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Tell The Bartender is a storytelling podcast hosted by Katharine Heller
Join Chris and Julia Tunstall, the founders of top Craft Bartending website, as they discuss tips, tricks and techniques for bartending better, making tastier drinks, and having a fulfilling career behind the bar. Combining Chris' 10+ years' bartending and restaurant consulting experience with Julia's years in spirits media, the two have endless ideas for giving your guests the best possible experience while ending your shift satisfied (and with a full wallet!) This podcast is ...
Bartender at Large
An online series about craft cocktails around the world & the bartenders who make them.
Cocktail recipes, Mixology, Bartender tips and how to earn more money behind the bar.
Impassioned talk about Bartending, Cocktails and Spirits. Bartender Culture & Elucidation. Spirit & Cocktail Knowledge.
Bartenders Show
The Bartenders Show is heard around the World! The Bartenders Show is all about Bartending including Bartender Interviews, Bartending News, Flair Bartending, Bartending Business and everything about bartending.
Keys Bartender
A comedy, news, and variety podcast from Bars in the Florida Keys. People who frequent bars, bartenders, servers, and musicians are the audience. We do begin with a topic bringing in guest to discuss said topic and other things.This is not for everyone, especially anyone who use term "potty mouth". If you enjoy the banter at the Bar you will enjoy the show, conversely if you lurk in the corners this may not be your thing.
Where can you learn to live life one cocktail at a time? Here on the Lush Life Podcast discover why an old-fashioned is the drink of choice, who is making their own bitters and how ice, or lack there of, is transforming the cocktails you drink. Hosted by your favorite drinking companion, Susan L. Schwartz, the Lush Life Podcast introduces you to the movers and shakers of the cocktail world.
My podcast is about Bar/Nightlife industry. What happens behind the scenes and how to be successful in it.
The Sexy Bartender
Join The Sexy Bartender as she serves up a mix of lounge and liquor for your enjoyment. Learn a little and lounge a lot while The Sexy Bartender teaches you how to make a mixed drink while serving up a mix of lounge and experimental music.
The book was written by Tom Bullock, a well-known bartender at the St. Louis Country Club. His skills as a bartender were so remarkable that a libel suit hinged on the excellence of his drinks. In The Ideal Bartender, Tom collects some of his best known beverage recipes.
Not so important observations outside of the Keys Bartender by the Host. Fully realising that in a World where over 500 million speak the same language as the host, and 200 million have internet access, and that 100 million know how to access and listen to a podcast, and 10 million are of similar mind as the host, believe that .3% (30,000) listeners is a legit goal. Still crazy enough to want the 10 million.
Sports talk for people with brains
Just a bartender telling stories, and getting other people in the service industry to tell theirs.
Different guests from Ragz and The Bartender - Mornings on 95.7FM The Fan - Michiana's Only All Sports Station.
Amoureux du son Deep & Tech House
Want real relationship advice? Can you handle the truth? Tune into Real Talk with Tim The Bartender. Honest. Real. Funny. True.
5 Minutes of Rum
Notes on rum, a few minutes at a time. Exploring rum as a spirit as well as an ingredient in both new and classic tiki cocktail recipes. Rum not included.
Cocktails, food, and hospitality are experiencing a beautiful resurgence. Meet the best chefs, entrepreneurs, bartenders, brand owners, and food/drink enthusiasts in the world. Conversational style interviews with nothing to hide and plenty to sip. Learn more about trends, new products, and upcoming events in the alcohol/food industry. Let's laugh, toast, and talk pop culture.
Behind The Bar Show
Behind The Bar Show is a podcast presentation about all things involving alcohol, cocktails, bars, etc.
Hello there and welcome to our new service industry podcast BarCode TSI, where we discuss all things service industry related. We interview bartenders, servers, managers, and owners of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Our purpose is to shed some light on topics we all run into while doing our job. Some are fun, and some are hideous, but all are relevant to what we do on a daily basis. Even when we’re off the clock trying to enjoy our own time being served, we still end up busing our ...
Tiki Bar TV
Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad.
With Chris The Barman and Mixmistress Mandy
Shot Caller
The premium podcast where​ ​drink​ ​culture​ ​meets​ ​pop​ ​culture.​ ​Like​ ​having​ ​drinks​ ​with​ ​friends,​ ​​hosts​ ​Rashaun​ ​Hall​ ​and Lucinda​ ​Sterling​ ​talk​ ​to​ ​today’s​ ​movers​ ​and​ ​shakers​ ​about​ ​what​ ​they’re​ ​drinking,​ ​where​ ​they’re​ ​drinking,​ ​when they’re​ ​drinking​ ​and​ ​what’s​ ​going​ ​on​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world​ ​​that​ ​makes​ ​them​ ​want​ ​to​ ​drink​. Follow us at @ShotCallerPod on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more.
You stroll into a cozy neighborhood pub. Sure, it was voted one of the best bars in America by Esquire magazine, but you know it as well as the back of your hand. It's got great food, a beer and whiskey menu for every taste, and fine conversation. The staff here is seasoned, and you're always looking forward to a good story. This, is Tales From The Grey Lodge.
Under My Host
Champion of craft potables... Under My Host talks, drinks, and learns about your favorite beverages with the brewers, distillers, and winemakers who make them.
Art of the Drink TV is an educational web video series starring professional Bar Instructor and Bar Chef Anthony Caporale. In each episode you'll be treated to a new drink recipe including step-by-step instructions on how it's prepared, and each month you'll be treated to a new Drinkart Girl as co-host! Collect all the episodes and compile your own free bartending library!
Bar Buzz podcast
Bar Buzz is your Service Industry Support Group, where we discuss all things related to the Wild, Wacky, Wonderful, and slightly Warped, World of Bars and Restaurants. It's where hospitality meets reality and the place to rant, rave and rant about being a bartender or server.
A show about bartenders / patrons and their stories
We are Damus and Slendy. We carry on a multitude of conversation, and interview bartenders, musicians, or other service industry workers. Good stuff!
Cooking Issues
Dave Arnold, chef and inventor, answers listener questions on the latest innovative techniques, equipment, and ingredients in the food world. Each week on Cooking Issues, Dave solves your cooking dilemmas with his mile-a-minute stream of knowledge. Got a question on ike-jime, the Japanese fish killing technique? We got you covered. Hydrocolloids, sous-vide, liquid nitrogen? No problem. Have a question about pimping your oven to make great pizza? Give us a call. Occasionally Dave will invite ...
A Home Bartending and Cocktail Podcast
A Happy Hour Podcast | Bartending, Cocktails, Mixology
Welcome to tiki central Canada with host Craig Stephens and co-host Cameron Warriner as they talk about tiki drinks, the history of them, culture, tools and ingredients that will make you mouth water. Their witty humor as they pass on information? and some stories!! Enjoy and subscribe to the podcast!
The BOTY Life is a podcast that brings the bar experience to real life.
Home Bar Tips
A show focused on the fun of making drinks and entertaining at home.
A podcast discussion of all things craft including beer, wine, spirits, cheese, coffee, and more!
A pocast centering on the Las Vegas Cocktail Scene, with Las Vegas centered News, Education and Entertainment. Each week we will showcase different spirits, cocktails, and venues!
From simple garnishes to the most complex molecular mixology, Jamie Boudreau takes you through tips and techniques that are paramount to today's bartender.
The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess is dedicated to the creation of quality classic cocktails. Watch as he mixes up cocktail recipes from the past using the best ingredients.
Effing Garbage
If you're listening to this podcast, you're probably Effing Garbage...just like us!!
As Natalie scours the country following her muse – liquors and libations - she educates and entertains with interviews, insights and instruction.
The Speakeasy
Tune in to The Speakeasy, every Wednesday at 2PM EST, where hosts Damon Boelte and Sother Teague will discuss cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, tea, coffee and all things in the liquid universe, with guests ranging from bartenders and brewers, alchemists and ambassadors, roasters and regulars, and every expert and enthusiast in between. Learn from some of the world's leading experts in mixology, bar history, distillation and brewing about how we enjoy imbibing today.
The #KasFACTS Podcast Is A Hilarious Show Hosted By Author/Comedian Kasmo Huxtable. The Wild Show Features Artist, Models,Porn Stars, Bartenders, Exotic Dancers, And Professional Trash Talkers Speaking Candidly About Relationships, Sex, And Current Events
New Flair Moves Every Month!
Savoring Each Sip
Join Jay Hepburn for cocktail adventures around the world, as he searches for great cocktails and fine spirits.
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Talk Kawhi/Pop/LeBron/Playoff P/Lakers/Spurs saga, College World Series in depth analysis, Baker and Hugh/Browns, Bartender’s Pub on the house, Gleyber/Chappy revisionists, JohnnyMetrics defense (everyone’s favorite), Tekashi69 is still alive....nothing on the US OPEN....and more.
Hustle, dedication, and patience… things KØBA has learned along the way as a flair bartender, Red Bull 3Style regional winner, and Bass Music Producer. There’s a lot of wisdom in his experience, so check it out!
On last week's edition of Beyond The Mic you met MC RedCloud, one half of the power couple behind California hip-hop duo Lightning Cloud. This week we introduce you to the other better half, Crystle Lightning. In addition to her mad rap skills, Crystle is an actress, a DJ, a bartender and a talented home chef. On the latest episode of the DD Po ...…
On today's program, guest host Gretchen Hanson explores the prevelance of drug abuse and addiction in the resturant industry. Guests, Patrick DeBow, Director of Peer Recovery Services FHR- Fellowship Health Resources Matthew Krull, former bartender Valeris Hesse, Chef in the New Orleans areaBy (Chris Ranck).
Adhel, our mixtress is back! Shana and Matt interview bartender Otto Turner from Silverlake Wine about his stories involving a glass "half empty", a candle predicament and all the basics. Featuring the extremely talented performance artist, the one and only, Persona Black. Tune in Weekly!
Pictured above from left – Konrad Kantor (Manolito), Bryan Dias (NOLADrinks), Nick Detrich (Manolito), Julio Cabrera (La Trova), and Chris Hannah (Manolito). The NOLADrinks Show – 6-11-18 – Manolito and the Cuban Cantinero Tradition We start things off talking about the show’s new format kicking off with this episode! The radio broadcast in New ...…
English. In this episode I ride down to Battery Park City and the Institute of Culinary Education to meet with a fellow Bronx Science schoolmate, to talk about the path leading him to become Chef and proprietor of Kuma Inn, a Thai-Filipino restaurant located in the lower east side of Manhattan. He talked about his many interests and careers bef ...…
RUN We’ve run so many great races in our first year. From Walt Disney World to Disneyland as well as Atlanta and so many great destinations in Florida, it was a great first year. We supported many worthwhile charities, too. In this segment, we take a look back at some of the great moments on the podcast. EAT Did someone say eat? We’ve done a lo ...…
shadow04SHOW: ShadowConSYSTEM: Tears and Kisses in the RainGM: ColinSUMMARY: You’ve come here because you’d heard of it, and you’ve been on this trip, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a convention that does not exist. Who knows when it all came to light? Maybe from pieces of a conversation you weren’t even supposed to hear, or a tip ...…
Kimmer SHow topics: President Trump triumphant in Singapore, media twists the truth again, no one remembers it was Nixon who shook Mao's hand, alec baldwin says he'd beat Trump, robert deniro a new york tool, lipstick lesbians kicked out of uber by immigrant, cobb county naacp on warpath, mayor klb wants a probe, Newsmaker Lines and songs by Ji ...…
Kimmer SHow topics: President Trump triumphant in Singapore, media twists the truth again, no one remembers it was Nixon who shook Mao's hand, alec baldwin says he'd beat Trump, robert deniro a new york tool, lipstick lesbians kicked out of uber by immigrant, cobb county naacp on warpath, mayor klb wants a probe, Newsmaker Lines and songs by Ji ...…
Mollie and Jennifer thank you for your penises, and welcome serial expat Edna Zhou to the show. Sports journalist, Olympic media coordinator, bartender and Bumble-addict, Edna discovers Tinder as a traveler’s guide, sexism in the sports industry, that Kiwis are the worst kissers, and how not to be submissive, young, female and Asian. Don’t forg ...…
Mixologists Know What They're Doing In this episode, Angela and Rhonda Malone Cammon discuss: It is possible to customize ice They do food tastings before hand It's challenging being a woman and a woman of color to tell people that "I know what I'm doing" Woman business leaders Key Takeaways: People don't know what they like to drink, so you ha ...…
The idea behind Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer came from the owner, a chemist, who developed the product while working as a bartender. (ep.93)By
Don’t be a marketing scumbag! Conversational copywriting for course creators with Nick Usborne in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Chris and Nick dive into the fundamentals of what copywriting is and how you can produce great copy for any product or service you sell. On a basic level copywriting is writing words that in ...…
Keeping your sanity in the high-stakes spirits industry can really take its toll on today’s bar professional. The constant flow of airports, meetings and events can quickly overwhelm you if you can’t stay organized. To help shed some light on dominating your workload, we are joined by Campari Brand Ambassador, Anne Louise Marquis, and she share ...…
Thomas Spaeth is a bartender at Dear Irving in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. In the summer, you can also find him serving drinks at Grand Banks, a seasonal oyster bar on the deck of a historic fishing boat docked at Pier 25 on the Hudson River. He's always on the go. When he's not bartending, Thomas can be found salvaging bicycle ...…
We're joined by Justine who discusses bartender etiquette, why we make up just to break up, and O once again tries to convince someone that Marriage should be made into a cell phone contract.
The Smirnoff Icing continues with the boys Icing Sagalow for his birthday! Feeney had a fantastic day alone at Coney Island then got rear ended on the way to record the podcast, Cannon admits to way too many driving offenses with zero regard for the statute of limitations, an attempt to order a fresh juice almost turns violent, a homeless guy w ...…
We're thrilled to have a very special guest with us this week: Linsel Greene, the former bartender of the legendary Tugboat Brewery, Portland's oldest independent nano-brewery, which unfortunately closed down for good last year. We start off with a talk about recumbent and electrics bikes, which a lot of local bicycle mavens love to hate for so ...…
Welcome to the Dos Offensive Gentlemen! We are J. Jones and LT, and we enjoy talking about controversial topics. Our opinions may offend the weak, so beware. Sit back and enjoy.Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to get all of your DOG updates! Weekly -- J. Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rumhttps:// ...…
In this episode the group discusses safe guarding your heart in a relationship,bar tenders vs strippers wild stories and abortion debates.
Welcome to the Dos Offensive Gentlemen! We are J. Jones and LT, and we enjoy talking about controversial topics. Our opinions may offend the weak, so beware. Sit back and enjoy.Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to get all of your DOG updates! WEEKLY -- Scarbolo's "Mattia" Pinot GigioOn this episo ...…
comedian/podcaster/bartender/ and tech deck stud Anthony Hernandez comes on the podcast and discusses whats going on in his life! tune in for a great episode!
aLr boosh is joined by bartender, local music aficionado, and aspiring stand up, Sarah D! You can follow aLr boosh at:
Chase Parham and Neal McCready answer subscriber questions and then visit with Jonathan Howard, an elite bartender and friend of the show who just returned from World Class, a bartending competition in Louisville. He discusses the events, gives drink and preparation tips, and then we get back to a few questions and stories.…
Chase Parham and Neal McCready answer subscriber questions and then visit with Jonathan Howard, an elite bartender and friend of the show who just returned from World Class, a bartending competition in Louisville. He discusses the events, gives drink and preparation tips, and then we get back to a few questions and stories.…
There's an ongoing investigation in Austin. The son of a jewelry store owner allegeldy crafted a plan to have his parents killed. Then one of our interns, Mariah, reveals a couple of stories about the worst bartending experiences downtown.
The News For TodayMe Starting a BlogFBI Agents Gun Discharged And Shot Bartender Fortnite Coming to Nintendo Switch Tekashi 69 vs Chief Keef And More Join Jaylan Next time On His Podcast to Discuss More Trending News
The guys bring on Zay Harding (also known as Future Nick) to talk about the 1.21 jigaprojects he's working on. From hosting Globe Trekker on PBS, to commissioned paintings, to fatherhood, to bartending. As usual, the guys keep you up to date on whats happening in basketball, wrestling, and hiphop because those are the news stories that matter most.…
In a look back to our January 13, 2018 broadcast, Tom Papa attempts to visit San Diego but winds up in chilly Boston, where he chats with an Irish bartender and warms up in a bowling alley with a couple of helpful Patriots fans.
Trish has been a bartender for so long that nothing surprises her anymore. Grab your favorite beverage and hear about her encounters with Freddie Krueger (the nice version), the Tooth Fairy, and strange currency. Want to visit a most excellent Philadelphia pub with great food, drink, stories and mosaic art? Check out C ...…
This week, one of our IRL bartender favorites, Mike Donovan, chats with us about late nights, chef fights, and how bar stories tend to get exaggerated over time.ALSO! We have a request. Alec Story, the Chef of The Grange, a Hamilton Heights staple, was involved in a hit and run and has SERIOUS medical bills. If you can find it in your heart, pl ...…
Asmar Gary is from Jacksonville, Florida, and he is one of the coolest people on the planet. In fact, Samuel L. Jackson is probably shaking in his boots. Asmar runs a company called Spirited Consulting Co. which specialises in teaching Bartenders about personal branding, but when I first heard Asmar speak about this concept I thought WOW, this ...…
In honor of Negroni Week sweeping the cocktail land next week (June 4-10), I spoke with Anne Louise Marquis, the National Portfolio Brand Ambassador of Campari America. Negroni Weekis a celebration of one of the most perfect cocktail creations - the equal parts drink of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, but most importantly it is an internation ...…
Jamie heads to a special event at Wright & Co. in downtown Detroit for a tasting of some great cocktails from Monkey Shoulder. Product rep Vance Henderson gives a break down of the whisky and the drinks. Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky brought one of 2017’s World Best Bar’s to Detroit for a one night only pop-up from Attaboy in New Y ...…
Mega stars in Hollywood usually don't start off that way. They're regular people working regular jobs. In this instance, the regular guy was not so regular. He may have even been the best bartender in all of New York...
Women in bartending is like finding a rare jewel while sipping through the city. I don’t know — why not bartend? I do know that I enjoy meeting and interacting with people. I do know that there’s no glass ceiling in this profession. I do know that as a woman, I earn just as much, if not more, than a man. Every other job, they say, women make le ...…
With Xander out due to illness, NPC, Just Jacob, and Poppy spend an evening drinking Kalimotxo and talking about their experiences at the recent Wagoncon event in The Dalles, OR. This episode goes pretty off the reails so we decided to keep it shorter and make it a bonus release. Thanks again for listening, and we hope to see you all at Wagconc ...…
This week, Jules and Brian are joined in studio by bartender Tony Franklin. While drinking free beer samples, they discuss Tony's service experience, how they all tip more generously when they're drunk, and there is almost no sexual innuendo along the way. Follow on Twitter and Instagram @fuckhourly
Welcome to the Dos Offensive Gentlemen! We are J. Jones and LT, and we enjoy talking about controversial topics. Our opinions may offend the weak, so beware. Sit back and enjoy.Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE to get all of your DOG updates!Bartender Weekly -- The Balvenie Triple Cask 16 yr ...…
In today's episode the guys talk with Cesar Gustavo Perez. The head bartender at Murray's. Cesar talks about the intense world of craft cocktail competition, the drinking culture of El Paso and explains the Buzz to Buck Ratio. Is it okay to call bartenders mixologist?Ladies Beav explains why he's the man for you! He enjoys Disney music and will ...…
We were so excited to be joined by the worst bartender in St. Joe for this podcast. We talked about all sorts of things and had a really mediocre time. Enjoy!Special thanks to Monsell for the music. You can find him on iTunes and Spotify, or anywhere else that plays enjoyable musc.
This gender-bending episode of drunken debauchery dives deep into Honolulu's drag queen culture with Honolulu's premiere singing comedy drag queen Miss Candi Shell. How long would it take to transform Flash into a queen? (Spoiler alert: Not long)Plus, Maleko and Flash get weird with Mango & Serano Margaritas from Hula's Bar & Lei stand bartende ...…
With apologies to you, the listener.The Sarto Klyn V: you have any questions or comments, you can email us at: flailforwardpodcast@gmail.comFind us on the internet:Fred - Naur - Say something dumb on - - ...…
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