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Robinson Crusoe is perhaps the most famous castaway of all time. Whilst many of us have not read Defoe’s iconic book, Robinson Crusoe is a character that is familiar to us all. Aided by the hundreds of movies and theatre productions that the book spurned, Crusoe is a household name. Credited with being the first "real fiction" book, this fictional autobiography tells the tale of a young man who found himself shipwrecked on a remote island for 28 years. The story is said to be based on the dr ...
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First published in 1719, Robinson Crusoe is a book that marks the beginning of realistic fiction writing in English. Its simple, linear narrative style and the semblance of being a true account and autobiographical in nature led to its great popularity when it first came out. Its original title The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York: Mariner, Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years all alone in an Uninhabited Island on the Coast of America, Near the Mouth of the Great ...
A woman in prison awaiting a death sentence is given a reprieve because she is pregnant. She migrates to America abandoning the baby to the care of a foster mother. The child, a girl, grows up and begins working as a servant in a wealthy household. Here she is pursued by the two sons of the house and ultimately marries the younger one. When he dies, leaving her with two young children to look after, she begins a life of deception and confidence trickery which ends in great tragedy and disgra ...
The Storm (1704) holds a special place in the writings of Daniel Defoe. Widely considered a founding document of modern journalism, The Storm narrates the calamitous events of November 1703 that are framed by the author in the first four chapters. These are followed by verbatim eyewitness accounts, solicited from survivors through a newspaper advertisement that Defoe placed shortly after the hurricane struck. Defoe is primarily known for his later fiction, loosely based on historical calamit ...
Shipwrecked and castaway, Daniel DeFoe’s hard-luck character is still the standard for “growing where you’re planted.” Captured by pirates, he makes his break in a small boat and undergoes desperate adventures before winning his way back to civilization. But Crusoe proves willing to chance his luck a second time when, after sweating his way to prosperity as a planter in Brazil, he undertakes a voyage that isn’t needful… and is marooned on a small island off South America.Crusoe shows the val ...
Daniel Defoe’s The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, Mariner (1719) is considered by many the first English novel. Based on the real-life experiences of the castaway Alexander Selkirk, the book has had a perrenial appeal among readers of all ages-–especially the young adult reading public–-who continue to find inspiration in the inventive resourcefulness of its hero, sole survivor of a shipwreck who is marooned on an uninhabited island. Especially poignant, a ...
The novel is a fictionalised account of one man's experiences of the year 1665, in which the Great Plague struck the city of London. The book is told roughly chronologically, though without sections or chapter headings.
The full title of the novel is Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress Or, a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Beleau, Afterwards Called the Countess de Wintselsheim. The novel concerns the story of an unnamed "fallen woman", the second time Defoe created such a character (the first was a similar female character in Moll Flanders). In Roxana, a woman who takes on various pseudonyms, including "Roxana," describes her fall from wealth thanks to abandonment by a "fool" ...
Mary Godolphin was the pseudonym of Lucy Aikin who undertook translating great literature into single-syllable words so that young readers could enjoy plots that were considerably more interesting than, say, the McGuffey readers of the 1880's or the "Dick and Jane" primers of the 1950s (still around today as "decodable readers" in elementary schools).She produced this volume based on Daniel Defoe's most famous work, considered by many to be the first English novel (1719). She also rendered B ...
The Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton is a "bipartite adventure story whose first half covers a traversal of Africa, and whose second half taps into the contemporary fascination with piracy. It has been commended for its depiction of the homosexual relationship between the eponymous hero and his religious mentor, the Quaker, William Walters." (Summary by Wikipedia).
This book is a fictional autobiography of the title character — a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near Trinidad, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers before being rescued. You know the story; but do you know the story told in words of one syllable? Here Lucy Aikin under the pen name of Mary Godolphin retells Daniel Defoe's famous tale of danger and solitude and resourcefulness. Because of the simpler words, this might be a good book for listeners where Eng ...
Adaptation of the story of Robinson Crusoe for grammar school children. Tells how the shipwrecked sailor makes a new life for himself on the island, providing shelter, food, and clothing for himself from the few tools he rescued from the ship and what he is able to find on the island. He lives on the island over twenty years before he is finally rescued and during that time must re-invent almost everything necessary for daily sustenance. (Summary from The Baldwin Project.)
Defoe wrote this novel after his work as a journalist and pamphleteer. By 1722, Defoe had become recognized as a novelist, with the success of Robinson Crusoe in 1719. His political work was tapering off at this point, due to the fall of both Whig and Tory party leaders with whom he had been associated. - Defoe's Whig views are nevertheless evident in the story of Moll. The full title of the novel tells part of its story: "The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, Etc. Who wa ...
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Robinson Crusoe
Here is 'Robinson Crusoe' by Daniel Defoe in its entirety as a weekly podcast. Widely regarded as marking the start of the english novel, this book is a grand and moving adventure. If your impression of this story comes from a movie, perhaps you should listen. The book is much better. For more audio from, try the Sound Story Club at our web site. You can also listen to a pirate novel at the 'Pirate Jack' podcast.
A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates is a 1724 book containing biographies of contemporary pirates. It's author uses the name Captain Charles Johnson, generally considered a pseudonym.The real identity of the author was thought by some scholars to be Daniel Defoe, although this has since been disputed. The publisher Nathaniel Mist or somebody working for him are other suggested authors.In the first volume, "Johnson" sticks fairly close to the available ...
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Defo and Lubie love each week when the legendary Tony Segreto comes into the studio to talk about the sports world both old and new school, brought to you in part by Catholic Health Services!
Defo and Lubie cover the sports landscape from Sister Jean, to Lubie being a fraud, to the heat dominating LeBron and his Cavs, plus the Marlins a day away from Opening day, in this hour!
This week saw the last two England friendlies before Gareth Southgate names his squad for the World Cup, so in a special edition of the show this week we try to agree on a list of the 23 men who we think should be on the plane to Russia. Should Joe Hart still be on the plane despite his woeful season at West Ham? Can England play with wing-back ...…
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Defo feels after Loyola Chicago got themselves into the Final Four this weekend, every sports fan should be rooting them on to the men's college basketball title!
Defo and Lubie try to make sense of what FSU men's basketball coach Leonard Hamilton, was talking about after his team's Elite 8 loss to Michigan?!
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With Zlatan Ibrahimovic signing with the LA Galaxy today we examine how he is now considered the exception and not the standard anymore,. The MLS has shifted in how it signs Designated Players. Even though sometimes they will hold on to these classic cases, such as Schweinsteiger and Zlatan but more clubs are now targeting young promising, ofte ...…
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The Dolphins have had their issues in recent years, also the Panthers have struggled the last decade plus, however, Lubie says the Marlins remain the models of failure for South Florida professional sports!
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Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Die ArgonautensageAutor:: Gustav SchwabErzähler: Matthias PonnierFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 2 hrs and 24 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 12-23-15Herausgeber: SWR EditionKategorien: Classics, European LiteratureZusammenfassung des Herausgebers:Gu ...…
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It's almost Valentine's Day **(also the day after Taylor Lautner's birthday), so we have a special episode for you. And by special we DEFO mean challenging. Join the party as we try to get Mario shirtless, dig into some Bonus Jonas theories, and see how many times we can make Cassie cry by reading poorly written romance erotica. **Katelynn is t ...…
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