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The Pod F. Tompkast
Comedian PAUL F. TOMPKINS & Composer EBAN SCHLETTER Present Sketch, Conversation, And Stream-of-Consciousness Monologuery.
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From The Paul F. Tompkins Show 10th Anniversary Special: "A Phone Call For Mr. Tompkins," featuring Brian Whalen.
Haven't checked out The Dead Authors Podcast yet? We'll bring it right to you! Featuring our very own Southie! Jen Kirkman guests as Abbie Hoffman. For more information on the Echo Park Time Travel Mart and 826LA, go to
Merry Christmas! And... other things! From The Paul F. Tompkins Show, December 2010: "The Holiday Play," with Joshua Malina, Judy Greer and Tim Meadows. We'll be back in The New Year! Thank you for your support!
Episode 24: Recorded LIVE in front of An Audience at Largo at The Coronet on October 20th, 2012. The Golden Age of Italian Explorer Television. From The Paul F. Tompkins Show: "Advice to The Probably Dead" with Melissa Rauch, Beth Littleford and Janie Haddad Tompkins. The Inevitable Conclusion of The Great Undiscovered Project. It's Nice To Not ...…
Episode 23: The Great Undiscovered Project Goes Psycho. From The Paul F. Tompkins Show: "Scheer Vengeance," featuring Paul Scheer and Crissy Guerrero. Paul gets introspective and outrospective. Next: LIVE AT LARGO.
Episode 22: Up, up, and also away with The Great Undiscovered Project. “The Dream Prisoners,” with Matt Gourley, John Ross Bowie, Kimmy Gatewood and Patton Oswalt. Scott Aukerman SINGS! Southie? SOUTHIE?!?!
Episode 21: Whither The Home Piano? The Great Undiscovered Project Takes a Field Trip. From The Paul F. Tompkins Show: "The Uncanny Hollow," featuring Andy Daly, Rich Sommer and Laraine Newman. Justin Kirk retroactively walks the walk.
Episode 20: Now, HERE be dragons? Inspiration Alley. "A Little Off The Top," featuring Jessica St. Clair. Fabulous faubulist Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds, The Thrilling Adventure Hour) comparison shops for ancient weaponry.
Episode 19: Good evening to you all. The first step is admitting you have a problem with someone. Choose Your Own Grube-venture, featuring Dave (Gruber) Allen. Talking about architecture is like Thomas Lennoning about podcasting.
Episode 18: WE HAVE RETURNED. The Great Undiscovered Project Steams Up. Advice To The Probably Dead, featuring Janet Varney, Scott Rodgers, and Janie Haddad Tompkins. LEAVE SOUTHIE ALONE! Strange Happenings. Remember! The Pod F. Tompkast happens LIVE on Saturday, October 20th! See for details.…
A rarity indeed! Here is Paul's monologue from the July 2012 performance of The Paul F. Tompkins Show. WARNING: Contains social commentary. Silliness will resume next month. Promise. Recorded Live at Largo at The Coronet in West Hollywood, CA.
Will you be in the Los Angeles are on Thursday, June 28th, 2012A.D.? YOU SHOULD BE! Because then you can attend a taping of NIGHTCAP WITH PAUL F. TOMPKINS! “Comedy Central’s 'Nightcap with Paul F. Tompkins' is a humorous and interactive look at the world of popular culture as Paul and a recurring group of his funny friends offer their unique ta ...…
Remember when John Lithgow dropped peyote and went on a vision quest? Here is the audio of the vision he quested!
A first! We are excerpting another program! John Moe's WITS is a variety show on the radio in St. Paul, MN. Paul guested recently, with his ole pal Aimee Mann, and they were forced to do creative battle against each other! Recorded live at The Fitzgerald Theatre on May 11, 2012. For more WITS audio (and video!) go to http://minnesota.publicradi ...…
Episode 17: Who's Worse, Our One Listener or All Birds? The Great Undiscovered Project Has Gone Fishin'. "Sounds Fun!" with John Hodgman (recorded live at San Francisco SketchFest 2012). Are You Ready To Go Back To Fake Titanic, Jen?
EPISODE 16: Peasants, We Miss You. The Great Undiscovered Project, Lost in The Wilderness with Werner and Cake Boss. From The Paul F. Tompkins Show, "Lice Capades," with Judy Greer (recorded live at San Francisco SketchFest). Community's GILLIAN JACOBS Visits The Internet, and Is Probably The Only Person In Her Family Who Could've Survived The ...…
EPISODE 15: The Origins of The Potter's Field. The Great Undiscovered Project Brings You The Boss of Cakes and a Washer of Brains. From The Paul F. Tompkins Show: Advice To The Probably Dead, feat. Martha Plimpton. Nerdist Host Chris Hardwick Visits and Curses, a Lot! Jen Kirkman Sings The Ballad of Baskin-Robbins Bob. Be Careful What You Wish For.…
Here is a bit of security chat that simply didn't fit in the Jen call from Episode 14. But we liked it, still. So here. HERE. Stay through the plugs at the end to hear Nick Fury recriuit Jen for the Phone Call Avengers!
EPISODE 14: The Great Undiscovered Project Moves Forward-- Literally! From The Paul F. Tompkins Show: Home Sick with Special Guest Paul Scheer. Jen Kirkman is Alarmingly Disarming! And Plenty of Rambles. I Mean, PLENTY.
We know we've been away for a while. We miss you, too. Life is complicated, you guys! So complicated, in fact, that sometimes you will call someone up and pretend to be a guy who got hit in the head with a brick! JUST LISTEN, IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE OR IT WON'T, MAYBE! The Pod F. Tompkast WILL return.…
Happy Hallowe'en! From 2010, here's a sketch from The Paul F. Tompkins Show featuring special guest Janeane Garofalo. NOTE: There are numerous sound problems that occur here and there. They are not the kind that will make you throw off your headphones in a shrieking fury of pain, they just make things a little difficult to hear sometimes. We ar ...…
From October 2011 edition of The Paul F. Tompkins Show: Paul riffs pre-show, in character as Garry Marshall.
Paul visits with his absent friend, Chris Hardwick. Check out Chris Hardwick's podcast, The Nerdist Podcast! It's on the Internet!
EPISODE 13: We Have Returned. Paul and Eban Ramble Their Way Into A New Chapter of THE GREAT UNDISCOVERED PROJECT, A Live Sketch With Community Star GILLIAN JACOBS, a Phone Call With Our Dear Friend JEN KIRKMAN, and An Unexpected Visit From The Great JOHN HODGMAN. An Extra-Packed Season Premiere! Fanshy!…
John Lithgow. John C. Reilly. Mr. Brainwash. The Desert. Peyote. Dragées. Visions. Yelling! Season Two starts SOON.
EPISODE 12: Recorded In Front of A Live Audience At Largo at The Coronet on Saturday, June 18th, 2011. Hurt Feelings, Ominous Portents, and Efforts Britishly Redoubled. Chit-Chat Challenge! (featuring Judy Greer and Maria Thayer) Little Surfer Southie. Paul F. Tompkins Vient à Votre Ville. The Pod F. Tompkast WILL Return.…
EPISODE 11: Apologies To At Least One Of You In Advance. Been To The Desert With A Horse of Dragées. Google Voice Theatre Presents: JAWS (with Matt Gourley and Stephen Dunham). A Star Isn't Born. Paul F. Tompkins Sweats In Your Town! An Important Message About The Tompkins 300! And Don't Forget: If You're In The Los Angeles Area on Saturday, Ju ...…
I'm Sorry I Made You Think I Had A Time Machine. The Trouble With Novelty Telephones. Advice To The Probably Dead (featuring Maya Rudolph, Kathryn Burns and Aubrey Leigh). Jen Kirkman and The Case of The White Knuckles. Cinco de My GOD. The Intimidating Air of The Narnian Talking Elk.
From the April 22nd 2011 edition of The Paul F. Tompkins Show: Paul introduces the evening's entertainment as a very special and purple person. We were going to release this as an Extrasode anyway, but since we couldn't get the regular episode finished in time, we put this out now. Two more miracles like this and we will be beatified for sure!…
Episode 9: Jaunty, Right Out Of The Gate! The Game Is A-Loud! The Ex-Terminator (featuring Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm). The Kirkman of Cell Block H. Paul F. Tompkins Comes To Your Hemisphere. Attention Must Be Paid!
EPISODE 8: Horseknees: The Envy of All Mammals! Webber's Wrules of Order and The Beginnings of A Plan. Presidents Day of The Dead (featuring Justin Kirk and Donald Glover). Aires Magazine, The Magazine for Millionaires! Paul F. Tompkins Comes To Your WHAT'S THAT TICKING SOUND? Our Most Secret and Hypoellergenic Friends.…
Episode 7: Much Talk of Raccoons. A "Ricochet" Reunion, Of Sorts. Google Voice Theatre (featuring Stephen Dunham and Matt Gourley). Jen Is A Punk. Scott Comes To Paul's Town To Tell You That Paul Comes To Your Town. Unfamous Ghost Roast!
This One's A Real Neck-Twister! Tell Go-Go All About It. Fun For Children Both Internal And Regular (featuring Maya Rudolph & Bob Odenkirk). The Incredibly Bad Skee-Ball Teacher. The Sobering History of Jen Kirkman. The January Man. This Is What I Sound Like.
Merry Christmas! The Paul F. Tompkins Show offered this duet by Paul F. Tompkins & Dave (Gruber) Allen as a raffle prize at 2009's Habitat for Humanity benefit show. Now it is yours on this holy day. CAN IT BE...?
Every year, little kids ask the Cake Boss to use his gift of the second sight to answer their questions. Children are selfish and don't understand that other people might have feelings.
A [Story About] Christmas Carol(ers). Some important info is in there, too. Please. Important.
Episode 5: A Simple Country Podcast. Frosting, Fondant, Paint and Glue. A Price Beyond (Gruber) (featuring Dave [Gruber] Allen) Are You There, Mia Sara? Little Kirkman Needs To Fly. Paul F. Tompkins Is Comin' To Town. Food Things.
Episode 4: The Tyranny of Imagination. Whom The Boss Is, Cakewise. The Human Body: DISGUSTING. The First Thanksgiving (featuring Jennifer Coolidge) Do You Have Your Crumble Buddy? Ya, Ya, Best By Far! A Better Vagrant. Paul F. Tompkins Chills Out Your Town. The Effect of Witch Tools On Hunger.
Episode 3: Who Watches The Watcher, Or At Least Talks About Him? Of Pretty Women and Cryptozoology. A Promise Fulfilled. Were We Ever So Young? Paul F. Tompkins Comes To Your Town TO SCARE YOU. Act Three: Flattered, Glass.
Episode 2: It’s Night-Time on The Internet. Robert and His Rules. An Actor’s Secret Shame. “The Curious Stepbrother” (featuring Neil Flynn). There’s Something About Jen. In Dreams.
Episode 1: Welcome to A NEW ERA. A Drink Calls a Knight. "I Have A Google" (featuring Tim Meadows). The Origins of Friendship (One Particular Friendship, Not The Concept of It). Paul F. Tompkins Comes to YOUR Town!
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