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Poly Wanna Podcast
A show about polyamory with your host Britt Vasicek
Mocking Bird Labs
THE EXPERIMENTAL PODCAST The Mocking Bird Network's flagship show is the potential to be hundreds of shows in one. Your host, Brenda Valdivia will vet and premiere undiscovered new podcasts. Created, edited, and experimented by Houstonians with audio ideas. You are the variable. Your opinion and response will determine if the pilot is a success or a failed experiment. Episode A: Pilot Episode Airs. Any subject or style is welcomed Episode B: A mini episode discussing the creation and experie ...
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I sit down with Sky to discuss parenting in a polycule. She lets us in on the magic of a healthy love life. Find more Sky by liking Sincerely Sky Coaching here. Check out Sell Your Body Show here. Chip into the Patreon here.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
I got to nerd out about love with the creator of Polygone, a polyamorous tv show that hopes to bring the complexity of relationships to the masses. Sorry about the weird sound. Learn more about the show we discussed here: Like Polygone on Facebook and Britt Vasicek while you’re at it. Love y’all ...…
Just because I’m polyamorous doesn’t mean I’m not privileged. Some unicorn laments and an inspiring installment of Nonmonogomous History w/ Kathryn Way. Please consider giving love at Poly Wanna Podcast.
Here’s the charity album we mention, it’s so good: And the Sell Your Body Show promo video that Brian as Ze is featured on: Poly Wanna Podcast.
Britt Vasicek cradles NonMonogamy like a soft, napping kitten. Catch up with Britt and listen to NonMonogamous History w/ Kathryn way on the first episode of the first official season (yeah, we're doing SEASONS now!). Get some advice you may never take. Like us on Facebook! Be our friend! Submit your stories. ...…
Britt sits down with a stranger that she met on the internet to discuss what is like to be Poly for them. It is a raw dive that explores the internet, job protection, and parenting. Hosted on the Mocking Bird NetworkBy Poly Wanna Podcast.
Jonny and Britt define and unpack PolySaturation and offer some tips on how to be stressed out in a good way. It's a blessing to love love!By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Kendall delves into stories about her experience with Polyamory, most of which weren't positive.She and Britt also take a walk down memory lane.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Introducing Sky : Being PresentBritt sits down with great friend and Polyamory couch Sincerely Sky to talk about the complexities of relationships and how to totally nail them.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Zach and Spike join me to discuss inclusivity in the community as they experience it. There's humor, tenderness, and a lot of love as we take on this big and sensitive topic.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Comedic entertainer and beautiful person, Adam Serwa, joins us to talk about polyamory and kinky stuff with brutal and hilarious honesty.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
When there's all these people in the relationship, what do you call all of them? Well, here's one way we label people.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Jon and Britt discuss the unique way Polyamourous relationships change and how it differs from monogamy in some pretty incredible ways.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Zach Budd is a Poly Peer Discussion Fascilitator and bomb ass person. He sits down with Britt to talk about her favorite thing: Break Ups! Lots and lots of break ups.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Britt and Jon dive into New Relationships and Established Relationships, all their pros and cons, and how to enjoy BOTH. Or not enjoy them. Whatever.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Britt and Jon explain the standard way relationships go and then totally rip it apart. Yeah, a little angsty.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
A loopy and tired Britt and Jonathon do a little exploration of labeling. Why do we even say we're polyamorous? What are the labels we find for ourselves? Liberating and constricting and utterly meaningless and incredibly important.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Comedian and great person Spike Miller joins Britt to discuss the "coin system," cohabitating, and boundaries. They get pretty wild and "talk crazy" about comedy and love. Music used under Creative Commons: Opening: Before I Sleep by Muciojad Closing: Happi y Pheelia En PehBy Poly Wanna Podcast.
Britt opens up to her life coach Jonathan Walker about a few consecutive break ups and makes the whole story without crying. Can we date mono people? Can Britt find love? Why are we doing this?By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Host Britt Vasicek and life coach Jonathan Walker explore “The Perfect Poly Person” to ultimately find out that this person does not exist. They talk a little smack about smack talkers and get preachy.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Jonathan Walker joins Britt Vasicek to talk about some intro-to-poly pitfalls that affect new and seasoned polyamorists. While none of these things are inherently bad, they can lead to resentment and turmoil.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
In their episode, Mrs. X opens up to Britt about a strange and complicated encounter than brought the two girls together. Quite a few twists and turns- just like life. And a surprise ending!By Poly Wanna Podcast.
In this episode Britt delves into a complex and magical world with her bigender guest and good friend Kyran Walker. They talk gender, boundaries, and true polyamorous love without sugar coating a single second of it.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
In this episode Britt Vasicek sits down with Jonathan Walker to discuss the 2nd most commonly asked question we receive: Isn’t it just sex? Well, not that it’s any of your business, but not exactly.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
In this episode, Britt Vasicek sits down with Jonathan Walker to discuss the most commonly asked question that we receive: Don’t you get jealous? The short answer is yes. The long answer is much more interesting.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Brenda and Ryan get together to talk about feeeeelings. Feelings about crushes, feelings about comedy, and feelings about recording podcasts. Join us as we talk about what it takes to talk to the girls of our dreams. Be sure to listen to Experiment 1A before this episode!By Mocking Bird Network.
Myq Kaplan is a hilarious comedian who's comedy special on Netflix, Small, Dork, and Handsome and podcast Hang Out with Me has drawn hard laughs and well deserved following. Myq's joins Britt Vasicek to discuss being polyamorous and rediscovering singlehood. Check out Myq Kaplan on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 8pm at The Secret Group, Houston TX ...…
Kathryn Way joins Britt Vasicek to talk about comedy, love, and queer polyamory.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Introducing occasional co-host David Correlli!By Poly Wanna Podcast.
The first episode of Poly Wanna Podcast, a podcast about polyamory with your host Britt Vasicek! Her first guest is Johnny Walker.By Poly Wanna Podcast.
Ryan McGhee has crushes. A lot of crushes. Join him in his quest to find a relationship as his interviews his crushes one-on-on. Will his crush bloom into something more or will they help guide him towards his true love? First Guest Britt Vasicek Britt Vasicek is a comedian and producer living in Houston, Texas. She hosts a polyamory podcast ca ...…
Experiment 1B: Ruined Hopes with Bob Morrissey and Justin Blandford This episode covered the highs and lows of the first ever Mocking Bird Labs Experiment. Brenda Valdivia interviews Bob and Justin over the creation, highs and lows of making the first episode of Ruined Hopes. If you have a podcast idea and would like to be a part of the experim ...…
Bob and Justin interview stand up comedians and relieve some of their most traumatic sets, analyzing or just enjoying the guests pain. Cody Greenlee from Austin Texas joins in on the traumatic fun.By Mocking Bird Labs.
The episode where your host Brenda rambles for 30 minutes and nothing happens! This episode is a short story leading to the creation of MBN itself.By Mocking Bird Labs.
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