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Best Tore Says podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Tore Says podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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It was a battle that shaped a generation and an industry. In 1996, the Monday Night War between Vince McMahon's WWE(F) and an Eric Bischoff- Controlled WCW Nitro captivated millions and tore up ratings. On the eve of history repeating itself on Wednesday Nights between NXT and AEW, Ian Carey and Jeff Moss, two Veteran Viewers of the Monday Night War take you through each week's battles, highlights and lowlights as a war so ridiculous that it could only take place in a wrestling ring unfolds.
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Fresh calls for a new national approach to tackle our obesity crisisBy 2DayFM News - Sydney
Ausgrid says nearly 4,000 homes remain in dark after big storm lashed SydneyBy 2DayFM News - Sydney
Power out to thousands of homes in the Sutherland shire after storm tore throughBy 2DayFM News - Sydney
Sydney smashed by super cell stormBy 2DayFM News - Sydney
Golf ball sized hail hits CampbelltownBy 2DayFM News - Sydney
The MSM squeezes. Nancy slurs desperate. Fighting against the people. POTUS tells it straight. Maybe another impeachment? A Senate trial to behold. Biden, Pelosi and Kerry on the stand? Saving the sons. Average Americans now needed. News incoming is HUGE. Stand fast and pray.By WH Tempus
Moving towards real goals. What the MSM won't say. You are now being heard. POTUS rocks and mocks. The peoples knowledge is growing. Sanctions for and against who? Our allies funding finds Iran, Removing the blind spots. Epstein, Weiner and big news coming. Have faith and pray.By WH Tempus
No CIA IG? Intel structures and secrets. A new day of oversight reporting? Impeachment stalls as time ticks away. Nancy squirms and shifts to War Powers Act. Iran airline shoot down? What Space Force saw and why it matters.By WH Tempus
MSM and their war lies. B52 BS. Millions hear a leader's words. Exposing dark money channels. Putin's chess moves are helping peace. Can evil be undone? Libya on the screen. Turkish, therefore NATO aggression? The EU comes together. Know your news and stay objective.By WH Tempus
A president that prays. Corporate media declares war. Spreading fear and lies while clueless to the truth. Qasem was a major cog in a global machine. Where's Feinstein? Gina Haspel? Hard choices for Lindsey Graham. Dripping hands of the swamp rats. Watch your back.By WH Tempus
Iran back channels and money wash. Ricky ends woke culture? More coming on Epstein. An enriched uranium history. Qasem and the Bush's. 52 shell companies or targets? Honeypots are falling. POTUS pulling back the curtain.By WH Tempus
Qasem mission and the left, reactions from the Senate floor, Benghazi repercussions, a quick start on the new year.By WH Tempus
It's propaganda not real news. A key date approaches. So much coming. Scott Adams joins the discussion.By WH Tempus
This is it, friends. In WCW, it's all been building to this. Bash At The Beach, 1996. Team WCW vs The Outsiders and a mystery third man for control of WCW. We think. It's one of the biggest moments in the Monday Night War, and wrestling's history so Jeff and Ian are dedicating the whole episode to this one event. Will things ever be the same again?…
Why did I JUST get pulled into Seth Rich case?Are they trying to get info to save their criminal clients?By WH Tempus
George Soros not a puppetmaster just the public face of those who are really in charge.By Tore Says
Merry Christmas.Christmas is all about children.Even before Christ. Why do they want our children?By WH Tempus
How do they deceive? Why?Masters of manipulation.Marionettes - look at the strings!KoppaBy WH Tempus
Here is the truth. NSA/CIA/FBI US GOV A subsidiary of GSG.By Tore Says
This is it, soldiers! The last Monday Night Battle before everything changes. WCW is on high alert as the Bash At The Beach is just days away. Who is The Outsider's Third man? Will their invasion be a success? Does Disco Inferno factor into it? These questions and more on Nitro, while on Raw... some commentator related bickering. Oh yes, it's on an…
It's another great(ish) episode of The Great(ish)War! Ian & Jeff take a look at all the tales of various tapes as on Nitro, we have dancing fools, pre-dancing fools, More Mongo Money Madness and one of the most bizarre title changes ever witnessed! And Raw.... Happened. All that and more on this week's Great(ish) War!…
Organ Trafficking Organ HarvestingImpeachment ShamDesperationBy Tore Says
Corruption has an MO that is applied across all levels. Your voice matters - speak up- make noise. Impeachment is their MO applied to the President. Corrupt Clowns are Creatures of ComfortBy WH TEMPUS
Christianity under attack. Spiritual WarfareSpace, Nukes in the skyNATO - in a boxBy Tore Says
Hey Military-Industrial ComplexWhere are the blimps?Where are the M-16s?Where is OUR money?By WH Tempus
This week it's a great(ish) episode of The Great(ish)War as Jeff has some mic problems that we cleaned up as much as possible! It was an important night in the War, as on RAW it was King of The Ring's Eve and Nitro took place the day after the shocking results of The Great American Bash! One of the most iconic moves in wrestling history is debuted …
What the news ARE NOT telling you. Afghanistan's President addresses US Troops in AfghanistanBy Tore Says
Thankful for our President that gives people courage to hold MSM Accountable, seize control of our nation and purge the cabal.By SF for Tore
Bad faith in Journalism - WOW almost like I knew this is going to dominate my evening. FAKE NEWS - clowns so predictable.By Tore Says
Newsworthy | 22 NOV 19| Iran and POTUS Says... by ToreBy Tore
Most Revealing | 21 NOV 19| Malicious, fabrications and lies. by ToreBy Tore
The Great American Bash is just around the corner and WCW is building to it... Kind of. There's a big Surprise in store for Eric Bischoff but nothing compares to the surprise the Ultimate Warrior has for Ian and Jeff! Shawn Micheals takes a power nap and what happens with Golddust and Ahmed Johnson...? Meh, who cares? it's RAW and Nitro for June 10…
Interrupted Live |20 NOV 19| Ukraine - It's A Trap :) by ToreBy Tore
Pedophilia | 19 NOV 19| I did the math - TRAPDOOR- Election Theft by ToreBy Tore
Child Trafficking |18 NOV 19| They will do anything to stop him! by ToreBy Tore
Listening Is Important |15 NOV 19| In the Age of Disinformation by ToreBy Tore
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