
On BeyondPodcasting episode 4, Allan Tépper converses with Cielo de la Paz (in English) about Adobe’s new Project Rush cross-platform app, how it compares with LumaFusion and other software and hardware for mobile audio and video production. Cielo de la Paz is an award winning multimediographer and the creator of The Storyographist. Project Rus ...…
Join us as we delve into the latest Marvel movie offered up by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Will this movie help grow the audience, or will it shrink into obscurity? Intro music by Regular Gonzales, from his song Blackout. Outro music by Marcos H. Bolanos, from his song Extreme Fight. .…
Player Attack is back for 2018! Season 6 of Australia's independent video game tv series will continue to bring you all the latest in gaming news, plus interviews, reviews and features from the world of video games.This week's episode is a bit excited about games coming to new platforms.Panic Button is a name you might not recognise, but you'll ...…
FEEL THE RHYTHM! Rawle Dee stops by the studio to crack jokes and talk about his life - from Trinidad & Tobago to stand up and his life in films. Listen to Rawle tell stories of growing up and getting beat up in America, bombing on stage and his experience in movies with Kevin Spacey. Oh, and Rawle was one of the stars of a little movie called ...…
In Episode 11 Laura dropped into the studio to chat about her Kokoda Track experience from ANZAC 2018. With the experience fresh in her mind and her knees still feeling the after-effects of a wet and slippery track I thought it was a good a time as any to chat about the experience, her training, what she enjoyed, what she'd do differently and w ...…
This weekend, because of a mix up @ the studio, you get two Futurama eps for the price of none. This week The Admiral and Jim Strange Pork are back in the saddle discussing Futurama season 2 Ep. 19 "The Cryonic Woman".
Happy Friday The 13th everyone! We wanted to take today to reveal one of the best options going forward for our show in terms of a layout. With three cameras we present the best presentation of Brutally Honest Reviews yet. Today we reviewed the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson franchise vehicle, Rampage (2018). Based on the retro 2D side-scrolling vid ...…
Another fabulous show to start the week and with only two left until the end of term, make the most of this team whilst you can. With more top presenting, outstanding hosting and great fun in the studio and a live caller, these children have come a long way.
Sam visits Studio Eat to discuss her music, Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Paypal; Maddie also visits for the first time in this Spring Music Extravaganza, joining Captain Ersatz, Dysrexia, Syrup, Shinji, CollinP, Kale, BMW, and David Blue.
Jimmy, Caleb, and Matt in studio for this one! We recorded this 6 days ago and I don't remember what's on it...but I'm sure its great! Enjoy!
All of us get in the studio to talk about Trey's trips to Erie and Cleveland, Joey at Sunny Jim's, and more. Then we have comedian Issac Crow to talk about growing up in West Virginia, bombs on stage and his big upcoming move to Chicago. Then we do another fantasy draft of people we would pick for our team if there was a zombie apocalypse.…
Brett welcomes Minnesota Vikings' Tashawn Bower & CJ Ham as well as Legend Carl Lee to the studio to talk about NFL Play 60. With it being Friday the 13th (ch-ch-ch-ca-ca-ca) we Have Coffee and Talk about our fears. The Couch Potatoes go over the Emmy nominations. And Alex "Lex Go" Krosney visits to let us know about The Winnipeg Roller Derby L ...…
Ryan Looney (Electric Alley Music) and Ed Sertage (Woodshed Studios) join Jay Croft on the WCM Podcast to discuss the music of Jack White. At the recording of this episode (June 2018), his latest solo record "Boarding House Reach" was still fresh, so we felt it was a good time to feature his music on the show. Part 2 of this episode covers all ...…
"It's quite possible things will turn out far better than you imagine." — Don't forget to follow @karalennon for all Coming In Hot news and updates! Stay tuned for a special MEET UP and LIVE event in Boston coming this August! — SAY listening to this 5 star MOVIE of an episode. This week Izzy VanHall blows our minds and brings peace t ...…
Les meilleurs moments de la chaîne clippés par les viewers. En live sur (Studio Renegade).
The Wind-Down makes its long-awaited Friday morning debut with new sponsors (courtesy of Impolite Company Radio), a new opening theme song and a new-ish format. We welcome the multi-talented Analicia Kocher to the studio for a delightful chat about sketch comedy, character work, and - most importantly - BREAKFAST. Analicia is joining the Wind-D ...…
YES WE DO!!! Join us this week as we talk about women in business, our male counterparts efforts and more! We have a HUGE event coming for us in South Florida for the Women's Chamber of Commerce in Palm Beach County, Dancing With OUR Stars!!We welcome professional dancer, Manuela Smythe and her husband Robert Smythe, local businessman and proud ...…
Travis, Gardner, Truckie-B and Matt Whitener are all in-studio with Chris on vacation in “Whitekanda.” It’s the final day of #TheBlackening! Whitener details how a bird pooped in his sweet tea just before the show began. The crew explains “black people time” and “black church” to Gardner. Gardsy believes he is quite courteous for asking if it w ...… After a long hiatus, we’re back! We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through some technical and staffing issues, but now we’re ready to get back to it! It’s been a while, so feel free to refresh your memory on Joe and Agnes’ story in Episodes 1-4. Thi ...…
Edition 142 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast. Playlist: Persefone – The Majestic of Gaia Baroness – Chlorine & Wine Burst – We Are Dust Oranssi pazuzu – Lahja Plini – The End Of Everything Live at 11: Green Carnation live at Studio TVP Krzemionki, Kraków, Poland on 31st January 2004 Into Deep (live) Writings On The ...…
Top Links Announcing TypeScript 3.0 RC (Daniel Rosenwasser) 4 new ways Microsoft 365 takes the work out of teamwork—including free version of Microsoft Teams (Ron Markezich) MS Dev Show – MSIX with John Vintzel (Jason Young & Carl Schweitzer) Modernize Windows Apps to the Web with WebMAP | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Web & Cloud Develo ...…
This week's guest is Steffan Rhodri.Steffan's acting career spans twenty years on stage and screen. His West End theatre credits include Absent Friends, Posh, The Mentalists and This House. On TV he's known for roles in Gavin and Stacey, Apple Tree Yard and Under Milk Wood.He is currently starring in Tracy Letts' Killer Joe, running at Trafalga ...…
Covers, homages and rip-offs.The far reach and great depth of Pink Floyd
Not all artists are given the opportunity to showcase their work, but Lewis Long is changing the gallery landscape as owner of Long Gallery Harlem. Since 2012, he has presented 25 exhibitions with nearly 70 artists — and growing! By providing an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent, other doors are opening for them, including landin ...…
After a day of tracking guitars at the Rock Candy Studio Matt & Price Stevens have an impromptu chat that ends up being a raw and vulnerable episode. Join The Facebook Group Download Stems |eleventyseven| Store/Merch - Rock Candy Recordings Store Website - eleventyseven Listen to Rad Science - Spotify Signing up for our Mailing List will ensure ...…
After a day of tracking guitars at the Rock Candy Studio Matt & Price Stevens have an impromptu chat that ends up being a raw and vulnerable episode. Join The Facebook Group Download Stems |eleventyseven| Store/Merch - Rock Candy Recordings Store Website - eleventyseven Listen to Rad Science - Spotify Signing up for our Mailing List will ensure ...…
This Day In Music for July 13th A production of WCWP Studios - LIU Post Public Radio. Visit us at
A reporter for TSSN, Sam Saxton, is among several guests invited to tour Oklahoma City's Overholser Mansion. As Sam records the tour for his new podcast series exploring urban legends, he has a chance meeting with Professor Geoff DeRoot, who researches the paranormal history of Oklahoma. When the two get separated from the tour group, they begi ...…
On this weeks episode we return with a interview with award winning cosplayer Kona! We also continue our movie reviews with the Studio Ghibli film " Princes Mononoke"
This week it's the Morticians are back in the studio to discuss sexy cops, hot ass weather, the Aum Shinrikyo boys and their recent execution, cults, internet home security, paranoia, the surveillance state, and a bunch of other topics. This week's breaks are "Rumbrave" by Murder by Death and "A Christmas Camel" by Procol Harum. Subscribe to Mo ...…
Anthony Tumbiolo, CEO of digital innovation studio Jakt, talks about why culture in the workplace might be your best investment into the success of your business.
“If I think back about every conversation I’ve had with HR people and they say to me that, “We only hire culture fit,” then I would like to challenge that. If you only hire culture fit, do you usually hire people who are just like you? And if you hire people who are just like you, it’s really great to find agreeable people, but does that take y ...…
John Warrillow, Founder, Value Builder System John Warrillow is an entrepreneur and author with over 20 years of research experience into the small and medium business (SMB) market. He founded The Value Builder System™ to level the playing field for business owners as they approach their exit. Over 35,000 business owners have taken the Value Bu ...…
On this episode, we discuss the openings of both Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios and Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure. We also give our take on the new Play Disney Parks app for iOS and Android.
JV is joined by James Oliva from Whats The Frequency, Greater Boston, Tides Podcast and 1994! Busy Guy! Listen in as they wrap up their 4 hour conversation. (Part 4) Follow *James* on Twitter: @Jamesoliva76 SUBSCRIBE on iTunes at In the Myx Connect with us! Connect with our guest! Facebook| Twitter| Email| Blazing Caribou Studios| Shop “In The Myx”…
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