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ABC Radio's Country Breakfast is an entertaining look at rural and regional issues around Australia.
ABC Radio's Country Breakfast is an entertaining look at rural and regional issues around Australia.
Proud Royals fans bringing you the best live web radio on the planet. A member of the @EKOHNetwork, our weekly podcast covers the Royals, Kansas City sports and a lot of other goofy stuff. Check out for back episodes and outstanding articles on the Royals. The Royalman Report is the number 1 Royals podcast on the internet and has spawned celebri-fans like @KCRoyalman @TheFakeNed and #CountryBreakfast (before it was cool.)
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This week how a fish cannery is hoping to revitalise a forgotten favourite food; and the latest silo artwork to commemorate Anzac Day.
Saving a vulnerable species that's not cute and cuddly; go bush with landcare volunteers; meet the 'apple island wife' blogger; and join Roly Lennox on his last delivery run.
The live export debate continues and drought starts to push beef prices up and wool production down.
How an Australian aid project is helping Vietnamese women boost their incomes through improved farm practices.
Join a feral fox hunt in Western Australia; a monster saltwater croc goes to school; we head off on a camel beach safari; and volunteers harvest the hops at Van Dieman Brewing.
Weather to blame for falling farmer incomes and production; Food delivery service Aussie Farmers Direct goes into administration; Fourth person dies from eating contaminated rockmelon; Queensland's wet weather breaks dozens of records
Avocado producers and researchers want people to stop squeezing and damaging avocados at the supermarket when testing their ripeness.In Laos, Australian researchers are helping farmers manage their use of pesticides, amid debate between organic and chemical-reliant farming.
Growing school vegetables and hauling in fish - it's all about healthy eating in the Northern Territory; a charity helps seafarers get their land legs; and we dial up a telephone collection.
Rockmelon crisis talks after contaminated fruit linked to deaths; Competition watchdog raises concern over foreign dairy takeover; Farmer 'gutted' over $50,000 sheep heist; Beekeepers turn to satellite tracking systems to halt hive theft.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country. Country Breakfast features.
Tom Hush from No Coast Cinema Podcast on WGN Plus fills-in for Lise on this edition of Lise.FM.Alex DePompei is a musician and radio host based out of Chicago. He talks about his initial introduction to music and how he became an avid fan and champion of country music.You can check out his band Junker Bliss at ...…
This week we discover the probiotic powers of the black soldier fly; and a young entrepreneur who turned his backyard chook pen into a free range egg empire.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country July 8, 2017. Country Breakfast Features.
Becky is cooking a big county breakfast on the Presto electric griddle. She shows you how to make bacon, pancakes, and eggs. She tells you what temperature to cook pancakes on the electric griddle. And then she shows you how to clean the electric griddle. See the Presto Electric Griddle on Amazon: (affiliate link) https:/ ...…
At the end of March 2017, hundreds of Hazelwood workers lost their job when the coal-fired Hazelwood power generator in Victoria's Latrobe Valley closed. As workers seek new opportunities, community leaders seek to change the stigma associated with the region.
Top end banana growers pick their first crop in four years; funky pumpkins grow in Manjimup; all Aussie-made merino jumpers for the test cricket team; and meet financial planner turned fencing contractor Sara Carey.
Australian farmers' record breaking season confirmed at $62.8 billion: ABARES; Cotton grower Tandou to sell water entitlements, convert NSW farm to lamb business; Rare FIRB speech reveals review process at odds with public sentiment.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country. Country Breakfast features.
Australian superannuation funds are seeking to ramp up their investments in the farming sector and are calling for tougher rules to prevent foreign investors cherry picking the best assets.
Volunteers help unearth Aboriginal rock art in the Blue Mountains; English-born chef Tim Burn calls the outback town of Tibooburra home; and 'chicken couture' for a brood of featherless chooks.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country June 17, 2017. Country Breakfast features.
Commodity forecaster tipping cut to winter crops; Citrus growers enjoy success with export boom; Banana varieties trialled in NSW; Concern over new country of origin labelling laws; Wool exports increase as Chinese demand continues; Australian wildflowers pick of the bunch for Japanese florists and designers.…
Recycling initiatives are preventing tonnes of waste from going to landfill, while rotten fruit and vegetables are being sent to a waste to energy plant which captures methane and uses it to produce power for thousands of homes.
A tree planting project transforms a Bega Valley landscape; a young couple grinds out a living off just eight hectares; we turn unwanted fruit and veg into edible powder; and meet four-year-old dog trialler Alyssa Brown.
Forecasters still on the fence about El Nino; Dairy processors begin announcing next season's milk prices; Indian farmers strike to protest low commodity prices; Federal Court finishes hearing legal argument in controversial cattle genome case; Beef prices tipped to fall; US and Mexican government strike a sugar trade deal; Embattle sandalwood ...…
Rural News Highlights. A Big Country June 10, 2017. Country Breakfast Features.
Aid agencies estimate around 20 million people are on the verge of famine as conflict and natural disasters wreak havoc on parts of the world.
This week shopping for fruit and veg 24/7; taking on a 100-year-old apple orchard; meet the young brothers breeding and selling funky chickens; and riding out with the Yee Haa Rangers.
Rural News Highlights. A Big Country. Country Breakfast features.
World's second-largest beef exporter may exit market as Indian Government bans sale of slaughter cattle; Chinese-Australian entity revealed as buyer for Elders live export subsidiary, North Australian Cattle Company; Pig farmers struggle as cheap pre-cooked pork belly and ribs flood local market; Apple-picking robot targets labour-hungry fruit ...…
Chinese investors told they need to win over rural communities and recycling shells from your plate to benefit the ocean.
This week meet hypnotist and water diviner Ziggy Sieczka; horses and riders bond in a mustering camp; we take a carriage ride around Clermont; and a former Melbourne teacher swaps cold Victoria for life in the Northern Territory.
Rural news highlights. A Big Country. Country Breakfast features.
Almost half imported prawns infected with virus, Tourists bring contraband meat and seafood through Gold Coast airport, Recruitment and training drive for embattled chemical regulator, Dairy farms fattening bobby calves instead of selling them at day old, X-rays in abattoirs, Climate change commitments failing…
Banana growers in Western Australia turn to the dessert menu to help cut their food waste and cattle are being fed seaweed in an attempt to cut methane emissions.
Natimuk pre-schoolers go bush for outdoor kinder; Miriwoong man David Newry goes searching for native bananas; an Irish lass swaps Belfast for an outback pub; and we go to an alpaca handling school.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country. Country Breakfast features.
Farmers optimistic about prices; Locals vow to fight closure of Murray Goulburn's Kiewa Milk plant; Chinese investors in agribusiness told to win a social licence; American beef will compete with Australian exports as the Chinese market opens up; Japanese market undeterred by doubling of Australian wool prices in search for top fleece.…
A high-tech program is monitoring how much bulls eat to work out which are the most efficient at converting feed into meat.
In northern Tasmania edible native plants are making a comeback; hazelnut growers harness the sun to dry their nuts; we go trackside at the Tower Hill picnic races; and check out a shearing collection.
Farmers dub inland rail 'nation building'; Landcare a budget winner; Farmers, regional businesses demand Government rethink new foreign workers' levy; Fonterra accused of breaching new dairy code of conduct; Rare twin pearl find.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country May 13 2017. Country Breakfast Features.
Have you tried botanical gin? It's the latest craze in boutique distilling and is winning us international awards. And why are women invisible in farming's history?
This week turning pearl meat into a seafood delicacy; Hamilton gets all steamed up for a machinery rally; we follow the AI trail with a black angus heifer; and pull up a bar stool in the Mt Mary Hotel.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country May 6 2017. Country Breakfast Features Saturday 6th May.
Murray Goulburn to close factories and shed staff in Tasmania and Victoria; Hemp food products approved for human consumption in Australia and New Zealand; Overseas demand for Aussie wagyu genetics with high prices under the hammer.
This week we revisit some of dairy farmers who've had lives changed by the milk price crash; and we head to France where farmers are weighing in on the presidential election in true rural style.
Citizen scientists seek out the elusive malleefowl; we go behind the scenes at the CWA tea rooms; learn a trick or two about riding a donkey; and check out an 'eggcellent' free ranging egg business.
Rural News highlights. A Big Country April 29, 2017. Country Breakfast features Saturday 29th April.
Dairy farmers still struggling a year on from price cuts; Healthier beer and drought-proof crops? Scientists crack barley's genetic code; Manufacturers welcome intervention in gas market but want ban on exploration lifted; Free-range hens can now be stocked up to 10,000 birds per hectare but Choice cries foul.…
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