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Koray Aras Podcast
Koray Aras selects newest tunes of deep and progressive music and puts them into his official podcast. Enjoy listening. For more info:
ARae & KTQ Show
Podcast by ARae & KTQ Show
Awọn Ojuse Musulumi si ara wọn
Ibanisọrọ yii sọ daradara ti o yẹ ki o maa ti ọwọ musulumi kan jade si ọdọ musulumi keji ati awọn aburu ti o yẹ ki wọn maa le jina si ara wọn.
ARA City Radio Book Club Episode 1
Podcast by Marina ARA City Radio
Campfire Faith - Simple Reflections with Korske Ara
A campfire is warm, lights up dark nights and brings people together. Our faith as Christians should reflect those properties of a campfire.Back in the day, Jesus used simple stories to share powerful messages. He used real experiences that resonated with those he was sharing with. From young children to the elderly, the sick, the healthy, the rich and the poor, Jesus was truly a master storyteller. Campfire Faith is a series of my reflections as I travel and explore the stories of Jesus.
Dermot & Dave
Ara sure, isn't that it? Your daily dose of laughs and silliness from Today FM's finest
Bouneschlupp: B-Säit
D'B-Säit vun der Bouneschlupp. All Méindes och op Radio Ara.
'How I Got Here': a podcast about success stories
Radio Host at ARA City Radio, based in Luxembourg, Marina interviews successful people from all walks of life and industries, discovering how they got to where they are today.
Eto Oko ati Aya ninu Islam
Ibanisoro se alaye awon eto wonyi: (i) Eto oko lori aya, (ii) Eto Aya lori oko, (iii) Eto ti awon mejeeji ni si ara won.
Dermot & Dave
Ara sure, isn't that it? Your daily dose of laughs and silliness from Today FM's finest
Português Bíblia - Portuguese Bible Almeida Revista e Atualizada
The Portuguese Audio Drama New Testament (ARA) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible with approximately 180 different characters and a digitally recorded sound track with full sound effects. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the ...
El mat de Catalunya Rdio (Marc Garriga)
L'estiu 2014 el programa respon, amb rigor, a un comproms de servei, informaci i entreteniment. La primera part est centrada en temes d'actualitat amb la presncia dels seus protagonistes i en l'anlisi i la reflexi dels tertulians. Tamb ens fixem en tot all que es cou a les xarxes socials i repassem la premsa del dia.Diriament viatjarem per la Microcatalunya, aquells municipis de menys de 500 habitants, i tamb farem ruta per aquells indrets que van ser protagonistes ara fa 300 anys, el 1714, ...
Falling Through The Cracks
There is some incredible talent and creativity here in Christchurch, and so many different musicians that deserve their time on the air. Falling Through the Cracks gives musicians a radio platform where they can share their talents. It’s a show dedicated to explorations, works in progress, experiments, new concepts and hidden creativity.Proudly sponsored by ARA Music and Arts, the programme plays tracks that you would not hear on mainstream radio: jazz, improvisation-based music, big band, w ...
ACR Tour Tales
An Ara City Radio Podcast, featuring artists, musicians, comedians and actors talking to Sam Steen about their projects, life on the road and the entertainment industry.
Awon Iroyin Jije Eni Olohun
Oniwaasi so wipe awon majemu meta kan wa fun jije eni Olohun (i) Ki eniyan so asepo laarin ara re ati Olohun re (ii) Ki o so asepo laarin oun ati emi ara re (iii) Ki o so asepo laarin oun ati awujo re.
Kinni o nje Sunna ?
Ibanisoro yi so nipa itumo sunna, o si je ki a mo igba ti awon Musulumi bere si pe awon kan ni oni sunna. Ni ipari alaye tun waye lori awon apeere ti a fi maa nda awon oni sunna mo; nitoripe opolopo naa ni won maa npe ara won ni oni sunna ti won si jinna si i.
Quantum Marketing Radio
Quantum Marketing Radio is a monthly podcast on financial services marketing with hosts Jeffrey Thompson (FLMI, AFSI, ACS, ARA, CSA, CAS, LTCP) and Louie Hillman. Each month will bring you new topics and guests(including industry top producers and marketing thought leaders) that delve into the marketing concepts, strategies and issues that can have a dramatic impact on your business.
Igbaniyanju Lori Lilo si Aaye Ikirun ni Asiko Odun Aawe ati Ileya
Ibanisoro yi da lori Pataki odun mejeeji ninu Islam: odun itunu aawe ati odun ileya, olubanisoro si so bi ojise Olohun se gba awa Musulumi ni iyanju lori kiko awon ara ile wa lo si aaye ikirun ni ojo odun. Ni afikun, o tun so die nipa idajo Janaba ati eje nkan osu obinrin.
The AusBackpacking Podcast
With over 20 years of experience travelling Australia between them, join Matt McLeod and Korske Ara as they explore the real Australia. With stories, tips, tricks and interviews with other travellers they meet on the road, this podcast is packed full of great travel advice for anyone looking to discover Australia. Looking to backpack around Australia? Find out where to go, what to see and how to get there with AusBackpacking!
I Am Science
I Am Science was hosted by the prominent English journalist Rodney Borgnine and was the longest running radio interview programme in broadcast history. Guests included Laura Limb, inventor of the Yasser Ara-Fat Burner, Tonya Pol, CEO of Toe Job Taxis, and Holman Garido, founder of gynaecological amusement park, Treasure Island. However, it was Borgnine’s conversations with Dr Jellgood that most cemented the programme’s reputation. The first interview, airing in August 1965, drew 46 million v ...
Corresponsalia experta a Madrid
L'asturi Esteban J. Girn va nixer amb un trauma heretat: el seu pare va fer la mili a Lleida. El tamb conegut com 'el guitarrista simptic de Toundra' va haver de crixer sentint les distorsions (positives) que el seu pare li explicava sobre els catalans i sobre Catalunya. No cal dir que la seva infncia i joventut van ser una veritable auca i, al final, es va acabar installant a Madrid. Ara, en plena maduresa vital -ja ha fet 27 anys- i en qualitat de dinamitzador cultural, connecta amb 'Els e ...
Slava Mayer - Authorization podcast
Arilena Ara - Nëntori (Gon Haziri Remix).mp3 ALIMUSIC 116.0 Headhunterz & Skytech - Kundalini (Extended Mix).mp3 Headhunterz & Skytech 128.0 Jay Hardway - Stardust (Extended Mix).mp3 Jay Hardway 128.0 Le French - Einfach (Original Mix).mp3 Le French 124.0 Feder feat. Emmi - Blind (Filatov & Karas Remix) [Deep House].mp3 Feder feat. Emmi 122.0 Techno Project & Dj Geny Tur - HELLO ( Dj Andersen Vs Pavel Velchev & Dmitriy Rs Remix Andrey Exx & Elis M. Feeling - Rapture (Sharapov Remix)Andrey Ex ...
Alaye nipa Irun Onirin-ajo ati Alaare ninu tira Buluugul-maraam
1- Idanileko yi soro nipa bi arinrin-ajo ati alaare yoo se maa ki irun won laini fi wole tabi lo o lara tayo asiko re.2- Kiki irun rakah merin ni meji ni ori irinajo ati ki alaare fi aawe sile ninu osu Ramadan ki o si gba a pada nigbati ara re ba ya gbogbo eleyi je irorun ti Olohun se fun awa Musulumi ti O si fe ki a maa je anfaani re nitoripe irorun ni Olohun fe fun wa ninu Esin Islam.3- Alaye ni ekunrere lori awon idajo irun onirin-ajo, igba ti yoo maa bere si din irun re ku ati asiko ti y ...
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Vi börjar med en mer utförlig presentation av deltagarna. Bland annat är Kerstin bra på siffror och Berit pratar om musik quiz och annat som händer på hembygdsgårdar. Kerstin berättar om festplatsen i Borgvattnet, men just nu är det ombyggnad av den äldsta kraftledningen i hela nordeuropa på 6 mil, så byggarna bor där. Å hur högt är det högsta ...…
Ara fa 50 anys San Francisco i el festival de Monterey van posar al mapa el moviment hippie i la contracultura nord-americana. Escoltem la msica d'aquell any i parlem amb diversos convidats. Alexis Racionero, autor del llibre "California dreaming", ens explica qu s l'anomenat Estiu de l'amor, Sergi Roca, de la secci internacional dels serveis i ...…
On #CorkToday - Why there is calls to provide detectives with proper fire arms training in this county, More on how Brexit will affect our fishing sector as it opens the waters to all, More on Bertie Ahern considering running for the Aras, Water problems continue for residents of Freemount, We hear from one man cycling from Cork to Camden in Lo ...…
Vänstertidningen Dagens ETC hävdar i en viral video som setts av nästan 200 000 att det bara är en halv procent av Sveriges befolkning – de som har en månadslön på 200 000 kronor eller mer – som betalar mer än hälften av sin inkomst i skatt. Med detta vill de raljera över borgerliga politiker som kräver att alla ska få ha ”hälften kvar”, ett ma ...…
Inledning 2011 lade Sveriges Television ner sitt program för ekonominyheter, A-ekonomi, efter mer än 20 år av dagliga sändningar. Rapportchefen Morgan Olofsson kommenterade beslutet i Expressen: Rapportförfattaren Mats Olin är VD för Second Opinion och var tidigare chef för Timbro Medieinstitut. Vi vill stärka nyhetsbevakningen inom både ekonom ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-The experimental return of NCT 127 with 'Cherry Bomb'-T-ara's goodbye single "What's My Name"-Monsta X's explosive comeback single "Shine Forever" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we bring special guest Brooke Bunce from Fuse TV to discuss and preview the upcoming KCON 2017 New York to talk about the artists, pane ...…
NITIN MANNA June 21 Tlawngkai Nithum Ruahnak in Lauter Sikhalsehla Esau in Jacob a hmuh tikah tong dingah a va tlan ih Jacob cu a kuah, a pom ih a hnam. An pahnih in an ṭap tlang. - Seem. 33:4 [Seem. 33:1-4] Kan dung thlatang caan thok tirte ah robin timi a awm sendup vate phunkhat pakhat cu kan tukvirh (window) thlalang a ra do/sual ttheu. Rob ...…
Annonser som blir miniaffärer. En ständigt växande e-handel. Mer e-sport. Algoritmer som får oss att upptäcka saker vi annars skulle ha missat. Produkter som stöps om till att säljas som tjänster. AI som ger nya former av bildanalys. I 355 bilder på en dryg halvtimme rusade Mary Meeker nyligen igenom de största internettrenderna 2017. I veckans ...…
Speech to a visiting delegation of Universities from Central America, given at Áras an Uachtaráin, on 19 June 2017.
Fredrik och Martin värmer upp med lite Skype och hamburgare för att sedan snacka om nyss avslutade gamejamet No more Sweden, Pico-8, assemblerprogrammering och att utveckla med inspirerande begränsningar. Analysparalys, flyt och avvägning mellan begränsningar och kreativitet. En liten utflykt i speldesignvärlden och axlar längs vilka man kan ut ...…
The post Beyond ‘Bash the Fash’: A Critical Discussion appeared first on It's Going Down. There’s no question that antifascism has taken up a lot of space on both IGD and within the wider anarchist movement. Talk about antifascists has also spilled into the mainstream, with many journalists treating it, along with the tactics like the black blo ...…
The post Beyond ‘Bash the Fash’: A Critical Discussion appeared first on It's Going Down. There’s no question that antifascism has taken up a lot of space on both IGD and within the wider anarchist movement. Talk about antifascists has also spilled into the mainstream, with many journalists treating it, along with the tactics like the black blo ...…
The post Beyond ‘Bash the Fash’: A Critical Discussion appeared first on It's Going Down. There’s no question that antifascism has taken up a lot of space on both IGD and within the wider anarchist movement. Talk about antifascists has also spilled into the mainstream, with many journalists treating it, along with the tactics like the black blo ...…
Today, as we move into week two of our sermon series in Acts, “The Church’s Growth,” we have our second “Sermon Spotlight.” We again look at a message the Apostle Peter preached on the temple grounds. Peter at the Template by Greg Sykes | Acts: The Church Growth Follow along wit ...…
Täna jätkame EV100 Turundusidee saateosa. Iga nädalal tutvustame ühte EV100 üritust ning arutame koos saatekülalistega, kuidas seda üritust saaksid ettevõtjad ära kasutada ja koostööd teha. Täna tutvustab KUMU director Kadi Polli EV100 tähistamisega seotud välisprojekte. KUMU teeb juubeliperioodil mitmeid juubeliprojekte, millega tutvustatakse ...…
NITIN MANNA June 19 Tlawngkai Nikhat Raltthatnak Kan nundam kum cu kum (70) sung a si; kan damcak asile kum (80) khal a si thei. Asinan kan nun sung kum ih in summi cu harsatnak le donharnak lawng an si. Nunnak cu rei lote ah a cem ih kan hlo taa a si. - Saam 90:10 [Saam 90] Kum (72) mi hlasak thiam Motown's vocal group, The Four Tops ih telmi ...…
7 ára gamli Alexandur á Stongunum gjørdist herfyri borgari nummar 2.000 í Vága Kommunu. Honum dámar væl í Sandavági, og tað gera foreldur hansara, Sigga á Stongunum og Magnus á Stongunum, eisini.Borgarstjórin í Vága Kommunu, Eyðdis Hartmann Niclasen er fegin um, at fólkatalið í Kommununi veksur.
ZoltA?n Farkas reports. (A rA?szletekrL?l Farkas ZoltA?n magyarorszA?gi tudAlsA?tAl szA?mol be. )
NITIN MANNA June 16 Tlawngkai Ninga Thil Fate Nan mit sungih thingtum a ummi sawn ruat loin ziangah so na unau mit sungih mit-hnawm fate lehlam na zoh? - Luka 6:41 [Matt. 7:1-6] Thli hraan ni nikhat ih hrampi ka aat rerolai ah thli lak ihsin a ra zammi thil fate pakhat cu ka kehlam mit sungah a lut. Nazi rei lote ah cuih thil fate cun ka mit a ...…
Att vårt sista ordinarie podcastavsnitt för säsongen är ett där vi tipsar om böcker att läsa under sommaren är sedan gammalt. Andreas, Daniel och Johannes följer traditionen och ger dig fyra tips (och ett par bonusar) på läsvärd litteratur i produktivitetens tecken. I midsommar tar vi ledigt, men efter det återkommer vi varje fredag under somma ...…
Top Links AutoMapper 6.1.0 released (Jimmy Bogard) Automate Testing and Running Apps with dotnet watch (Steve Smith) Things I Think Are Cool: Custom XAML Markup Extensions (Matthew Soucoup) Tune in to Imagine Cup July 27 to see which team of student developers wins (Anthony Salcito) Web & Cloud Development New Syncfusion JavaScript UI Library P ...…
NITIN MANNA June 15 Tlawngkai Nili A Mawizetmi Hla Aw Khawthim sung ihsin khuaruahharza tleunak sungih a lo kotu Pathian in mangbangza thil a tuahmi pawl tlangaupi dingih hrilmi nan si. - 1 Piter 2:9 [1 Peter 2:9-12] 2009 kum thal tir ih Britain's Got Talent timi hlasak zuam-awknak ah Susan Boyle a tel ve. A zuam-awtu dang pawl thawn tthim tika ...…
Sydney shows the way (Aka'ari'anga a to Sydney i te ara.)
Blai Mars ens parla de l'exposici de Bjrk al CCCB i la seva participaci al festival. Amb Ricard Robles, codirector de Snar, repassem el cartell d'aquesta edici i reflexionem sobre el futur del festival ara que s'acosta el seu 25 aniversari.
Irene Boles is an architect from Milan, teaching at the ARA in Christchurch. Irene talks of her career, and explains how, in designing and realizing (with her partner, also an architect) their house on the sea in New Brighton, they used the New Zealand concept of bach filtered through a Mediterranean sensibility, to a rewarding result. We play ...…
Utbildningssektorn befinner sig mitt i ett omfattande digitaliseringsarbete. Från det som händer i mötet med elever i klassrummet, till nya kurs- och läroplaner, system och processer. Hur gör man för att möta förändring? Hur hanterar vi problem och utmaningar när vi utvecklar skolan? Om dessa frågor och fler därtill kretsar veckans digitalsamta ...…
NITIN MANNA June 14 Tlawngkai Nithum Thuanthu Ttha ­­­Thlankhar lungpheng pi a rak thawn aw zo kha an hmu; curuangah an vung lut, asinan Bawipa Jesuh ih ruak cu an hmu lo. - Luka 24: 2-3 [Luka 23:44-24:3] Chicago Phunsang Tlawng in zoihnitnak an tuah ih an hmuhsuakmi vek a si ahcun minung in thil ttha hnakin thil ttha lo an ciingmang sawn. Thut ...…
Tobias och Fredrik snackar nyheter från Apples nyss avslutade utvecklarkonferens WWDC. Vi fokuserar på utvecklarintressanta nyheter, men det blir ett kort snack om prylar som inledning. Tobias första inköp efter keynoten har faktiskt redan levererats. Därefter blir det nyheter i Xcode, grafik-API:er och annat i Macos, AR, VR och Mac-hårdvara. E ...…
Weekly teaching audio by Revolution Church is here to share the Gospel in word and deed to a world in need, for the glory of God and for the good of people. Guest Speaker: Pastor Bill De Ara. Pastor Fabian Portunato is the lead pastor of Revolution Church, Miami.
Täna jätkame EV100 Turundusidee saateosa. Iga nädalal tutvustame ühte EV100 üritust ning arutame koos saatekülalistega, kuidas seda üritust saaksid ettevõtjad ära kasutada ja koostööd teha. Täna on meil saates Kristel Üksvärav, kes tutvustab EV100 muusika tähtsündmusi: "Eesti helifilmi mikstuur", esitajad Taavi Kerikmäe, Andres Tenusaar ja MTÜ ...…
Bread9fe and Joey Chase had a chance to talk to Kojo Cue and Kay Ara about their chemistry, frustrations with the industry, future projects and oh yeah the infamous Kay Ara and Bra Kevin Beats beef.
Täna on stuudios Meeli Eelmaa Kalev Spaast, kellega räägime remonditurundusest. Remonditurundus on valdkond, millega kõik turundajad varem või hiljem kokku puutuvad. Olgu selleks siis poe või hotelli või mõne teelõigu või muu koha remont, mille puhul ju kõige suurem väljakutse on olemasolevate klientide hoidmine nii, et nad peale remonti ikka t ...…
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