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Equipping the Daniel 11:32 remnant to empower them with the truth of the whole Word of Elohim
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What does it take to be prepared to receive Messiah at His coming?
Are you feeling like a dried up shrub in the desert? Yahuwah's rain is pouring on those that press into knowing Him!
A home meeting turns into a Spirit anointed unifying of believers
The once great contest of I Kings 17 between Elijah and the priests of Ba'al has come into our earth in these last days
More exciting exhortation of what Abba Yahuwah is doing in our day!
Are you feeling the intenfiying of evil? Yahuwah is also intensifying His power in the earth! Don't miss out!
Major exhortation for preparation for overcoming during triublation
The great outpouring of the Spirit will return for a short time as a remnant of Yahuwah's people go forth in power and anointing.
We were robbed of many great privileges we have because of Messiah, but now He is restoring those privileges to a few who submit to Him
Continuing with miracle stories, Scripture, and exhortation for the set-apart ones to the God of the Bible
continuing with exhortation, encouragement, and secrets of receiving answers to your prayers
miracle stories. the book of Acts is alive today
Learn more of what our heavenly Father wants to do for us!
Have you ever wondered what standing at Mount Sinai felt like? Tradition teaches that all the souls of the Jewish people, past, present and future stood together and heard the voice of God. So what did we actually experience? The Torah states: “And all the people saw the voices and the torches, the sound of the shofar, and the smoking mountain, ...…
First of a four part series on healing of body, mind, emotions, past suffering, past hurt for restoration to peace, joy, and real life
Oh the joys of entering into prayer with Yahuwah speaking through us so that we pray His will back to Him and get answers and breakthroughs in our lives
Yahuwah gives us signs of His judgment. He also shows mercy and calls on us to show mercy.
Tu Bshvat is the New Year for trees. But why should trees have a new year? There seems to be a comparison made between the tree and the human being by our sages: “For a man is as the tree of a field.” It transpires that this comparison goes much deeper. Like the tree we also have fruit to give, the fruit of our lives and of our labor. What type ...…
Our enemy slithers in unawares to do us harm, while our Abba holds out His arms to us to protect us
This powerful dream of December 26, 2018 shows us what our Elohim is doing right now for us, with us, and through us.
This will touch your spirit, your heart, as we go through Scripture about our Beloved One
The good news is that as children of light we will not be caught without warning
What does it take for Yahuwah to be able to break through for you?
On this week of the Parasha Toledot, we read the story of Ya’acov and Esau. This story is such a perplexing one when we read the simple bald recital of the events as they took place as described in Bereishit, the book of Genesis. So many questions arise! Ya’acov refuses to give Esau soup until he sells his birthright to him. On the surface, thi ...…
Following The Sifter, this continues with our processing to come out as pure gold, warriors for the Master Yahushua
Yahuwah has to sift His people to get at the real gold. He has to turn up the heat to purify the gold. It is all His love to set us free!
Learn the freedom of crossing from Egypt into the wilderness journey, walking with Abba Yahuwah as a God to be trusted.
Here's our challenge! We go forward into His third day or we fall behind and never enter His Kingdom of Light.
A hard, but honest and realistic, prophecy for 2018 calling us to prepare, a prophey that matches today's reality.
The call to return to our roots in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
Did you know you are one of Abba's restraining force?
How you become the Most Set-Apart Place where the Spirit of Yahuwah dwells, as Solomon called His Presence into the Temple at Sukkot.
You do not have to be ignorant. Messiah has given us specifics.
This Saturday night starts the fast of Tisha B’ Av. This is a day in which we mourn the destruction of the Temple. But are we really mourning an historical event? When we use our Judaism as a living spiritual path we don’t mourn a heap of stones, but we ask ourselves what are we missing? What aspect is missing from our lives that we feel the ne ...…
This brings Eliyahu into our day as he returns to prepare the way of Messiah's second coming
This ancient history gives us a clear picture of what we stand against today as Naboth and Eliyahu in spirit
These chapters describe some of the last ministry of Eliyahu and of his ascension into heaven in a whirlwind
The great contest at Mount Carmel and what that means for us
This begins an exciting study of Eliyahu to prepare us for his return in our day (Revelation 11 and Malachi 4:5-6)
Explaining hard passages of Scripture and uniting them with other Scriptures for understanding
There are important instructions in this chapter, that if applied, can save our lives in the future days of tribulation
This is a highly rich and important chapter. Here I focus on I John 3:4.
This book is so rich with important knowledge for us. It was written by the Apostle Yochanan/John in 96 CE after his return from his exile on Patmos
Life lessons we must learn and learn quickly to stand strong in the days to come
The foundation for the book of Philippians is found in Acts 16 and the examples given are for us today
I teach on the awesome unity of the giving of the Torah and the giving of the Spirit and how it all connects with the Kingdom of Elohim
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