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Elo Mëttwochs um 20 Auer. D‘Emissioun vum Caroline Mart ronderëm déi Themen, déi jiddereen am Alldag betreffen. Mat Invitéen aus der lëtzebuerger Gesellschaft an der Politik.
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Elo Mëttwochs um 20 Auer. D‘Emissioun vum Caroline Mart ronderëm déi Themen, déi jiddereen am Alldag betreffen. Mat Invitéen aus der lëtzebuerger Gesellschaft an der Politik.
The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart and Maggie
The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart and Maggie
Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba, A by HALL, Mary Georgiana Caroline
In 1881, Mrs. Cecil Hall's brother went to Manitoba to farm. In 1882, she went out for a visit of some two months, and followed that visit with a long sojourn in Colorado, returning to England as the snows began to fall. While there, she had to give up her "Lady's ways" and help on the farm in many ways she'd never stoop to at home. She makes hay, cooks, paints the barn roof, and cleans. Through it all, the newness helped her keep her temper, and these letters home show an insight into the s ...
Sanctuary Service
The Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast
Each week on the Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast, John Mueller will read two posts from the Bart Ehrman Blog – the first will be a post from the not too distant past, and the second will be from the blog archives (one published roughly the same calendar week but from years 2012 to 2016). The Bart Ehrman Blog was created in 2012 to raise money for charities devoted to fighting poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Each week, Dr. Ehrman publishes 5 or 6 posts (approximately 1000 words each post) providi ...
Your True Colours - Image Radio
Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic, discusses beauty and fashion, and how it applies to the individual. Get Real with Mark and Kally, join us as we talk about REAL lifestyle and wellness topics. Look Good! Feel Good! with Debra Norwood, Laughter Lawyer USA.
Veritas News Network - Truth is Trending
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
Chris Pearson
Chris was with Caroline on the Ross in spring 1985 but doesn't have a single photo of himself in the studio from that time after he lent the pics (and negs!) to a friend who lost the lot. Prior to that, he'd been on Dart Radio in his hometown of Dartford, Kent, alongside future Caroline colleagues Dave Foster and Tony Christian. A spell on a cable station, Radio Thamesmead, in south London, lead to former Radio Caroline man Jason Wolfe handing Chris's demo tape onto the team onboard the Ross ...
Cupid's Darts by ANONYMOUS
LibriVox volunteers bring you 23 recordings of Cupid's Darts by Anonymous. This was the Weekly Poetry project for February 12, 2012. To celebrate the somewhat silly holiday of Valentine's Day, I've selected this somewhat silly poem, which first appeared in Such Nonsense! an anthology by Carolyn Wells. Published in 1918.(Summary by Liberty Stump)
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Lydkunst er begyndt at fylde mere og mere på kunstscenen - både herhjemme og internationalt, men når værker skal udstilles, sker det oftest i rum beregnet til visuel kunst. I denne udgave af LYDKUNST besøger vi galleri Rum/Klang - Danmarks eneste udstillingsrum dedikeret til lydkunst. Her skal vi møde Adam Veng, som er en af tovholderne bag gal ...…
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Winter is often perceived as a time of dormancy and inactivity, but underneath the snow, in the subnivean zone, a complex and fascinating world of plant and animal interactions exists. Weasels hunt through snow-roofed tunnels, rodents and other animals graze on grasses, bark, and seeds, and occasionally the taloned feet of an owl punch through ...…
Aug16 ||01. It Do Take Nerve (Danny Mart Remix) Ryan Skyy ||02. That Sound (Original Mix) DJ Dan, Ido ||03. Fabulous (Original Mix) Noir ||04. Make 'Em Dance ( Original Mix) CamelPhat ||05. I Believe (The Cube Guys 2016 Remix) Happy Clappers ||06. Needed Me (DJ Amanda vs Chris Cox) Rihanna ||07. Buona Sera (Razor N Guido Remix) Diana Gloster || ...…
1. Im nin 'alu - Ofra Haza 2. Ghosttown (Offer Nissim Drama Mix) - Madonna 3. American Oxygen (Jasmin's Dream Dub) - Rihanna 4. F##k You - Ivan Gomez 5. Tribe Drums (Blond 2 Black Remix) - Alex Acosta 6. Brazil You're Ready (Synthetic) (Edson Pride & Carlos Gomix Remix) - Trenyce 7. Mr Put It Down (Saul Ruiz Circuit Breaker Remix) - Ricky Marti ...…
Noisy People Podcast
Filmmaker Caroline Martel is the producer and director of Wavemakers, a documentary about the Ondes Martenot, an electronic musical instrument invented in France in the 1920’s. Her documentary traces the unusual history of the instrument and its enthusiasts from its creation through to the present. (photo: N. Corre) The flood of technical inven ...…
Open Mic Del Mondo
Ciaran - Heartbeats (José Gonzalez) Tina - Long Black Veil (Rosanne Cash)James & Caroline - Sound Poetry & Stylophone Dan - Champagne (Marina & The Diamonds)Mart - Mr Sailor ManReverb - Patience (Guns & Roses)James & Rory - List and DuologueRoy Arbuckle - Killing the Blues & Let the reins hang looseVictoria Geelan…
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