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doTERRA Success Coaching Calls
Each week we answer doTERRA questions big and small.
doTERRA Success Coaching Calls
Each week we answer doTERRA questions big and small.
Building A Business Online with EO Secrets |Affiliates |MLM |doTERRA
EO Secrets is all about building an online with a Wordpress website, social media, and response email. If you already know WordPress that is great but if not you will learn how to build your site and your brand. We are not into home parties, but we are into modern communications, like Zoom, YouTube, podcasts, and Facebook. Success in home based online business is a recipe and not a get rich quick scheme. Inch by inch, it is a cinch and with time and effort. Some of the ways we monetize are t ...
Essential Enthusiasm | essential oils | doterra
Learn about how to use essential oils, how to replace toxins around the home and how to create vibrant mental and physical health in this weekly podcast with Tara Swiger, Brittany Parrish, Mieko Hillman and Joeli Kelly. We'll share recipes, DIYs, workshops and tips on building a sustainable doTERRA business
The Essential Oil Revolution | An Unofficial Young Living Podcast for Healthy Living by Samantha Lee Wright
Welcome to the world's top rated essential oil podcast! Each week, Samantha Lee Wright interviews the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, spirituality, and so much more. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes and healthy living tips. While the Essential Oil Revolution Podcast features many Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributors, it is a completely separate entity from the company. Any information on the show in ...
Essential Oil Educator : Health, Wellness, and Essential Oil Education
Inspiring interviews with essential oil enthusiasts, practioners and scieintists. Each week join us for an in depth discussion with a health, wellness or business expert. Each guest will answer a get-to-know you question then tell their stories and desribe their expertise with essential oils, health, or nutrition.
Essential Oils | Uses | Recipes | Tips and More
Essential Oils podcasts with Alan James are designed to be an introduction to a few of the thousands of healthy recipes and uses for essential oils. The vast majority of health conscious people do not realize the full value of establishing a constant presence of essential oils in the body and our daily training and tips explain some of the most popular uses for 100% pure essential oils to get you up and running fast. One of the main properties of most all 100% pure essential oils is the abil ...
Momma's Little Biz
The truth about building a Network Marketing Company and with dōTERRA Essential Oils from Eddie and Angela Villa. Inspiring you through your journey to your ultimate goal.Visit our site www.eddieandangelavilla.comFind us on Facebook at and Review our podcast! You can message us to join our team, make requests for our next episode or just give us feedback on the show at mommaslittlebiz@gmail.comAlso get updates on when we will be doing ...
Revolution Oils Business Bootcamp | Your 30 Day Guide to Starting and Growing Your Young Living Essential Oil Business
With healthy living and green alternatives becoming the norm, and flexibility and time-freedom becoming a priority, it’s no wonder that the home-based oil business industry has recently exploded! In this 30 day audio boot camp, we take you on a step-by-step journey of what it's really like to grow your own essential oil business as a Young Living Independent Distributor. We explore: -What is network marketing? -How does an essential oil business work? -How much can you actually earn? -The fi ...
Revolution Oils Coaching Sessions w/ Samantha Lee Wright | Young Living Business
The Revolution Oils Coaching Sessions is an extension of our 30 day bootcamp; The Revolution Oils Bootcamp Podcast. If you are just starting to grow your own essential oil business, you may want to start there before tuning in here. THIS podcast is a casual, unpolished, unscripted, and unscheduled show. We may produce a new episode every day, or bring you a new one once a month. Episodes consist of recordings of Samantha and her team, and/or other leaders/mentors. I hope it helps you on your ...
This Week in Oils
This Week In Oils is a weekly Podcast concerning all things dōTERRA. We bring in a new panel every week and talk about everything going on in the world of doTERRA.
Essential Oils On The Run
Join Lara from Lara Kimbrell Wellness for essential oils education on the run. Learn some science and practical tips on getting the most from your oils.
Dwelling Richly
A podcast of for sharing my thoughts on loving God heart, soul, mind and strength
Everyday Attraction
The Teachings of Abraham are some of the most dynamic, captivating, and spiritually informed teachings on our planet today. Some call them the leading edge of conscious expansion, which makes them a perfect complement to what Unity teaches. This is a program focused on getting REAL about the Law of Attraction and making it work for your everyday life. Rae and Heather have been longtime Abraham students and teachers. They have also built their own practices around the simple, but profound pre ...
Amanda Gerber
Musings from a momtrepreneur: daily chats on holistic health, dōTERRA essential oils, and natural solutions. 🌿
Everyday Attraction
The Teachings of Abraham are some of the most dynamic, captivating, and spiritually informed teachings on our planet today. Some call them the leading edge of conscious expansion, which makes them a perfect complement to what Unity teaches. This is a program focused on getting REAL about the Law of Attraction and making it work for your everyday life.Rae and Heather have been longtime Abraham students and teachers. They have also built their own practices around the simple, but profound prem ...
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Hey y’all! I just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that BOGOs are coming on Monday. dōTERRA is offering a “Buy One Get One Free” offer each day next week. It’s a great way to stock up on Christmas gifts, or add to your essential oils. Stay tuned for updates or check it out in my website ❤️…
Check out my camping essentials!
dōTERRA Clove essential oil smells warm and festive! It’s a great way to get your home smelling like the holidays without all the chemicals from typical candles and plug ins. It can also be used topically over muscles for a healthy circulation or over your thyroid for thyroid support. You can also diffuse it to support a healthy immune system a ...…
Y’all... I can’t get over the cuteness of dōTERRA’s Whale Diffuser 🐳 I absolutely LOVE it! This cutie is a diffuser, sound machine, and night light all in one! It’s perfect for your baby’s nursery or kid’s bedroom. It runs for 6 hours, has music or nature sounds you can play, and an optional night light with 4 different colors. It’s absolutely ...…
Super Simple Healthy Podcast
It may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the start of the flu season. I admit, I haven’t had a flu shot in years. I hardly get sick at all anymore. And today I have with me a special guest and good friend, Linda White, Certified Holistic Health and Transformation Coach and Yogi, who is going to talk about a couple of ways to stave off th ...…
The Yoga Health Coaching Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Wellness Professionals l Yoga Health Coaching Mentors with Cate Stillman
Hi I'm Annie Barrett. I am a certified Yoga Health Coach and Yoga Health Coach member, and enthusiastic participant of the most recent Yogahealer retreat that took place in October 2017, in Rapid City, South Dakota. In this podcast, I talk about what we experienced on the retreat: there were about 30 of us Yogahealer members, including members ...…
Hey friends! So I️ just got back from a dōTERRA event, and I learned a few new fun facts that I’m sharing with you today! To learn more about these essential oils go to ❤️
The John Moore Show with John Moore
Hour 1: Sky Huddleston comes back on the show after a long absence to discuss his Rocket Heater Stove as well as his transition into Basic Training for The National Guard. Hour 2: Leon Green, Doterra Essential Oils are Essential to survival.
The John Moore Show with John Moore
Hour 1: Sky Huddleston comes back on the show after a long absence to discuss his Rocket Heater Stove as well as his transition into Basic Training for The National Guard. Hour 2: Leon Green, Doterra Essential Oils are Essential to survival.
Y’all, check out the Spa products that dōTERRA offers at ❤️ Their body butter is amazing and infused with Frankincense, Wild Orange, Douglas Fir, and Grapefruit to purify and cleanse your skin. It’s in a base of shea butter and cocoa butter to provide lasting nourishment!
Actually Adultish: Relationships | Lifestyle | Pop Culture | Health
Jackie Aanonsen McEwan, creator of, joins me again in this podcast episode! Gluten Free Follow Me is a website that features over 2,000 eateries throughout the world, highlighting the gluten-free items each menu offers. Jackie also blogs about her favorite gluten-free products and shares her own gluten-free recipes on her ...…
dōTERRA Cinnamon essential oil is great to have in your home, especially during the holidays! Ditch those synthetic fragrances found in candles and plug ins and diffuse cinnamon essential oil for a fall festive mood. It will also help to support your immune system while diffusing! You can also use it internally to help support a healthy blood s ...…
The dōTERRA Holiday Peace blend smells like you’ve walked into a forest. It has 3 different Fir blends, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and other oils to make a beautiful blend that you can use for immune and mood support. It’s also great to diffuse if you have a fake Christmas tree and would like your house to smell like the real deal. Get it before ...…
Y’all, you’ve got to get your hands on dōTERRA’s Holiday Joy Blend. It has oils like Clove, Cinnamon, and Firs that bring you back to the holidays. It’s a great natural alternative to have a festive scent in your home, and will help support a healthy immune system while diffusing. You can also use it for stress, tension, or muscle discomfort! G ...…
So we were so excited to go to see the San Antonio Spurs tonight! It was a last minute trip, so I just packed a few essentials for the road. Check out what oils I couldn’t live without on this quick trip!
Republic Broadcasting Network
Hour 1: Open linesHour 2: Leon Green, Doterra Essential Oils, shares more of his experiences in life as well as educates the audience about essential oils.Prepper Tip: Use Amsoil oil in your car to increase its longevity.
First order of business - Steve got his new iPhone! Today we meet with Eric Sorenson, Chief Information Security Officer at doTERRA, one of the biggest essential oils companies in the world. We dive into the unique challenges of security in a global MLM, as well as the importance of risk assessments. Eric gives ideas for progressing your career ...…
Hey y’all! Do you wanna know how you can easily wind down before bed? By using dōTERRA Serenity Bath Bar! It’s packed with ingredients that will nourish your skin like jojoba oil and aloe. The essential oils in the bath bar will help to relax and calm your emotions.
Hey y’all! So today I am dealing with a pretty nasty cold: sore throat, congestion, and an elevated temperature. So I’m sharing with you how I am naturally fighting this cold and you can implement these dōTERRA essential oils next time you have to deal with a cold. Enjoy!
Hey y’all! Today I’m giving you a quick tip on how you can effectively unwind and destress at the end of the day. Enjoy!
Check out some practical tips that can make your Halloween night even better! If you’ve got a sugar overload, stubborn make up that won’t come off, or need more energy- I got you covered!
There are so many ways you can soothe your sore throat naturally and effectively. I love using dōTERRA OnGuard blend, along with lemon, frankincense, and melaleuca. Tune in to learn how to use them!
Purify (Cleansing Blend) is great to use for cleaning your home, freshening your laundry, and purifying the air. You can use Purify to eliminate odors, cleanse surfaces, and even uplift your mood!
Breakouts happen. Blemishes happen. Sometimes despite taking care of our skin and bodies we can get a pimple from time to time. There are natural solutions for blemishes, and it’s safe and effective!
dōTERRA Cypress essential oil is great to use topically for healthy circulation and to promote energy and vitality. You can also diffuse it for its grounding properties. Check out my IG @amandamgerber
The full price of the dōTERRA Hope bottle is donated to Operation Underground Railroad to help end child slavery. This blend will help uplift your mood, and contribute to a higher cause.
Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) is a nonprofit organization literally fighting against child sex trafficking. dōTERRA has come alongside and supported their mission. For more info:
Gratitude... the word kept coming up today, and I decided to look up and find a blend of dōTERRA essential oils that can help your attitude be one of gratitude and thankfulness. Enjoy. 🙏❤️
Check out my garage sale essentials: Peppermint to wake me up and cool me down, TerraShield to repel mosquitos, OnGuard for sanitizing, and Deep Blue for sore muscles.
Fennel is an essential oil that smells just like licorice and can be used internally for digestive health. Try it topically for respiratory support as well. Women can use it for hormonal balance too!
Check out my go to “Stress Less” Blend! You can easily diffuse this blend, make it in a roller bottle, or just put 1 drop of each essential oil in your hand apply to calm your mind, body, & emotions.
Today is all about dōTERRA Cardamom essential oil. Try it internally to help with occasional indigestion, & topically or aromatically for respiratory support. You can add it to your coffee too! ☕️
You’ve got to try dōTERRA’s OnGuard Beadlets! They are great to carry in your purse or pocket, and you can pop one in your mouth when you have a sore throat or need a quick immune booster.
Check out why I always have these dōTERRA Peppermint Beadlets on me. It’s small enough to carry in your purse or pocket, and is great for digestive health and a natural breath mint! IG @amandamgerber
I am super excited about this new OnGuard Sanitizing Mist. It’s made with the protective blend of OnGuard & naturally derived USP ethyl alcohol, and can be used to sanitize hands and germy surfaces.
We call this Skin Soothing Spray “Owie Spray” in our home. It’s our go-to for rashes, bug bites, & any other skin irritation. Check out the recipe! Follow me on IG, FB, and Twitter @amandamgerber ❤️
Hey friends! If you are currently using essential oils and paying retail price, you’re paying too much. You can easily get a wholesale membership at & here’s why you should.
This one is for Precious! Today I share a brief (but not exhaustive) list of essential oils you can use to soothe your muscle tension. I also chat how diet can play a role in muscle aches and pains!
Get some dōTERRA Basil essential oil in your life, y'all. It has such a clean smell, and we use it topically for ear discomfort or muscle pain. It's also great internally for digestive support! 🌿❤️
If you're dealing with a teething baby (like me!) this is for you. Here are some dōTERRA (the only brand I trust on my family) essential oils I am using to provide some relief to my teething baby.
Y'all, some nights I mom so hard. I can tell it's gonna be a long night with a teething baby. Tune in to find what I'm using to help perk me up tomorrow, along with my cup of coffee, of course!
Neroli essential oil can be use topically to help soothe sore joints and muscles or aromatically to uplift your mood. Couples will also find that Neroli also helps to increase relational intimacy ❤️😉❤️
Jasmine is known as the "King of Flowers" for its amazing scent and properties. You can use this oil for healthy skin, increased feelings of love and confidence, and a healthy circulatory system.
Being Confronted About Having Herpes [video_player type="youtube" style="1" dimensions="560x315" width="560" height="315" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20" ipad_color="black"]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9vTjhkWlhFN2c1cw==[/video_player] Life With Herpes Podcast Does handling negativity in person ever worry you when it comes to conversa ...…
Y'all, the October specials are insane: You can get a FREE Citrus Bliss, Balance, & Serenity with any 200PV order AND free OnGuard with your LRP order AND Ginger is 10% off❤️
doTERRA Success Coaching Calls
This week we had some great questions and insightful responses!
dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program is the most cost effective way to order! It's a customizable monthly order that gives you free products and credits (for more free products!) with your order.
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