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Welcome to the My life as a Nigerian youth and entrepreneur podcast, where amazing things happen.
Misspent Youth
A LGBTIQA+ Podcast on Video Games, Why We Play, and Who We Are. Hosted by Robert Fenner (@misanthrobob), joined by a new guest every Monday. Hella queer and in love with you.
Today's youth need mentors, teachers, volunteers, and most of all, they need YOU! Youth Worker On Fire is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to be the best youth worker possible. Each week, Youth Worker On Fire releases a new podcast full of valuable information from people who work with youth on a daily basis. Listen as they share their stories of mentoring and positively influencing adolescents and teens in today's world. This is Youth Worker On Fire!
Youth ministry is one of the craziest things someone can do. The HIIYMpodcast is here to help you put on the craziest, funniest Youth nights ever!
Youth In Control
Young people on the radio to chat about anything they feel passionate about!
This is to wake my afrikans up in the USA and the 🌎
Josh Griffin and Doug Fields interview the leading voices in youth ministry in this twice a month podcast from Download Youth Ministry. Part of the Download Youth Ministry Podcast Network.
We are the Children & Youth department of The Salvation Army Canada & Bermuda Territory.
Rosa and her team bring you the best and the worst - filled with interviews, discussion and music for the after school audience
Monthly interviews of local youth ministries in the Alberta & NWT District of the PAOC to see how they are winning in different areas.
Youth Factor
I set up around town and listen to what people have to say. At some point in the conversation I shift the conversation to spiritual topics and do my best to tell them about the Lord. Become a supporter of this podcast:
KNRC Youth Radio
Youth Zone Monday
The Monday Crew bring you interviews, news of upcoming events and opportunities for the after school audience. Along with guest hosts and special features.
Choice As! – Celebrating Local Music. Join Karl every second Tuesday, as he brings you the latest in local music as well as some kiwi favourites. Hear from the musicians, discover new music, and celebrate New Zealand’s unique music scene. This show was first broadcast on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM
Alive Youth
Podcast by Alive Youth
This is mostly sermons preached by Rev. Eric Wolf, currently serving as Assistant to the Bishop in the South Carolina Synod of the ELCA. I'd love to feature sermons by other ELCA pastors, and am interested in collaborating to create other content focused on faith, culture, and the intersection of theological thinking with daily life.
Welcome to Rants of a Nigerian Youth where amazing things happen. Please don't forget to subscribe
Whether you're a coach, parent or player, youth sports can be tough to handle sometimes. Good news is, you're not alone! With the TeamSnap podcast in your ears, you've got all the insights, tips and tricks you need to thrive. Every other week, host Emily Cohen interviews elite coaches, high-level athletes, technology gurus and the most influential figures in the world of youth sports. Some of our most well-known guests have included John O'Sullivan, Brandi Chastain, Tommy John, Keith Van Hor ...
The UNDR_GRDS podcast is a platform to educate, fascinate and stimulate. It also sheds light on current issues within the creative community and lifts stigma from certain topics that are part of every designers life. Our platform transcends creative thinking by exploring the social, ethical and entrepreneurial expectations of the emerging creative generation.
Want to grow as a Youth Worker but don't have a ton of time? Spend 15 minutes with Frank each week as he talks about what he is doing in his youth group and sharing what is on his mind regarding student ministry.
The Podcast Dedicated to Youth Sports and Giving Actionable Relationship Advice
Urbana Revolution is the Middle School and High School ministry of the Urbana Campus of The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. Our mission is to Reach, Teach and Unleash.
Iesha Small and Dr Sam Baars of LKMco (along with their expert guests) explore developments in education and youth research and policy. There is a particular focus on how research can affect teachers, educational leaders and policy makers as well as others with a wider interest in improving outcomes for all of our young people. This is a UK based show.
This podcast is a collaborative project between the IWK Health Centre in Halifax and Capitalize for Kids to improve health outcomes for children and families across Canada.Each month, we host a webinar featuring a high priority topic in child and adolescent mental health and addictions. Experts will share best practices and answer questions from clinicians across Nova Scotia. It’s important to note that the practices discussed in this podcast are sensitive and only intended for qualified and ...
Here you will find youth and main sermons given on Sundays... Recording of various homilies or guest speakers... Various Liturgical Services or chanting to the Glory of God... Bible Study Sessions... Orthodox Life Series topics
Introductions is WFMT’s weekly Saturday morning program that features talented pre-college classical musicians in the Chicago area. Soloists and chamber ensembles perform live in WFMT’s Levin Performance Studio. Large ensembles, including orchestras, choirs, and bands, are recorded at their home venues and broadcast at later dates. The program also features youth music competition winners. While many students who appear on Introductions pursue other careers, some have gone on to study music ...
We are two "average joe" youth pastors who have a passion for youth ministry and desire to share that passion with others around the globe!Contact UsFacebook: talkswithjoe.wordpress.comEmail: talkswithjoe@gmail.comiTunes: AND SUBSCRIBE
Providing positive nuggets of baseball info to youth players & their parents. This knowledge has been accumulating over the period of a twenty year scouting career. Parents need to know that their efforts aren’t in vain and young players need to experience positive & constructive feedback from all individuals involved in their developmental journey... ⚾️⚾️⚾️
The latest feed from Youth Apologetics Training on
A podcast from CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) discussing issues related to the world of youth culture, children, teens and young adults.Co hosted by CPYU President Walt Mueller and Jason Soucinek, CPYU Associate Staff for Sexual Integrity and Executive Director of Project Six19.
Word of Deliverance Church in Berkeley Springs WV. Led by Pastor Lisa and Dan Unger. Bringing the "Gospel of Grace" to a NOW generation.
The latest feed from Youth Apologetics Training on
The Compass
The Compass - exploring our world.
This podcast is made available from Grace Community Church. Jacksonville, FL
Welcome to the podcast of Emerge Youth Church, the youth ministry of Crown Pointe Church in the Kansas City area. We hope this podcast inspires you and challenges you to grow closer to Christ.
Youth Sports: Inspiration and encouragement for parents. There are tons of resources out there for coaches and parents, but not a whole lot for parents, so this is for YOU! I’ve definitely been through quite a few of the ups and downs of youth sports, the good, the bad, they ugly and I know how intense it can all get. So I just wanted to send you some love and support as we travel this road together <3
Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.
Just a late night study session as me and my fellow students do homework. Hopefully we can hang out while we work.
Messages from St. Paul's UMC of Brick, New Jersey - Rev. Alan Darby, Pastor
We give emancipated youth, and their allies, a place to share THEIR truth.
Justin Knowles & Matthew Ferrer have open and honest conversations about real life hacks in student ministry. Justin and Matt will talk about things they do in student/youth ministry and have some friends come and join the conversation to share real life, helpful, time saving and efficient hacks to help you do ministry better.
Educator Innovator
Educator Innovator is an initiative powered by the National Writing Project and provides a hub for educators and partners who are re-imagining learning in and out of school.
Ranting Soccer Dad
Frank but fair conversations and occasional silliness about youth soccer. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Through the EYES of a SHEPHERD by FLOW / youth
In this episode, Sam and Iesha talk through three pieces of research that hold particular interest for them: Capturing the Voices of Children in the Education Health and Care Plans: Are We There Yet? (published April 2018) Olympia Palikara, Susana Castro, Carolina Gaona and Vasiliki Eirinaki (School of Education, University of Roehampton) Menta ...…
If you have worked with students for more than a minute, you have dealt with the results of anxiety and depression. Students everywhere are struggling with it and many times with no help. Brian sits down with Karen Smith (a repeat guest from Episode 17), the Dean of women at the Word of Life Bible Institute and she gives us some practical steps ...…
Broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
(00:00) Dennis S - The division between light & darkness(24:05) Dasha T - Testimony & Poem of encouragement(31:50) Denis T - You are the light to the world
How do players become a Coach's favorite beyond DaddyBall and Prima Donna favorites. Coaches love players with desire to play the sport, hard working, sport IQ, respect and are coachable. Listen to Coach Parker of explain how favorites are made in youth football but really crosses over into youth sports. Visit my Website at http ...…
As Nigerians we tend to forget to really live our lives to the fullest. We are daily chasing after needs and wants and we lose our way easily. This episode is a charge to live! And do things differently
Tired of feeling like you don't have enough faith, or that consequences seem to always knock your faith down? Find out the truth about faith in this message. Simultaneously translated into French.Fatigué de sentir que vous n'avez pas assez de foi, ou que les conséquences semblent toujours renverser votre foi ? Découvrez la vérité sur la foi dan ...…
Broadcast on Otago Access Radio (Otago Access Radio).
Speaker - Jim Wideman Topic - Next Gen/Family Ministry Approach to Student Ministry Jim has been helping others on their leadership journey since 1983 by providing practical, proven resources for ministers and churches. In 1992 Jim launched his monthly audio leadership club that is known to thousands of ministry leaders simply as theClub. In 20 ...…
Broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
00:00 - Max K09:23 - Roman D29:03 - Dima T (translated by Denis B)
Saul is joined by Richard Allen, former Head of Talent ID for the English Football Association, Academy Manager of QPR and Head of Recruitment at Tottenham Hotspur. Ricahrd was instrumental in the changes at the FA and the construction of the new DNA, which has produced such amazing results for the England Youth teams. Ricahrd shares the insigh ...…
Ep. #41 - Emily Sheera Cutler - 23 July 2018 by Peer Unschooling Network
Thanksgiving Youth Service00:00 - Andrey B07:15 - Denis T
Broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
In this episode we feature the Learn the Word Podcast with host, Dr. Paul Weaver. Paul is joined by John Stonestreet as they talk about many culture issues including gender issues and so much more.
00:00 - Andrey B (On Daniel)08:11 - Andrey B (Galatians ch 6)10:22 - Andrey K (Thankful Hearts)25:00 - Alex G (Russian) (The Power of the Word)42:08 - Peter K (Life in light of eternity)
You know that time your car got stuck in the mud? Who did you call How did they get you out? They probably brought a big rope or chain, tied it to your car, hit the gas and yanked you out. That's exactly what this episode is, a friend with a rope to pull your stuck youth ministry out of the mud. If you're interested in the Seth Godin article I ...…
On the latest Youth Baseball Talk, You often times hear that playing college baseball is like a job. Many want the rewards but don’t want to put in the work. It’s the offseason around here and I can’t believe the number of people that have zero idea what work really is. Rope Report: Communicate to “Educate, Empower & Motivate” Join us for this ...…
Facing problems that affect your faith? Ever question what God is doing or why He is quiet? Find out how to keep faith and discover God's plan in the midst of difficulties.Simultaneous translation in French.Faire face à des problèmes qui affectent votre foi ? Vous vous demandez ce que Dieu fait ou pourquoi Il est silencieux ? Découvrez comment ...…
Many of us are arriving at NYWC today. It’s a good time for a check-in! Contact me if you’re going to be around, I’d love to say hello! And if you don’t know what NYWC is, check out It’s the biggest gathering of youth workers in the USA, and it’s almost always encouraging and energizing. And nex ...…
Ep. #39 - Season 2 Episode 5 - 14 MAY 2018 by Peer Unschooling Network
Broadcast on Otago Access Radio (Otago Access Radio).
Broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
(00:00) Vadim - The wise and the foolish(16:28) Andrey - Misplaced Hunger
Greetings all. I hope you had a fantastic week! If you're thinking about youth camp already, you are in the right head space. You have to book speakers, plan dates, etc, and today's podcast is what I think makes a great camp speaker. I have been speaking at the same camp for the past 15 years. I have also been the one who has had to book the ca ...…
Ep. #38 - Season 2 - Episode 4 - 16 April 2018 by Peer Unschooling Network
On the latest Youth Baseball Talk, I hear it all the time, your son can hit in the cage but not in the games… There are many reasons for this but some involve simple logic that we may be imparting on the kids by the way we practice. Join us for this episode of Youth Baseball Talk! About the Show: Website: Youth Baseball Talk Facebook: @youthbas ...…
#027 – Dr Sam Baars and Iesha Small: school cultures and practices In this episode, Sam and Iesha talk through the findings of our recent report for the Department for Education which looked at school cultures and practices that support the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. We discuss what we mean by ‘school culture’, how we can measure it, a ...…
Is there life after mistakes? What about the big ones, or the repetitive ones? Find hope in this message!Simultaneously translated into FrenchY a-t-il la vie après les erreurs ? Qu'en est-il des grands, ou des répétitifs ? Trouvez l'espoir dans ce message !Traduction simultanée en français
Most youth ministries have been doing small groups for a long time. The question is, are they working? Brian talks through some practical thoughts for how to be a great small group leader and really make a difference in a students life.
Broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin
Why did God Choose Mary to be the mother of Jesus? Was it because she was a really good person? Why does God choose anyone?
Youth Pastor Kailum Continues our series on Rebel for a Cause, With a message titled 'Worship for a cause" About filling our tanks on a daily basis so we can affect those around us.
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