Best baltimore ravens podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Stop in “The Lounge.” Every week, Ryan Mink and Garrett Downing will take you inside team HQ to chat (argue) about all things Ravens, dive into ridiculous topics and hang out with players who drop in. This lounge is dry, but the banter is not. Got a comment or suggestion? Email the show at and tell us what you like (or don't like).
A Baltimore Ravens Podcast
Ken McKusick from Russell Street Report and Josh Sroka from Section 336 discuss the Baltimore Ravens. Ken does an excellent job each week breaking down the Ravens game and explaining the complexities of the game in simple terms.
Two Baltimorons discussing sports, culture, food, and giving some much deserved love to their hometown. Irreverent stories, offbeat interviews with stars, and the best sports coverage. A weekly series.
Baltimore Ravens podcast, covering everything you want to know about your favorite team!
The daily podcast from the Baltimore Sports Report Network
Baltimore Rock Ravens Comedy
Rivals is powered by Utah Eye Centers and Strong Volkswagen. What happens when you lock two football rivals in the same studio and turn on the microphone? Join former NFL and college football rivals Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, for “Rivals“, the intersection of life and sports… from very different viewpoints. Scott Mitchell was a record-setting quarterback at the University of Utah. He then went on to play for Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals. Jason B ...
Birdland BS
A weekly recap in Baltimore and national sports. Join hosts Fred Donahue, Ryan Hewitt, and Scott Foster as they ditch the stuffy statistics of most sports shows and interject fun into an hour filled with sports from Charm City and all around the country.
Baltimore Orioles Blog | Baltimore Ravens News
The Bank
Discussion of the Baltimore Ravens, and the NFL. The hosts are Jason B. Hirschhorn, Andy Guyader, & Gabe Ferguson.
Ebony Bird Podcast
Talking about the NFL's Baltimore Ravens on FanSided.
Between Two Birds
A Baltimore SPЯOTS podcast hosted by two guys that are just as confused as you
WBAL NewsRadio 1090, the Flagship Home of the Baltimore Ravens, presents the Baltimore Ravens Insider Report hosted by Brett Hollander. This is the real and inside story of the Baltimore Ravens complete with player interviews and expert analysis of the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL.
You'll be joining us soon!
A trio of degenerate NFL gamers who provide you with the best trends and nuggets for NFL against the spread winners, all the while entertaining the masses with quick whit and bad jokes.
"We have it on good authority that even some MASN employees listen to brothers Josh and Matt Sroka and their childhood-friend-turned-in-law, Bert Rode, as they discuss the Ravens, Orioles, Terps, and other sports and pop-culture news of the week." ~ Baltimore Magazine
Stokley and Zach
Kick off your afternoon with “Stokley and Zach,” featuring two-time Super Bowl champion Brandon Stokley and radio veteran Zach Bye. Stokley earned his two NFL titles with the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts and spent two stints with the Denver Broncos. Bye hails from the Empire State and is the former voice of the University of Albany Great Danes football, basketball and lacrosse programs. Follow them on Twitter: @bstokley14 and @byesline.
Fantasy Football Topics and analysis for every game and all the news with 4/5 shows a week
Sports Tonight with Rob & Chris airs weekly on Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL).Show focus is on the Orioles, Ravens, & Terps.
Mobtown Breakdown
Pop culture podcast dealing with music, movies, tv, comics, hot sex positions, and nautical knots. Follow us on Twitter @MobtownBD, and follow our hosts @josh_brohawn and @LongPlayHenry
This a show for you, the fans. A New Yorks Mets and Baltimore Ravens interactive talk show for the fans, where you can rant and vent your opinions on everything New York Mets and Baltimore Ravens. Chime in anytime and share your opinions 661-244-9802. Currently since it is NFL season we are exclusively talking Baltimore Ravens and NFL until the start of the 2012 MLB season.
BMore Wired
We are excited to announce BMore Wired, a brash new podcast giving real fan opinions on the state of the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Maryland Terrapins and more sporting news. The focus of the show is to give Baltimore fans an opinion of our teams from the voices of local fans. Expect the unexpected. Scott and Joe do have some similarities, but overall, expect to hear two sports fans with drastically different views on the world of sports. Joe will bring the facts, while Scott is re ...
Purple Reign Show
The self entitled best Ravens podcast on the planet, hosts Phil Gentile and Logan Levy bring you the latest Baltimore Ravens news in a much different way than the rest. If you're into boring podcasts or in need of sleep, this isn't the place. Apparently, we have actually won awards. In addition to the best Ravens coverage out there, we are the go to guys for Fantasy Football and the NFL Draft. NFL players occasionally stop by our show.
Baltimore Rock Ravens Comedy
Baltimore Ravens Fan
This is The Baltimore Beatdown Podcast. Your official spot for all the Baltimore Ravens news and information. Hosted by Daniel, Kyle, and Matthew; we discuss everything you could want about the Baltimore Ravens. From rumors to insider information, you get it here every week.
Chris and Brenden Susserman's weekly podcast focuses on the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens. They also make attempts at discussing others events in the world of sports.
Co-hosts Charles Buck Linder and Ronnie Rory Alabaster with sometimes guest, Andy "Don't call me Handy but we do bc we disrespect em" Whole give their offbeat takes on the world, their lives, how Baltimore issues affect them, and of course, The Ravens!
NFL and Draft football interviews and stories focusing on: Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Join actor John Cusak (“Being John Malkovich”) as he discusses his role as Edgar Allan Poe in his new film “The Raven”, a gritty thriller where Poe joins forces with a young Baltimore detective to hunt down a mad serial killer who's using Poe's own works as the basis in a string of brutal murders.
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In this episode host Jon Kuzma discusses the latest news and why the Ravens receivers are much improved.
And we're back! Links: Petro - cryptocurrency (wiki) Even After 25 Years, Pete Rose’s Ban From Baseball Is Money in the Bank (538) Boris Vallejo (same) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Should Embrace the New Look (bleacherreport) — The Bucs and their Creamsicle uniforms had become synonymous with ineptitude and futility. Logopedia - Baltimore Ravens ( ...…
Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor reflects on what he learned as a Baltimore Raven.
Ken has gone back and watched Michael Crabtree's 2017 career. We break it down and how he can help the Baltimore Ravens in 2018
Today Steve Bisciotti had a press conference to talk about the state of the Ravens. Ken and Josh have some thoughts and analysis about the press conference.
Did you miss us? We make up for taking short break by coming back with an extra long episode for you. We are joined by Brian McFarland (@RavensSalaryCap). We break down the defensive roster and get into some of the Ravens cap concerns #Ravens #Baltimore
Today on the show we are joined again by Dev to talk about the Ravens week 15 victory over the Browns
Ken breaks down the Ravens playoff chances and tiebreaker situations #Baltimore #Ravens
Today on the show Ken and Josh look back at the Week 13 victory 44-20 of the Baltimore Ravens over the Detroit Lions, we also talk about losing Jimmy Smith for the season and how the Ravens handle that #NFL #Baltimore #Ravens
Ken and Josh break down Baltimore Ravens Offense after the Week 12 home win against the Houston Texans. #NFL #RAvens #Baltimore Read Ken's Article here :
In Today's Show we Ken McKusick and Josh are joined by Dev Pachwagh from to talk about the Monday Night Football win of the Baltimore Ravens over the Houston Texans #Baltimore #NFL #Ravens
Ken breaks down the Offensive play of the Baltimore Raven's victory over the Green Bay Packers #NFL #Baltimore #Ravens
Ken breaks down the defensive play in the Baltimore Ravens 3rd shutout of the season as they beat the Green Bay Packers 23-0 #Baltimore #Ravens #NFL Read more here :
Ken continues his Roster evaluations on this episode he walks us through the Baltimore Ravens Offense, and 1 decision makes Josh finish the recording under protest. #NFL #Baltimore #Ravens
Ken has been busy this bye week. It is time for the midseason roster evaluations and we start this week with the Baltimore Ravens Defense #NFL #Baltimore #Ravens
Ken breaks down the Offensive play of the Baltimore Ravens in the week 9 loss to the Titans
Today Ken breaks down how the Ravens defense struggled with the Titans, however there was 1 bright spot, Canady's impressive first game.
Today on the show Ken and Josh talk about the win of the Ravens over the Dolphins and look ahead to the next few weeks
Ken and Josh break down the defensive play of the Baltimore Ravens' victory over the Miami Dolphin.
The Ravens offense is bad, but how bad was it against the Vikings? How do we as fans respond to this team? Ken walks us through the stages of grief as a Ravens fan #Ravens #Baltimore
Ken breaks down the defensive play of the Ravens at Minnesota in Week 7's loss. You can read more about it at :
Ken explains to Josh how the Ravens offense cost them the game on Sunday and Josh explains to Ken how TV broadcasts work. #Ravens #Baltimore #FilmstudyMailbag
Ken and Josh break down the Ravens overtime loss to the Bears in week 6.
We are still talking about the Ravens victory over the Raiders in Week 5. Plus this week @AustinHoward68 calls out @FilmStudyRavens #Ravens #Baltimore #NFL #FilmstudyMailbag
Ken breaks down the Ravens victory in week 5 over the Raiders #Ravens #Baltimore #Raiders #NFL
This week we look at the Ravens struggles against the Steelers in Week 4
We look back at Defensive play of the Baltimore Ravens week 4 loss to the Steelers
Which held better the London Bridge or the Baltimore Ravens Offensive line?
Ken and Josh break down the defensive play of the Ravens in London, we promise there is at least 1 bright spot on the field and many in this podcast.
I assume you get The Brady Bunch reference. This week we talk about the Ravens offensive performance in week 2 against the Browns and of course that means we have to talk about Marshal Yanda's injury.
In Episode 5 Ken breaks down the Ravens Offensive play after Week 1 in Cincinnati
Today Ken breaks down the defensive play as the Ravens kicked off week 1 with a victory over the Bengals
The Baltimore Raven's first game is this Sunday, and the roster is ready, for now...
on Episode 2 we look closer at the Roster and answer questions from Twitter
Brett Hollander talks about the Baltimore Ravens' current set of wide receivers and former Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta joins the program to weigh in.
Ken has gone back and watched Michael Crabtree's 2017 career. We break it down and how he can help the Baltimore Ravens in 2018
Scott was recently in South Dakota where he visited Mount Rushmore. He had never been before and was really surprised not just by the grandeur and history of the park but how inspired he was. He expected to not be as excited and amazed as he was. Jason has been able to travel a lot for a boy who used to sleep under a farm truck. He remembers th ...…
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