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Join special guests Stephen Fry for the UK launch of Vote Match – the pro-democracy web tool designed to help you decide how to vote. Find out which party thinks like you at
Vote Pro Pot-Cast explores the many facets of cannabis in American society - the people who use it, the healthcare applications of it, the myths surrounding it, and the laws that govern it. You’ll hear candid discussions, news items, and diverse opinions presented in a way that is informative, entertaining, and sometimes a little irreverent. And when the opportunity comes for you to act on it, you’ll be ready to make an informed choice.
Wisconsin Vote
Wisconsin Vote offers fresh updates on the latest news on the 2016 Elections, including coverage of the national conventions. Wisconsin Vote is a service of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.
Two Jerks One Vote
The Jerks from Jerkatorium discuss judging SpinTunes #14.
Beyond The Vote
Podcast by Riley Blanton
Vote 2016
Stay on top of Washington State's primary and general election races, ballot initiatives and issues.
This time of year we are bombarded with political ads that twist, exaggerate. and sometimes conceal the truth. Talk shows and radio personalities and celebrities all have agendas and biases. Right or left, they all do. How can a Christian identify the truth? And what should we consider when determining the vote?
Politics from neither side.
By One Vote
One vote…the decision of a single individual, can change the direction of the country. It can move an entire nation further into the dark or it can move it in the direction of curing inequities that evolved through decades of history. We live in a period of economic and political unrest and we believe it to be worse than at any time in our history…but it may not be! America’s two hundred plus years of existence has been one of turmoil, dissension, and war. It has been a time of alternating e ...
Teens from around the world discuss politics, from immigration policy to recent Trump news, on this biweekly podcast.
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Andrew, Jay, and Phil devote the entire episode to catching you up on current cannabis events happening on the national and local levels, including pending congressional action, news from the DEA, the Elon Musk controversy, Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefer brand, bong water mishaps, and more. VoteProPot-Cast needs your help getting the word out. We ...…
This episode of We the Ppl tackles climate change, and more importantly, what we can do to prevent it. Correspondents Maddy Stevens and Anvi Banga sit down with Partnership Director Elsa Mengistu (Partnership Director, Zero Hour) and Sylvana Widman (Chair, Youth Progressive Policy Group) to talk about how and why climate justice is important an ...…
About 30 percent of the Wisconsin electorate is made up of “soft partisans” -- people who are independents on paper, but actually tend to sway a bit left or right. Recent polling finds that these voters could have a big impact on the upcoming midterms. We take a look at swing voters in Wisconsin and their political influence.…
In this episode, we explore the influence of cannabis on modern music in America. The musicians who are making it and the people who listen to it. We address how cannabis has impacted our politics and our culture. In the second half of the show, we interview our longtime friend and touring musician, A.D. Adams for his take on current cannabis c ...…
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Today marks the first regular episode of Season Three of We the Ppl. You'll most likely hear a voice you've never heard before: new Correspondent for WTP, Danielle Leard. It's back to school season, and whether you're already back or dreading your return, you might not know how to continue in your political activity while juggling assignments a ...…
Cannabis edibles are all the craze. Edible sales account for the fastest growing segment of the legal cannabis market. In this episode, we discuss the many aspects of cannabis edibles. What’s considered an “edible” How cannabis edibles are prepared Medical edibles. Dosage and product consistency Evolving regulation of cannabis edibles And of co ...…
Welcome back to We the Ppl. After our brief (or not so brief, however you want to call it) six-month hiatus, WTP is back with a couple new things: a new podcast manager, a new team, and a new logo. However, some things are still the same. We still have the energy and passion to cover the news for you. Check out our newest episode on iTunes and ...…
The fundraising chase in the campaign for governor produced two clear trends in July.
In this episode, we’ll provide useful tips on ways you can advocate for cannabis legal reform. We’ll discuss how to find and join local groups and organizations. How to attend hearings, town halls, and demonstrations. And how to meet with and persuade your representatives. We’ll touch on the best formats to use for writing letters to your local ...…
In this episode, we discuss the consequences of legalization in Colorado. It's been four and a half years since cannabis was first sold legally in the Centennial State. We'll cover tax revenues, the job market, crime, traffic accidents, teen usage, opioid deaths and more, as we ponder the results of this great experiment. email us at votepropot ...…
The primary vote in Wisconsin happens August 14. As part of our series of candidate interviews, hear from Doug La Follette. He’s on the ballot facing off against fellow Democrat Arvina Martin.
Phil, Andrew, and Jay discuss the many ways in which criminalization of cannabis is a betrayal of fundamental conservative principles and the most grievous example yet of the harm governments do when they interfere with individual rights and free-market capitalism. email us at Twitter: ...…
This episode is the first of many on the subject of medical marijuana. Jay leads the discussion, beginning with a brief history of cannabis in medicine, followed by a primer on the chemistry, physiology, and properties of THC and CBD, along with examples of promising therapeutic applications of cannabis. email us at VotePro ...…
Hosts Jay Britton, Andrew Makrides, and Phil Adams begin with a candid, in-depth discussion about the history and evolution of the criminalization of cannabis in America, followed by a segment called “Reefer Sadness” featuring true stories about the tragic human cost of cannabis law enforcement. The pot-cast wraps up with Cannabis News. This ep ...…
A University of Wisconsin-Green Bay political scientist says Democrat Caleb Frostman's win in Tuesday's special election indicates the "nationalization" of state-level politics.
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The Wisconsin Supreme Court has voted to raise the hourly rate of pay for court-appointed attorneys from $70 to $100 per hour, a move expected to increase costs for county governments throughout the state.
Tuesday Wisconsin residents can apply for the one-time, $100 tax credit for every child under 18 living with them at home. This rebate has drawn criticism from Democrats saying it's politically motivated.
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State Sen. Leah Vukmir has won the state Republican Party’s endorsement in the GOP primary for one of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seats.
Gov. Scott Walker and other state GOP leaders touted conservative accomplishments warned Republican voters Saturday of an impending "blue wave" in the fall general election.
Wisconsin Republicans will have a chance to endorse one of the candidates for U.S. Senate at their annual state party convention in Milwaukee this weekend.
Tuesday's 1st Senate District primary pits two Republicans — Rep. André Jacque, R-DePere, and factory executive Alex Renard — against each other. The Republican winner will face Democrat Caleb Frostman in the special election June 12.
Carson Tomony, a junior at Madison East High School, has learned about candidates and where they stand on the issues. He and his classmates have also noticed that school shootings appear to be commonplace.
State Sen. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, says she plans to remain in office despite weeks of scrutiny over her behavior in and outside of work.
About 50 people protested outside the state Capitol in Madison calling for increased funding for the University of Wisconsin System. This one in a series of protests demanding funding increases and an end to tuition freezes within the last several months.
Conservative values are gaining momentum across America, says Rick Graber, president and CEO of the Bradley Foundation, a private, grant-making organization based in Milwaukee.
Officials with the Wisconsin DOJ have said the extract from cannabis plants known as CBD is illegal in the state unless prescribed by a physician, but supporters of CBD and legalized hemp say the DOJ's interpretation of the law is wrong.
Wisconsin military veterans launch more criticism of U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson.
Democrats criticized Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel on Tuesday for attending a conference put on by Alliance Defending Freedom, a vocal anti-LGBT group.
A GOP effort to push through the vote would sidestep the longstanding U.S. Senate practice of so-called "blue slips" for approving judicial nominees.
A Milwaukee memorial service on Saturday honored former Wisconsin Secretary of State Vel Phillips. Phillips died last month, at age 95.
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and affiliates in two other states filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Trump administration arguing changes to the federal Title X program limit the care provided.
Thousands of children in Wisconsin would lose access to food stamps under the proposed federal farm bill, according to a memo released by the Wisconsin Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office.
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, said Monday that he won't endorse a candidate in the crowded Democratic primary for governor, telling reporters that he would play the role of "peacekeeper" instead.
In the aftermath of a financial scandal that led the the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Foundation to declare bankruptcy last year, state lawmakers on Wisconsin’s Joint Audit Committee are looking to ratchet up examination of 90 similar "affiliated organizations" associated with University of Wisconsin schools.…
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Vice President Mike Pence praised federal tax cuts and offered put-downs of Wisconsin Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, during a speech in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon.
The Wisconsin Veterans Home at King is getting $55 million in federal funding for a new nursing facility and several maintenance projects.
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The state Department of Justice said Tuesday at least two-thirds of Wisconsin schools showed early interest in a $100 million grant program aimed at helping schools increase security.
Janesville attorney Bryan Steil has announced he will run for U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan's congressional seat, a move that Republicans hope will help keep the district under GOP control after Ryan leaves office at the end of his term.
Environmental groups want all Great Lakes states and provinces to review Foxconn's plan for Lake Michigan. Gov. Scott Walker says it's ''not necessary."
Kyle Frenette, a Democratic candidate for Congress in northern Wisconsin, has come out in favor of the national legalization of marijuana.
Justices on Wisconsin's Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday over Marquette University's decision to suspend an outspoken professor in a dispute that has pitted conservative allies against one another.
Dan Boyd of Albuquerque Journal joins me to discuss the upcoming the New Mexico gubernatorial race, as Democrats try to take the governorship from the GOP, and Republicans attempt to keep control.
Ron Hansen of The Arizona Republic joins me to discuss the special election for the seat previously held by Republican Trent Franks, who resigned due to sexual misconduct allegations. The race is heating up and election night is April 24th!
Gary Martin, Las Vegas Review-Journal's Washington Correspondent, joins me to discuss President Trump asking Danny Tarkanian to drop from the Nevada Senate race, Tarkanian doing so, and what that means for the race and Republican incumbent Dean Heller, who no longer faces a tough primary challenge.
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