Best Wii podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Podcast dedicated to bringing you news on developments for the Wii.
Wii The People
Wii The People is a weekly Nintendo podcast covering the latest Nintendo news in addition to other interesting topics for your listening pleasure. New Episodes of Wii The People post every Wednesday on YouTube and iTunes.
Wii Are 360 Chat
Every week we will feature all of the top news and highlights from both the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Look for interviews, news stories and much more!
Gaming Cyclones' Trailers and Gameplay video podcast for the Nintendo Wii
Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) describes step by step how you can use your Wii for fun AND fitness. Virtual Fitness Wii FAB professionals are needed. Are you willing to lead?
Radio Free Nintendo is Nintendo World Report's official weekly podcast. Every week, NWR's staff discuss everything Nintendo from the latest releases to classic games.
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
Major Nelson Radio
The (sometimes) weekly unofficial podcast from inside Xbox at Microsoft.
Join ex-game journalists Chris Johnston, Phil Theobald, Greg Sewart and Ethan Einhorn as they talk about console/portable/PC games, raising kids, and the meaning of life.
The official podcast of, every week the guys discuss the latest games, issues affecting the industry and more! This is THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.
Nintendo Voice
Your voice for everything Nintendo.
The staff of Game Informer chat it up each week bout the latest news, previews and reviews from the game industry. Each show will cover the weeks hot topics plus the games you're looking forward to or may not know about yet. Subscribe today!
Nintendo Feed Podcast
Join Nintendo Feed as we discuss the latest Wii U and 3DS News, the latest Nintendo games we've been playing along with the chance to win some awesome prizes...
Nintendo, Switch, Wii U, 3DS, Retro Video Games
A show about games, gamers, game makers and the surrounding culture. Virtual focuses on the titles that laid the foundations of gaming today and those that are paving the way as gaming continues to evolve. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci.
GamesRadar’s video game discussions with all manner of silliness!
This Nintendo Life
A Nintendo based Video Games podcast with your hosts Nbz and Bally! We bring you three 30 minute segments every 2 weeks, talking about everything from what we've been playing, to the lastest Nintendo Direct news, listener mail, feature topics and more! Hope you enjoy!
Of all the podcasts in the world, you had to walk into ours... And we're glad you did! The Big Red Barrelcast is the flagship podcast of Your hosts are Dave (a podcast legend), PacManPolarBear (a Canadian podcast legend), and Kev (a dude). Every week we discuss Video Games -- and probably other junk -- as we drop (somewhat) informative entertainment bombs across the landscape of your ears. So if you're looking for the internet's #1 gaming podcast, by all means go and find t ...
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A Bi-Weekly Podcast For All Things Nintendo! Hosted by two life-long Nintendo fans, the Random Nintendo Podcast provides a fan-level view on the biggest news, latest games, and hottest rumors. New episodes of the podcast will be available every other Sunday, but be sure to stay tuned to our website ( for bonus content that may appear in between each episode.
It's Super Effective is a Pokémon podcast that covers the Pokémon anime, the Pokémon movies, the video games (such as Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon), competitive Pokémon battling, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon GO and more!It's Super Effective is an award-winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best ...
Well, hello there! Welcome to Big Red Barrel Geek Speak, a brand new podcast about all your geeky needs! We hope you join our hosts, Lauren, Monica and Alex who will spend the whole hour nerding about video games, board games, movies, TV shows, anime, books and even music!
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
Mojo Radio
The Mojo Radio Podcast, the official podcast for (Previously 360GamerCast)The crew discuss everything in the gaming world from news, reviews and the games they are currently playing on all platforms.
That One Video Gamer
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Uncorked Gamers
video gaming podcasts
En podcast om allting overkligt - spel, film och tv.
Congratulations! You've found the most biased video game podcast on the planet! Join hosts Alex and Anthony as they offer their unique no-holds barred take on everything video gaming, from their passions to the controversies.
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
A group of international nerds plays 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons over the internet for your amusement.
Nintendo Dads
Nintendo gaming and industry commentary from a parenting perspective!
Cranky Gamers UK
Toz is joined by community members Steve and Rikki to deliver you gaming news, reviews, no holds barred opinions, community events and competitions.
A stupid podcast about Japanese cartoons and vidjergames.
Podtoid is Destructoid's long-running video game podcast. It has gone through several iterations with a plethora of cast members, but it has always been a place for raw video game discussion with some of your favorite Destructoid editors. Current cast includes Zack Furniss, Steven Hansen, Brett Makedonski, and Darren Nakamura.
Let's Fight a Boss
We are a Dublin-based group of animator friends who like to talk openly and casually about video games and the video game industry. Join us as we take on a new adventure each episode and fight that boss!
"Kids, wives, and 9 to 5's but we're still married to the games." Married to the Games is a weekly podcast discussing video games, marriage, jobs and more. Join the crew of Gabe Patillo, Tim Rauter, Chris McCrackin, and Ed Placencia as they discuss all the latest gaming news, offer marriage tips and discuss the balance between family commitments and their love for the games.
All Gen Gamers
We take pride in ourselves as video game enthusiasts and collectors of the hobby. Every week Pete Dorr, Gamester81, Jason Heine, and MetalJesusRocks talk about Retro and Modern video games from systems such as the Tubro Grafx, Neo Geo, Genesis, SNES, NES, to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, DS, PSP, 3DS, Vita, PC, iOS and many more. Each week we try and bring on a guest to keep things unique for each and every episode. If you are looking for a video game podcast that is more about th ...
Le podcast Les Gamers Contre-Attaquent rassemble une partie de l’équipe de Geeks and Com’ pour parler de l’actualité Jeux Vidéo (Console / PC / Mobile), présenter les derniers tests sur le site, mais également débattre sur certains sujets dans le domaine.
Final Score
The best weekly stories in the world of video games, hosted by ExtraLife's Scott Johnson
Podcast by Spawn Wave
The Gaming illuminaughty is a collection of the brightest African-American minds coming together to discuss gaming & geek culture with raw, uncut, & unbiased opinions mixed in with humor. Illuminaughty means the enlighten ones. Therefore, we are the enlightened gamers. Check out my channel
N4G Radio
Listen as the staff breaks down all their game playing activities and possibly hamburgers each week.
Podcast semanal do site Fênix Down que discute noticias e assuntos polêmicos do mundos dos videogames
Pokemon Monday
Pokemon Monday is GamesRadar's only podcast devoted 100% to all things Pokemon. Step into the bizarre hivemind of several adult Pokemon fantatics each Monday as we bring you a no-frills, raw and unedited passionate Pokemon discussion covering breaking news, events, and whatever else is on our singularly devoted Pokemon brains. No Pokemon-related topic is off limits.
GoNintendo Radio is complementary to the GoNintendo Podcast. This brand-new show is extremely music-heavy, bringing you the best that gaming music has to offer. On top of that, enjoy small segments/features that discuss the current hot topics of the game industry.
NWR Connectivity
NWR Connectivity is a weekly podcast that is focused on connecting the listeners to the going-ons at Nintendo World Report. It highlights key stories and features from the site while also pulling in a variety of staff members to talk about different topics, such as new releases and important news stories. This is your ticket into the minds behind Nintendo World Report, for better or worse.
IGN editors discuss all things Nintendo. Now you're playing with power!
Each week we discuss all things Nintendo! Be it the 3DS or Wii U, past or present, good or bad.With Matt (The Devil's Advocate), Mike (The Angry Passionate), Eli (The Journalist), and Unoclay (The Retro) we cover topics from many perspectives!YouTube:
Sean and Vinnk take to their microphones about the latest video game news, review Future Retro titles, and lament their growing Pile of Shame. Produced by That's Orange, LLC. Updated Fridays.
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Pokemon Let's Go?! Star Fox Grand Prix?! Sin and Punishment 3?! Wii Play 2 (lol no chance; let's be real)?! Join Matt and Austin as they wade through E3 2018 Nintendo leaks and/or rumors! Could Pokemon Let's Go be an attempt to get nostalgic and mobile gamers to the Nintendo Switch, or is another fairly straight forward GameFreak game??Are Star ...…
The one we get a glimpse of Kriven's knowledge
Welcome to BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast found on Level Down Games every Wednesday. Today’s episode may be one of our favorite ones that we’ve done thus far in 45 weeks. We’re going to exclusively take a look at launch titles spread out across 16 different platforms. This should be a blast. Enjoy! Please send all track requests for future ...…
On this episode, we talk about what's happening in gaming in May 2018. Including, but not limited to: Wal-Mart "spoils" E3 2018, why Nintendo gets away with just porting Wii U games to Switch, why Switch cloud saves don't make sense, awesome Battlefield easter eggs, the uncertain fate of the Final Fantasy VII remake, and Season 2 of Star Wars B ...…
Today, Pokemon GO Fest goes Fast, Splatoon rumors were shot down and revived, new game announcements, and the return of the NES Classic Mini.Music: Theme from Gerudo Valley - Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS
This week on LAST LIVES...Justin Clements returns to the fold fully nuptialized and fired up, ready to dive in to the GILDED AGE of the PS3, 360, and Wii! But first Sam G gives a quick primer to remind us where all the players are on the field, and introduce some over arching themes of this console generation. Memory Card Gilded Age primer Tech ...…
This episode follows the landmark 500th episode, and this next episode is dominated by Nintendo, both in the news and looking back at the Gaming Flashback for Wii Music and the infamous E3 performance starring Reggie Fils-Aime and Cammie Dunaway. The news includes: Nintendo Labo first week sales sluggish in Japan, UKAtari announces Atari VCS pr ...…
Put your bananas out! Donkey Kong has swung his way onto the switch and with it Callan and Karls thoughts on this Wii U Remaster! Also Callan embraces the fun of Sunset Overdrive, Karl finally finishes God of War, the guys discuss Nintendo Switch Online and the now gone Virtual Console, reflect back on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Ca ...…
Today, a new Monster Hunter game announced, an ARMS demo is available, Nintendo complies with the FTC, and much more!Music: Theme from Wii Sports Title Screen
Join us this week for our first official episode. We discuss what we’ve been playing, the Pokemon Go April 15th Event, some music stuff, and how we feel about a majority of the first party Nintendo Wii U games getting ported to the Nintendo Switch. Intro and outro courtesy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.…
We discuss what we have been playing including God of War, Frostpunk, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Overwatch. We also talk about the worst games we have ever received & Nintendo Wii U Ports. We go into some news including God of War photo mode, Walmarts E3 leak, PS4 outselling XBox One, Anthem News, Red Dead Redemption audio dump, Thanos in ...…
NEWS: Nintendo reveals online details for Switch No virtual console on Nintendo Switch (under that name) Next Nintendo president; Furukawa, wants to expand Nintendo mobile gaming to 1 billion revenue China expecting 720 million mobile players by 2022 and a 42 billion market value Square Enix back at E3 with a full presentation this year Capcom ...…
Caffeinate is streamed live on every weekday morning at 7am ET.Here are today's stories:- Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC Not Needed to Play Warmind- Nintendo Comments On Switch Sales And If They'll Ever Match Wii's Performance- Soul Calibur 6 Release Date Leaks?- $60 Games Are Here to Stay, Says Activision Blizzard ...…
Now that the boys have all their affairs in order, all that's left to do is wait until Mordai can pinpoint exactly where they're going. In the meantime though, let's have a little misadventure. George holds a cat, Buddy goes swimming, Ricky performs in the town square, and Chu Chu helps. Music:Shop - Zelda: Ocarina of TimeShopping Channel - Wii ...…
Oh hey, it’s that game from Back to the Future! In this episode, we take another whirl with the Zapper for Wild Gunman. iTunes Link Wild Gunman Episode 016 Is It Still Fun? Wild Gunman shares the same basic structure as Hogan’s Alley and Duck Hunt in terms of game modes. Each features a different variation of the bad-guy-shooting minigame. Mode ...…
With Kaylie still playing Final Fantasy 3, this month we played Yoshi's Woolly World on WiiU with special guest Lori! Scoring TableDannyLoriStory6/103/10Graphics10/1010/10Gameplay8/107/10Music8/108/10Overall8/108/10Totals40/5036/50Grade76/100 C Thrift Shop Game review: For this episode we played Busy Scissors on the Wii. Lots of salon themed mi ...…
E3 draws ever closer and it begs the question... Is it even a good time to announce your game? What if you aren't a first party? Personally I think 6 months is a good timeline - but Makes a few good points about why it can spell disaster for a game. Enjoy and Shine on doods! Correction: In the episode we say Wii Sports sold 50(ish) million copi ...…
Hey everyone Dr Donna here today Im chatting with David Amador of Upfall Studios about his game Quest of DungeonsWe also chat about roguelikes RPGs game development and so much moreIf you want to check out Quest of Dungeons find it on Switch PS4 Xbox One Steam Wii U 3DS and Mobile If you want to find more about Upfall Studios find it out here u ...…
It's the first secret level of DKCTF but it's no secret it looks better in 1080p. Play on and check it out by yourself.
CONSPIRACY THEORY ACTIVATE. This week on Flaw and Disorder we add a fresh new conspiracy theory to your daily thoughts. Will you buy in or not? Find out what three rando's think about it. Also Jake really misses the Wii Fit board.
This week on LAST LIVES...What goes around comes around as the boys dive back in to the PS2 one last time. Talking Vice City, San Andreas, Gaming in the age of Roomates, God of War, and the best/worst games to play after a national tragedy. Plus some Golden Era follow ups, The Titles of each gaming "Age", and Sea of Thieves review with Justin H ...…
Kole, Ben. Dennis, and Jala talk about A Way Out, the Oculus Go, and we ask you to name your funniest game moment in four words or less. The Brief: Indiana school teacher gets results from gamifying education. Hori is making an actual d-pad . Occulus Go is a $199 VR entry point. alt.ctrl.GDC gives us the bartending game wii deserve. The Multipl ...…
Nintendo Switch News Nintendo Power Cast Ep 80 Ep.80 Is all about the latest Nintendo Switch News! News/Talking Points Over 4 million Switches have been sold in Japan!Some third-party docks are bricking the Nintendo Switch since the latest update.3rd Party digital sales have surpassed physical sales.Wii eshop news. You can no longer purchase po ...…
It's another episode! Sorry about the sound quality on this one, but its still a fuuuun episode! We pulled Jason out of retirement, and we also picked up newcomer guest Luna! What a fun time! What surprises might we find on this episode? Only people who listen know! Sooo listen to find out! I'm very tired. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Detective Bo ...…
Your source for all things Nintendo three days a week! Sponsored By: Audible: Get a free book and directly support the stream by checking out Audible. They have thousands of books from every genre. You're definitely going to find something you like. Just head to Links: Patreon — This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to ...…
After almost a year's absence, Andrex, sbf717 and Mallys are back to sooth your ears with sweet, sweet game talk. What are we playing? Sony's remake streak: Ratchet & Clank and Shadow of the Colossus. Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually coming out. 😮 Is Xenoblade losing sight of the first game's appeal? Also, Tales of the Abyss. So long Wii Virtual Co ...…
Today, we have a quick one for ya! It's the last day for funds on the Wii Shop, a possible Wario Land game coming, and new releases tomorrow.
Caffeinate is streamed live on every weekday morning at 6am EST. Today's topics include the biggest news stories from over the weekend, from Hellblade coming to Xbox One to the newest Street Fighter TV show that has found an audience. Twitter: @PrettyChillGuyYouTube: /SamuelAdamsMediaTwitch: /TheSamuelAdams…
This week on LAST LIVES...The crew talk about Nintendo's first foray into the disc based format, THE GAMECUBE. Easily the most underrated console of its generation, Nintendo's purple porpoise turned down the tech and turned up the fun! Figuring out how to function in 3D with a not quite twin stick control sceme is half the fun! Can 3 guys with ...…
16 Games are dropped onto an island.... This week is GameClub: Bracket Royale! Join us for a March Madness-style tourney of games to decide our April GameClub title of the month. There are two left at the end of our discussion, vote on the game you want to play along with us on our Instagram story at @nofodcast. Also, Russell describes his time ...…
Today, we speak of China getting Wii games on the NVIDIA Shield, new My Nintendo Rewards, and new releases for this week.
It’s your video game industry news update for March 22nd, 2018 – Nintendo schedules a Super Smash Bros. for Switch tournament at E3 2018, GDC 2018 brings about a Nindies Showcase, and Vivendi sells its stake in Ubisoft. The video game industry changes every day and your time is important. Let’s get you caught up, starting right now, on Games in ...…
Hello. My name is Travis Arbon and welcome to Game Flow, a collection of audio essays about the culture of video games and experiences with gaming. Today’s essay is: The Importance of Ports. If you have an essay you’d like to submit to the collection, head over to or send an email to Do you ever feel nosta ...…
We place eight games to get the list back to the proper number after striking out some bummers. This was such a hellishly long episode to record and to edit, just take it, ya filthy animals. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Aero The Acro-Bat 2, for Genesis, SNES and Wii; Elf: The Movie, for Game Boy Advanced; Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, for GameCube, ...…
fter just over a decade of service, the Wii Shop Channel is going to be largely inaccessible next week. All of those choice, $5-$10 Virtual Console titles that easily retail for hundreds of dollars in their physical vintage forms will be cut off from purchase in what ostensibly be a virtual catalog that you’ll never be able to order from again, ...…
On Season 2, Episode 5 of Hyperlink Radio, Ray Sylvester and Matthew Gartland get together to share in a bit of nostalgia. They're talking about Nintendo, the most popular video game company in the world and an enduring cultural legacy rooted in many of our childhoods. In fact, Nintendo is often credited with ushering in the current era of home ...…
Idioms: 1. An iron fist in a velvet glove 2. When life gives you lemons 3. Dibs Links: Jeremy Corbyn Michael Jackson Red Alert – Game Hard as nails Blackadder the Third Blackadder Millennium Dome Millennium Dome Blackadder Goes Fourth The Black Adder Mastermind Mastermind Banned Napoleon Wellington Beef Wellington The Terminator – Film Terminat ...…
G.N.A. Podcast, Join Cecil, Zyberblood of Zyber Games, Damok and Caleb from Geeksqautch while we drink and talk about podcasting and anal fissures. Well, Caleb doesn't drink. He probably doesn't like us. Maybe he's never listened to the show. Maybe he's a health nut. You know the "my body is a temple " type of guy. Or maybe he just likes his li ...…
An expansion to Sonic Mania has been announced, third-party docks are killing Switch consoles and last call for Wii Shop Channel purchases.
This week on LAST LIVES...The Dreamcast launched a year before the PS2 but was dead by the launch of Xbox. What happened? Well, they say that the stars that burn the shortest often burn the brightest, and in Sega's case it's usually because it's a Super Nova of dumpster fire decision making. Whatever the case the Dreamcast had an amazing combin ...…
Every week we invite a special guest to talk with us about life, games, and belief. This week we’re joined by Alan Williamson, the Editor-in-Chief of Five out of Ten, a fantastic digital magazine about videogame culture. Alan talks with us about his own personal beliefs, the Mario/Sonic rivalry, the value of the Wii U’s brand of childlike play, ...…
It’s your video game industry news update for March 8th, 2018 – The confirmation of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch highlights the March 2018 Direct, Microsoft is trying its hand at a live news broadcast with Inside Xbox, and Activision announces Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The video game industry changes every day and your time is importa ...…
The weekly all-things-geek-podcast strikes back! 0:01- Intros where we chat Dom dying on us again, us being off the air in February cause we were at the Winter Olympics, the new Secret of Mana for PS4, the One Punch Man manga by One and Murata, animes Darling in the Franxx and Dragon Ball Super, expose some truths about 1977's Laff-A-Lympics, n ...…
Welcome everyone to episode 3 of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast! On this week’s episode of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast: I go over the community question response from Episode 2 What am I currently playing Bayonetta 1 on the Nintendo Switch Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch Yakuza 0 on the PlayStation News Yakuza 6 releases full game on ...…
Rose and Chloe have done the unthinkable. They’ve finally upset a higher power and incurred His unholy wrath. We apologize now for the incomprehensible raw sexual energy flooding out of this episode. God forgive us.Reggie is here.In this episode they discuss Jack Black dressed as a nun, the Dark Souls of Wii Music, Meet Dave, Chris Pratt fuckin ...…
This week: Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss what they’ve been watching recently. The Mash Report The Joel McHale Show Wii Fit Star Trek Discovery Altered Carbon Black Panther Dirk Gently Elementary Longmire and many more… So, are you sitting comfortably? Click here to listen in your browser (right-click and ‘Save As’ to download) ...…
Weeelcooome to a very special episode of Nintendo Voice Chat! Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of our favorite little hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch! Join Filip, Peer, Brian, and Zach as they take a look back at the very first year of Switch: The good, the bad, and everything in between!…
Weeelcooome to a very special episode of Nintendo Voice Chat! Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of our favorite little hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch! Join Filip, Peer, Brian, and Zach as they take a look back at the very first year of Switch: The good, the bad, and everything in between!…
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