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The TESL Podcast
A podcast about The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. Bringing news and thoughts from the top players.
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For this episode, Justin and I are joined by special guest Arkham Warlock (Charles) to talk about his latest survey. Charles has done surveys on the state of the game in the past, and his most recent survey was focused on the new client for Legends.
For this episode, Justin and I are joined by special guest Traitor Joe! We talk about the new client, recent community issues, and overall what a weird week it's been.
For this episode, Justin and I talk a little about the changes to Twitch Drops. We then get nostalgic about the game for awhile, as this is the last podcast before the new client goes live.
For this episode, Justin and I are joined by Aphelion. Aphelion is the owner and founder of Team Rankstar, an organization that competes in several digital card games. We talk about how the team was formed, as well as what to expect in the future. Aphelion was having some microphone problems, so I apologize for the audio quality of this episode ...…
This week, Justin and I are joined by Masters Series semifinalist TDCJason. We talk about Jason's experiences during the qualifiers, having to play extra games to get in on points, and his performance at the finals. We also get to see his Ant-Man helmet, which is basically the best part of the show.
Justin and I have returned from the Masters Series Finals, and we are ready to talk about the experience. We are joined by Will (plzdonhakme), the Masters Series Champion himself! Will talks about what it was like to meet everyone, what it's like preparing for that kind of event, and what his plans are for the future. We also get a special appe ...…
Justin and I are almost finished moving, so we wanted to squeeze in a podcast while we had the time. In this episode, we were joined by Sophie who streams Legends on Twitch. You can find her at We briefly discuss the Masters Series, our time casting, the recent balance patch, and more. With so many interesting top ...…
The podcast is going on a small hiatus. Don't worry, we'll be back. This just explains what is going on in the near future.
This week, Justin and CHARM3R talk about the changes to Twitch drops and the announcement of the Masters Series. The Masters Series contains several small qualifying tournaments, which will lead up to a championship event at QuakeCon with a $50,000 prize pool.
This week, Justin and CHARM3R decided to stream alongside the Bethesda Showcase at E3. This means that you can hear the audio from the showcase itself, as well as the crew's reactions to the announcements. I just wanted to say that I know this particular show isn't suited well for the audio format, and for that I am sorry. E3 is a once-a-year e ...…
Back after an extended break, Justin and CHARM3R talk about the big news revealed while they were visiting Bethesda HQ. Ianbits joins the cast to talk about the trip, and the change in developers.
I've been getting some questions about when the next podcast is going to happen, so I wanted to provide a timeline along with some updates.
This week, Justin and I talk about the Grand Melee event. We also talk about Justin's bias toward aggressive decks, and what he's learned after playing them for a week.
This week, we talk with CVH about the recent balance patch. Mantikora and Nix-Ox are covered, as well as the monthly reward card.
This week, we talk with GriffenGasp about... well, a little bit of everything. Nix-Ox comes up, but so does model UN, justifiable homicide, comic characters, and other topics. This is our longest episode to date, and probably our worst. I hope you enjoy it.
This week, we talk with DragonTamerBlayde about Houses of Morrowind and PAX East.
This week, we talk with CVH about Houses of Morrowind! Also, we may have done this podcast LIVE from PAX East. Yeah, we totally did.
This week, we talk about the new Houses of Morrowind cards that have been released since the last podcast. We also reveal TWO new cards from the upcoming expansion.
This week, we talk about the newly announced expansion! Houses of Morrowind is coming in two weeks, and we go over all the cards revealed so far. We even reveal a card during the cast!
This week, we talk about the things that we missed while we were away. Topics include the monthly reward card for February, the Journey rework, and Artifact news.
This week, we talk about the new community manager for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. We also talk about the hotly debated Journey + Conscription combo.
This week, we talk with special guest Ianbits. Ian streams Legends on Twitch, and also helps out with the Warp Meta community tournaments for Legends.
This week, we talk with special guest Jele77 about the recent expansion and the Cold War.
This week, we reveal a never before seen card from the Forgotten Hero Collection. We also talk about the Noble Gauntlet.
This week, we have a very low energy discussion that involves lots of rambling before being cutoff by technical difficulties. We're professionals like that.
This week, we talk with CVH about our experiences with the game, where the game is going, and a bunch of random stuff in our longest podcast yet.
This week, we talk about the new gauntlet mode. We also talk about what we would like to see in future gauntlet modes.
This week, we suffer through my audio problems while also discussing "tier lists" for the game. Spoiler alert: We ramble a lot without deciding on anything concrete.
This week, we talk about the upcoming Gauntlet mode, and how Clockwork City is or isn't impacting the constructed meta.
This week, we talk about Return to Clockwork City! We talk about cards that we've tried, cards that we want to try out, and we go on some off topic rants as well.
This week, we are joined by special guest Rei Barker. Rei is known in the Legends community for being a great player, while also creating some pretty wacky decks.
This week, we are joined by special guest Frank Lepore! Frank has written articles for both Bethesda and Channel Fireball. He also has a Top 8 Magic the Gathering Pro Tour finish on his resume. Our conversations meander through comic book films, Magic, and the new Legends set in our longest episode ever.…
The guest and I have ourselves a fun chat before the Clock city Expansion, we have a lot of fun disccusing revealed cards, as well as talking about their possiable impact
This week, we are joined by special guest Pete Hines! Pete Hines is the vice president in charge of marketing and public relations at Bethesda. We ask him about the new set, the future of the game, and what his dog eats that is so expensive...
This week, we reveal a new card from Return to Clockwork City! We also talk about the other cards revealed so far.
This week, CHARM3R talks to a banana. We also talk about the teaser video that was released by Bethesda. We also show off some new art for "upcoming content."
This week, we talk about the extra addition to Chaos Arena for this weekend. We also talk about the leaked Guantlet mode that is coming up.
In this episode the gusest and I are all members of gamer sensei , we take a look at the hard questions on coaching, dicussing weather or now it is legitimate, its place in esports, and of course its impact both personal and non-personal.
In this episode we get to know the casters of the monthly ESL TESL tournament. We get a nice look at the behind the scenes activity.
In this podcast, by guest and I talk about the deck that we see complained most of and we target those. We talk of ways to beat them and discuss each of there weaknesses.
This week, we talk about the new singleton Gauntlet and we talk a bit about life. DCDeacon (Pete Hines) drops a bomb in our chat and makes it hard for us to focus for the rest of the cast.
This week, Justin and I talk about deck building. Things kind of go on a few tangents from there, and then we take questions from the audience.
This week, the topics include the new gauntlet mode and other game modes we'd like to see. There are also a few tangents. It was a long week.
We take a hard look at the game. Where it stands and how it can fall. We look at the lacking tournament scene as well as the need for other improvments.
WARNING: This episode was riddled with technical difficulties. The audio is rough, but it was the best that we could make it at the time. This week, Justin and CHARM3R look at the identities of attributes in Legends. We talk through what makes each stand out, and what stands out as different from what we might have expected.…
This week, Justin and CHARM3R speculate what the next content release will be like. We talk about what we'd like to see added as well. We end by talking about balance philosophies and how they relate to the game.
On this Episode we take a look at the various colors and classes found within the elder scrolls legends, we review what their idenities are and how we feel about each of them and weather or not we feel they are perfroming their jobs correctly.
This week, Justin and CHARM3R take a look at the history of the Scout class. They also go on quite a few tangents before finally talking about the new European TESL tournament series. They end with some Q & A from the live chat.
On this week of the podcast Sabamonster and HoneyT join me as we take an deep look into Common gamer langauge and point out that it needs to change and mature. We talk about how important sportsmanship is even within the digital wold of esports.
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