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Azaria Tubbs
Welcome to the Azaria Tubbs podcast, where amazing things happen.
Roy Tubbs
I am a Bible teacher and preacher. "He that winneth souls is wise." -- Proverbs 11:30Welcome to my podcast.
The Podcast of the CompTIA UK Channel Community. Aimed at UK IT Solution Providers, MSP's, Vendors and Distributors. Richard Tubb interviews members to learn about their businesses, the lessons they've learned, and their thoughts on current IT industry trends.
FREEDOM OF SPEECH SPORTS was founded by Luis Orlando Gonzalez to give a voice back to the fan. To give voice to the ex player who knows the game better than the guy on TV who has his position not thru experience but thru his piece of paper and hard work and given the proper chance anyone, myself included ,wishes they had. To give voice to the cheerleader or dancer who knows the game loves the game and understands it so much they got themselves the best seats in the house. This site, This for ...
The "Voice of Midwest All Pro" Chris Tubbs and Andrew Soucek from talk all things MAP and professional wrestling
We Play Runescape
We Play Gaming's voices on the mass world of RuneScape!
No Entitlement
Podcast by Tubbs
The podcast for the modern day creative, navigating this digital realm with your guides Joshua Tubbs (@customatic) & Jay Wills (
Democracy in Color
The Democracy in Color podcast, hosted by Aimee Allison, features today’s best and brightest political leaders, strategists and thinkers of the New American Majority. We’ve featured Senator Cory Booker; Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal; San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, Stockton, California Mayor Michael Tubbs; BART Director Lateefah Simon; writer Eric Liu; #Goodmuslimbadmuslim co-host Tanzila Ahmed; New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb, and writers Rebecca Solnit and Jeff Chang, among many others. E ...
Join Joshua Tubbs for life discussion, gaming, disability, and everything Music, Movies and TV.
Society Radio is hosted by James Murray, Kayli Graciano, and Colin Tubb and will explore many different topics not necessarily covered at Society gatherings.
Listen, subscribe, download the goodness us on Twitter: boogie_417 Facebook: boogie417Currently Music Range: From: Electro House// Dirty Electro // Funky House// Ducth House// New School Breaks// New School Acid Breaks// Funky Electro Breaks// Fidget// Tech house// Prog house.// Techno// Curren ...
Tugboat and Hassy
David Hassen (Hassy) does his best each week to get Travis Tubbs (who doesn't like being called Tugboat) to stop being so rigid, open up, and show a little personality.Travis still doesn't know why he agreed to this.
Richard Tubb - a leader and consultant within the IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) Channel - shares his interviews with the industries most successful people. Also listen to insights, news and reviews from the Small Business IT world.
“Mr. and Mrs. Seth Appleby were almost old. They called each other 'Father' and 'Mother.' But frequently they were guilty of holding hands, or of cuddling together in corners, and Father was a person of stubborn youthfulness.” It is only by subterfuge that Seth is able every year to obtain his two week's vacation from the shoe store, and they are off to the farm-house of Uncle Joe Tubbs on Cape Cod. But this year the vacation turns into a full blown scheme to open a country tea room somewher ...
Wisenheimer is a long form improv comedy troupe based out of the Quad Cities, consisting of Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, and Brent Tubbs.This is their bi-weekly, totally improvised podcast. Prepare your earholes.
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Tracklist: 00:00 Marten Horger, Neon Steve - You Don't 03:31 Tchami & Malaa - Kurupt (Original Mix) 07:06 KOOS, LOUARN - 911 (Original Mix) 10:44 BROHUG - Running 13:24 Rico Tubbs - Chemistry (Phlegmatic Dogs Remix) 17:23 Bhaskar - Lose Control (Club Mix) 19:48 Kubi & Hubba - Boom (Original Mix) 22:53 Tony Romera - Grand Jour (Original Mix) 26: ...…
Eric Jorgenson, director of growth at Zaarly, tells us about some culture and management challenges that can blindside you during rapid growth, along with tips on how to avoid them. Richard Tubb & Karl Palachuk explore the scary and positive sides of AI being embedded in our lives.
Hi pals, coming up on this weeks episode of Go With The Heat Tubbs and Castillo work undercover to bust drug dealers moving in on Native American land in the episode Indian Wars. On This Week in Vice we’ll be taking a look back when this episode of Miami Vice aired, from Feb. 22 to Feb. 28, 1988, when Miami Vice was king. ...…
The earth changes Customs change- ex. Used to be customary for men to greet one another with a kiss Churches change- some for the good and some for the bad.4. People change- think about how different you are now than 10 or 20 years ago (Both physical and spiritual)But God never changes. He was just, holy, righteous, pure, and powerful in the be ...…
This weeks episode speaks on No Entitlement Tubbs speaks on Kanye and his actions.The controversial video This is America by Childish Gambino and what it could possibly mean. Also what it means to date outside your race.
Hebrews 11:6 is the classic text: "Without faith it is impossible to please God: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is (that God exists), and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."God IS a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Not those who seek merely His blessings, but those who seek Him, are the ones who fi ...…
Session #43 Enjoy some big phat wubby beats. Peace Direct Download -> Show #43 Get the Podcast -> iTunes Will MD (aka The Phat Pharmer) 1. Change - Nima G 2. Wat - Christian Martin, Mark Starr 3. Another Track - Yo speed 4. Doors - Bombo Rosa 5. Lurker - NIK P, The Corporation 6. Don't Stop (Obscene Frequency Remix) - The Brainkiller, V.Aparici ...…
On the latest episode of The Lunch Table Podcast, The crew is joined by the Founders of one of the newest and hottest parties to hit the streets of New York City. New Jersey Natives Tubbs Krueger, Manny & Cris Jones shed light on how the Brunch Battle has quickly become and continues to grow as the new age of partying for true music lovers and ...…
On this episode of No Entitlement Tubbs speaks on the J.Cole new album KOD and thoughts on the ongoing feud with him and the mumble rap generation. The internet web series "Pull Up" and whats wrong with Kanye ?
Offertory Testimonial: Mila Rolston First Homily: Calvin Clark Second Homily: Ray Jude Tubbs
Final 4 picks for both semifinal games. Roosie gives you a play on Kansas vs Villanova, while Tubb breaks down Sister Jean vs TTUN.
As we wrap up the first quarter of 2018 and gear up to take our grind to the next level the rest of this year, I share some of the life changing experiences and inspirations that's transpired during Q1.I also take time to reflect on the ALWAYS amazing NCAA March Madness tournament and some of the biggest surprises across the bracket.and lastly, ...…
The Hour Has come, Act 1 Is Prepared upon the stage... You have Met the Lost souls, Now listen to their Dark Tale, As they Attempt to break free of their initial predicament and Escape into the Forests of Barovia... The Cast: AJ As "Ozmand" Lexa As "Rosie" Belry As "Karen Lebowski" Amy As "Meghren" Matt As "Tubbs Groundswell" And Nikoli as your ...…
On this episode of No Entitlement Tubbs speaks on the Mass Shooting march being held in Washington D.C. along with the Austin bombing. 6ix 9ine going wild in the industry and Chris Brown and Lil Dicky video freaky Friday video. All that and more on this episode.
The enemy owes you seven times what he has stolen. In this message, Barry Tubbs Jr speaks about the importance of tithing for a new testament believer and how you can receive all God has for you in this life.
Roosie & Tubbs break down the sweet 16 matchups. We give you a free winner in all 8 games.
Beth Tubbs, a senior staff engineer with the International Code Council Codes and Standards Development department joins us this month. She has been with the Code Council since 1995 and she is currently the secretariat to the International Existing Building Code, the International Fire Code, and ICC Performance Code. Beth is also the lead staff ...…
Many of us have had something stolen from us. Behind every theft is the enemy's purpose. In this message, Barry Tubbs Jr tells the good news about how the enemy must payback seven times what he has stolen from the children of God.
As we near the end of Exodus, we begin to see the construction of the tabernacle and all of the elements of worship for the people of Israel. This week Pastor Nathan Tubbs examines chapters 35-39, where we see God's desire that his people participate in the building of the tabernacle by offering both supplies and time. He then connects this pas ...…
Have you ever struggled with discouragement? If so, you will know that it can keep you from confidently walking in what God has called you to. In this message, Amy Tubbs speaks on how to disarm discouragement when it tries to arise.
Last year, California had its deadliest and most destructive wildfire season in recorded history. No fire killed more people or burned down more buildings than the Tubbs Fire. Reveal investigates what made the Tubbs Fire so devastating by delving into the history of one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods. — Head over to for more … ...…
Set between the first and second film, Sgt Davis Tubbs assembles a task force to destroy the Creeper once and for all while growing closer than ever before to learning the secrets of its dark origins, as the monster terrorizes a local farming community.
The Coach and Craig discuss the state of college basketball and Trae Young with the legendary Billy Tubbs!
Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer take you through the stories that matter on the morning of 3/01/2018, including: A little girl in Fort Bend County is a huge fan of a certain big-league pitcher. Penny Boyle of Richmond wants to meet Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. and marry him. She also asked that Astros players come to her birthday party; In ...…
The Tubbs Fire in the North Bay created a whole new group of homelessness in Santa Rosa. Since October, those who lost their homes have received most of the attention but many people were already living on the streets. Guest: Jennielynn Holmes, Director of Shelter & Housing at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.…
On this episode Tubbs talks about his experience seeing the infamous charlamagene the god .. Fergie conspiring with the Russians ? And why he thinks Blac Chyna should still do it like she means it. Tune in !
It all began in 1925 and is still going today... The Grand Ole Opry... here from May 26, 1951 is a broadcast of that show starring Hank Snow and Ernest Tubb.
Why put black lights in an airplane hangar? What drug pairs best with chicken wings? Why is that weird kid dancing for quarters again? This extended music video for a Glenn Frey song raises a lot of questions but provides very few answers, other than a resounding "YES" for "Is this an amazing episode for Tubbs?"…
Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, and Brent Tubbs are excited to share an in-depth chat with our special guests from our previous episode, Edith Head! Individually, Edith Head are comprised of Brady Bunch, Nathan Clark, Todd Bosley, and Allison Summers. Their story is a fascinating one as they originated in Los Angeles, then had members move to Na ...…
On this episode Tubbs talks about Valentines Day and how you should approach it .. Along with the possibly the best movie of the year black panther and the director Ryan Coogler. Also the Jhene Aiko situation and Tyga wanting a DNA test? And much stay tuned and listen!
On this episode of No Entitlement Tubbs embraces New England for what it is and come to terms its not that bad of a place, only because of the patriots regime. Quincy Jones continues to wild out again along with the patriots losing the super and LeBron the GM. All that and more you don't want to miss it !…
Ephwurd presents Eph'd Up Radio Episode 018
In every relationship there are two perspectives. In this message Barry and Amy Tubbs explain the importance of seeing things from the other persons viewpoint. Through personal examples, they bring wisdom to help us all come up in our relationships.
In this weeks episode Tubbs breaks down a ton of topics from Larry Nassar the USA gymnastics physician to the Mo'nique rant to boycott Netflix. This week in music.. Along with NFL and NBA talk. All that and more on No Entitlement.
This weeks episode Tubbs speaks on real friends and what it take to have a close bond. Also, tries to understand what 45 meant by saying shit hole countries.. Along with more excitement from the NFL playoffs this week as things start to get very interesting in the divisional around.
On this weeks episode tubbs tackles the ever so controversial alleged H&M racial hoodie along with the NFL playoffs. Also, find out what the former CEO of the 49ers says what he would do to keep Jimmy in San Francisco all that and more on No Entitlement.
It's the introduction of the No Entitlement the new podcast from Tubbs. So come along for the ride as he tackles everything under the sun while becoming a new talent a in a new field.
Each believer is invited into trust. The stability of our lives is built by the trust we have in God.In this message, Barry Tubbs Jr tells the story of Gideon and how it relates to us today.
Thanks for checking out the 215th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guests for this episode having been changing the landscape of blues music across East Texas. With five years under their belt and five nominations for Blues Band of the Year with the East Texas Music Awards! With a brand new, full cd release in late 2017 under their belt we ar ...…
Tonight Kevin and I are yappin up a storm about health, the Tubbs Fires, Christmas Gifts, Please Stand By, our love to each other, and much more! We also have a wrestling/comic quiz featuring a guest appearance by the great Doug McCoy!! Enjoy! A super fun time was had by all!
Tonight Kevin and I are yappin up a storm about health, the Tubbs Fires, Christmas Gifts, Please Stand By, our love to each other, and much more! We also have a wrestling/comic quiz featuring a guest appearance by the great Doug McCoy!! Enjoy! A super fun time was had by all!
DOWNLOAD: PP Ep. 14 “Yay!” (Forgive me, this episode is a bit crackly. Problem when converting, but it is listenable.) Tonight Bryan (I See Robots) and I are yappin up a storm about health, the Tubbs Fires, Christmas Gifts, Please Stand By, our love to each other, and much more! We also have a wrestling/comic quiz! Enjoy! ...…
Ephwurd presents Eph'd Up Radio Episode 016
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