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Dead Draw Gaming is a Pokemon TCG Podcast formed by 3 friends from basically across the United States. We have all been in love with the Pokemon TCG for quite some time so we figured it would be a great idea to turn what we love and know into an actual business.This unique podcast will feature a wide variety of Pokemon topics to give everyone the ins and outs of the entire Pokemon world. We also have the occasional amazing guest and every once in a while a special episode!We hope to be not j ... presents RULER & THE BEATS, a weekly podcast about the Force of Will TCG, gaming, and the growing community and controversy around this great game.
TCG Buzz
From Pokemon to Card Fight Vanguard! TCG Buzz covers the ever evolving world of trading card games. It's hosts Dalton and Jacob have over 25 years combined experience playing trading card games. Whether it's a new pack's release, tournament results or or the launch of a new game TCG Buzz will be there with insightful discussion.
Your Podcast for all your FFTCG needs
Producing Force of Will TCG content for anyone from beginners to casual players check us out for deck profiles, box openings, game play, news and more!
Welcome to Germinez Exousia of TCG podcast, where we give Yeshua the preeminence!
TCG Dave's podcast brings you the latest news and views from the world of trading card games. He's an Exodus, MTG, Pokemon and FoW player, and a store owner too. His NSFW podcast is probably the most underproduced in the world.
Admina Tcg
Podcast by Admina Tcg
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WE DID IT! Team DDG took down their third(out of three) major US event this season! Danny Altavilla stepped up and delivered a decisive blow with Rukan's spicy tech, Chimecho, finishing the weekend undefeated. Dan was able to sit down with Danny A and discuss his tourney experience, as well as talk a bit about coaching. It's an incredibly insig ...…
The guys reminisce on old times, talk about the Learning week plans, and talk about how draft went this weekend.
This week we discuss our time at Nationals.(Apologies for not putting in the news soundbite as well as the intro and outro)
Colin and Joey go over the current and possible future of the meta. How to deck build now, and various random topics!
Hello Dead Drawers, and welcome to a very special edition of the DDG podcast. Today, Darrin and Charlie sit down to discuss one of the most heated topics as we start to dive into the Regional season, and that's registration fees.Why is admission rising every year? Why do events have different price tags? What does my money pay for? Is there a w ...…
There is a brand new Pokemon and its name is Meltan! This strange and cute little dude rocked the entire community over the weekend and now it's official! We talk about that news, as well as some really cool Dark Order card leaks, like Bisharp and Jirachi, plus a whole lot more. Then, Danny dives into our Memphis checklist to see where we are a ...…
With WGP 2018 completed the results of top8, and ruler breakdown are gone over, as well as how Pre-release went for Colin, and Oscar.
WE DID IT! Team DDG completely crushed it in Philly! Huge congratulations to Caleb Gedemer for taking first, Rukan Shao winning second, Poet Larson finishing in Top 8, and Jimmy Pendarvis at 9th, as well as seven more DDG players finishing in day two. We were completely blown away by their success and couldn't be more proud!This week's podcast ...…
The guys discuss the latest info on Alpha Investments FOW buyout, the two articles from FOW on the Judge program changes, as well as the WGPQ info released.
The Special Ruler's School Take over episode! As seen on the Ruler's School Youtube channel, Oscar, Colin, And Joey go over the Worlds Grand Prix Format!
This week we go back through the history of our Podcast, A Retrospective if you will.
Episode 101 is here, and it's a good one! This week we talk about Dragon's Majesty, including some insight behind the sky high singles prices, a Mailbag question involving scarcity, and our Top 5 favorite Dragon's Majesty cards. Which one will end up our number 1? (spoiler alert: Darrin STILL loves Wishiwashi...)Also on this episode we dive int ...…
Hello Dead Drawers, and welcome to another Deep Dive Podcast with Cameron Shenoy! This time around, Cameron talks with Carl Barone, a seriously strong player based in New York state. The latest hotness that has taken over many League Cups leading up to the Philly Regional event is none other than Shrine of Punishment! This card has been redefin ...…
New Erratas, Chase cards revealed, and the top 2 favorite picks of cards going into New Valhalla!
Our 25th episode! We discuss some of the time issues with competitive play again as well as is the game getting too expensive?
Welcome to the very special Episode 100 of the Dead Draw Gaming Podcast! This week Aaron hosts as Dan, Danny, and Darrin answer questions about the start of the DDG Podcast, our favorite moments along the way, and what we are planning for the future. And for the first time in our Podcast's history we all recorded live from the same room! Being ...…
With the latest Q and A from Jeff to talk about, the guys discuss their opinions on some of the larger topics such as the Will Power Rewards!
This week we go back and look at cards from Opus 1 to see how they still hold up currently.
Join Jacob, Dalton and Bryce as they discuss their experiences at BCS Autumn Circuit 2018 in Chicago. They discuss Bryce's top 8 finish with Dragon Zwei and Jacob's beloved 72 Pillars deck being stolen!
Welcome, Dead Drawers, to episode 99! This week we are coming at you hard and fast with a TON of Pokemon news! With the results from Worlds and all of the drops that came with it, your head just might be spinning!Then, Dan recounts his trek to Nashville, including a short piece about his first VGC experience at an Open. After that we dive into ...…
Force of Will's new banlist is up! Colin, Oscar, and Joe go over the latest article for the reasons behind the banning and their thoughts on the recent news to Wanderer Bans.
This week we discuss news on the last few LQs, Spoilers, Crystal Cups and Nats as well as why we play competitively.
Pokemon World Championship Breakdown, Card Leaks (ep. 98)Welcome, Dead Drawers! This week Dan, Danny, and Darrin sit down to go in-depth on the Worlds meta! Which decks are the pros talking about? Can Rayquaza reign supreme? We cover these questions and a whole lot more.We also discuss a HUGE pile of card leaks in our news segment, including a ...…
The guys go over their thoughts on the newest spoilers that have been revealed and the direction they believe they are headed!
In this episode we discuss our big local tournament as well as talk with local player Danny Diaz
Join Jacob and Dalton as they discuss the announcement of Lost World for Future Card Buddyfight Ace! Lost World is a new world that serves as an extra deck for Buddyfight and will be piloted by an Evil Ranma!
Join Jacob and Dalton as they discuss the upcoming releases of 3 brand new Ultimate boosters for Future Card Buddyfight Ace! First up is Ultimate Booster 01 Superhero Wars Ω - Advent of Cosmoman! featuring several Hero World archetypes like Sky Machine Corps, Galaxy Defense Team, and Battle Building! Next is Ultimate Booster 02 Miracle Fighters ...…
We recorded this the DAY before the reboot (and everything else related to it) was announced. RIP
2018 Worlds Draft, Introducing Our TCG Stream Producer (ep.97)Welcome to Episode 97, Dead Drawers! This week we are thrilled to announce Sierra Dawn Hunter will be the TCG Stream Producer for Memphis! She joins us on the show to discuss her plans for Memphis Regionals, as well as a whole lot more. Then we dive into the DDG 2018 Worlds Draft! Wh ...…
The guys talk with Global Liaison Jeff Finnigan about the new cluster, how cards are being shaped, his influence on the cluster, and whats in store going forward!
In this episode we discuss the rest of Gencon and another LQ
Celestial Storm's Impact on Worlds, Top 5 Post Rotation Decks (ep. 96)Wake up, Dead Drawers! This week we talk about which cards might have a big impact on the World's Championship, as well as which deck will perform post-rotation. So competitive!We also drop a massive business update, so if you're interested in where DDG and LGN(Legendary Gami ...…
They guys go over the latest GenCon info, the Spoilers from GenCon and the Direction the Color Pie is headed!
This week we discuss the first few days of the Crystal Cup and Gencon with some very special guests
Episode 95: Top 5 Celestial Storm Cards, Gentlemen's Agreements and IDsWelcome to the latest edition of the DDG Podcast "Like No One Ever Was!" This week, things get a bit judge-y as Darrin, Dan, and Danny dive into the latest hot button topic - Gentlemen's Agreements and IDs. We cover what these are, how to execute them properly, and even give ...…
The Deep Dive: "Navigating the Stormy Winds with Jimmy Taylor and Poet Larson"It's Rayquaza vs Buzzwole vs Zoroark for Worlds this year! Join Cameron as he sits down with two fellow Team DDG members: Poet Larson and Jimmy Taylor. Together they discuss the meta shake-up from the NAIC results, as well as deck choices for the upcoming 2018 World C ...…
The guys go over the voicemails they have been missing, and then talk with Red Zone Rogue about the latest changes to the new Valhalla set and his thoughts on where the game is going.
We discuss toxicity in the community and the boogeyman aka Mono Ice.
Welcome to Episode 94, Dead Drawers! It's finally time... FINALLY TIME!!!We can now tell you all about our big, big secret and it's a game changer! We go into some detail during this week's podcast, but let's just say you're going to be seeing a lot more of us this season. =DThis week we also talk about the recent ban list, the announcement of ...…
The guys discuss the latest Tokyo GP, their griefs over Sheherazade, and the Ruler of the week, Charlotte!
This week we discuss Our first Local qualifier and sit down with Ethan a local player.
"Like No One Ever Was" (ep. 93) How To Make Pokemon An eSport, Pokemon Content Creators, #AskDDGWhat is up, Dead Drawers?! Welcome to episode 93! This week Danny was unable to join us, so Aaron, the brand new 4th member of DDG, joined us. After a short news section, we dive into our main topic: how can we make Pokemon into an eSport? A ton of i ...…
The guys discuss the recent ARG states weekend, Talk with Misha of team quickcast from Australia, as well as the newly launched Valhalla website hyping the new set!
This week we have a retrospective about opus 5 and look forward to opus 6
"Why You Should Go To Pokemon League, NAIC Wrap-Up, Post-Rotation Staples" - (Ep. 92)Welcome, Dead Drawers! This week Dan, Danny, and Darrin sit down to talk all about Pokemon League. There are a whole bunch of great reasons that we cover, and we even tell you how to find a League near you, or how to make your own! Our Top 5 also ties in very n ...…
They guys talk and catch Joey up on the recent GP Colin and Oscar attended, and answer a really good couple of questions from a patron.
This week we discuss opus 6 pre-release and cards we are excited for
#DDG4... The Fourth is Revealed! - "Like No One Ever Was" - (Ep. 91)It's finally here, Dead Drawers! At long last, we can announce the fourth member of Dead Draw Gaming, and it's huuuuuuuuuuge! The four of us talk about how things are changing for DDG going forward and it's so incredibly exciting I'm shaking. We cannot thank you enough for all ...…
Oscar and Colin discuss their thoughts after having attended Collinsville GP, and have a few special guest interviews to wrap things up! Normal podcast to resume next time!
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