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Broadcast Wednesdays at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., New Haven top cop and author Shafiq Abdussabur takes on crime, police-community relations, social justice initiatives and the occasional foodie on this weekly program. Urban Talk Radio is part of the WNHH Community Radio family of podcasts. Learn more at
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Today on "Urban Talk Radio" host Shafiq Abdussabur has an entertaining discussion with Mubarakah Ibrahim, host of "Mornings with Mubarakah". The talk race, politics, and situations they've experienced as muslims.
Today on "Urban Talk Radio" host Shafiq Abdussabur and Entrepreneur & Community Leader Miguel Pittman have an in depth conversation about race & politics.
On this episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur talks about his new venture Eco-Urban Pioneers and how to get small businesses involved in the $44 million construction of the Strong School with Vincent Giordano Jr., vice president of Giordano Construction, and Lil Snyder, head of the Small Contractor Development program. For more, read the New Haven In ...…
Host Shafiq Abdussabur welcomes Shayna Kendall, detective with the New Haven Police Department and a semi-professional bodybuilder, to talk about the changing face of law enforcement. The two discuss Kendall's choice to enter law enforcement after the murder of her brother, how she has dealt with being a woman of color on the force, and why she ...…
On this episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur welcomes community organizers and Dwayne Sparks and Radcliff "Pele" Deroche to speak about community organizing, safe streets, and holiday food drives in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven.
On this episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur speaks to Andrew Holmes of One 6 Three Pizza Joint in the East Rock neighborhood of New Haven about his decision to open a pizza place with his partner and in-laws, and what makes their pies special within the city's already packed pizza landscape.
Description Shafiq Abdussabur talks to Kyn Tolson and Jane Lewis of Read to Grow about the organization and its literacy initiatives in New Haven.
On this episode host Shafiq Abdussabur talks to Dr. Ronnie Dunn, professor of Urban Studies at Cleveland State University, about Ava DuVernay's new documentary 13th and the phenomenon of mass incarceration in the United States.
On this episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur sits down in the studio with Duncan Goodall, owner of Koffee? on Audubon, to talk about how community meetings with police can go toward remedying neighborhood crime. This is the second episode in Abdussabur's series "Community Wellness, Block By Block."
On this episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur talks to East Rock Alder Anna Festa about community policing, block watches, and building trust among New Haveners.
On today's episode, host Shafiq Abdussabur and his son Ismail Abdussabur talk about the need to recruit more police officers of color in Connecticut and nationally going forward.
On this episode host Shafiq Abdussabur continues his series "using bullets instead of words," taking on police violence and the politics of deescalation with retired NHPD Ray Hassett and Detective Hilda Kilpatrick.
This episode of "Urban Talk Radio" is the second in host Shafiq Abdussabur's series "Solving Problems with Bullets Instead of Words," about race and police violence in the U.S. Abdussabur welcomes community activist Doug Bethea and activist Boise Kimber to discuss this important topic.
Host Shafiq Abdussabur talks with Detective Hilda Kilpatrick and Ronnie Dunn, associate professor of urban studies, about the causes of and factors in police violence.
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