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Buzz Aldrin: Meet the Author
Join celebrated astronaut and best-selling author Buzz Aldrin for a discussion and Q&A about No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon. The book reflects on a lifetime of adventures and achievements—on Earth and in space—and shares the 13 principles that have guided Aldrin's life.
Ukulele Underground Podcast
Weekly in depth discussion on how to become a better Ukulele player with Aldrine Guererro
Gram Loves Dancing with the Stars
Gram talks about boobs, boys, dresses and dancing
Space Outreach
Public Outreach for Space Exploration
Aldrintendo Power Podcast
A podcast about Nintendo in its many forms, hosted by Aldrin Cornejo. New episodes air every Friday.
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From The Earth To The Moon Podcast
We’ve made it to the Moon and with that welcome back to From The Earth To The Moon Podcast. Andy and Elton review “Part Six – Mare Tranquilitatis” Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins prepare for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. We do have a Facebook group if you’re interested, we’ll be posting any links and information over there ...…
Ukulele Underground Podcast
Old Rhythm and Old Ukes First off, we want to apologize for the sound quality on this one. Fish swim, birds fly, and computers crash (at the worst possible moments). We should be back to solid audio quality next week. Anyway, on this week's Thursday Live Lesson Aldrine starts things off as usual. He fields a couple of questions from our members ...…
Looking Backward, Looking Forward
I am joined by popular culture/Nintendo/comic book enthusiast/Supervising Producer on American Dad, Aldrin Cornejo! Let's get down to it!
Music Theory with special guest Mike Odo For our first ever Thursday Live Lesson podcast, we brought in special guest Mike Odo. Mike is no stranger to UU. He appeared in our recent Christmas Play-Along, and actually taught the majority of the UU staff music in high school. So to take advantage of his expertise, we ask Mike various questions abo ...…
Fringe theorists sometimes question whether the 1969 moon landing actually happened. We explore how astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reacted.By (HowStuffWorks).
Nerdy Things Podcast
This week we interviews Steve Lavigne of Shellback Artworks who has previously worked with Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Mirage comics! Star Wars: A Solo Movie synopsis revealed A dude and his hairy friend go on space adventures Gareth Edwards' "Monsters" to become a TV series The 2010 movie is being made ...…
Watko's Bits & Pieces
The 2nd astronaut on the moon Buzz Aldrin calls Iain Lee on Absolute Radio
3D printing can create large amounts of plastic waste. William Amos and Aldrin Lupisan of UC Irvine have created a system to recycle and reuse that waste for new material. By turning plastic waste into a locally based plastic supply chain they are innovating technology while reducing environmental impact. Series: "Zot Talks" [Show ID: 32395]…
JustIn My Podcast w/ Justin Cerretani
In episode 38 Justin and Tony talk about punching Buzz Aldrin, balloon boy, psychic penetration and the dark side of the moon. Also gambling, shitting at work and Justin’s fear of poop. Tony says me too and the Cory Feldman death watch starts now. “Alex Jones is cumming in his pants right now.” - Tony Morrison Follow Justin on Instagram and Twi ...…
Mostly Minutia
Happy International Podcast Day! What a better way to celebrate than to interview someone who also hosts a show! In this episode, Pam Atherton and I talk everything curiosity. Pam Atherton is an A plus, top notch, knock your socks off interviewer and host. She has a beautiful voice and she happens to be a personal hero of mine. Pam has worked i ...…
Game Breaking Feature
Special Guest: Aldrin Cornejo, American Dad Design Supervisor and host of the Aldrintendo Power Podcast, plugs into Game Breaking Feature for some thoughts on the best and worst accessories to accompany our favorite video game systems throughout the years. What is the earliest game you remember that utilized a hardware peripheral? How have hard ...…
House Podcast UK – House Music Podcast
Here is an hour of top class house music jamz, for your listening pleasure. Turn up the volume and enjoy this hour of select house music. Coppola – Claps Raffa Vergara – Funky Feeling Danny Howard – Beat of the Drum (Extended Mix) Paul Johnson – Follow This Beat (Pumping Mix) Lorenzo Trapani – Huston (Original Mix) Milldyke, Rich Pinder – The U ...…
Arsene Wenger isn't a good manager, Chris Froome isn't Buzz Aldrin and Gerard doesn't know the difference between the Met Police and the Met Office #Sport #WhenMondayComes #PracticeMakesPerfect
Water The Plants Radio Hosted by 2Mex 93.5 KDAY
Music Played: 1. KMD - Humrush 2. Edan - Emcees Smoke Crack 3. Sahtyre - Buzz Aldrin 4. Stranger Danger feat. Admit-One - Last Of The Flowhicans 5. Heems - Damn Girl 6. Bomb Zombies - Wedneseday (Sincerely Yours) 7. Zzay - Raking The Leaves 8. Passport Gift feat. Skyzoo, Crooked I, Tito Lopez - Turn Em On 9. Vision (Grizzly State/SADC) - Purpos ...…
Committed to Launch
You’re listening to episode 7 of the Unity module. Here, I cover what’s been going on in the month of July. There’s a lot to go through, so let’s not dilly dally. It’s been a pretty interesting month, a lot has happened, but I cannot let this month pass without marking the single greatest accomplishment that occurred almost five decades ago. 48 ...…
You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp
I played Fortnite with my friends Josh, Tyler, and Aldrin. We kicked some ass, got loot, upgraded characters, found BluGlo...ya know, adventurer stuff. Video games are and always will be awesome. The video of us playing is up on my Twitch.
This week, Jack and Newton cover the latest news on the future of JPSS and the National Space Council, answer a listener-submitted query on the Space Corps, asteroid mining from Luxembourg, and quantum teleportation. They also talk updates on some upcoming DC space events. Links: Latest from Washington House cuts NOAA Polar Follow On Program [L ...…
On tonight's podcast we talk about box car Willie, single wide mobile homes, and Buzz Aldrin not being impressed.
Dimland Radio
A Chuck Close correction. Coca-Cola bottles, the name James, and the American Presidency. Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. It's Not True: Buzz Aldrin and Pres. Trump. A rant about "get in the hole" and the Ric Flair woo. New photographic evidence of Amelia Earhart: Is her capture by the Japanese military the answer to the mystery? The His ...…
Scenario Store News
Late night leading into the Fourth of July and we're over here drinking because for some reason we're still paying bills instead of buying gold and inevitably meeting space in the pit (bless you, Buzz Aldrin), but on the plus side we now know what we want done with our remains after this country kills us! P.S. BioWare, please hire us.…
The Third Men Podcast
Space...the Third Man Frontier. These are the voyages of Jack White as chronicled by the Third Men Podcast! This week we set off in exploration of all things space as they relate to Jack White and Third Man Records - and there are a ton of cosmic run-ins to cover! From momentous occasions such as the development and execution of the The Icarus ...…
Host Wade McElwain is joined by Erich McElroy and Chelsea Hart for all things Trump. What was Buzz Aldrin doing behind the President's back? Should Trump be promoting wrestling with CNN? And how did Erich grow up not knowing Canada exists?
This week, Buzz Aldrin gets annoyed with being introduced as the second man on the moon, Robert David Steele claimed that Mars is inhabited, by Slaves!. America re-introduces the National Space Council with a lack of Newspace. To celebrate Asteroid Day, we have a complete rundown of amazing asteroid facts, and the mission that have visited them ...…
This week, sketch comic Brad Gage joins Aldrin and Ryan to how Mega Man 3 might be the best Mega Man, being a better gamer than you actually were thanks to the Game Genie, the unrivaled speed of Bo Jackson in Super Tecmo Bowl, and our new theory that Dave Coulier inspired the Rescue Rangers version of Dale. They also sift through the many TMNT ...…
Scotty McCreery Tiny Couch Interview; Lost Dogs; July 4th Plans; CMA Biographies; Firework Names; Buzz Aldrin
Scotty McCreery Tiny Couch Interview; Lost Dogs; July 4th Plans; CMA Biographies; Firework Names; Buzz Aldrin
Heads up, it gets loud. Jesse rambles about how sounds happen and the way the ear works. Then he plays guitar, poorly, through the Fuzz Aldrin, while explaining (poorly) what he’s doing. Poorly played riffs feature Hendrix, Zeppelin, Beatles, Radiohead, Blur, and the Guess Who.
Aldrintendo Power Podcast
This week, Aldrin welcomes jack-of-all-trades Adam Murray (and his dog Ludo) to talk about the news and announcements from E3. They also talk about fighting games, the art style of games, Shaq Fu, Raving Rabbids, the Virtual Boy, MMO graveyards, and more!By Aldrin Cornejo.
Listen to the podcast episode by clicking on the audio player above. Buzz Aldrin is obsessed with Mars. The Apollo 11 astronaut and second person to walk on the moon is now developing a plan to send humans to live permanently on the red planet. The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute at Florida Tech is hoping to fine-tune that vision with research and ...…
Recorded 18 June 2017. Ms Ann and Richard discuss the worthiness of those getting Australian Honours, pass on John Edwards, focus on manifestation with Deborah Hutton, drum on why Pete Best was actually lucky, wonder when humour crosses the line from funny to offensive, gaze at the problem with Buzz Aldrin, unbox an interesting tip from a board ...…
On this week's episode, our Transformers-a-thon for the first part of our 2017 Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza rolls on as we tackle the THIRD film in this ludicrous franchise, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon"! This week, we welcome our good friend, "We Are Strangers" and "Outer Spaces" director, Sean Weiner into the studio to discuss the impor ...…
What the hell is a long egg? Are there secret items available for purchase at the world's best fast food restaurants? And why was Pete being fed like a bird by a man in a KFC?It's an impromptu food special, everyone! But don't worry, there's still time to read some more of your emails and talk at length about the great Buzz Aldrin. You'd honest ...…
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