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Podcasts in English – Enrique Aviles' Photo Traveling
Podcasts en Español – Enrique Aviles' Photo Traveling
Un blog/podcast acerca de cosas que adoro - viajar y fotografiar. La idea es compartir mis aprendizajes en estas areas y suplir el vacío de este tipo de información en español existente en la web.
Handmade with AE
A show that centers around handmade crafts, going green, grassroots artists, and what it's like to own a handmade business. New show every Thursday 1030 am est.
Apuntes sobre Procedimientos Mercantiles
Podcast que aborda diversos tópicos relacionados con los procedimientos mercantiles basado en la legislación de México y dirigido principalmente a estudiantes de Derecho de la Universidad Marista de Mérida (Yucatán, México). Podcast de contenido exclusivamente académico. Autor: Abogado Jorge Carlos Estrada Avilés.
Derecho y Tecnología
Podcast en el que se abordan temas vinculados con el Derecho y las nuevas tecnologías de la información y comunicación y la manera en que inciden en la vida de la sociedad. Podcast de contenido académico derivado del proyecto de línea de Investigación sobre "Derecho y Nuevas Tecnologías" desarrollado en la Universidad Marista de Mérida, Yucatán, México. Autor: Abogado Jorge Carlos Estrada Avilés. Universidad Marista de Mérida, Yucatán, México.
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Jose Aviles is a Virtual Summit Producer who has been involved in running, consulting and providing services for successful online summits for several years. Founder of Virtual Summit Lab where he shares the good, the bad and the ugly of his experience with online summits. He has been featured in several outlets including Freedym, Fueled and th ...…
God “shows up” all over the place in events recorded in the Bible and today, but He is not passive. Rather, the LORD is active in Earth's affairs. A pattern of behavior we see in the Torah reading וַיֵּרָא Vayera ("and He appeared") is that when people are in “fight or flight” mode, they usually make very poor decisions. Lot's “bright idea” to ...…
Alternative History Podcast
In a world covered completely in water, the last best hope of earth is...Kevin Costner with gills! Waterworld was released on July 28, 1995 after a much publicized production filled with sinking sets, lack of bathrooms, a ballooning budget, and rumors of digital hairlines. The movie is remembered as a flop, but was it really? Brian and Rodrigo ...…
Research confirms alligators are eating sharks A new study confirms that alligators on the Atlantic and Gulf coast of the United States are eating small sharks. The scientific documentation is the first study to establish the extensive interaction between the two species. To conduct the study the researchers captured hundreds of living alligato ...…
Concert Crew Podcast
The Concert Crew welcomes yoga instructor Jason Aviles to podcast as Part 2 of Health Kit series. Jason shares his journey to starting his own yoga business and how it can help people live a healthier lifestyle. The fellas also discuss juicing, veganism and Jason's work with young people. In addition, the Concert Crew review new music from Juic ...…
Today we’re going to take a trip up north to visit our Canadian neighbors, but then we’re going to hang a tight left and travel back west back to land of the free, and the home of the brave. That’s right, Willy, we are going to visit the vast, untamed state of Alaska, so put on your parka and your ski pants and an extra pair of socks. You didn’ ...…
We culminate the Fastchise for now, with the 13th episode of Talking Franchise...Fate of The Furious, where Dominic Toretto betrays his family and helps a vile terrorist by the name of Cypher who has been pulling the strings of the villains encountered since part 4. It's another fast paced furious family flick with over the top stunts.…
6 Most Gruesome Cannibal Killers To Ever LiveKilling another human being is already considered a vile act, but there are some killers who aren't satisfied with simply slaughtering their victims – they have to eat them too. The next list of people, while already considered deviants for becoming murderers actually devoured parts of their victims. ...…
The podcast hosts its first guest this week, Anna’s best friend of 20 years/Michael’s high school acquaintance Chelsea. Chelsea tells the story of how she met Anna through the power of Sir Mix-A-Lot and stayed with her through years of looking like a young boy. Michael, who still looks like a young boy, apologizes to a VIL (very important liste ...…
No Trump didn't ignore a disabled boy, you utter moron.Facebook @ Paul Joseph Watson @
A vile disgrace to women and all mankind.Facebook @ Paul Joseph Watson @
RAILS Executive Director Dee Brennan talks with Liz Aviles, Vice President of Market Intelligence at Upshot, about the marketing agency’s report on seven retail trends to watch in 2017 and how libraries can capitalize on these trends to better serve their customers. Relevant links: Seven retail trends to watch in 2017 ...…
This week on Middle Theory, for some reason Donald Trump’s latest “Twitter-Tantrum” are the leading story in the news (again). What does the ongoing saga of our commander in chief’s social media activity tell us about him, his mental state, and the country at large? While the furor over “Trump Tweets” rages on, there have been actual things goi ...…
This week on Middle Theory, for some reason Donald Trump’s latest “Twitter-Tantrum” are the leading story in the news (again). What does the ongoing saga of our commander in chief’s social media activity tell us about him, his mental state, and the country at large? While the furor over “Trump Tweets” rages on, there have been actual things goi ...…
Bethel Methodist Online Sermons Podcast
Rev. Nathan Aviles preaches a sermon entitled Love The Truth. This sermon was recorded on June 25, 2017.
Aluku Records Various Compilation Vol.4 (Mixed by Aluku Rebels) 1hr promo mix by Aluku Rebels for this years Aluku Records Compilation Vol.4 exploring the more afro electronic sounds from South Africa and Botswana. All tracks in this track list are now avilable in the link below via Aluku Records on Traxsource Traxsource link: https://www.traxs ...…
In today's episode we are releasing the first ever podcast Omar Aviles and Raul Martinez did as the My Journey Podcast. Enjoy this short clip of the test episode. This was recorded back in April when the podcast was just starting.
Herpetological Highlights
This fortnight’s episode is dedicated to boas. The first portion looks into how boas hunt; their ability to subdue prey and potentially hunt in a “coordinated” fashion. After, we dig into some landscape genetics and see how the success of cave dwelling boas could boost their conservation chances. Staying on message, our Species of the Bi-week i ...…
My Journey Podcast
In todays show Omar interviews his daughter Bethany Aviles. Bethany is a young martial artist, currently a green belt in Tae Kown Do and is also a high school athlete competing in wrestling. Bethany is the only female sibling among a family of male martial artist.
Azure Flash Friday
This week we covered a great article from the Azure CAT team about performing monitoring at scale using Application Insights, an announcement of larger disk sizes in Azure, new capabilities for IoT Hub routing, more options for eDTU settings for Standard Elastic Pools, the ability for Azure Backup to backup server state, using Draft to help wit ...…
[00:00:00] I'm pastor Paul with the Bible factor update. [00:00:03] Bad jokes and filthy communication. [00:00:06] There is quite the backlash happening to comedian Kathy Griffin as she begs for forgiveness for what can only be termed a vile photo shoot. [00:00:17] She posed with the fake severed head of President Donald Trump and she holding t ...…
FinTech Insider by 11:FS
In this episode Jason, Simon and Andra are joined by Myke and Liz for the news. We find out if bitcoin to blame for ransomware, whether consumers actually want to cut the banks out of loans. Everyone debates why anyone would want to buy the Co-Op. Jason commits a vile podcast sin and will Google be your next bank? Guests Elizabeth Lumley FinTec ...…
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = '//'; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); The Creeps are back this week, taking an inadvertent step in ...…
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