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Best BP Pods podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best BP Pods podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Bill Press Pod
Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.
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Maraniss, biographer of Obama, Clinton, Gore and Gingrich, reveals the damage The Red Scare did to his family and the country in his new book, "A Good American Family."
How should any White House Counsel deal with a lawless President?
CNN's Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin on impeachment, "absolute immunity," military justice and just how "moderate" is John Roberts. Plus Bill tears down the GOP impeachment defenses of Trump. One by one.
Where we are with impeachment after this week's bombshell testimony, with Jennifer Haberkorn of the LA Times, Hunter Walker of Yahoo News and Niall Stanage of The Hill. Plus, did the Dem Debate shake up the race? And Stephen Miller, Trump's pardons and Bibi's indictment.
Bill was in Atlanta in the Spin Room to get after-action reports from reporters and candidates.
Stop with the "both sides-ism." The polarization is tribal and one party is at fault. Even before Trump
Bill breaks down the first day of Impeachment hearings with Reid Epstein of The New York Times, Lauren Burke of The Black Press USA and Matt Gertz of Media Matters for America. Plus, 3 more in the 2020 Democratic Primary???
Former CA Governor Jerry Brown and Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg have the kind of discussion on these issues that the current president could never have.
Trump fails in KY, VA goes Blue. So do the suburbs in PA. Sondland: Quid Pro Yes. Arms for Dirt going public. Bill breaks it all down with Alex Sietz-Wald of NBC News, Lauren Burke of The Black Press USA and John Bennett of CQRoll Call.
Bill talks with "The Macker" about Trump, Charlottesville, Dem gains expected on VA election day, the 2020 race and what he might do next.
Bill Breaks down another wild week in DC with Pema Levy of Mother Jones, Economist and columnist for Black Press USA, Dr. Julianne Malveaux and Brad Woodhouse, former Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee and current head of Protect our (Health) Care.
“They can't have a War Room because Trump is a compulsive liar. A sociopath doesn't know the difference between truth and a lie. I sometimes think he knows that he lies and that we know that he lies. You have to use facts.”
Bill breaks down another week of bat sh*t crazy news with Jason Dick of Roll Call, Niambi Carter of the Political Science Department at Howard University and Chris Lu, former assistant to Pres. Obama.
“We are now seeing 68% of Americans supporting the outright legalization and regulation across the board. Majorities of Democrats, majorities of Independents & since 2017, majorities of Republicans. "
Bill breaks down another Alice in Wonderland Week in DC with Christopher Cadelago of Politico, Jen Bendery of The Huffington Post and Addy Baird of Buzzfeed News.
12 candidates for President onstage. Bill is in the Spin Room to get instant reaction from reporters and the candidates themselves. Who did well? Who did poorly? What impact will it have on the race for the nomination to take on Trump.
Bill talks with Alphonso David, the new President of the Human Rights Campaign. He is the first person of color to hold that position. He says the LGBTQ community is under direct, strategic and systematic attack from the Trump-Pence Administration.
Rudy's Ukraine buddies arrested leaving the country. Trump rolled by Erdogan; People die. Graham upset. Trump declares impeachment unconstitutional (WTF?) Good polls for Elizabeth Warren, bad polls for Donald Trump on impeachment and head-to-heads with Democrats. Bill breaks it down with Eliza Collins of The Wall Street Journal, Igor Bobic of T ...…
Piety and Power. Mike Pence and The Taking of The White House. Author Tom LoBianco has been covering Pence since Indiana and reveals secrets about the man who could be President or impeached himself.
It's the Podtable with Tom LoBianco, author of Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House, Lauren Burke, Staff Writer for The Black Press USA and Graham Vyse Free-lance DC Journalist
Larry Sabato is a best-selling author and one of the nation’s most respected political analysts. He appears multiple times a week on TV, including FOX, CNN, MSNBC. He and Bill get into it on Trump's failures and the 2020 Democratic primary race. Sabato is the Founder and Director of UVA's Center for Politics.…
With Sabrina Saddiqui of The Wall Street Journal, Ginger Gibson of Reuters and Justin Sink of Bloomberg.
Trump: "It's very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it." "The point is that you can never be too greedy." To find out how this is playing out, Bill talks with David Fahrenthold, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter for The Washington Post who has spent years exposing Trump's finances.…
Whistleblower points at POTUS. Pompeo: Act of war. Trump: We'll see. CNN books Lewandowski, a man who says under oath he lies to the media. And Sean Spicer calls on evangelicals to keep him on Dancing With the Stars(sic). With Niall Stanage of The Hill. John Bennett of Roll Call and Matt Gertz of Media Matters for America.…
Rep. Mark Pocan (D) Wisconsin and Co-Chair of the powerful Congressional Progressive Caucus talks Trump, Guns, Healthcare, Farmers, The Wall, Mitch McConnell, Corruption and Impeachment.
Bill was at the Debate and in the Spin Room gathering reactions from reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Politico, The Huffington Post, plus supporters of Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris and candidates Andrew Yang and Senator Cory Booker. And Bill's own analysis of who got helped and who got hurt.…
Dr. Jerrold Post, M.D., Founder and former Dir. of the CIA’s Center for the Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior & Dr. Bandy X. Lee, M.D., Asst. Clinical Prof., Yale Medical School's Law and Psychiatry Division explain why even without an official diagnosis, Trump's abnormal and impaired behavior require them to warn of us the danger ...…
You're not crazy, It's actually getting more crazy. Bill tackles the week's news with Peter Nicholas White House reporter for The Atlantic, Nikki Schwab, Washington reporter for the NY Post and Chris Lu, former Obama WH Cabinet Secretary. Sharpiegate, Pence lines POTUS's pockets, "Moscow Mitch" hates his new nickname, Trump takes from soldiers ...…
Debra Shushan, descendant of Holocaust survivors, Ori Nir, dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, both of Americans for Peace Now, say Trump's messaging on Israel is aimed at Evangelicals, not Jews. Netanyahu is taking Israel in directions that are destructive. Synagogue shooters have been "encouraged and inspired" by Trump.…
Bill reviews Trump's wild week, the 2020 Democratic Primary, GOP primary challengers to Trump plus the Chicken Sandwich Wars, with Hunter Walker, White House Correspondent for Yahoo News, Addy Baird, Capitol Hill reporter for Buzzfeed News and Jason Joseph Dick, Deputy Editor at Roll Call.
“He's a full-blown demagogue. It's almost as if Roy Cohn had a baby with Joe McCarthy and they made Donald Trump together and he's out there running the country into the ground.”
The Bill Press Podtable with Jonathan Allen of NBC News, Leah Askarinam of InsideElections.com.We tackle Trump on Greenland, Jewish American loyalties and the 2020 race and the Warren surge.
Lying about immigrants helped Trump win. The truth about immigrants with Tom Jawetz, VP for Immigration at The Center for American Progress.
Recession coming? Israel bars 2 Member of Congress. Will Congress act on guns? New Immigration rules. Warren surging in 2020 primary. With Pema Levy of Mother Jones, Lauren Burke of The Black Press USA and Joe Cirincione of The Ploughshares Fund.
The Affordable Care Act is still under threat by Trump and the GOP in the courts and Trump's re-election would destroy healthcare in America.
Pushing through fear and bigotry, nurse Cliff Morrison created the first ward for AIDS patients in San Francisco. It focused on "the human touch." It became the model for a nation. And the subject a new film, "5B." Streaming 8/27 at 5BFilm.com
USA Today DC Bureau Chief Susan Page discusses her biography of the powerful woman who was wife to one President and mother to another.
Bill talks with Igor Volsky, the Founder and Director of Guns Down America, a grassroots organization dedicated to taking down the NRA and reducing the number of guns in America.
Impeachment advocate and House Finance Committee Chair Maxine Waters talks Trump and money laundering, Trump and racism, the arrogance of Facebook and are we too late to start Impeachment proceedings.
Bill breaks down the Mueller testimony, the odds on impeachment and previews the second Democratic Debate with Reid Epstein of The New York Times, Jennifer Haberkorn of The Los Angeles Times and Jordan Fabian of The Hill.
Bill and Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez talk debate rules, key down-ballot races, what it will take to beat Trump, will charges of socialism stick and whether a new "Blue Wall" is building in the West.
Bill and Joe Williams of U.S News and World Report, Hanna Trudo of The Daily Beast and Brad Woodhouse of Protect Our Care break down this week's news. Plus a special in-depth interview with Roland Martin of #Roland Martin Unfiltered on how and why "white fear" drives so many white Americans. And the GOP.…
"The Progressive and Liberal Ideas have been fighting with one hand, if not one full arm, behind their backs." Fmr. Fox Chief Political Correspondent is creating a "Drudge Report" for the left. But with facts.
Bill reviews the week's news with Eliza Collins of The Wall Street Journal, Jason Dick of Roll Call and Richard Fowler of The Richard Fowler Show. Topics: Paul Ryan dishes on Trump. Census Cave. ICE raids. The Oligarchy of Sleaze with Epstein, Trump and Acosta. Speaker Pelosi vs. AOC and the other 3 members of The Squad.…
Rachel Laser, CEO of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, talks with Bill about the misuse of religious freedom to advance racism and how the religious Right is putting a stain on religion, especially for young people. And Bill calls Jerry Falwell, Jr. "a phony Christian."
Nikki Schwab of The New York Post, Alex Seitz-Wald of NBC News and Hunter Walker of Yahoo News join Bill to break down the big stories.
Rhode Island Gov. and head of the Democratic Governors Association, Gina Raimondo lays out the high stakes in statewide elections in 2019 and 2020 re: Gerrymandering, healthcare and reproductive rights.
Iran. North Korea. Cuba. Venezuela. NATO. Bill digs deep on them all with fmr. Undersecretary of State, Wendy Sherman
10 Democratic candidates hit the stage in Miami and Bill shares his reactions to Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Beto O'Rourke, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Bill DeBlasio and all the others.
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