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Locked on Clippers
Garrett Chorpenning (@gachorpenning) of Clipperholics hosts Locked on Clippers, a daily podcast covering the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. Check back every weekday for new content!
Get the latest from Lob City on ESPNLA's Clippers Podcast, with expert analysis from Kevin Arnovitz and Jordan Heimer.
From the Lakers and the Clippers in the NBA, to UCLA and USC in the NCAA, Hosts Eric Pincus and Josh Martin take an in-depth look at basketball around the city of Los Angeles.
Campus Clipper is a magazine that features articles written for students by students about life in New York City. Whether its how to find a job, get over a fight with your roommate, or make a gluten-free lasagna, our writers search far and wide for the best tips to deal with whatever college life throws at you. In our podcast, three writers read your letters and offer advice as people whove been there. Equal parts wisdom and humor, this podcast is perfect for college students anywhere and fo ...
Eamont was an opium clipper built in Cowes. It was the subject of an 1891 book, A cruise in an opium clipper, by Captain Lindsay Anderson. Eamont was involved in the opening of Japan to foreigners in 1858, serving as a dispatch boat between Nagasaki and Shanghai, and was one of the first vessels to open up a trade with Formosa…. The Eamont was sent on some very dangerous trips. She was one of the first vessels to open up a trade with Formosa, and made the first survey of the port of Taku, wh ...
Conversations about starting a business, creating new products and everything in between. Presented by the founders of Thomas Clipper (and sometimes their collaborators). Find out what gets us out of bed in the morning.
Curating the best content on the new anchor FM podcasting site period. Come see learn and podcast for free
Double Share
When he graduates from the Academy at Port Newmar, Ishmael Horatio Wang reports for duty in his first assignment as an officer. When he gets to his new ship, he finds things are not exactly the way he'd learned in school. The coffee tastes like used engine oil, the ship has no heart, and the nearest decent tailor is two quadrants away. What's a new Third Mate to do? Will he be able to trust Billy?
Captain's Share
A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being Captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the Captain's Cabin is filled with new kinds of challenge as he tries to keep the ship moving, the crew out of trouble, and turn a profit to earn his Captain's Share. In a ship where the officers outnumber the crew, how can he manage to keep everybody happy? Welcome to the ...
The "Unquestionably Raw NBA Podcast" is a weekly NBA Videocast broadcast LIVE on Youtube ( hosted by Matt Miller. A wide array of NBA topics are discussed with many guests providing detailed insight throughout the season. This is your one stop shop for all of the latest hot topics, news and notes from around the NBA.
From SBNation's Clips Nation, a podcast about all things Clippers.
The Fast Break
Sean Anderson, Ricky Widmer, and Dave Oster discuss the latest NBA news. The Fast Break comes at you every week!
Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin bring you in depth commentary plus exclusive locker room interviews and post game press conference soundbites from the Los Angeles Clippers. This is the Clippers Podcast you deserve Clipper Nation.
Dudes Talk Sports
we kinda know what we're talking about.
Basketball Johns
John Gennaro (a basketball fan) and John Browner (a former professional basketball player) break down everything that's going on in the NBA, and sometimes what is going on in college basketball, and tell you their thoughts.
We are 3 misinformed dudes who happen to get things right at least part of the time. 3 different frames of mind, 3 different sets of experiences, one of us is bound to get something right. Hosts: Tommy Scott, Chad Herscovici, Steven Scott
Los Angeles based internet radio show hosted by Nick At Nite joined by expert special guests.
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A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper : Book 1 When Ishmael Wang is orphaned by a flitter crash, he must make some hard decisions about how to survive in a Company-owned universe. With limited time and fewer options, he lands a job as the newest hand on the Solar Clipper Lois McKendrick and learns there's more to life than making coffee. Join Ish, Pip, Big Bad Bev, and the rest of the Lois McKendrick's crew as they sail the galaxy in search of profitable trade.
For the fans by the fans
Coach and Crew
The Coach Adair (from and his guests talk sports, entertainment, sports entertainment and life
TSS:Clippers Talk
NBA show covering the Clippers
Meat and Potatoes
Bringing you the latest in sports and sports entertainment news, commentary and discussion!
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A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper : Book 2 After Ishmael Wang is promoted to the environmental section, he's caught in a swirl of mystery, doubt, belief, lust and a really nice fitting pair of jeans. He has to come to grips with what it means to be a spacer while he's still trying to figure out what it means to be a man. Join Ishmael, Brillo, Pip, and the rest of the crew of the Lois McKendrick as they help the newest member of the crew adjust to life in the Deep Dark.
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A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper : Book 3 The Lois McKendrick runs headlong into trouble when a routine in-system transit goes bad. Ishmael and the rest of the crew must scramble to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it in order to keep the ship alive. Learn more about the officers and crew of the Lois McKendrick as they struggle to keep their ship and discover how Ishmael finds out how wrong he's been about what it means to be a spacer in this latest Trader's ...
Minnesota sports talk and predictors mixed in with great music and weird stories.
Comedian, actor, and sports radio and television host Jay Mohr brings sports fans a taste of his hometown Los Angeles each weekend. He's captivated listeners with his award-winning Mohr Stories interview and comedy podcast for years, and now he's informing and, more importantly, entertaining them with MOHR SPORTS Los Angeles. The hilarious and fan-centric show recaps the week in LA sports and covers some of the nation's top teams and athletes, including the Lakers, Dodgers and Clippers. It's ...
Quo Vadimus
Quo Vadimus is part of the HPBasketball Network family of podcasts. The show is hosted by the editor emeritus of Hardwood Paroxysm, Jared Dubin.
Portland Barber & Comedian Roberto Villalobos
This is the SoCal Sports Dojo !!! Your weekly home for SoCal Sports ! || Hosted by Javi "Mocha" Iniguez and Andrew "Big Z" Zetterberg || A place where we tell you all you need to know about this week in SoCal Sports ! New shows every Wednesday ! #thedojo
It's Hip 2 Clip
A weekly LA Clippers podcast, by Clippers fans, for Clippers fans. Host Ray Samora discusses the LA Clippers, sharing his views on the team, players, coaches, and fans.
A podcast covering all things NBA from 3 guys in L.A. that don't cheer for the Lakers or the Clippers.
Tolbert & Lund
Bay Area sports fans are in for a treat when they listen to Tom Tolbert on their drive home each afternoon. There's probably no other talent who enjoys his job more than Tolbert, and you can hear that in his delivery. He’s calm, cool and smooth on the air. And while he can be brilliant with the hard hitting interviews, he'll also joke and laugh at the humor that is a major part of sports talk radio. A standout at the University of Arizona, Tom helped lead the Wildcats to a trip to the 1988 F ...
Welcome to the Kinothebarber podcast, where amazing things happen. Let’s talk about games , gamers ,hair products ,clippers and more and interviews coming soon
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Using the new cordless senior everyday in the shop as I develop my review for thgis clipper!By (Maurice Simmons).
#NBA #NBAFreeAgency #Lakers #Cavs #Celtics #Clippers #LeBron #Kawhi #PG13
Reports surfaced that Spurs star, Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio and his desired location is to Los Angeles. Fred and Rodney discuss what the Lakers or the Clippers need to do to acquire him
Episode 23 show rundown:In honor of the 23rd episode, we open with a slight MJ/LeBron debate. Falmouth Clippers Lacrosse reaching D2S Finals. (10:20)Falmouth Clippers Baseball reaching D3S Finals. (18:00)Mashpee Baseball getting up ended in D4S semifinals. (26:30)Bourne Baseball’s gut-wrenching loss in the D4S quarter finals with Bourne SS Nick ...…
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, the crew discusses the Trump show, wonders why blue states have such terrible tippers, and ponders the merits of a Twitter edit button.
Today we give our step by step tutorial into fading with the wahl designer clipper!-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Cordless Wahl Senior | Mid Fade Tutorial" (Maurice Simmons).
Golden State Warriors (00:44) - Another Championship run!!! - Best team ever? - How far will they go? - Klay or Draymond moving forward? - Bench help - UFAs - KD’s contract - Chip Hunters Los Angeles Clippers (29:44) - Trading Blake - Favorite Clipper this season? - Player Options - Gallinari - Franchise cornerstone - Harrell’s contract - Makin ...…
The Locked on Podcast Mock Draft continues with picks 7 thru 12. The local experts on the NBA the Locked on Podcast Network hosts are in their teams NBA Draft Headquarters making picks. Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo is giving player breakdowns and Josh Lloyd and Jake Madison are evaluating the picks as they happen. In this episode the Bulls t ...…
Jon Gordon is the author of 18 books, including 5 best-sellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First and The Power of Positive Leadership. His latest book, The Power of a Positive Team releases today, June 13, 2018. Jon and his leadership principles have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The G ...…
On today's show Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver finish wrapping up the NBA Finals and begin to look to the offseason. First: a ceasefire (not a surrender) regarding the Kevin Durant debate, whether the NBA is broken and ruined in the Warriors era, how Durant and Curry could get even better going forward, and how the Golden State dynasty might eve ...… Episode 084 [EXPLICIT] This episode was recorded live at the Beehive Grill on May 3, 2017. The categories on this episode are The Art of… Oh Deer Five Letter Words The Sweet Science Marketing Genius or Real Person? Was "Chef Boyardee" a real person or the result of marketing genius? Music in this episode i ...… Episode 084 [EXPLICIT] This episode was recorded live at the Beehive Grill on May 3, 2017. The categories on this episode are The Art of… Oh Deer Five Letter Words The Sweet Science Marketing Genius or Real Person? Was "Chef Boyardee" a real person or the result of marketing genius? Music in this episode i ...…
2018 NBA Mock Draft 1.) Phoenix Suns - DeAndre Ayton 2.) Sacramento Kings - Luka Doncic 3.) Atlanta Hawks - Mohamed Bamba 4.) Memphis Grizzlies - Marvin Bagley III 5.) Dallas Mavericks - Jaren Jackson, Jr. 6.) Orlando Magic - Trae Young 7.) Chicago Bulls - Wendell Carter, Jr. 8.) Cleveland Cavaliers - Michael Porter, Jr. 9.) New York Knicks - M ...…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s 111th Episode, You Get a Trailer and You Get a Trailer and Everyone Gets a Trailer! Legally Blonde 3, is that the Trilogy you didn’t know you wanted? & Jared Leto Gets a Joker Movie! All that and more on the Glorious Movie Show. I am ...…
Want to plan a special night with your significant other but your mind is drawing a blank? Sick of stopping by the same old restaurant for a celebratory occasion? Our five – that’s right, FIVE -- panelists came up with dozens of options to keep you entertained and well-fed all summer long. In addition to finding an option for your next date nig ...…
Victoria, B.C., is a popular destination for visitors to the Pacific Northwest. From downtown Seattle, many people take the Victoria Clipper to get there via water. But another good jumping off point for Victoria – and one that will let you bring a car – is Port Angeles. The city on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula offers service via ...…
Welcome to another episode of Beyond The Chair. In today's episode, we will discuss outrageous clipper prices and what does it mean to be a good barber, among other things. I discuss numerous topics and issues in barbering. Feel free to leave your questions and comments.
Devan & Josh talk Rockets Offseason and how hard its going to be to get another another Max player . Talk a tad about the very predictable NBA Finals and then more Offseason Preview and Cap Break down for the Hawks,Spurs,Nuggets,Clippers & Heat, The Draft stock Rise of Mo Bama and the fall of Luka Doncic and NBA Trivia You can also email via fr ...…
Jamie Hudson (@jamiehudsonNBCS) of NBC Sports Northwest joins Tara and Kendyl for the latest edition of the Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast. We are celebrating our 15th episode by talking about 15 things we loved about the NBA season. It’s a whirlwind tour of the 2018 season, from Shabazzle Dazzle to Nurk dunks to the Secret Wine Society of the ...…
Jamie Hudson (@jamiehudsonNBCS) of NBC Sports Northwest joins Tara and Kendyl for the latest edition of the Women’s Hoops And Talks podcast. We are celebrating our 15th episode by talking about 15 things we loved about the NBA season. It’s a whirlwind tour of the 2018 season, from Shabazzle Dazzle to Nurk dunks to the Secret Wine Society of the ...…
@gachorpenning form @lockedonclips joins the show today. Garret explains what went wrong with Blake griffin signing/ the Clippers 2017-2018 season. Brian proposes a trade to acquire DeAndre Jordan.Brian and Garret discuss their draft prospects they could fall out the top 10.We also recap game 1 of the finals.…
Interview conducted with Hazey jay to promote the new System Of Control project coming out soon on Powercut Productions.Tracks played are:System Of Control - The AnalysationSystem Of Control -
The Mindfullness Show is written and produced by Josiah Samuel Harry. Music by Josiah Harry, Jr. S2E15 Show Notes: Both the NFL and NBA's anthem policies were adopted by white people for white people as a way to maintain America's status quo of not regarding blacks as full citizens and also to punish blacks whenever they challenge symbols of wh ...…
It's the Stick In Rink Podcast!Join Dylan Eesh and Faber every week as they dive into the world of hockey...and all things Vancouver Canucks!Insight and unique segments from fans FOR FANS! So leave us some feedback as it helps us HELP YOU. Subscribe and follow@stickinrinkpod on Twiiter@stickinrinkpodcast on Instagram@stickinrinkpodcast on Faceb ...…
NBA TalkCavs, Rockets, Casey to Detroit?, Doc gets Extension with Clippers, Melo over Korver, WNBA, All Defensive Teams,
EJ gives his take on the following topics: •The new National Anthem rules.•Celtics take 3-2 series lead over the Cavs •Game 5 is the biggest game of both James Harden and Chris Paul’s career •Overrated Doc Rivers agrees to an extension with the Clippers•ESPN/UFC deal •Michael Jackson documentary airs tonight.…
NFL owners approved a new policy about the National Anthem without consulting the player's union. Congress grilled USA Gymnastics new CEO Kerry Perry among others. In the NBA, the LA Clippers have a new coach, and more has come out about the Milwaukee arrest of Sterling Brown in January. Playoffs continue for the NBA and regular WNBA season is ...…
Your home of the Dodgers, Chargers, Clippers, UCLA and all things L.A. sports.
This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. Pastor Marty Tackett talks about the true meaning of Pentecost and what it signifies .By admin.
The guys are joined by James Worthy as they broadcast live from Hollywood Park. Clippers President, Lawrence Frank joins the show as well.
President of Basketball Operations joins us from the NBA Combine as the Clippers will enter into June's draft with two lottery picks
You know what's funny? Watching somebody try to drink right after a trip to the dentist's office while their mouth is still numb and everything spills down the front of their shirt like a tiny baby. You know what's NOT funny? After the numbing stuff wears off and every single nerve ending is zapping you face with electric hell. I've had some co ...…
The very funny Glenn Boozan is a casual sports fan. For that, she will NOT apologize...and why should she?! Borts Nation is filled with casual sports fans and casual sports fan supporters and it's great to finally lay it all out there for once in our g.d. lives. We touch on Glenn's BIG STINKY BEEF with our common enemy (the "gatekeeper" sports ...…
Dolph Schayes played in the NBA for 15 years, and when he retired he was the league’s all-time leading scorer and all-time leading rebounder. Yet, many basketball fans don’t recall Schayes at all, or mistake him for his son, Danny, who spent 20-years in the NBA. Why do so many not recall Dolph? Perhaps it’s because he spent 14 of his 15 years p ...…
Miss Honey and I talk David Bowie and Gypsy Clipper and I talk all the things
Guest Speaker Renaldo Lawrence, ex-San Diego Clippers Football player turns to Education and Technology to help students find their potential and talent at the Gym School in Epsom, Surrey, England Renaldo is also the author of "I Am More Than What You See" publication and is a sought-after motivational speaker.…
In Episode 18 Wesley and Rich begin the show highlighting Falmouth boys’ lacrosse clinching the ACL title outright before talking about Bourne inching closer to an undefeated conference record. Falmouth Academy and the Clippers girls’ lax teams both suffered their first losses of the season & a UCT senior reaching three career milestones this w ...…
I sit down with business owner Randy Wee of Wee's Tees to talk about his entrepreneurial journey. PHR 185 Pharmacology at DMACC now has a 2nd section as we quickly filled the first section. It's completely online, a 10-week course, and you can find more information here: ...…
How likely is it that the Dodgers miss the playoffs? David Vassegh joins us. Cody Bellinger chops it up with Jimmy Kimmel. Should the Clippers trade for Russell Westbrook?
WCU Welcome's CEO & Founder of TRADITION (SHOPTRADITION.COM) ....JASON GAINES. Breaking down the NBA Playoffs, the legacy of Lebron, Houston & Golden St....Jason's story of TRADITION when it took off at the Beverly Center location in LA.... First meeting Steph Curry and how close he has become to Steph.....Steph wearing his clothes/representing ...…
Blue Yeti Microphone: (where my podcasts are stored): http://spreaker.comPodcast Page: Grimecraft Music: Subscribe to iTunes: playoff tree talk continues. Washington wants to make their cheerleader rep ...…
Daniel Ewing is a Houston basketball legend whose career helped redefine Houston as a hotbed for basketball talent. He starred at Willowridge Highschool, widely considered the greatest basketball team in Texas History, where he helped lead them to a state championship. In 2001 Daniel Ewing and teammate T.J. Ford made history as the first teamma ...…
Episode 4 – Supermarket Sweep Simon, Charles and Neil venture into the supermarkets and bring back some beers from Four Pure, Yeastie Boys, Marks and Spencer and Wild Beer. We discuss Beavertown’s recent announcement that their beers will soon be available in Waitrose and what the increasing amount of craft beers in supermarkets means for both ...…
The Dale Winton tribute microphone gets pulled out for this episode to discuss the culinary delights of square sausage verses battered square sausage, Loki verses Gard Feez, the roots of Cauld Cauldron, and rappers bumping beats from other rappers.We follow with a main course of Predator Seaquls , the death of Soundcloud, The Corries influence, ...…
Josh Martin and Eric Pincus of Hollywood Hoops discuss the offseason for the L.A. Lakers and Clippers. The Lakers are in a strong position despite the NBA's salary-cap projection for 2018-19 staying flat at $101 million. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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